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Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks – In Review

Posted in Writing on August 23, 2019 by darkjade68

My Latest Review

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


Several months ago, I came across what looked like an amazing RPG Product… ‘Remarkable Inns & Their Drinks.’

The cover alone blew me away, but the concept of a book like this, especially because I’m primarily a Dungeon Master, really excited me.

Two weeks back, I contacted the Lore Smyth Company asking them when their Hardcover would be available again on their Site (It’s Sold Out, on their Site, but there is a Hardcover Version Available on DriveThruRPG).

I’ve wanted it since I saw it.

I then went on to tell Chris The Founder, how I’d love to Review the Product (You can check out my other Reviews HERE)

Though The Hardcover Isn’t currently available on his Website, he did send me a PDF so that I could Look at & Review the Product.

Here we go;


cover ritd 

The Cover alone had me sold on this Product


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Be Inspired

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Earth Crisis

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Image result for earth crisis painting

Growing up you hear people talk about if we don’t change this or that, our children won’t have a planet to live on… Or at least not one that is doing well. At 50, I’ve spent the first half of my life hearing these things… Watching these things. So many Sci-Fi Movies and Stories are based on Humans dragging the planet though the coals in one way or another, leading to Global Destruction… The Stories often take place after these facts. Where most of the planet have become Scavengers, and a large majority of the planet simply didn’t survive. The Horrific thing is, life has begun to feel like a Pre-Sci-Fi World, as we watch one Ecological problem after another stack up. I’ve always felt that the Earth’s, and People’s biggest challenge is, and will continue to be, our Population. And to a degree, it still is. But the truth is, our Populations is also our greatest Strength… Meaning, if we make movements together, we could still change all of this. I realize it’s easier to turn off the T.V., and continue living Status Quo… The problem is, there are ‘powers that be’ managing parts of the world, not based on what we need, or want… But based on Greed. This post isn’t designed to call these people/governments etc. out, this post is designed to Inspire/Reinvigorate people into action… Meaning, educate yourself asap, find out what you can do that will help some of these current global crisis’s stop, or slow down long enough for us to change these things around… We need to Elect those that our on board with Reality, we need to buy products from people/companies that think about all of us, not just money. I’m all for Capitalism, Goals, Economic Strength, but not at the expense of our home… The Planet. The sad thing is, this Post isn’t from someone who is extremely Right or Left, this post is from someone who is an Earthling, and is truly worried about all of us… Truly. As it is those that are younger than I have been born into a world of crisis. This is no longer a time to just enjoy our lives, our own little worlds, and shut off the T.V. when large global issues come on. We can still enjoy our own little worlds, but we need to also incorporate our actual planet, and the rest of the human race into our day to day… It’s the only chance we have at turning this thing around.

ART  – Earth Crisis


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by DarkJade





“You really should see a Cyber Specialist Rogue…” speaks a dark haired, 40 something year old female, in a medical coat.

Sitting in a Cyber Adjustment chair is Detective CHESTER ROGUE, a black with silver tips haired, fairly rugged looking, yet somewhat handsome man in his early 50’s.

“Yeah… Well… If I do, they’ll just reignite the arms’ militant aspects… No thanks,” Rogue replies, as he looks down at his Cybernetic right arm, its’ electronics open.

She approaches the arm with an instrument, “Still…” she makes some adjustments, which cause his fingers to move.

She closes it up, “There yah go.”

He bends his arm, which appears to be functioning fine.

“Thanks Doc…”


Rogue lights a cigarette, and clicks a switch on his key chain, causing the sleek black vehicle before him’s driver side door to open…

He gets in…

“Up…” the ship rises some 100 feet into the air, then propels forward, entering a metropolis sky full of other types of flying vehicles…

…From product, to people transport, to high end cruisers, to ships similar to his own in general design.

“I should go home… There’s no reason for me to be out here tonight…” he thinks to himself, as his ship swoops through the sky, avoiding all other craft.

It was a dark night…

Even for the Blue Zone District.

Lights in the city seamed as seldom stars…

As Rogue’s ship went low, the BOULEVARD was quiet.

…and it was late.

“Better than being home with my cat…”

Rogue’s eyes swept the streets, as if looking for something… Or… Someone.

