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The Mandalorian

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This looks Bad A$$, just picked up the 7 Day Free Trial for Disney+ Streaming Service to check it out, Streaming November 12th

Pain To Hope

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Pain To Hope


Captured in a dream


All that does not seem

This hope…

It holds me in place

This Dream…

Connects the human race

I am alive…

I am on fire

Reckless pain…


And walk the mile

PICTURE Credit – Ryky




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Chester Bennington – Forever Missed

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He’s Killing Our Planet

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Original Article HERE

Spread the word, he’s killing our planet

Beyond Sausage (Vegan), Baked Potatoes & Vegetables

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Beyond Sausage (Vegan), Baked Potatoes & Vegetable

It’s funny, the Beyond Sausages remind my girlfriend so much of meat (The texture I think), that she can’t eat them, lol

But I love them

Had this meal last week I believe, in the Baked Potato I add both Butter, and Vegan Cream Cheese, and a bit of Pepper

It’s pretty insane

The Vegetables are these awesome Multi Colored Broccoli that come Frozen, but they’re great

I believe I added Butter, and Garlic Powder on top

In the middle, Bar B Q Sauce, something I like

  • Beyond Sausage
  • Potato
  • Vegan Butter
  • Garlic Powder
  • Bar B Q Sauce
  • Vegan Cream Cheese
  • Vegetables (In this case, Multi Colored Broccoli, but you can use any Vegetables)


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Matrix Reloaded: This Scene Made The Whole Second Film Worth Making

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Dark Waters

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Dark Waters

As we trudge through these dark waters…

Dragging our feet


This troubling light guides us

Dragging us through the pain…

I long for freedom

Wings to take flight…

To remove me

To lift me…

But we can not ignore these things

That trouble us in the night…

Longing for relief

Instead, deeply steeped…