Worldwide Plea

It’s supposed to be 113 Degrees nearby today… It was 111 there yesterday, and 107 where I’m at

I’m a Creative Writer… I don’t write these kind of pieces very often

But I’m pleading now

The time for meat and dairy as a major food source has come, and gone (Aside from impoverished areas of the planet Etc.) 

I know you don’t want to hear or believe this… And/or are tired of hearing it, because you don’t want to give up the taste of meat and dairy… I understand, this is not a judgment, this is just where we’re at as a planet

Between the deforestation to create areas to grow crops to feed the massive amount of animals, and/or to create space for them to be, coupled with the methane gasses the animals put into the atmosphere, we are killing/heating our planet

I know you’ve heard this all before… But it’s not a trend to be Vegan (Though it is trending), it’s a game changer in regards to what’s happening to our planet

I live in Southern California, we’ve been dealing with ‘fire season’ for decades… But the fires in 2018, because of the change in climate, moved faster than ever before… I know, they came a mile from burning our family home of 46 years

As the fire came over the nearby peak, our house phones started to ring, with recorded messages signalling a Red Alert

We were pretty sure we were going to lose everything, and many did

The only reason we didn’t, was because the wind direction never sent it directly to our little valley of homes, only the mountains all around it

Like I say, I don’t really write these kind of posts… But the truth is, most of us are reactionary by nature, as apposed to proactive

This is true in most ways

Even me writing this post is reactionary to when I heard last night that it was going to reach 113 degrees today

Most of the improvements we’ve made along the way have been reactionary, but the problem with taking that stance with environmental issues, is the issues have accumulated, and we barely have time to do anything about it

But we can now, you can

I am not judging Humans/us when I say we are generally self indulgent creatures

Most of us work very hard to survive, and we desire things that make us feel good to offset the stress and or exhaustion of the day to day

We have been self indulgent with meat and dairy, and its really messing everything up

Yes, there are other ways that we need to change as a world to save this place not just for the future, but for the now

But animal agriculture has a huge impact, and most of us look the other way, because we don’t want to change… To many of us, it’s like downgrading our life to do so… But I promise as a vegan of 7 years, it’s not

It made me a more imaginative cook, yes… But that has only made food taste better than before I stopped eating milk and dairy

In fact, well there are and have been many righteous vegans out there screaming at people to change, it is my belief that it’s better if we help show the way, and offer any suggestions/recipes we can

Which is why I started a Vegan Blog several years back (Here’s the Link James Cooks Vegan

Not all of these Recipes are ‘healthy’, but that wasn’t the point

Whether we eat healthy or not, is and has always been our personal choice

But it does include both healthy, and less healthy dishes

The reason I created that Blog was to offer my help/a bridge for people who want to start to move towards Veganism, and or outright change to Veganism

Like I say, yelling at people to change rarely works, and it isn’t who I am

Who I am, is a compassionate human being trying to help with the transition of something that could otherwise potentially cause global devastation

And lets face it, most of us will never have the resources to fly to Mars

Most of us are here, and aren’t going anywhere

Anyway, nuff said

I appreciate you listening/reading

DarkJade- (James)

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