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The Writer…

“I am a Writer that has let life run the show… But I’m trying to incorporate Writing into my life”



James Mahoney/DarkJade is a Writer/Filmmaker Living in Southern California.

Contact Info/Media;

E-Mail: JamesLegendsProductions@Gmail.Com

Author’s Blog: James Patrick Mahoney

Film Making Blog: Legends Productions

Writing Twitter: @DJWrittenWord

Film Making Twitter: @LegendsProd


On August 18th, 2011, I Created The Written Word as a place to get myself in the habit of  Writing, Writing, Writing…. Also, as a place where I could get Feedback, in order to get a better perspective on how my Writing is Perceived, and Received. I have accomplished both of these things, and have Thoroughly Enjoyed This Process. Not to mention, become part of a Writing Community that I very much Admire, and thusly Exposed to Many, Many other Blogs that I now Follow.

One Knight; In Early October, 2011, I Created a 2nd Blog Called One Knight (The Site). One Knight was a Blog partially created as a place to work on my Childhood Conceived Novel/Story One Knight (The Story), but I also created the Writers of the Realm, a group of Guest Writers (Authors) that contributed some of their own work to the Site.

(THE ONE KNIGHT BLOG IS CURRENTLY ON HOLD – Last Entry Was in December, 2011)

The Dark Globe; In Late October, 2011, I started a 3rd Blog, entitled “The Dark Globe”. The Dark Globe was a Site that I created in the Spirit of a News Paper, and was Designed to Bring Together Writers, Photographers etc. (Which I called The Crew), on to one Site to Write, Share, and Create. (Became Legends Undying Blog)

Legends Undying; After 11 Months of Growing and Building “The Dark Globe”, I decided to bring it to a halt to deal with some Offline Issues. A week later I Changed the Blogs Name, and Format. The New Name of the Blog is “Legends Undying”, and I changed the Format from a Journalism/Multi Contributing Artist Site, to a ‘Writer’s Story Showcase’ Site. Instead of 15 Contributors, there will now be around 7. I’m hoping by Simplifying the Format, I will have more time to Manage it at the Level I liked to Run “The Dark Globe”. (Became Legendary Post Blog)

Legendary PostLegendary Post; Legends Undying… Is “Legendary Post

Another Shift to the Once “Dark Globe”, then “Legends Undying” Blog

“Legendary Post” is Journalism, Environmental Issues, Activism, Stories, Life Improvement and More (Blog On Hold)

Dark Xperience; Towards the End of December, 2011, I Created yet a 4th Blog, called Dark Xperience.

The Concept Behind this Blog, was to Create Posts Using Primarily Music, to take Readers/Viewers into a Deeper what I call Sub-Mind place…

Because lets face it, “Sometimes Words Aren’t Enough…”. (Blog On Hold)

White Jade; In January of 2012, I finally made an actual Site/Blog for my White Jade Comic.

It’s a long time coming, but as I entered into January of 2012, I decided to Self Publish the First 8 Pages of the Comic, and potentially try to drum up some interest in it.

Since I decided to do this, I determined that it would serve to have an Actual Site for White Jade. (Blog On Hold)

viralDarkJade Going Viral; In March, 2012, I Created DarkJade Going Viral. DarkJade Going Viral Are Posts About People, Places, Thins Etc. That I Feel Are About To “Go Viral”, Or Have Already Begun To. (Blog On Hold)

Dark’s Media Empire; In June, 2012, I Created My Dark’s Media Empire Vlogging And YouTube Video Projects Blog. In addition to doing Vlogs, and Video Projects, I’ve also Invited Two other Video Vloggers to Join The Site. (Blog No Longer Active)

jamesJade Dark Film Soundscapes; My Dream to be a Filmmaker Came to Life after seeing the First Two “Star Wars” Films, in 1977, and 1980.

In 1998-1999, I started My First Emotional Rock Band (Bloom), and a Second Band in 2000-2001 (Vanish)

In 2000, I began my pursuit of Film Making, which ran through 2003

This Included Hundreds of Hours of Experimental Film Making, a First Draft of a Full Length Feature Film Screenplay, and at last a Short Film which I got into a Film Festival in New York

From 2004-2005, I focused primarily on Screenplay Writing

And in 2006-2007, began transforming my Finished Screenplay into a Comic Book

Creative Endeavors were set aside from 2007-2011, at which point in August of 2011, I began a Writing Blog

From 2011-2012, I Wrote Tons of Poetry, Two Novellas, a Fantasy Novel (First of a Trilogy to come), and Many Blog Stories, and Editorials

In 2012 I Self-Published a Poetry Book (Winter, Lust, And Wonder), an 8 Page Partial Comic Book (White Jade), and later in the year, a Novella (I Died Once)

In 2013, I took a bit of a Hiatus from Writing, then began again in 2014

It is from this Day, March 23rd, 2014, that decided to consider to Pursue Writing Film Music Scores, and Thus have created Jade Dark Film Soundscapes. (Blog No Longer Active)


Legends Productions; Legends Productions is my YouTube Video Production Company. We are currently in PreProduction of my first Web Series, “White Jade”


Doragon Kishu; Doragon Kishu is my Dungeons & Dragons Blog, including Links to my DORAGONS DOMAIN Vlog, Homebrew Creations, Stories & other D & D content.