“It’s better this way. We both need space. Autonomy.”

Suddenly three girls appear on the street, one looks dressed unbelievably, she has red brown hair to her shoulders, light makeup on her beautiful face… She looks to be like 26ish.

The other two are younger, but not nearly the scale of… Anything the first girl is.

The other two girls look scared, but trying to draw attention from drivers by.

” ROSE SCARLETT,” he says under his breath.

He knows her.

The girls see Rogues vehicle approach, and Rose waves the other two girls off, “I got this.”

Rogue pulls up along side the curve, and lowers his dark passenger window.

She leans over to peer in his dark cockpit, “Hi Rogue…”

He puts his cigarette out, raises the window, and drives away.

ART by Salvador Trakal

More Spaghetti (Vegan)

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Last Nights Dinner


More Spaghetti

Another variation of my Spaghetti Recipe!


  • Zucchini Pasta
  • Tomato Sauce (Half a Can)
  • Fresh Tomatoes (As much as you like)
  • Vegan Sausage
  • Frozen Peas (As much as you like)
  • Fresh Zucchini
  • Fresh Garlic
  • Fresh Mushrooms (As many as you like)
  • Onion
  • Bell Pepper
  • Oregano
  • Olive Oil
  • Vegan Parmesan

20190819_190241 Prep

I use a Frozen Zucchini Pasta, I put it in the pan, cook it on Medium until it starts to get soft, than throw everything else in.

20190819_190548 Ingredients Freshly in Pan, on top of Already Cooked Pasta

Also, I lower the Heat with Spaghetti Sauce (Down to a 4 rather than 5), otherwise the Sauce may burn a little.

20190819_193219 Cooked

No hurry, let the flavors set in

20190819_193344 Fresh into Plate

20190819_193617.jpg Add The Vegan Parmesan

20190819_193628.jpg Wola

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What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’

Posted in Writing on August 17, 2019 by darkjade68

My Current Project

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


What Is ‘Frost Rhealm’

Two and a half years ago, I returned to D & D (I hadn’t really played since the early 2000’s), one of my greatest passions.

I began playing in the 80’s, then again in the 90’s, a blend of Basic/Expert & A D & D.

I was the Dungeon Master for two campaigns, but ran a handful of other Sessions, and was only a Player a couple Sessions here and there.

In 2017 I joined the D & D Twitter Community, and found out about 5e.

I never really got into 2e (Though I owned the books), and the other Editions seemed a bit too complicated/bogged down for me.

Partly because I’m not a big reader, also because I feel Rules are meant to bring Realism to games, but when I was a Teenager, I found that groups that I wasn’t running would spend 80% of…

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Maverick X – The Return

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Image result for sci fi man drawing

Maverick X

by DarkJade

YEAR 2120

A Black Aero One Man Fighter Ship enters the Y67 Space Station proximity, orbiting the blackened Earth.


A 50 something, silver haired Fighter Pilot awakens within the cockpit…

…out his front window, Y67.

Below, the uninhabited Earth.

“Yeah… I’m awake… Maverick X checking in.”

Maverick X clicks a few colored lit up switches and buttons, then attempts to contact the Space Station.

“Y67, this is Captain Maverick X, returning from Mission 8, do you copy…”

No reply.

“Sheila can you keep trying…”


Meanwhile, Maverick X rises from his leaned back seat, stiff from the 2 year slumber, and turns on a faucet which blasts out cold simulated water.

“Ahh…” he sighs.


Maverick looks confused a bit, but rubs his face, “Yeah… Bring us in.”

Maverick’s Aero One Fighter Ship enters the doors Sheila opens, and the ship lands.

Inside, to his surprise, there’s no living beings within the Flight Docks.

“Sheila, turn on Security Canons… I’m going in, but I don’t want you to let anyone near the ship, copy.”


Maverick X grabs a D12 Laser Canon, opens the side door to the ship, and departs the craft.

“KKKKSSSHHHHHH” makes the sound of the doors decompressing.

He steps on the floor of the Flight Docks… They seem dusty, and cold.

He turns back towards his ship, “Take care of her Sheila,” then makes his way through the Flight Docks…

…no Human form to be seen.