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The Best Breakfast Tacos I’ve Ever Made/Had (Vegan)

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I was really surprised by these

I literally threw some Breakfast Leftovers from the day before (Just Egg Scramble & Beyond Breakfast Links) in Warmed Corn Tortillas…

I also added some Tater Tots & topped it with Pico De Gallo

Man, they were awesome

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Want To Give Dungeons & Dragons A Try? Check Out, ‘Darkness To The North’

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Haunting mist amongst gnarly trees in a forest early in the morning.

In January of this year, I decided to give Professional Dungeon Mastering a try (Currently running a Monday & Friday Game)

I’ve played Dungeons & Dragons on and off for 35 years, published my first Adventure Module for it in 2019, and have been working on the 2nd Book since

And I’m a Writer/Filmmaker

The reality is, I’m a Storyteller & I love it, what an amazing place/way to immerse in a world & a character

On that note, I’m beginning two 1 to 3 session games/adventures… The first will be on Thursdays 12-3pm, PST… And the 2nd on Saturdays, also at 12-3pm PST

By running these shorter Campaigns (Like I say, 1 to 3 sessions), it can give people an opportunity to check out Dungeons & Dragons, without committing to a long term weekly game

Though they may want to after playing, cuz D & D is great, lol

Anyway, if you’d like to give it a shot, you can sign up here;



Free Session Zeroes will take place once you sign up sometime before the actual first session, where we can build your Character

Nuff said,