Earth Crisis

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Growing up you hear people talk about if we don’t change this or that, our children won’t have a planet to live on… Or at least not one that is doing well. At 50, I’ve spent the first half of my life hearing these things… Watching these things. So many Sci-Fi Movies and Stories are based on Humans dragging the planet though the coals in one way or another, leading to Global Destruction… The Stories often take place after these facts. Where most of the planet have become Scavengers, and a large majority of the planet simply didn’t survive. The Horrific thing is, life has begun to feel like a Pre-Sci-Fi World, as we watch one Ecological problem after another stack up. I’ve always felt that the Earth’s, and People’s biggest challenge is, and will continue to be, our Population. And to a degree, it still is. But the truth is, our Populations is also our greatest Strength… Meaning, if we make movements together, we could still change all of this. I realize it’s easier to turn off the T.V., and continue living Status Quo… The problem is, there are ‘powers that be’ managing parts of the world, not based on what we need, or want… But based on Greed. This post isn’t designed to call these people/governments etc. out, this post is designed to Inspire/Reinvigorate people into action… Meaning, educate yourself asap, find out what you can do that will help some of these current global crisis’s stop, or slow down long enough for us to change these things around… We need to Elect those that our on board with Reality, we need to buy products from people/companies that think about all of us, not just money. I’m all for Capitalism, Goals, Economic Strength, but not at the expense of our home… The Planet. The sad thing is, this Post isn’t from someone who is extremely Right or Left, this post is from someone who is an Earthling, and is truly worried about all of us… Truly. As it is those that are younger than I have been born into a world of crisis. This is no longer a time to just enjoy our lives, our own little worlds, and shut off the T.V. when large global issues come on. We can still enjoy our own little worlds, but we need to also incorporate our actual planet, and the rest of the human race into our day to day… It’s the only chance we have at turning this thing around.

ART  – Earth Crisis

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