Dragon Keep Dungeons & Dragons Community Blog


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My Work;

DRAGON RIDERS Presents (Journeys Through The Radiant Citadel – Reading Through Part I) – July, 23 2022 

DORAGON DM For Hire (New ICERN Campaign & Frost Rhealm Campaign) – Jun, 29 2022

ICERN (5e Campaign) (Dungeons & Dragons Trailer) – Jun, 16 2022

DORAGON – Dungeon Master For Hire (Current Campaigns) – Apr, 21 2022

DRAGON RIDERS ‘Welcome To Thunsorra’ (Dungeons & Dragons Live Play Twitch Stream) – Feb, 22 2022

DORAGON Adventures (The Birth Of DORAGON Adventures, 5e Modules) – Oct, 14 2021

DRAGON RIDERS ‘Around The Watch’ D & D Talk (Dungeons & Dragons Talk Stream) – July, 31 2021

HAIKON 2ND TRAILER (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module 2nd Trailer) – Dec, 6th 2020

DRAGON RIDERS Podcast (Dungeons & Dragons Interview Show) – Nov, 2020-Present

DRAGON RIDERS (Dungeon & Dragons Interview Show) – Nov, 2020-Present

Mars The Unwanted (Video Short) – Oct, 2020

HAIKON Trailer (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module Trailer) – Jun, 2020

I, Dungeon Master (Dungeon & Dragons Vlog) – May, 2020

I, Filmmaker (Filmmaker Vlog) – May, 2020

Frost Rhealm Trailer (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module Trailer) – Nov, 21 2019

Play With Me (Vampyre Music Video) (CoDirector) – Nov, 17 2019

Frost Rhealm Trailer – The Wizard Nor’Astat Awaits (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module Trailer) – Nov, 15 2019

Frost Rhealm (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module) – Nov, 2019 (Published Nov, 8 2019)

HAIKON (Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting/Adventure Module) – Aug 2019-Present (Writing)

Frost Rhealm Podcast(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module Based Story) –  Aug, 2019

Frost Rhealm Audio Trailer (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module) – Jun, 2019

The Great Game (Dungeons & Dragons Supplement) – 2019 (Published, Early 2019)

Magic And Light (Dungeons & Dragons Story) – Jan, 2018

The Wounded Warrior (Story– Jan, 2018

Welcome To THAY (General Info.)- (Dungeons & Dragons Content) Sep, 2017

Qued Foros, Underground Temple Of Zarnack – (Dungeons & Dragons Content) Sep, 2017

The Legend Of Oz The Caster – (Dungeons & Dragons Story) Sep, 2017 (On Hold)

The Warlock Hex – (Dungeons & Dragons Story) Sep, 2017 (On Hold)

The Tale Of Shar – (Dungeons & Dragons Backstory) Jul, 2017

Frost Rhealm – (Dungeons & Dragons Backstory) Jun, 2017

Shadows – (Dungeons & Dragons Backstory) Jun, 2017

The Warlock Chalace – (Dungeons & Dragons Backstory) Jun, 2017

My Homebrew Land DESPA From Start To Finish (Dungeons & Dragons Content) May, 2017

Thorin Ryo’s Sacred Oath Ceremony Speech – (Dungeons & Dragons Campaign) May, 2017

Blue Phoenix – (Dungeons & Dragons Story) May, 2017 (On Hold)

Rune (The Wounded Warrior) – (Story) Apr, 2017

Despa Territories – (Dungeons & Dragons Content) Apr, 2017

The Four Kings Of Despa (Evolution) – (Dungeons & Dragons Content) Apr, 2017

DORAGONS DOMAIN – (Dungeons & Dragons Vlog Series) 2017 & 2019

The Journal of Thorin Ryo – (Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Updates) Apr, 2017

Rogue One… In Review – (Vlog) Mar, 2017

Employee – (Work/Career) Mar, 2017

Tch’ahm Ba’er – (Dungeons & Dragons Content) Feb, 2017

Voyage Of The Druid Blue – (Blog Series)  Feb-Mar, 2017

Black Angel – (Blog Series) Jan, 2017 (On Hold)

Rise Of The Red Crane Web Series – (Screenplay) Nov, 2016 (On Hold)

Rise of the Red Crane – (Screenplay/White Jade Sequel) – 2004-2005 (Second Draft)

