19 Days Of Covid (Protect Yourself)

I haven’t vaccinated, because at first I didn’t have faith in them because of how everything progressed in the beginning 3yrs ago, beyond that I work from home and the people I live with are very careful

Then one of my sisters responded badly to a booster (Moderna I think, which I mostly think was a situation where it triggered underlined issues which caused her a lot of eating issues/what she was able to eat)

My mom and her boyfriend (Both 81 now) got Pfizer vaccines without issue (These are what i’d get if I get one)

My brother (Who works at a winery) has not gotten any vaccines, and has gotten Covid twice (Not severe cases, maybe a week long with residue coughing afterwords for a while)

My other sister has gotten Covid twice (She’s just a social person, so has been out there a lot), I don’t believe either were severe cases, maybe a week or so

On August 30, my girlfriend (Works in a restaurant) got Covid for the first time… I didn’t want to separate from her, and figured I had it anyway if she had it…

For the following 4 days I felt great/took care of her

On Sep 3rd, I began Covid symtons

The first 4 days were the toughest

  1. Fevers (Used 2 Extra Strength Tylenol to battle them off)
  2. Nausea (Sometimes for hours)

After that I was weak for the next 15 days, had a cough and some mild Nausea

The hardest thing was it messed with my sleep, so my immunity wasn’t as high as I’d like it to have been

My mom and her boyfriend who i’m staying with both got it 3 days later (They’ve both had vaccines, then boosters (In May))

My mom’s boyfriend maybe dealt with it for 10 days, and has been outside doing yardwork the last few days, he seems good

My mom has dealt with it pretty good, but still has residue

Day 20 I didn’t feel like I had the virus anymore, my strength jumped from 10-15% (Day 5-19) to 40%

Day 21 felt the same

Day 22 & 23 strength went to 60% (But I did start to have a post nasal drip cough)

Only got 2hrs sleep on Day 21 & 22, which made me feel not good, though my energy was good

Day 24 & 25 I’ve felt even stronger, but the cough has been consistent

Today is Day 26, I feel good, but didn’t get much sleep last night

Woke up coughing

I’m 54, and have some preexisting conditions, so perhaps that’s why it’s stretched as long as it has, can’t be sure, seems like everyone is different

Like I say, none of it has been severe, it’s just stretched for a long time, and messed with my strength

At this point, i’d recommend the Pzizer vaccine (I’m not a doc, but my folks had no issue with it) & booster

I’d recommend wearing a mask if/when you’re around groups of people (Seems like old school, but these new strains are very contagious)

Anyway, I hope this helps someone (s) out there

I know we’re all tired of the C word, but definitely approach it defensively, not getting it is worth it

Nuff said,

Take care/be safe



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