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No Words – RIP Sidney Poitier

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Jeff Bridges

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Came Across This Post I Did About Jeff Bridges Back In January, 2019… He’s Battling The Big C Right Now, Wishing Him The Best

The Written Word


It’s funny how much when Jeff Bridges name comes up, it’s about his role as ‘The Dude’ in ‘The Big Lebowski’

In all honesty, with all due respect to those that do, I don’t remember liking this Film

So in honor of one of my Favorite All Time Actors, and Human Beings, I thought I’d Post you a bit of what I think of Jeff Bridges

King Kong (1976)


The First Film I remember seeing him in, was The 1976 ‘King Kong’

And as much as I remember liking/enjoying this Film (I was 7 or 8), I remember his Hair being a pretty big part of his role, lol

Tron (1982)


Then came ‘TRON’… This Film had a huge impact on me, and is one of the Core Movies when I think of what inspired me to become a Film Maker… The First Two ‘Star War’s’, and George Lucas, being…

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‘CATS’… In Review ‘Have People Become So Cynical In This World, That The Beauty And Delight Of This Film And Story Are Lost?’

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When I Originally Saw The Preview For ‘CATS’ Last Year, I Really Wanted To See It… And Though I Don’t Read Reviews, I’ve Heard Nothing But Bad Things… That Said, I Watched It Last Night, And It Was Awesome… It Was Exactly What It Is Meant To Be… 2.8 On IMDB Is Not Only Insane, But Wholly Inaccurate… Have People Become So Cynical In This World, That The Beauty And Delight Of This Film And Story Are Lost? You Have To See This, And More Than That, Your Kids Need To See It… So Much Art And Love Of Craft In This Film, The Dancing Is Stupendous, And Jennifer Hudson Just Tears Your Heart Out… Nuff Said

A Hero Rises, A Hero Falls… Nature Can Be Cruel, But Chadwick Boseman Will Always Be With Us

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Brian Dennehy Will Be Missed RIP

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Silverado 09 Cobb Brian Dennehy

He was a great Bad Guy

RIP Max Von Sydow

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Beautiful Important Film… ‘Joker’

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