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Allure (Book Two) Seers Of The Night – Chapter VII

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In September Of 2012, I Began Writing And Posting The First Draft Of My Second “Allure” Novella, “Seers Of The Night”. 

I Then Stepped Away From Writing For A While, But Find Myself Drawn Back Again.

Here Are The First 6 Chapters Of This Second “Allure” Novella, Which Is As Far As I Got.*

*keep in mind none of this is Edited

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6


And Now The Continuation Of “Seers Of The Night”

la fon


“Seers Of The Night”

by dArKjAdE

CHAPTER VII – In Walks Aram






Vincent stands near Nolan Prosk’s desk who sits behind it, lighting a cigarette.

La Fon begins to speak.

“I’m not here to stop you Prosk… But it’s important that the Vampire Clans know, that I do not agree with what’s about to happen in the streets.”

Nolan smiles a bit, then looks at Vincent who has not completely integrated the fact that La Fon is standing there… Memories of the two of them hunting for blood in the old country flashing through his head.

“And what am I supposed to do… Shoot them out a memo?” Prosk says sneeredly.

La Fon does not flinch… He doesn’t move a muscle.

With this, Prosk remembers himself, and stands,”Forgive me La Fon… Perhaps I’ve spent too much time around the humans… What would you have me do?”

La Fon steps closer, leaning his fists against the top of Prosk’s desk.

“Send them a memo (With this, Vincent smiles to himself)… Tell them that La Fon has come to you, that he does not believe he is truly meant to lead the clans into a battle against the humans… That it is you that feels this Myth of Cave Drawings be true… That it is you that intends to follow the prophecy at your own accord. I want nothing to do with it… Will you do this for me Prosk.”

Prosk ponders the request for a moment… “Very well…” and extends his hand to La Fon, who turns and begins to walk away… But then stops, and looks at Vincent.

Vincent stares at La Fon, his eyes beginning to glow, “The girl…” he semi growls.


Aram and Roy, both dressed completely in black, Roy’s hair now dyed black as well, enter the club side by side.

Aram immediately takes note of all the Vampire bodyguards staggered along the left and right wall…

Roy takes note of where she is looking.

She then begins to enter the club’s dance floor, and indicates with a wave of her hand for Roy to guard the front door…

Roy whose come into the club with two sawed off shot guns on his back.

Where Aram bares her large auto crossbow, and two silver samurai swords at her side.

Suddenly La Fon enters the main part of the club, his eyes glowing red, he can’t help but smile menacingly in Aram’s direction.

Aram stops and stares at him.

Roy, in shock, speaks in inadvertently, “Good lord… It’s La Fon.”

In a moment La Fon appears standing directly in front of Aram.

“Hello Aram,” with this he reaches for her hand to kiss it, but she already has a sword at his throat.

People on the dance floor spread apart, but do not try to leave out of fascination… “Is this real?” they think.

Just then Prosk appears through backroom doorway, Vincent at his side, and simply watches… Not really caring either way.

Philip appears at Prosk’s side, “Should we kill them?”

Prosk simply shakes his head indicating no.

“Come now…” La Fon speaks as he suddenly appears behind her, “…it’s been a long time.”

She loses her breath, but not because she is scared… She is not scared.

The music changes, and he starts to dance with her… But first he puts her sword back in its’ sheath.

She is captivated by this… The power he seems to have over her is immeasurable… But not the typical Vampiric power he might have over others… No… This power reaches into her heart.

Roy looks very uneasy by all of this…

Suddenly three large bearded men step into the club behind Roy, his body stiffens immediately…

They stand off to the side of him, their hair an unusual mix of silver and blond… They look different, and yet similar.

The leader of the three watches La Fon and the girl with a sneer… Then suddenly looks slowly over at Roy who is staring directly at him…

The leader’s eyes appear to be silver but go purple for a moment.

“Lycanthropes (Werewolves)…” speaks Roy without thinking.

Meanwhile the dancing continues, and Aram is lost in it…

Prosk seeing the Lycanthropes enter nods at the leader, and the three of them head towards the back of the club… Vincent, Prosk, Philip and the three Lycanthropes disappear into the backroom.

Suddenly Aram awakes from her trance, and takes several steps back towards the entrance… Roy steps forward and grabs her shoulder, “Are you alright?” he asks…

“Yeah… I’m ok…” they look back to the dance floor and La Fon is gone.

Suddenly Philip appears from the backroom and motions for the Vampiric Bodyguards to seize Roy and Aram…

“Lets get out of here…” Aram speaks, and the two of them step out of the club.

Outside is waiting a black sports car, its’ passenger door open, and La Fon is in the drivers seat.

