My First 6 Months Of Being A Professional Dungeon Master

My Professional Dungeon Master Beginnings

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

In the last week of December, I decided to give Professional Dungeon Mastering a try

I’ve been Playing/Dungeon Mastering Dungeons & Dragons on and off for 35+ years, it’s one of my greatest joys

Being I’ve always Homebrewed (Created my own material), as opposed to using official or 3rd party books & material, I decided I would start by using a 5e (D & D 5th Edition) Module I wrote and published two years prior (2019)

That way I’d be super familiar with the material I was running

Image Credit MoodyBlue/DeviantArt

Generally I ran ‘Theater of the Mind’ when I DM’d (Dungeon Mastered) campaigns, but because it was Professional Dungeon Mastering, and people were paying me, I decided to also include Roll 20 so that I could include maps etc.

I started with a Thursday game, then a Friday game, but soon combined the two to make one Friday Game

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