Record Breaking Heat In UK (One of the ways you can help the Environment)

Record-breaking heatwaves prompt wildfires and multiple deaths across Europe

One Of The Most Important Things You Can Do For The Environment (Original Article Here)


Eat Responsibly

Eating locally grown food supports local farmers and merchants in your own community as well as reducing the amount of fuel, air pollution, and greenhouse gas emissions required to move the food you eat from the farm to your table. Eating organic meat and produce keeps pesticides and chemical fertilizers off your plate and out of rivers and streams.

Eating responsibly also means eating less meat and fewer animal products such as eggs and dairy products, or perhaps none at all. Eating less meat is a matter of good stewardship of our finite resources. Farm animals emit methane, a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to global warming, and raising animals for food requires many times more land and water than growing food crops.9

If you stopped eating meat and animal products, you could save a lot of water. Livestock graze on about a quarter of ice-free land on Earth. Additionally, approximately a third of arable land is reserved for livestock feed production.10

The process of nurturing animals and crops for livestock requires a lot of water. According to some estimates, it’s likely you’ll save about 1300 gallons of water each time you sit down to a plant-based meal instead of an animal-based one.11


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