Struck – (Volume Twenty Two/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Nov, 2016-Mar, 2017

Warrior’s Of Light (Blog Series) November, 2016 (On Hold)

Life – (Volume Twenty One/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Aug-Nov, 2016

White Jade (Web Series) – March, 2016-March, 2017 (PreProduction)

Beginning – (Volume Twenty/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Jan-July, 2016

Fall And Winter – (Volume Nineteen/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Oct-Dec, 2015

Riku – Oct-Nov, 2015 (On Hold)

White Jade Web Series – (Screenplay 2002-05) September, 2015-March, 2016 (Complete)

The Paladin – June, 2015 (On Hold)

The City – April-June, 2015 (On Hold)

The Rest – (Volume Eightteen/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Feb-June, 2015

Current – (Volume Seventeen/Poems Written in The Written Word) – Feb, 2015

Star Pilots – Feb, 2015 (On Hold)

Arisen – (Volume Sixteen/Poems Written in The Written Word) –Jan, 2015

Octo – September, 2014 (Octo) (On Hold)

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Dawn Is A New Day – (Volume Fifteen/Poems Written in The Written Word) –March-Nov, 2014

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(Awaiting Editing)

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Darkness (Volume Eight/19 Poems Written in The Written Word) – July-Sep, 2012 (Awaiting Editing)

Hamlet(My First YouTube Video Project) – July-August, 2012 (On Hold)

Iliad(Fantasy Novel/Book II of The Agatha Series/Possible Trilogy) – July, 2012-Present (On Hold)

Bereavement (Volume Seven/18 Poems Written in The Written Word) – June-July, 2012 (Awaiting Editing)

Paid To Play (Baseball Blog Series) Written Within The Written Word) – June-July, 2012 (On Hold)

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Tales of Old (Volume Four/8 Poems Fairly Fairytale Based) – March, 2012 (Awaiting Editing)

Dark Rider Comic Book(Story/First Draft Written Sep-Dec, 2011) Dark Rider Early Sketches March, 2012 (On Hold)

Whisper Moon – (Blog Series Written Within The Written Word) – March-July, 2012 (On Hold)

Tales of The Dark Rider(Fantasy Blog Series /Hopefully To Become Comic Book Written Within The Written Word) – Jan-May, 2012 (On Hold)

Rain Shall Shine – (Volume Three/23 Poems Written in The Written Word) – Jan-March, 2012 (Awaiting Editing)

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress of Doom – (Fantasy Novel) – Dec, 2011-June, 2012 (Awaiting Rewrite/On Hold)

The Mind Chronicles (Post Apocalyptic Blog Series/Written within The Written Word) – November, 2011-Feb, 2012)
(On Hold)

One Knight – (Novel/Written within “One Knight Blog” ) – Oct, 2011-2012 (On Hold)

Captain Fire 197(Sci-Fi Blog Series Written in The Written Word) – Sep, 2011-April, 2012 (On Hold)

Dark Rider(Fantasy Blog Series Hopefully to Become Comic Book Written in The Written Word) – Sep-Dec, 2011 (On Hold)

Dream Shift – (Volume Two/26 Poems Written in The Written Word) – Oct-Dec, 2011 (Awaiting Editing)

I Died Once (I.D.O.)(Novella) – Sept-Nov, 2011 (Self Published) – Aug-Sep, 2012

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Volume One Poetry Book/16 Poems Written in The Written Word) – Sep-Oct, 2011(Self Published) – Jan, 2012

Moments(Short Story-ish “Moments“/Written within The Written Word) – Aug, 2011-Present (In Progress)

White Jade (Comic Book) – (Comic Script/8+ Pages) – 2006-2007  White Jade Comic Site (Self Published) – Jan, 2012

Rise of the Red Crane – (Screenplay/White Jade Sequel) – 2004-2005 (First Draft)

White Jade – (Finished Screenplay) – 2002-2005 (Complete) – 2003-2005

If Not Now… – (Short Film Screenplay) – 2002 – Film Located Here “If Not Now… (Produced) – February, 2002

Stranger in the Dark – (Play/First Draft) – 2002 (Awaiting Rewrite)

Master’s of Mars – (Teleplay First Draft/Three 45min Episodes) – 2000 (On Hold)

Re-Creation – (Experimental Film/Screenplay) – 2000 (Rough Footage on Hi8 Video)

The Dragon Within – (Children’s Play) – 1997 (Produced) – 1997

One Knight – (The Beginnings of a Novel) – This must have been somewhere between 1979-1983 I was a kid

My Heroes;

Below I’ve Listed some of my Heroes, and some Posts Associated with them. I’ve also Listed some Posts Associated with My Thoughts and Feelings in general in regards to Writing and Creating, and a List which includes both my Work Prior to Creating this Blog, and Work that I’ve done Within The Written Word Blog.


