Music Posts

I Think I’ve Posted enough Posts with Music in them to Warrant a Page… So here we go… Makes it a bit easier to Find em




DarkJade Presents – Some 80’s Songs

DarkJade Presents – Gotye

DarkJade Presents – I Should Be Sleeping… Chillen With Incubus

DarkJade Presents – Music For The Weekend

DarkJade Presents – I Don’t Care If It’s Sunday Tunage

DarkJade Presents – Love Is In The Air

DarkJade Presents – Friday Tunes Session

DarkJade Presents – For The Sake of Levity

DarkJade Presents – Evanescence

DarkJade Presents – Mozart

DarkJade’s – Red Hot Chili Peppers… Undefined

DarkJade – After Midnight


DarkJade’s – New Years With U2

DarkJade – Plight of the Gentle Heart

DarkJade – To Know Me… Is to Know My Playlist

DarkJade – Tis The Season… The Nutcracker

Brian Eno… An Ambigouen of my Liking

DarkJade – An Evening With Coldplay

DarkJade – Ethereal Transitions

DarkJade – Tears For Fears… Same Songs, New Meaning

DarkJade – Chill

DarkJade Back Thought – Chillen in The Sub-Mind

DarkJade – Remembering (Pearl Jam)

Did Someone Say Weekend? – Lets Dance

DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

DarkJade Presents – The Unusual Ones

A Morning With Tchaikovsky

In Moments of Darkness… Puccini

Some More Darkjade Videos for the Weekend

Party at Dark’s

Emote – A DarkJade Musical Journey

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