He waves for Roy and Aram to get in…

For some reason Aram feels it’s ok, and the two of them get in, Aram sitting on Roy’s lap, as it is a two seater vehicle…

Just as the Vampire Bodyguards exit the club to find Roy and Aram, La Fon takes off…



There is an eerie, awkward silence within the car, as La Fon, an Ancient Vampire, Aram, a Vampire Slayer, and Roy a Werewolf Hunter don’t seem to have all that much to speak about…

Or do they…

“There were Werewolves in that club,” Roy suddenly says.

“Yes… The Blueboun Pack… Scout is their leader,” La Fon replies.

“Werewolves? Here?? In New York?” Aram seems totally surprised, beyond the fact that they’re talking about Werewolves.

“Werewolves generally steer clear of cities… But yes,” replies La Fon once more.

“Lucky they didn’t know who you were,” La Fon speaks to Roy.

“True that…” Roy replies.

“I’d completely forgotten that you hunt Lycanthropes…” speaks Aram.

“Yes… Well… Your Uncle has kept me quite busy trying to hunt down… Er,” Roy pauses as he looks over at La Fon.

“Me? I’m complimented… Too bad you’ve spent the last two years of your life in New York for that, as tonight is the first time I’ve ever been here.”

Roy looks put out…

“What’s happening La Fon? Why are there Lycanthropes meeting with Vampires?” Aram interjects.

“Ah, now that’s the question now isn’t it… But I feel we should wait for me to answer, until we’re in the company of your Uncle… No point in repeating myself,” he says with a smile, as the car tears down the road.






Woo Hoo! 3 % Funded, There’s No Stopping Me Now! Lol

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Mady's StormWoo Hoo! 3% Funded, There’s No Stopping Me Now! Lol

Ok so I have 97% to go

But still, it’s my First Pledge

With Kickstarter, It’s All Or Nothing (Reach The Goal, Or Don’t Get Anything), So Wish Me Luck!

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DarkJade – 2013… First Quarter Update

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Jono 2DarkJade – 2013First Quarter Update

With just a few days left in March, 2013… It’s hard to believe that we’re already a 1/4 of the way into the Year… Wow, Right? Lol

Thusly, this is Look at what I’ve been up to during the First Few Months of this year, as well as where I’m at and headed.

A Font with SerifsSelf Publishing;

Chess With Agahta “Chess With Agatha” (First in My Planes of Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels) was Edited by an Actual Editor, and I will be getting with My Editor from my “I Died Once” Novella to just look over a few things with me in a couple weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be Self Publishing it in April.


Vampire 3Allure – “Allure”, Book I in my Vampire Novella Series has been sent off to my Friend who will in the next little while Review it, and send me back her Comments. At that point I’ll make some adjustments to it, and thus Create My 2nd Draft. She will then further down the road do some Line Editing of it (Grammar/Story Clarity Etc.), and send that to me. All of this is what I standardly do prior to Hiring an Actual Editor for a Book. Somewhere in the back of my head I’m hoping to Self Publish this First “Allure” Novella by June-July, 2013.



Writing Projects;

Black_Haired_GirlMady’s Storm – “Mady’s Storm”, the Unplanned Sequel Novella to “I Died Once”, which I started Writing towards the end of last year, will be continued at some point. As I’ve mentioned before, I definitely felt like there was much more to tell about Mady, the main Character of “I Died Once”, especially since she was only 15 years old in the First Novella. I started Posting the First Draft here, and have more Skeleton Framework for more, and will be continuing this at some point. For those of you who want to check out the Sequel Posts, you can check out the Chapters Here Mady’s Storm (Novella). But I definitely recommend you reading “I Died Once” first. Whether you Read the Rough First Draft Posts I did on this Site, or Pick Up a Printed or Ebook Copy on Amazon.

Young_Wizard_by_TaurinaIliad – “Iliad”, Book II in the “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy. I started “Iliad” in January this year, but quickly decided to hold off on continuing until after I Self Publish the First Book in the Series, “Chess With Agatha”. I would definitely recommend reading “Chess With Agatha” first, which will be Self Published soon. Or for those of you that don’t want to wait, or don’t plan on picking up a copy, you’re welcome to read the Original Posts of “Chess With Agatha”, but they are very Un-Edited, Lol.

173774Seers Of The Night – “Seers Of The Night”, Book II in the “Allure” Vampire Novellas Series. One of the reasons I decided to start Self Publishing the “Allure” Novellas, is because for some reason this Series just flows with me… And like “Iliad”, the only reason I stopped Writing it, is so that I can catch up and Self Publish the First Book. I will continuing to Write & Post the First Draft of this Second Novella soon as well.

