Parker (Spider-Man Fan Fiction)


Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, sits atop a high rise looking down upon the city he protects

On a large banner, a huge picture of him in his costume, holding his thumb up
‘Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man’ written In large neon lights below
‘Oh, man… Why does it have to be ‘friendly’… I’m 19 now, I need to get meaner… Like… Wolverine”
He then dismounts from the side of the building, and plummets downward
‘Yeeeeehooooo!’ he yells as he falls, casting a web at the building across the street just in time to pull himself into a swing heading down the street
Launching new webs along the way, but the streets appear to be well this night…
Just before midnight he enters the window of his bedroom in his Aunt Macy’s apartment, slips off the costume, and gets beneath the covers just as Aunt May enters his room
She smiles
‘Goodnight love’ she speaks, then closes the door
Peter lays on his back, staring at the ceiling
‘Tomorrow, the ‘Daily Bugle’… They gotta have some work for me,’ he says to himself, then rolls over on his side and goes to sleep.
Thank You Stan, We Miss You

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