Two Main Meal Diet (Vegan)

Last year I tried what I called ‘The Captain America’ Diet (Here), it worked for 2-3 months, then I gradually became less focused

Recently I was watching a Woman’s College basketball game, and one of the announcers was talking about how he loved ‘Breakfast’, but he has it at 12pm

That he really only has two main meals (As opposed to 3) a day

I’m 51, and about 30 pounds overweight

Not horrible, but in 2011 I’d gotten to 230, and changed my diet, getting down to 180, it was awesome, and I felt great

Anyway, in reality, I don’t really need 3 main meals anymore… At least, not right now

So I’m on my third day of this new diet

Basically I have Orange Juice (20%) with Mineral Water (80%) every morning (Which I already do, to reduce the sugar intake, but still get that Orange Juice…

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