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How Did Publishing My First Module Go?

Posted in Writing on January 9, 2020 by darkjade68

My Overall Experience Of Publishing My First Dungeons & Dragons Module

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Beginning

Back in April, 2017, I Was doing a Dungeons & Dragons Vlog (Primarily Dungeon Master Content), and I began doing a series on my Homebrew Creation Process

It was then, after creating a continent, that I moved onto creating an Adventure Module (Frost Rhealm)

After a few episodes about it, I started considering Publishing it

Starting with launching a Indie Go Go (Kickstarter-esq)

But I admit, because Dungeons & Dragons meant so much to me, and because I had always felt it was a place that I could be 100% creative, without judgement, or pressure associated to it…

…I feared the idea of turning this great passion into ‘work’

And so I sat it down, and as it turned out, in October of 2017, I stepped away from Twitter & the D & D community

Not because of them, just because of life

The Return

In January 2019…

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