4 People Dead, It’s So Sad

The truth is, before ‘he that shall remain nameless’ ever ran for President, my opinion of him was, ‘Man, this guy will do anything to be in front of a television camera’

That was the extent of my thoughts in regards to that person… And maybe the hair, lol

But the moment that he stepped into Office, was the moment I basically stopped watching the news (I overhear people in the house watching, and I find out things online, but no news)

I knew that he was going to be too easy of a target

I knew that he would really mess some things up

But truth be known, he way exceeded my expectations in regards to messing things up

Living 35 miles from Los Angeles, the scariest time of my life was when he was doing insults back and forth with the North Korea leader

I had anxiety when I’d go to sleep, thinking how if they sent a nuclear bomb to L.A., one of my two sisters lived there

How she’d be incinerated, and the aftermath would reach out where I was, in the air

That was the scariest time of my life

I want to say, I don’t just think he’s a narcissist… Or a self absorbed A$$@#$@!

I really feel he’s a Sociapath

He may have a soul, but I don’t believe he has a functional conscience

I’m not here to insult this person, I’m here to say how sad I am four people died

I realize in the end we’re all responsiblie for our own actions, truth is I expected a lot more of this kind of thing on his watch, but I guess it didn’t happen until the midnight hour

Nuff said,

Thanks for listening/reading


PICTURE CREDIT – Red & White Grunge

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