Walt Disney (Imagination)

Bruce Lee (The Dragon)

Captain America (The Knight)

George Lucas (The Visionary)

Gary Gygax (Creator of Dungeons & Dragons)

John Hughes (Writer, Director, Producer)

Creative Pursuits;

1985-1988 – Theater (Mainly Shakespeare, with Some Children’s Plays)

1997- Wrote, Directed, Narrated/Acted Children’s Play (The Dragon Within)

1997-1998 – Back to the Stage, Shakespeare

1998-2000 – Started Two Bands, Bloom and Vanish

2000-2003 – Pursued Film Making

2001- Wrote my First Teleplay (Masters of Mars)

2002-Wrote my First Screenplay (White Jade), also Wrote a Play (Stranger in the Dark)

2002- Wrote, Directed, Produced, Edited and Sadly Acted, lol (If Not Now) my Short Film, which I got into a New York Film Festival

2003-2005 – Wrote Screenplays

2006- Converted my Screenplay White Jade into Comic Book Script, and had several Comic Book Pages Drawn

2011-Present – Began Pursuing A Career In Writing, Poetry, Novellas, Fantasy Novels, Blogging

2012- Produced YouTube Videos via Dark’s Media Empire YouTube Video Projects

2013 – Marketed My Screenplay, “White Jade”

2014 – Began Producing YouTube Videos via Legends Productions

2016 – PreProduced White Jade” Web Series

2017 & 2019 – Doragon’s Domain Vlog

2019-Present – Writing/Creating Dungeons & Dragons Content

75 Responses to “About The Writer”

  1. what? are u a director? :O u write and also make short films? :O
    btw, i like ur blog 🙂 keep writing 🙂

  2. Well being a director was my initial goal, but by the time I ended up pursuing Film Making, I had decided to Write and Produce my own Film’s as well… I had wanted to be a Director since I was in my 20’s, but didn’t begin pursuing Film Making until I was 30-31… At that point, I had worked for people for 15 to 16 years (Not in Film), and didn’t want to work for anyone anymore. Including other Producers. So I went the route described on my Film Making Page Film Making

    In the end I had planned on selling my Screenplays and taking the money to Produce my own films, but instead started to convert my Screenplay White Jade into a Comic Book instead Comic Book Pages . That is where I’m at.

  3. Hello, I’ve nominated your blog for THE VERSATILE BLOGGER AWARD! Yippieeeeeeeee!! Check it out http://verynormal.wordpress.com/2011/09/21/versatile-blogger-award/

  4. Greetings Dark Jade,
    Today I have little something on my blog that might interest you(it concerns you), please pass by 🙂

  5. midaevalmaiden Says:

    Are you still awake? Your invited to join our storyline if you feel inclined. Click into @Jos blog to see what we have so far. I hope you come. A nice way to stimulate that creatiive energy, I think. 🙂

  6. Aila Cruz Says:

    you’re so dark… but i like your posts.:)

    • Interesting, I don’t think I’ve ever been called Dark before…

      Though, the word “Dark” is in my name, as well as my Old Film Company Name DarkLight Films.

      There is a meaning behind the name however, DarkLight stems from the idea that not all peoples “Aura’s”, if you believe in such a thing, are bright colors. In other words, I’ve always pictured my Aura, if it exists, as being a Dark Blue in Color. Not because I’m a “Darker” person, but simply because Blue more resonates me. I believe Blue is often associated with Calmness, but also Sadness. I am very calm, and I did experience a lot of sadness as a boy. Though I had a wonderful childhood.

      So “Dark Light” represents the Dark Blue Light that resonates from me, should there be such a thing as an Aura.

      and “Dark Jade” stems from this same “Dark” Aura Concept, however I’ve blended it with the word Jade, which was the name of a character from a Childhood Novel that I was Writing when I was young, the Wife of the Knight in which the story was about. And also, my Screenplay “White Jade”, in this case it’s the name of an order of Priests.

      Thanks for dropping by, I suppose I am a bit Dark, lol But I’m glad you like it.


      • Aila Cruz Says:

        I see. I’ve heard of Aura before, and the moment I browsed your blog, I thought you might actually be have a gray Aura or something.. I actually imagined you as a Woman behind her computer typing on some tragic ending for an RPG, complete with the anime-ish black Aura 🙂 Sorry, I never thought you’re a guy.

        but doesn’t Aura change depending on the person’s feeling or emotions at that time? I don’t know. I’ve read about it somewhere, like yellow for happiness, red for love.. something like that.

        Your posts are totally worth reading. 🙂 good job!

        • lol, you’re probably picking up on my Sensitive Nature, it might have to do with the fact that I was raised by my Mom, my Dad was not around.

