The Barbarian Proud

A New Story

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


The Barbarian Proud



“I Woke From A Dream, Covered In Sweat…

…this has never occurred…

…not to me”

Rising from his bed in a tavern in ‘Rusk’, is the formidable form of ‘PROUD’, a 7′ tall, golden haired barbarian.

Though he is muscular, he is more long and lean, than bulky.

Naked, with two girls passed out (Also naked) in his bed, he clothes in soft white armour, retrieves his enormous two handed axe, which is leaning against the corner, near the door…

…tosses two silver coins on the bed, and leaves.


‘BAM BAM BAM!’ Proud stands outside a door to another room, pounding away on it.

‘Seya! Rise!’ he hollers, awaking many other tenants, several opening their door to yell at whomever had woke them…

…then slowly closing their doors with one look at the enormity of Proud.

Meanwhile, inside the…

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