Euphoria Jack

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Euphoria Jack

by DarkJade



“Jack hadn’t been at the office for a month…”

A young half Japanese, have Caucasian, 17 year old girl arrives in an automated Limousine Flyer, outside the high rise apartment building of ‘REAL TECH’ Industries CEO, and Owner, JACK RYAS.

The girl, EUPHORIA, is the head Hacker… Er… Computer Specialist for the company.

She has a slim, but slightly curvy figure, with white shoulder length hair and grey eyes.

Wearing all white, her outfit is skin tight, but with a utility belt, and wrist brace devices… and on her fingernails are little black skulls against a white background.

Outside the entrance are two very large security guards, dressed in all black, with dark shades…

Euphoria is also wearing shades, hers are silver…

…through them she sees all the hidden backup weapons on each of their persons.

“Hello…” she says as she walks by them.

“Euphoria…” one of them replies.

Euphoria crosses the lobby, and enters the high speed elevator…

…but before it starts to go up, she stops it, “Halt”.

“What if it’s bad news… What if…” her thoughts wander off.

“Go,” with this the elevator continues.

It stops at Jack’s bedroom floor, and opens.

She enters the barely lit room hesitantly… She’s never been anywhere near Jack’s Apartment, let alone his bedroom.

“Euphoria… Come,” he speaks weakly…

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…as he lays in his bed, several blinking medical devices are around him.

Euphoria moves very slowly, and can tell looking at him, that he is not well…

…tears come to her eyes, but she pushes them back.

“Hello Jack… We’ve missed you at work… I’ve–” she speaks, but is cut off.

“Come…” he says, patting his bed.

Jack looks to be in his late twenties, but whatever’s wrong with him, makes him look a bit older, and definitely thinner.

She slowly makes her way to the edge of his bed, and sits, as far away from him as possible.

He smiles, “I’ve missed you too.”

Euphoria smiles slightly, but than the dread of what he’s probably going to tell her returns, and she is subdued once more.

“Euphoria… What you’ve done for ‘Real Tech’… What you’ve done for me, has been…” he fades off, and coughs.

She stands and approaches him, “Do you need some water?”

His coughing stops, “Don’t worry, I’m not contagious…”

She sits next to him, “I’m not going to be around much longer Euphoria…”

She looks horrified, and can no longer hold back the tears, which begin to run down her face.

He places a hand on her cheek, “I’m leaving you in control of ‘Real Tech’… The things we’re accomplishing there… They’re changing the world.”

She takes his hand, “What is it… What’s wrong with you… We can stop it… We can heal you!!” she bursts out in desperation.

Jack smiles, “It’s no use… This body is done.”

She puts two of her fingers on his forehead, “But this mind is not… With the new Cloning Technology, and Consciousness Transfers, we’ll just get you a new body, I’m sure it will work…”

“Believe it or not, I’m a believer in the nature of things… Though it might seem the contrary with my companies creations…” he explains.

“There’s nothing natural about you leaving this world under 30!” she says spiritedly, and stands…

…when she does, she notices an open computer port with blue colored text across the screen… what one might call an old school way to process, or write.

Jack glances at it.

“I’m a Writer… I never told anyone that…” he explains.

She approaches the computer port, on the screen she sees writing about a fantasy barbarian character, called Khor’an.

“Khor’an,” she speaks.

Jack laughs a bit, then coughs, this time worse.

She rushes to him, and hands him a glass of clear water.

Exhausted, he finally stops coughing, takes the water, and takes a drink.

He sits it down, “Euphoria, tell me you’ll keep ‘Real Tech’ going…”

She stares at him, then nods in agreement.

He smiles, then picks up a small Identifier Tablet, signs it, then hands it to her…

…she looks at him, tears welling again, then signs.

“I better get some rest…” he speaks, smiles, then falls asleep…

Euphoria sits in the low lit room, rain starting to strike the outside window looking over the city…



GIRL – Kazuma Kondō

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