          I have also heard that your Aura changes, though I think that I heard that it changes in Brightness depending on your Mood. However, I have heard that Yellow relates to Happiness, and Red to Anger or Passion. Colors are cool, once when I was doing some painting several years back, and I am not a Painter by any means. I remember trying to figure out what Color different people in my Life’s Aura might be. Mine and my Mom’s was Blue, My Brother’s was Red, one of my Sister’s was Yellow, one Purple. My Mom’s Boyfriend’s was Yellow, my Nephew’s Purple, and an Ex-girlfriends was Yellow. lol, funny that I remember all this, it was like eleven years ago. I don’t think I’ve Painted since, Writing and Film Making are my thing.

          I am definitely not Grey, but I am sad sometimes, which is usually when I Write my Poems.

          Thanks for the Comment Aila


          • midaevalmaiden Says:

            As you have the ability to relate the color spectrum to individuals… I bet you would make one heck of type caster for movies. You have the ability to creativly see emotion and use it as a paint. which is a perception many lack.

            I don’t know all the things involved in casting (as you probably do) but I have noticed a flaw which often plays itself out in many movies as reguards to physical appearance. Like all actors will have a common feature, say… a big nose, or an ugly jaw…. or shorter than normal staure. I always believed it was the type caster guy unconciously choosing reflections of himself or his idealized image.

            I can usualy tell if a camera guy is a male or female depending on where the camera gets zoomed and lingers. For all their skill and experience, most people make decitions based on very shallow and base urges unless they have refined themselves. Or so it seems to me.

            Of course I am just rambling about making guesses as I observe the world. I am likely as full of nonsense as the next guy. 🙂 Oh and I don’t see you as grey. I see you as the shade of blue that exists only during that very brief time before dusk when all the things in the world take on a new hue and apear to be sureal, with the faintest of yellow highlight which can only be seen from the corner of the eye, but disapears when looked at directly. 🙂

          • Weird, had the same reaction re: gender? Call it sensitivity, call it Team Ladyparts trying to claim one more good writer for their ranks… Reading that “wall post” (new to the game, still learning the jargon) was the first time I realized you were a guy. Almost makes it all the more intriguing…

            • lol, eh, having Jade in my name might not help… Though I suppose there might be some guys out there with the name Jade? hmm

              Some people on here do actually call me Jade, but I like the name, as I like the Stone… It’s not completely feminine to me… Especially as I’m drawn to the Asian Cultures

              Ah, here we go Jade, I guess it is used for both… Cool

              Thanks for the Comment


  7. Hi; I’ve been browsing your blog for a while, and have really been enjoying it.

    I received Blogger award a couple of days ago, and part of the tradition is to pass it on to five other bloggers. As I said, I’ve enjoyed reading your blog so far, so I decided to give it to you. I’ll be posting later on this evening with the details. Thanks. (:

  8. @Mid First of all thank you. Casting is surely an Awesome thing, and you are right in saying, I do see Emotion very well. In fact when Casting is done well, I often say something or make note of it. Something I’ve noticed about Casting Agents, is they’re often Woman. I find this interesting. As far as the Camera Men subconsciously taking Creative Liberty, that is difficult to say, as the Director often keeps a close eye on what is seen. However, often, or generally, it is the Cinematographer that either operates the camera, or moderates the shots. I suspect you have picked up on people’s views though. Probably the better the Director, the more likely what you see has to do with him. However, if the Cinematographer has been given a lot of Lead way, than perhaps it is the Cinematographer viewpoint that you are seeing. An example of this is in the Film “Lost in Translation”. Whether you like that Film or not, the Cinematography is Beautiful/Excellent. My wondering when I watch that film is whether the Director Sophia Coppola was all over the Cinematographer as to the Actual Filming of shots, but my instinct is that she let a Master do his work, as she primarily focused on the Characters, and the Music, which I suspect are her Strengths.
    Here is the Scene (‘s) that comes to mind, one that I feel you get to see the Artistry of the Cinematographer Shine

    I think if you to a degree remove the Cinematography you end up with with a Trailer like the one, which a Fan put together. It’s a very nice Trailer, but in my opinion it is primarily Character and Music based

    Though the Cinematography does peak through in that Trailer, primarily when there’s no talking, it is Primarily a Character/Music Trailer, in which a Director plays a heavy role.

    As Opposed to this below, which I would consider a more Cinematography Based Preview

    More than a “Mid Life Crisis” gone Right Movie, I’d say it’s safe to say that the True Romance in this Film was between the Director and the Cinematographer, Artistically that is. If you can move beyond “How Pretty Scarlet Johansson is” whilst watching this film, you might actually get something out of it.