Sci-Fi Novel?? – I’m also considering starting to Write a Sci-Fi Novel… This is something I’ve never done, though I have had a Sci-Fi Blog Series, and have Posted additional Beginnings of Sci-Fi Blog Series, that kinda died off. I’m not sure that I will be undertaking this right now, but I am considering it. When I was pursuing Film Making, the First Two “Star Wars” Films were a Major Motivation behind wanting to Write, and Direct Films… Which might play a role in why I’d like to Write a Sci-Fi Book at some point. We shall see.

Blog Posts;

Poetry – In addition to all my Story Writing, Journalism Posts, Music Posts, I also tend to Write a fair share of Poetry. In fact the first Book I ever Self Published, was back in Jan, 2012. “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, which was a set of Poems from my First Ever Posts on this Blog, back between the Months of Sep-Oct, 2011.

Here Are the Poems that I have Written in this First 1/4 of 2013

Beyond Truth – Volume Eleven (January-February, 2013)

Nine – Volume Twelve (March-The Present)

Music Posts;

Blue Anime Boy 4DarkJade Watch – On Occasion I’ll Come Across a Video, or Live Performance that Really Grabs me… So back in November, 2012, I I Started a New Series Called “DarkJade Watch“, where I Share My Findings with My Readers/Followers/Friends.

Here’s the Posts I did so far this year…

1/15/13 – Some ‘Post’ Editing Stones

2/9/13 – Lisdsey Stirling (Transcendence Street Jam)

2/25/13 – RadioAkshun (Music By Imagine Dragons)

3/10/13 – Genesis (Grimes)

3/16/13 – Surface Of The Sun (John Murphy) – Metal Version

I also do some Posts of Videos that I make, and Post, over on my “Dark’s Media Empire” Vlog.

Blog Series;

Kung_Fu_by_Anime_Individual 2Vengeance – Though I haven’t been focusing as much on Writing New Blog Series lately, I did actually start a New one that I may, or may not continue… We shall see. I do like it… It’s called “Vengeance“.

Additional Posts; I do also do many other types of Posts, such as DarkJade Updates, Posts on the Editing Process, Writing Process, and Self Publishing Process… In addition to many others things.

Definitely Check Out The Category Link along the Right Side of the Blog, to see if any of those things Interest you.

This Post has indeed become Long Enough, Lol And so I just want to say Thank you for your Continued Interest and Support of My Writing Efforts, all of your “Likes”, and in some cases “Comments”, really do mean a lot to me. As well just seeing the amount of people that View the Site.

I’m Looking forward to this Second Quarter of the Year (Though there’s still a few days left in this one, Lol), and Hope to see you Viewing, Liking, and Commenting on the Site!


DarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

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Black_Haired_GirlDarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

Hey guys, in case any of you are wondering, I haven’t just Dropped “Allure (Book Two) – Seers Of The Night“, Iliad (Book Two) In The Planes Of Ordose Trilogy” (Book One Being “Chess With Agatha“), or “Mady’s Storm (Book Two) – In The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe” Series…

No, in fact, quite the opposite… I’ve merely been working on getting “Chess With Agatha” Edited, and Self Published, which I still hope to do in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, “Allure” Book One in My Vampire Novella Series is sitting there waiting for me to send the First Draft to my friend Beth, so she can Review, and Line Edit it… But, first I have to clean it up a bit… And I just can’t get myself to put the energy into it, with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published yet.

But soon I promise.

And then, and only then, will I get back to some of these Sequels… Too hard to just Pile on to the Sequels, when the First Books aren’t even out yet… “I Died Once” is of course out (Book/Novella One in The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe Series), but I need to get Book One in the Ordose Trilogy, and my Vampire Series out as well…

Meanwhile, I’m also pursuing an Agent for My Screenplay, “White Jade“. Mailed out three more Query Letters today.

Alright, back to work, just wanted to let you know those Books are still in Full Swing.

Thanks for your Continued Interest and Support, it really means a lot


February Recap – March Goals

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February Recap – March Goals

February was another Busy Month…

Here were the Goals I had for Last Month

February Goals/Results;

1) Allure – Focus More on “Allure” since I found an Editor for “Chess With Agatha”.

Result – I Posted Three New Chapters to My Allure’s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night”

Chapter IV – Believe

Chapter V – Reemergence

Chapter VI – Writings On The Wall

I also Contacted My Friend Beth about Reviewing, and Line Editing My First “Allure Novella”, which she’s excited to do… I just need to clean it up a bit before I send it over to her.

