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Vegan Blackberry Pie

Posted in Writing on September 30, 2019 by darkjade68


Last year, my girlfriend found a Vegan Blackberry Pie Recipe, and made one for the Holidays… It was insane

Berry Pies are also my Favorite Desert, especially Blackberry…

So for my Birthday, in addition to making me Vegan Chicken And Dumplings (I’ll have to get you that Recipe at some point), my favorite Dinner was Chicken And Dumplings when I was a kid, she also made me one of these Vegan Blackberry Pies!

I was going to copy and paste the Recipe from the Site, but instead, you can check it out here HERE


Here’s a picture of the Pie, with Vegan Whip Cream, and 3 kinds of Vegan Ice Cream

Just a FYI, she didn’t do the Lattice Top


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We Are Your Friends… In Review

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Really enjoyed this Film

The Director had a specific vision, and I feel he achieved it.

Always good when a Film pulls you into someone’s life and reality, and leaves you feeling like you know a bit more afterwards.

Zac Efron Gives a fresh, real performance

3/5 Stars, definitely worth seeing

Dark Light – Going Public

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by Darkjade

Episode 1





Jaden lights a cigar, and flips on his computer screen.

“M6, Open client list…” he speaks.

“Client List, Open.

He stands, “Clients… This is the last time you will hear from me… I appreciate all of you contracts, and will attach referrals for future services.

Jaden Darius Tusk… Out”

“Our You Sure You Want To Do This Jaden…”

He turns of his computer screen, “It’s done.”

Jaden puts out the cigar, throws on a black coat, and heads out the door.


He summons his craft, then lifts into the sky.

In his craft he brings up the 7 Hybrids on his screen.

“M3, take me to NORTEN BRAYLECK’S home…” he speaks to his vehicle.


His ship flies for a bit, then enters a non desirable district.


He lands his craft across the street from a run down home with 6 carrier crafts parked in front of it.

“This Isn’t A Very Safe Area Jaden…”

“I know…” he replies.

Suddenly, 4 heavily armed street youth in their 20’s approach his vehicle.

His driver’s door opens.

They’re a bit surprised to a very fit silver haired Jaden step out.

“What’s up old timer…” speaks one of them, aiming his canon at him subtly.

Jaden disregards the youth, stepping by them, and towards the house.

A fifth youth steps out from behind one of the black carriers, gun lifted, Jaden disarms him, removes the ammo cartridge from the cannon, and drops it on the street.

The youth follows him into the house, amused by what they’re seeing.

Jaden enters, there are two girl Hackers, and one more young thug surrounding another dark haired youth on a computer.

“I said no interruptions!” speaks the black haired youth on the computer, without turning to face Jaden.

“Norten Braylecks?” speaks Jaden.

The black haired youth turns to face him, he is of Asian decent, his eyes are dark with hacker lights in his eyes, “Who’s asking?”

“Dark Light,” replies Jaden, who seems suddenly shocked by this.

“You’re… Dark Light?” Norten replies.


The Earth Is In Crisis… But There Is Hope

Posted in Environment, Life with tags on September 23, 2019 by darkjade68

Image result for earth painting

I turn 51 in a few days, so I’ve been around long enough to hear people around the world talk about Climate Change for at least 20 to 30 years.

And now the youth is hitting the streets, with over 4 Million World Wide showing up for Climate Change Marches around the world a couple days ago

The clearest thing about Climate Change, is it’s gone beyond the point where people are crying out for the need, it’s now hit a point where effects from our current Climate are starting to show up all over.


The View From Our Home Last Year Just Prior To Evacuating

From breaking Heat Records, to rampant moving Fires (Which I experienced myself last year, living in California… I couldn’t believe how quick the Fires moved)

And the list goes on

It’s a time where Environment and Climate really need to be at the for front of all of our minds, and until governments and all of us fully engage in reducing our Carbon Footprint Etc., I’d recommend figuring out what you can do to support companies that are better for our earth, and leaders who plan on being aggressive about trying to save ourselves.

Because we’re running out of time.

Thanks for listening, this is a Creative Writing Blog for the most part, but like I say, I feel the Earth and our Climate need to be at the for front of our thoughts, and more than that, our actions.

PICTURE CREDIT – Watercolor Painting


United Nations 2019 Climate Action Summit

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Dark Light

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by Darkjade




Several shady individuals gather around a single, young individual.

“I didn’t see anything… I swear,” speaks the youth, as they begin to draw short blades to take him out.

Suddenly, in a flash of light, a Masked Man, one might refer to as a ‘Hero’… Or, ‘Vigilante’ appears, taking down three of them in a blink…

…the others run off.

“Thank man—” the youth speaks, but the mysterious figure is already gone.




JADEN DARIUS TUSK exits the elevator, his conditioned body notable, though he is in his low 50’s, and silver haired.

He opens the door to his apartment, and enters a dark chamber…

…dark save the city lights which blare through his all glass outer wall.

He peers out upon the city, then steps to his desk, and switches on his computer.

He brings up 8 photos on his screen…

…Twenty year olds, to late 30’s.

There’s a Red X across one of the girls, a dark haired one.


He stands and pours himself some expensive whisky.

“You Really Should Consider Including Your Daughter In This Team You’re Assembling…”

“We’ve discussed this M-6… No… Send the locations of the remaining 7 to my Cell…” Jaden speaks, sits down the empty whisky glass, and heads to his room to sleep.


Impossible Burger (Vegan), Mashed Potatoes & Veges

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Dinner A Couple Nights Ago

20190919_183704Impossible Burger (Vegan), Mashed Potatoes & Veges

Good News!


The Impossible Burger (Which is made with Soy Protein, unlike the Beyond Burger which is made with Pea Protein), which was previously only available at Restaurants, is now available at Gelson’s Markets

My Girlfriend made some Burgers, and I made Mashed Potatoes and Frozen Veges

  • Impossible Burger
  • Potatoes
  • Vegan Butter
  • Almond Milk
  • Garlic Powder
  • Vegan Provolone
  • Frozen Corn
  • Frozen Lima Beans
  • Frozen Peas

With the Potatoes, I just cut em up, and boil em…

…then strain em, and add Vegan Butter, a few splashes of Almond Milk, Garlic Powder, and in this case I broke up a piece of Vegan Provolone Cheese into it

I also added Vegan Butter and Garlic Powder to the Veges


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