‘Mady’s Storm’ (Novella) Chapters 3 & 4


My Novella ‘Mady’s Storm’ Continued

Mady’s Storm

A Novella

by James Mahoney (DarkJade)

Chapters 1 & 2


New York City


The New York Streets are crazy, it’s like some epidemic has been let loose. Every man seems to be in a long coat, and the women walk in high heels with fancy hats.

Though I lived in America for most of my life, I am quite desensitized to the anxious energy that emanates from everything here…The people, the cars…and even the tall buildings.

Perhaps it is because American’s love money…

My mother’s father was an industrialist… Or so I had always heard, and had left her a great deal of money…which was passed to me. It occurs to me infrequently how rich I actually am. Living in Africa, it was never about that. I guess I’m pretty lucky in that way…

In Africa, I favored myself a strong, young woman…Independent, Self-reliant. Hell, even fairly smart…

But here in America…

I am none of those things.

Here…I am only a girl with a lot of money


I retrieved access to the funds from my share of the estate, but that was the extent of progress I made. I spent the better part of the first few weeks in New York City crumpled on the floor crying in the dark.

I wondered if Rabia could hear me in the next room…

I wondered…But I didn’t care.

I had lost my father…My only parent… My best friend.

And when I finally emerged from the darkness, from the prison cell that this New York City apartment in the sky had become…

I made it as far out as a local, ‘high end’ pub, a place known as ‘The Clockwork Tavern’.

Somewhere even a ‘Lady’ could get away with drinking away her woes.

I begin to wonder what poor old Rabia thinks of all this as he stands near the entrance of the pub, watching me drink the night away. I watch half-drunk as the American’s harass him as they come and go.

I need to hire an American man to take his place…I need to set him free, back to Africa where he belongs.

But where do I belong?

That answer would have to wait.

My mind drifts back to my childhood, and that unforgiving night when I had lost my mother… and almost my life. My presence returning back into the depressed girl I had once been…

I had come so far from those days…

But there was no address that I could write to this time…


This time… I am truly alone.

I swore I’d never return to my mother’s estate in Virgina, but somehow in the middle of the night, drunk…

That’s where I find my mind wandering to.

Unfinished business?

I don’t know.

The truth is the moment I turned 18, my father and I had put it up for sale.

It sold for a pretty penny, and the money was poured into my account here in America… Along with the rest of the estate funds.

Money from my Mother in America… And Money from my Father from Africa…

Somehow it felt like the more money I had…

The lonelier I was.

Like each fortune was some sort of emotional payoff to my soul.

My soul, which has somehow voyaged back into the darkness I once knew.

The drink would help…

But I suppose I need to return to my mother’s estate in Virginia…My childhood home, and attempt to dispel these demons that have seemed to emerge.

So Rabia and I will leave New York for the moment and head to Virginia.

And perhaps this trip, I think while taking a drink, with help with my increasing dependence on liquor…





When we got there, my entire body froze, as if I had become petrified in my own nightmare…

I transformed back into that little girl hiding for her life, fleeing from the murderer in the house…

With Rabia understanding, he gently pulls me out of the backseat to stand shakily against the car.

I regain my footing, and my focus clears enough to keep my mind in the present, though my breath is still slightly quick.

I know almost nothing about the man that had purchased my mother’s estate…

Only that he is a Rancher from Texas, or was it Montana, and this was to be his second or third home.

Rabia and I walk around the outside of the estate, and into the backyard area.

My mother’s roses are gone, I observe, and in their place are daisies and daffodils…

They look lovely, much lighter… But somehow, I admit, I miss my mother’s roses.

And maybe enough time passed to admit, I miss my mother too…

The pool that I had found myself in many years ago is covered, as it is too cold to swim…

I soberly smile as I think how there would be no late night swimming for me this time…

My father had the courage of a Lion, and left his courage with me.

And I am going to do my best to take great care of it.

“May I help you, Miss?” speaks a deep, but somehow familiar voice.

When I turn around, I cannot believe what I see.

It is little Tommy Wilkenson, the poor boy I used to give my supper to, but all grown up.

“Mady?” he exclaims.

He reaches out to shake my hand, and without thinking I wrap my arms tightly around him

He must think I’m mad, or worse, just plain desperate.

And now that I think of it, I probably am…desperate for love that is, or at least relieved to see a friendly, familiar face.

“It’s so good to see you, Tommy… You have no idea,” I tell him with the deepest kind of appreciation.

“You too, Mady,” he says quietly as he slowly pulls away. “I heard about your father…” His face turns grim as he continues “I’m sorry.”

I simply nod bleakly.

He smiles then, “Would you like to come in and catch up?”


Tommy was married to a very nice blonde girl named Rosemary.

He had become the landscaper for the estate, and he and his wife had taken some of the money I sent to him, and purchased a small home some miles back in the outskirts of all the expensive homes.

It had been good to see Tommy.

But, being he was a married man…

And I was a ‘wealthy, dark haired minx’, or so America had labeled me, it wasn’t likely that we’d stay in touch.

But it had still been good to see him.

My how things change. In his case, for the better.

In my case…Well, I’m just not sure.

All I know is that I had changed too.


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