2) Edit Chess With Agatha (CWA) 

Result – I implemented My Final Reader of “Chess With Agatha” ‘s Notes into my 3rd/4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha”, and sent it to My Editor. My Editor for “Chess With Agatha” is half Finished Editing it, and I am Very Excited to see the Results.

3) Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map

Result – I found an Artist that is currently working on my Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”. So far, so good.

4) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” 

Result – This is likely to happen in March, couldn’t quite pull it off in February, which is fine… I knew this Book would take more work because it’s longer than my last.

5)  Continue Writing Iliad (The 2nd in the “Plains Of Ordose”/Chess With Agatha Trilogy)

Result – I Posted One Chapter, then put “Iliad” On hold… I just found it too difficult to work on it with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published. So I’m waiting for the moment. Below is the Chapter I did Post though.

Chapter XI – A Conversation

6) Additional Story Writing

Result – I did in fact Post a Couple Different Stories.

“John Black’s Leaving Earth”Episode I and Episode II & Shifted


March Goals

1) Complete Editing Of “Chess With Agatha” I suspect we’ll finish up with the Editing in March

2) Complete “Chess With Agatha” Land Map – Shouldn’t be a problem

3) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” – I hope to do this once My Book is Edited, and The Land Map for the Book is Complete

4) Search for a Screenplay Literary Agent For “White Jade” – I’ve been Posting lately that I’ve picked up my Screenplay “White Jade” Again, and have begun seeking an Agent to Represent me with it. In 2006 I started to Convert it into a Comic Book, but that Project has been put on hold for a while.

5) Write either New “Allure” (Seers Of The Night) Chapters, Begin Iliad Chapters, and/or New Story Content – More “Allure” is likely to come in March, Iliad is still up in the air… New Story Content is also likely to come

So that’s it for me, plus all my Additional Posting, Poems, Editorials, Music Etc.

What about all of you, Any Goals For March?

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PICTURE CREDIT – 2013 Calendar

Allure (Book II) Chapter VI – Writings On The Wall

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117826_1221599933279_full 2Allure (Book II) Seers Of The Night

by DarkJade

Chapter I – Indifference

Chapter II – Old Friends

Chapter III – Changes

Chapter IV – Believe

Chapter V – Reemergence

Chapter VI – Writings On The Wall

“If I’m so dead, then why am I still standing…”




The most popular club in town, the Panama Club, is as busy as ever…

With patrons lined up and down the sidewalks outside, in hopes of getting in.



Inside, the dance floor, and seating is filled to the brim…

With scary looking, dark sunglass wearing bouncers staggered every thirty feet leaned up against its inner walls.

Girls, drugs, music, anything a party seeking mortal could hope for, all within their grasp…

As long as they have enough cash…



Meanwhile, in the backroom, Nolan Prosk, leader of the current rise of vampires, sits behind his desk and listens to mortal drug lords beg Philip, his secondhand man, for leniency in delivering payment. He’s smiling maniacally, as he smokes a long cigarette, as too of his thug vampires hold onto the drug lord.

“I just need a bit more time Mr. Phillip sir… Then I’ll have your money…” he pleads.

“Maybe if you stopped sniffing the profits up your pathetic human nose, I would not be bothered with such things, when I should be out greeting Mr. Prosk’s guests…” replies Phillip.

“Kill him…” he then says.

“NO! NO!” pleads the drug lord.

Just then, Prosk stops smiling.

“Wait…” he speaks.

Vincent steps forward “I sense it too…”

Prosk waves his hand, and his vampire thugs let the drug lord go.



An exceptionally good looking, black haired man steps into the club, and immediately six or more girls swoon to him.

It’s La Fon…

He steps down the stairs as he casts his penetrating gaze across the dance floor.

Two security thugs move at him, as he hasn’t paid to get in, but with one look of his now glowing red eyes, they back off into the shadows.




Roy and Uncle Tom are eating Chinese food, while Arram stands by the window, arms crossed, peering into the night and city below.

Suddenly Arram drops to one knee.

Roy jumps up, and goes to her.

“Arram, are you alright?” he questions as he kneels down by her.

“La Fon… He’s here… In the city,” she speaks in what sounds almost like a solemn chant.

Uncle Tom grabs his cane, stands, and throws on his long black coat.

“Then we have no time to waste!” he loads his revolver, and one handed crossbow, and attaches them to his belt.

“NO!” Arram says loudly as she stands, holding her hand out towards her Uncle.

“Stay here… They’re looking for you…” she explains.

“And me?” questions Roy.

“It’s him they want, they won’t be looking for you, especially when you dye your hair black…” with this she tosses Roy a bottle of black hair dye.

