The Truth


The Truth

Part One

The truth is, i’m a Writer, Filmmaker

It started in 1977, after my brother and I saw the original ‘Star Wars’ with my mom

And it was further fueled by the sequel ‘The Empire Strikes Back’, in 1980

I was a shy kid, but I knew what I wanted

To tell stories

I am a visual artist

If I could draw well, I’d probably Self-Published, written and drawn my own comic books

Just to get all the stories out of my head

When I was 11ish, I started writing my first book, ‘One Knight’

I showed what I had written to my father, who I didn’t live with, or see all that much, and he said, ‘You’re a writer.’

Though I wasn’t all too close with my dad, these words coming from him, meant a lot/hit hard

I never finished the book, but first blood as a writer had been struck

When I was 17, my brother talked me into joining a Community Theatre group

I was pretty scared, being I was so shy, but it was a slow process, and ended up being one of the best things of my life

I was part of it for 3-4 years, and was in three Shakespeare plays, two Children’s Plays, and a Christmas Play

I also played Dungeons & Dragons for 2 or 3 years in my teens, which was an amazing creative outlet, especially because I ran them, which meant I created the world and characters my Players played in/inhabited

I entered the working world at 16/17, and was deeply entrenched in corporate america by the time I was 30

My dreams to Write and Direct films had been put aside, largely because my partner of 8 years told me that they’d leave me if I pursued them

It’s not an excuse, it was my first relationship, and I didn’t want to lose it

But my soul paid

I did, however, write a Children’s Play when I was 28, and tried out and got into a Theatre Production of ‘Hamlet’, which is my favorite of Shakespeare’s Plays

The following year I was in ‘Measure For Measure’, another Shakespeare play, and my partner and I ended the relationship

Suddenly I was free

First thing I did was buy an electric guitar, and start a band

I’d never been interested in playing/writing/singing music as a career, but making music was something that I was passionate about at that time

It went really well, we rehearsed for months

But Filmmaking was calling to me now that I was free

At that time my brother, whom I was very close to growing up, but who’d moved away years before, began campaigning for me to move out to where he was in Oregon

I came to a place where I decided I wanted to at last pursue Filmmaking, I was 31, and burnt out on corporate america

So I quit the good paying job, moved to Oregon, bought a video camera, and began working on experimental filmmaking

Working with regular people as opposed to actors, because that’s all I had

And/or filming action figures, in order to work on lighting methods etc.

Here’s a silly thing we shot, we completely winged this, filming one shot after the other with a visual effect to hide our hands, no editing, we had a ‘Boom Box/Stereo’ playing the soundtrack of ‘Conan The Barbarian’ while we filmed, and added the opening titles later

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