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Life, Love & Misery

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Life, Love & Misery

Come what may…

I am not alone

The Tranquil fog of my mind…

The deepest, purest love

PICTURE CREDIT – Shattered Dreams


DORAGON – Dungeon Master For Hire (Current Campaigns)

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Two of my Current Paid Dungeon Master Campaigns

In this video I discuss/talk about 2 of my Paid Dungeon Master Campaigns, where they’re at, and the Players

Check it out!

Captain Fire 197 – Full Circle

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Wrote this 10 years ago today, back when I was doing ‘Blog Series’… ‘The Written Word’ was created as a place for me to write, like a writing journal, nothing within it is edited, just a free consciousness of stories etc… ‘Captain Fire 197’ was one of my first Blog Series, really need to go back and read it some time

The Written Word



Jenna sits inside the Druggy Abandoned Building, bodies of Drugies, or Henchmen of The Drug Lord Colonel Otquai‘s Number One Man, “Rain”, either dead, or knocked unconscious…

Outside The Toodlock Thire Police are still holding their position, and not entering the building.

Nisho suddenly appears, and approaches Jenna…

Jenna senses Nisho.

“Get back Nisho! I can’t seem to control this…” Jenna says with her head hung low, never looking up at Nisho.

“Sure you can” Nisho confidently replies.

“NO!! NISHO!! GET OUT!!! I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU, BUT I WILL!!!” Jenna suddenly floats into the air, and gazes at Nisho as she yells.

Her eyes full of Rage.

Nisho steps even closer, she’s maybe 15 feet from Jenna now.

“You couldn’t always control your Telepathy right? This is no different Jenna…” Nisho pleas.

“This…” Jenna starts to cry as she lowers back…

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Like red beams of light, it enters the black surface

Veins of truth, of pain, of night

I am not with you…


I’ve never been

And yet…

Our love is real

Our lives entwined…

I love you more than you could ever know

Your light, your love, friendship and more

But I am alone…

I’ve always been

I stay… I go

Dark and deep…

Still, complete

I wait for that thing…

That confirmation, that need

I wait too long…

The wings, they grow

And I am above surface again…

Take to the sky




Monsters Of The Wilderness – In Review

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Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

Wow, what an amazing book… The Themes right off the bat, this isn’t just a list of monsters, this is a serious Dungeon Master Tool

I love the Ocean Section

And the Art by Travis Hanson once again, such a great feel

The Arctic Section is also awesome, will definitely be using some of these guys

The Desert Region

Jungle/Swamp Region, this book is awesome

Been looking forward to the Forest Region

And the Mountain Region

Cawood does not disappoint, so much work goes into these books

There’s also Wilderness Events Tables, and a couple Subclasses in the back (Druid & Ranger)

This book is loaded with stuff for the Dungeon Master

Andrew & his Crew have done it again


Monsters of the Wilderness @ DriveThruRPG Here

Twitter Cawood Publishing

And my Twitter Here DORAGON Kishu

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White Wine Tempe Pasta

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White Wine, Cashew Cheese, Mushrooms, Red Bell Pepper, Avocado, Fresh Garlic, Fresh Onion, Basil. Oregano, Tempe, Olive Oil Over Cauliflower Pasta* **

*Cashew Cheese & Avocado is put on after sauce has been poured on, I mixed the Cheese in to make the whole dish creamy

**I would recommend having a White Wine with it, great Spring Dish


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