Beyond Sausage (Vegan), Baked Potatoes & Vegetables


Beyond Sausage (Vegan), Baked Potatoes & Vegetable

It’s funny, the Beyond Sausages remind my girlfriend so much of meat (The texture I think), that she can’t eat them, lol

But I love them

Had this meal last week I believe, in the Baked Potato I add both Butter, and Vegan Cream Cheese, and a bit of Pepper

It’s pretty insane

The Vegetables are these awesome Multi Colored Broccoli that come Frozen, but they’re great

I believe I added Butter, and Garlic Powder on top

In the middle, Bar B Q Sauce, something I like

  • Beyond Sausage
  • Potato
  • Vegan Butter
  • Garlic Powder
  • Bar B Q Sauce
  • Vegan Cream Cheese
  • Vegetables (In this case, Multi Colored Broccoli, but you can use any Vegetables)


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