Thaydex Black Raven – The Necromancer

A New Story

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)




Episode One – Departure

Thaydex’s upbringing, was… well… challenging

The son of a Human girl/woman, and a High Elf/Gray Elf man, his surroundings were of two worlds…

…and his look, stark black hair, fair skin, with light blue gray eyes, 5’8″ height and 140lbs at the age of 15

Thaydex’s mother, being Human, the most prevalent Race in their land…

…looked down upon by, well, High Elves/Gray Elves

She desired a simple, well lived life for herself, and her family

Where Thaydex’s father was an intellect, his face often buried in books, he wished only to be left alone, leaving Thaydex’s mother to raise him

Obviously his parents did not truly know one another before getting married, and having a baby

Thaydex was what many might call, dark

His meaning and intent was not to hurt anyone, but he carried with him…

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