    Keep in mind, the Film Editor is also one of the Greatest Unsung Heroes. For he puts all of the Pieces together, Shots, Music and all, often with the Director Standing behind him or her, lol


    • midaevalmaiden Says:

      How interesting, you allowed that I might not like this choice of movie. It came to me by way of recomendation of my mom. Unfortunatly, I am diametricly oppessed to everything about her, and so my bias tends to have it’s way despite my best efforts, I become shallow and short sighted. (it seems as if sometimes my life has parallells to yours except they be as mirror images, or so it sometimes seems to me)

      I could not sit through the whole showing. BUT, you offer me a new viewpoint with which to view. I shall give it another go, and observe again, to see what you see.

      • Keep in mind, my first exposure of Scarlett Johansson was in “The Horse Whisperer”, where she was very young, and in my opinion quite perceptively wise in her acting, and character. It is my opinion that this is why Robert Redford hand picked her. If you carefully watch this Film, at least in my opinion, you will find/see that she is an Old Soul. Sadly, like Marilyn Monroe, the Media has absolutely Trompled, and buried her, underneath her beauty, and in some cases the choices of Films that she’s done. And in most cases in regards to “Lost in Translation”, I’ve heard things like “All they do is follow her around in her underwear”, as opposed to trying to understand that this is meant to expose a vulnerability. After all, her character is solely based on the Director Sophia Coppola’s experiences as a young girl in Hotel Rooms in places such as Tokyo, whilst her Father Francis Ford Coppola (The God Father) was off working.

        That said, if I was a Girl I certainly wouldn’t want to take my Boyfriend to this Film, as Human Nature becomes the victor, and who wants to see their Boyfriend drool, ha. But sadly, they’re not seeing the True Beauty of the Film either. Watch it alone, with a bowl of popcorn. And definitely see “The Horse Whisperer” if you haven’t. Scarlett makes me cry every time I watch it when she’s talking to her mom about how “No one will ever love her” because of her crippled leg.


    • midaevalmaiden Says:

      What I meant is, a whole showing of the feature leangth is what I couldnt sit through. I didnt mean your two videos. There is a difference between your two examples offered here.

      The characters and music alone is not enough to convey a message.
      The angle of the stone path shot puts a viewer eye-to-eye with their invitation. And the beautiful tree rises above our heads. Though I would have prefered she also lingered her eyes there upon it’s white promise, (she seemed a bit non commital by her lack of observance) But thats me being critical again. Is this how you meant?

      • Oh I know you meant you couldn’t sit through the whole film. Keep in mind that after that Scene, she makes a phone call explaining how she visited this temple, and “Didn’t feel anything”. So though we the viewer were exposed to it’s beauty, her character was coming to grips with the fact that she was indeed cutoff from herself, and because of it has found herself in the middle of a marriage to man that she does not really know. For how can you know someone else, if you do not know yourself. We are the receivers of these treasured moments, where she is merely Soul Searching. And frankly, depressed. In my opinion.


        • midaevalmaiden Says:


          • I stand corrected, it was earlier in the Film that she made the phone call, but it was after she had visited a Temple, and felt nothing. I just peaked at the Scene Order, her visit in this scene comes after she had spent a night out with Bill Murray’s character, which is also helping her to crack open into herself, and thus find herself. The scene above is actually just a further exposure to Life and Beauty, that is acting as a catalyst in her Self Exploration. She is in my opinion, still slightly numb, but she is awakening, thus the subtlety of her reactions in the scene. Watch how she watches the Asian Couple, the Childlike Innocence in her eyes, she is Awakening, but not yet awake. Thanks for all the feedback, I don’t get to talk about Film or Film Making all that often, and I love it.


  9. I’m curious about why you use a pseudonym rather than your real name, or at the very least, part of your real name?

    I read this page some while ago but since then have been pondering about the fact that when I first came across you (in the Forum) I thought you were a girl, and a young girl at that, as your Gravatar (avatar/userpic) shows an anime character which really is something a teen is more likely to use. I know it’s one of your characters and is to do with your writing, but I think it might help you to get wider recognition if you were to put some more personal stuff here about yourself.

    Just a thought.

    • I think part of it is in reality, I’m shy. I know this may seem Ironic, as I have put some very personal Posts on here from time to time.

      When I was very young I would wear a thick green jacket to school, so that no one could see my arms, lol. Even in 90 degree heat in some cases. Which in turn caused the school to call my mom in concern, lol

      I was extremely shy, and didn’t hardly speak to anyone, pretty much all the way through High School. Indeed, it wasn’t until I joined a Community Theater Group, at the urging of my Brother, who wanted to be “Discovered” as an Actor, that I finally started to break out of my shell.

      4 to 5 years worth of Theater, followed by 6 years of Inside Orthopedic Brace Sales, really helped to make me a bit more Social.

      The confidence from being successful in sales played a large role in driving me forward towards my Dream of being a Film Maker.

