Systematic Discrimination – The Other Side Of Being Vegan

Vegan refers to anything that’s free of animal products: No meat, fish, milk, cheese, eggs, wool, leather, honey and so forth. Your sandwich, your shampoo, and your car seats are examples of items that could be vegan

So my girlfriend had an interesting day yesterday… But first, for the record, she’s been Vegan for 7-8 years or so

And Vegetarian before that for a few years

I myself had tried being both Vegan and Vegetarian at some point, mainly because of digestion (Meat felt heavy) issues, and/or allergies to Dairy

But decided to be Vegan 7 years ago, after watching a documentary on ‘Factory Farming’

So that’s our history, for the sake of the next part of this post

So my girlfriend came back from lunch at her job yesterday in a pretty good mood, when she was approached by both the Bookkeeper and the Front Manager of the store she works/worked for

They began interrogating her about how she had spent too much money on her ‘Company Supplied’ Lunch

A bit more history, every since the Pandemic hit, her store has supplied lunches to their employees 3 days a week, but because these weren’t Vegan friendly, the Store Manager told my girlfriend just to pick up a couple Vegan Items from the store, and the store would cover them

Though my girlfriend doesn’t partake all that often, this has still been going on for months

So, back to yesterday, my girlfriend out of nowhere had the Bookkeeper and Front End Manager suddenly surrounding her, both talking basically at the same time, telling her she’s spent too much money on her lunch

The Bookkeeper went on to say, ‘We have Cheese Pizza for Vegans, you don’t need a ‘Special Allowance”

My girlfriend replied, ‘Vegans don’t eat cheese.’ (Vegetarians do, not Vegans)

The Bookkeeper rolled her eyes

The Front Manager then said, ‘I’m currently on a detox diet, and I don’t get a special allowance.’

My girlfriend says, ‘It’s not the same thing, my being Vegan is a moral choice.’

This went on and on, and finally my girlfriend said, ‘You know what, i’m out of here, I quit.’

Two more Managers then approached her telling her that the Store Manager had supplied Cheese Pizza for Vegans, and she explained to them, ‘Vegans don’t eat cheese.’

Anyway, you get the point

My girlfriend later expressed, ‘I don’t care about paying some of the cost, that’s all you had to say, but I do care about being harassed about my personal choices.’

The Front Manager said, ‘Harassed?’

Anyway, we’ll see how this all goes down

But unless these two people acknowledge, and receive warnings etc. about the way they approached her, and how they spoke to her, she’s not going back

It’s funny, I’m a Vegan, but I’ve worked from home since I became one, so I’ve never had to deal with how people often think, and or treat Vegans

The Front Manager indicated that ‘it’s a personal choice you’re making, and shouldn’t have a special allowance.’

But the reality is, eating Meat is also a personal choice, it’s just more culturally accepted

Nuff Said,

Try to be open to us Vegans out there, we’re just people, like anyone else

Thanks for listening/reading



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