My Traditional Vegan Thanksgiving

Above is a picture of my favorite Thanksgiving Dinner of all time, and it’s 100% Vegan!

It starts with the Gardein Holiday Roast (Right in the middle of all that stuffing in the photo above), which is amazing

Here’s the Ingredients for the Stuffing;



Loaf Of Bread (I’ll Probably Use Sourdough, But Use What You Like)

A 1/2 Bag Of Walnuts Or Pecans (Your Choice)

Dried Cherries Or Cranberries


Vegetable Broth

2 To 4 Onions (Which Ever Kind You Like)

Fresh Tyme And Sage (Dried Is Fine)

Olive Oil

2 Apples (Optional)


Cut Up Onions And Celery (One Stock Per Onion)

Place Them In A Sauce Pan, And Put Olive Oil Over Them (2 to 4 Table Spoons Depending)

Heat (Low Heat) Until Onions And Celery Are Transparent

While Onions And Celery Is Cooking, Cut 12 Pieces Of Bread Into 1″ Cubes

Lay Bread Pieces Across…

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