      But being Shy is only part of why I do it.

      You are right in saying that it has to do with, well not so specifically my Writing, but my Creative self. The Character that I originally had was that of an Anime’ Boy, as well as the current one. To me it symbolized my love of Anime, not so much the Writing, but the Art, but also my Spirit which I feel is quite a bit like Peter Pan. Not immature, but Vital and Young. As my first Film Company name was Neverland Films. Later to become DarkLight Films.

      It symbolizes the fact that Our Soul, and in this case my Creative Soul/Spirit, is ageless. Timeless… Vital, and Young.

      I had one other person mention that they thought I was a womanl, and as I told them, I suspect that may happen on occasion because of my “Sensitive Nature”, as I was raised by a Single Mother. And she is a very Powerfully Emotional being, and I am much like her.

      The Name DarkJade stems from the combination of two things. Dark, stems from my Film Making Company Name DarkLight Films. I speak about that up above I believe, DarkLight reflects my Aura, if there is such a thing, and my belief that if I have one it would be a Dark Blue, and because Aura’s are associated with Light, it would thusly be a DarkLight. As opposed to a Yellow Aura, which would be a Light Light, hee hee.

      Anyway, so that’s where Dark comes from… and Jade is the name of the Female Character in my Fantasy Novel “One Knight” which I started Writing when I was 11 or 12 years old, and recently started a 2nd Blog where I am working on it. You can see that here http://oneknight68.wordpress.com/2011/10/05/one-knight-prolog/.

      Jade was also used again with “White Jade”, my Screenplay. In which case White Jade was/is an Order of Priests, as opposed to the name of an actual Character.

      Beyond all this, I have found it important to keep my Creative Self separate from my Private self. My Screenplay has my Actual Name on it, and so would anything that I submitted to be Published Etc.

      But for the Blog I’ve Created this World for my Creative/Artistic Self, an Exploration if you will. And though we are Born with certain names, I have found that in some cases it is also good to Name Yourself, for in some cases it more Accurately Captures who you really are. In this case, DarkJade Captures who I am Creatively, however I do like my Real Name as well.

      Lastly, when I do try to Publish or Sell anything, it will be targeted at a Specific Audience, as Opposed to anyone who happens to be on the Web. I am more inclined to share my Real Name with you my Fellow Writers, than I am the entire Internet, if you know what I mean.

      I hope that gives you a better Idea of where I’m coming from with DarkJade, and the Gravitar.

      Thanks for the Comment Val

      DarkJade- Oh P.S., though Teenagers may hold the Majority of the Anime’s Audience, they are in fact not the only one’s that watch it… Not by a long shot. If you care to check out some of the one’s I watch check out Cowboy Beebop http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0213338/ Rated a 9.2 on the Internet Movie Data Base out of 10, which is my Favorite. I also like Trigun http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0251439/ which is Rated a 8.6, Ghost in the Shell http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113568/ a 7.8 and Akira http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0094625/ 7.9. Keep in mind also, The Writers of these shows are often anywhere from their 20’s to I’d guess their 50’s, and so Teens may love them, but they are generally not Written by Teens. I do not tend to watch the really Screamy Hyper one’s, as is often associated with Anime’. Cowboy Bebop is an Excellent Show with Great Character’s, Amazing Animation and an Intuitive choice of Music.

      Thanks Val

      • Wow! Thanks for your long reply. 🙂
        Have you seen this video:

        (I don’t know if will embed or not). But anyway, it’s pretty close to anime (I’m never entirely sure of the ‘borders’ of anime, where it begins and where it leaves off, but I love this short movie. 🙂

        My husband adores some anime films and he’s in his fifities, so I know what you’re saying!

        • I hadn’t seen it, pretty sad story… Excellent animation. I guess you’d probably call that Computer Animation, unless it’s Claymation, but I doubt it. You’re right, Anime’ is a pretty broad term. I like a lot of the Japanese Anime’ art, but a lot of the shows I don’t watch are kind or Hyper as I mentioned above. The one’s I linked you I like, a lot of the other one’s not so much, but the Animation is good on a lot of them, where the Stories are kind of abstract, or meh.

          Thanks for sharing that


  10. This isn’t really what I normally read, but I have to commend you for your work effort. You’re an extremely consistent writer. Kudos.

  11. Hi DarkJade, I have nominated you for The Liebster Blog award. Please check the link http://theway2fullconsciousness.wordpress.com/2011/11/21/the-liebster-blog-award/


  12. Are short stories your specialty?

    Best wishes!

