Parker (Spider-Man Fan Fiction) – Episode 2



by DarkJade

Fan Fiction based on Stan Lee & Steve Ditko’s Spider-Man Character

Episode I – You’re Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man

EPISODE II – Hustle & Bustle


The hustle and bustle of an extremely busy newspaper…

The ‘Daily Bugle’
And what would the ‘Daily Bugle’ be without the yelling of JONAH JAMESON, the Editor and Chief
This is the energized, relentless environment in which the hopeful Peter Parker enters, his camera in hand, and otherwise totally unprepared
‘Out of my way kid!’ snaps a reporter rushing by
‘Oh… Pardon… Sorry… I–‘ Peter begins to reply, but is cut off
‘YOU, YOU AND YOU!’ Jonah Jameson walks by pointing at Peter and two other photographers who apparently entered the office right behind him
‘Hi,’ says Pete, to no reply
The two of them sneer at the younger Peter Parker, and brush by him, following Jameson into his office
Jameson stands behind his desk, places the palms of his hands against his desk, and speaks
‘Alright, which one of you has something I can take the Web Slinger down with!’
Peter is stunned by the harsh words, as one of the two other photographers slams a photo on his desk
‘Here sir… Spider-Man exiting a T.V. store with a stolen television under his arm…’
‘What! Wait-‘ starts Pete
‘No me sir,’ speaks the other photographer, slamming his on the desk
Jameson picks them both up, ‘One in pajamas… The other is a woman… GET OUT!’ he yells at the other two photographers as he tosses their fraudulent photos to the floor
‘But-‘ one of them attempts
‘OUT!!’ the Chief yells, and the photographers are gone
He then sits behind his desk, lights a large cigar, and kicks his feet up on the desk
Pete is terrified, and overwhelmed, looking down at his photo of a bird
Jameson takes a big hit, and blows the smoke out, ‘Whatya got for me kid, I don’t have all day.’
Peter hesitantly places the picture of the bird on his desk, his hand shaking
Jameson grabs it just as one of his assistants rush into the room with coffee, placing it on his desk
‘A bird?’ Jameson speaks
Suddenly three reporters enter all yelling at one another, and trying to speak to the Chief
‘Hold on, hold on!’ the Chief snaps at them
Meanwhile, Peter, with his tail between his legs, meanders out of the office, defeated
‘KID! GET ME SOME PICTURES OF SPIDER-MAN, AND I’LL PAY YOU $50!’ Jameson yells out to Peter
Peter can’t believe it, ‘Yes sir, Mr. Jameson!’…
…and runs out of the office
Thanks Sam

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