  13. Here is another one coming your way,I have nominated you for The Versatile Blog award.Please check the link http://theway2fullconsciousness.com/2011/12/03/versatile-blogger-award/


  14. Nice to discover your blogS ! Love the idea behind DarkXperience! Sometimes indeed words aren’t just enough…
    To Inspiration,

  15. Hello! I stumbled upon your blog, and I must say that I really like what I’ve seen so far! Your poetry is great! Also, I really like the layout and design of the site – it appeals to me somehow. 🙂

    Best wishes,

    • Thank you Eve

      As Film Making/Directing was my First Pursued Creative Pursuit, as you can Read Here https://darkjade68.wordpress.com/film-making/, I consider myself First and Foremost, a “Visual” Artist… I am, however, unable to Draw very well, lol

      In Film, I have a decent Eye, but the truth is a Great Cinematographer is what I would have at my Side, someone like My Brother, who has not pursued it, but is a Natural, and someone I would have used had I continued to Pursue Film…

      That said, the way the Site Looks is immensely important to me, so I am pleased that you like the way it looks…

      I’m about to check out your Site, and I love the way it looks so far as well… The Picture you have as Your Header for Redwater Ramblings, is Awesome…

      Magical, and Drawing really

      I’m also glad that you like My Poetry, it’s something I’ve ended up doing a lot of since the Inception of this Site

      Something I didn’t realize would just keep coming to me, but I’m glad it is/does


  16. Hey Jade. Was just wasting time during lunch and saw this page. Wanted to clarify that Gygax was a great guy but not the ‘Creator’ of D&D. I was playing with fronds who introduced it to me when a schoolboy in the UK. I don’t know if anyone really knows who created it. It was an English schoolboys game for a while when Gary ran inti it on a visit. He created a standard format and published throbbing TSR the version we all came to know. Have a great one!

  17. Shadow Fury Says:

    Greetings Dark Jade, I’m new to blogging and have been working on a few of my own. I thought I’d look around WordPress to see who else may share some similar interest and I was intrigued by your site(s). I like to network and support others with good taste, so I’m taking the time to comment here with my compliments and invite you to check out my Shadowmantrium.

    Keep up the good work.



  18. Hey Jade,
    Just to let you know, I’ve nominated you for the ABC Blogger Award. I do hope you’ll pass it on. Find more about it here:

  19. Nice, now I know why you back up. At least weekly.

    I can’t find your email.


  20. You seem like a very strong person. You went through a pretty tough childhood that others usually don’t have to and came out with hopes and dreams and pursued them. You’ve accomplished so much and so I applaud you.


    • Thank you so much Tear

      I had a Mom that Loved me, and A Brother that I’m Closer than a Twin to… My Mom’s Boyfriend of 30+ years is also Awesome.

      I’ve always had Great People in My Life, which surely helped.

      Thanks for you Compliment, and Comment


      • Oh my goodness! Your mom and her boyfriend are practically married then! That’s great : )

        • Lol, Yeah, they are practically Married… And they’ve almost gotten Married several times… My Mom was Married very, very young, and then again when she Married My Dad… So it’s a bit harder to get Married a Third Time I think.

          Thanks Again


  21. You do genius work!

  22. Jen Thompson Says:

    Wow you really do write! Impressive list of work. Keep it up and good luck with your journey. 🙂

  23. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    I wandered in out of the garden for a few and thought about your kind words…Thankyou..it meant alot…
    as i read you….I smiled about you and your brother writing epics..
    my sister and I wrote our first one in 2nd grade, produced it in Fairbanks Alaska ..(Army brats LOls)
    had the whole neighborhood there……
    I smiled at that memory..I had forgotten that was my first writing
    I showed anyone….
    I am working with the Faeries today, soo I will be back in after awhile…quilting today..my granddaughters birthday present I need to finish before Saturday…
    your blog has peaked my interest I will be back !
    Take care….
    You Matter…
    (and thank you again)

  24. I’ve nominated you for the Kreativ Blogger Award.

  25. I have nominated you for the Inspiring Blog Award http://theway2fullconsciousness.com/2012/05/26/inspiring-blog-award/ Please accept it and thank you for who you are 😉

  26. I like your blog! 🙂

  27. LadyBlueRose's Thoughts Into Words Says:

    I guess you get that you are a good writer all the time LOls..
    I thought I had been here before….
    I am way below novice to be criticing your work…
    I am enjoying the storyline very much
    Thanks for being so gracious …
    Take Care…

    • Trust me Hearing that someone Likes your Work never gets old… It is largely what Drives Me Forward, and I Truly Appreciate it

      I’m glad you like the “Allure” Storyline, I’ve really been enjoying Writing it


  28. Absolutely brilliant blog, there’s so much on here! Looking forward to reading more!

  29. You have a lot on your plate! I admire your hard work and passion for what you love.

  30. You have an incredible blog! Go to mine to pick up an award.

  31. thanks for your support darkjade – it means a lot
    take it easy

  32. Fairy Queen Says:

    Nice to know you 😉 I’m Queen from Italy 🤗🤗🤗

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