Roy catches it, and just stares at Arram.



La Fon makes his way through the dance floor, several woman still following, and clawing at him.

Meanwhile, all of the security bouncers, who are all actually vampires, watch him as he goes.



Suddenly the back office doors open, and two vampire guards step into the room.

“Sir…” they start to say, but then La Fon steps into the room, right passed them.

Vincent steps out of the shadows, “Hello La Fon…”

La Fon looks at Vincent, “Vincent.”

“So you are La Fon…” speaks Nolan Prosk as he looks calmly at La Fon.

“I am truly honored to meet you,” Prosk continues as he gestures toward one of the two seats in front of his desk.

La Fon does not sit.

“And you’re Nolan Prosk…” La Fon replies.

“Yes… Yes I am,” Prosk replies with an almost air of nobility.

“Some privacy would be nice.” La Fon adds.

With this Prosk gestures, and all head out, including Vincent.

La Fon places his hand on Vincent’s shoulder as he passes, “You may stay Vincent.”



Roy and Arram step into the Panama club… Roy now has black dyed hair, and is wearing all black.

Arram is in a fairly tight black leather outfit, and has put on a bright red, chin length wig.

“Are you sure he’s in here? Your Uncle Tom and I never came anywhere remotely near the Panama club.” speaks Roy.

Arram tries to catch her breath, as a sudden chill rushes over her, “Oh… He’s here.”




Writer’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals

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februaryWriter’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals


Editor for CWA – In January, I sought to accomplish a couple things… One, to if not Edit “Chess With Agatha“, then to at least Find an Editor, and a way to Pay an Editor.

Fortunately, I achieved this by January 31st of the month, which still counts, Lol

At least in my Book.

I now have an Editor Chosen, and will have the Funds to begin Editing in the next week or two.

char-illiusStart “Iliad” – The other Goal I had, was to begin My Second in the Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels (The First Being “Chess With Agatha”), which I did… But I slowed that up a bit to focus on some Additional Editing that I was doing with CWA, in preparation for The Editor.

Still, I achieved this. The Prologue, and First 10 Chapters are now Written.

Vampire 3February Goals;

Allure – Now that I have secured an Editor for CWA, I am at last able to shift my focus, ever so slightly, towards my Vampire Series, “Allure“.

“Allure” began as a Blog Series, but I have since decided that I will make it into a Series of Novellas, starting with the first, which will be called simply, “Allure”.

The First Draft of this Novella has already been Written, via Blog Series Posts, so it’s onto stage two of my  process, which is to have my Good Friend Beth Read, Review and Line Edit it.

Like I’ve said in the past, Beth is not an ‘Editor’ by trade, but she is a Writer, and offers an Immense amount of Insight, and I am fortunate enough to have such a friend for this second part of my process.

She will most likely be starting this process in a couple weeks or so, as she is working on her own Novel at the moment, but I’m not in a huge rush… Especially since I’m not likely to start implementing her suggestions, until I’ve actually ‘Self Published’ “Chess With Agatha”.

A Font with SerifsEdit Chess With Agatha (CWA) – As any of you that have been following me already know, in a week or so, I shall begin working with my Editor for CWA.

Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map – Within February, I will be trying to secure someone to Draw a Small Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”… It is the Norm with Fantasy Novels to have a Map of the Land, and mine shall be no different. Fortunately, the map won’t need to be too extensive, as they only travel through a hand full of areas in this First Book

Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” – The Goal, all things going smoothly allowing, is to at last ‘Self Publish’ “Chess With Agatha” towards the end of February.

Iliad – I shall continue to Post New Chapters for the Second Ordose Book.

Additional Story Writing – Who knows what New Stories might come into my head, I am definitely hungry to delve into some… But Editing, and Self Publishing CWA is the main focus at the moment… Followed by the Preparation for Editing of “Allure”.

Still, the Writer is alive and well, and Hungers for New Creations.

I may also return back to Writing “Allure”‘s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night“, which I also started last year, but put on hold while I dealt with Self Publishing “I Died Once“.


I Highly Recommend those of you interested in My Self Publishing Efforts, to also Follow My Author’s Blog, which I Update Time to Time.

Also, you’re Welcome to Follow Me on Twitter, @DJWrittneWord for this Site

Once again, Thanks for Listening/Reading, and Thanks for your Continued Interest in My Work/Writing


Allure… Changes

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Allure (Book Two)

by DarkJade

Chapter III – Changes

“La Fon and I were happy for several years… Well… He was as happy as a Vampire can be I suppose… His kind are definitely a bit of a ‘tormented’ species. But yes… We were happy… Until…

One day while La Fon was off on one of his three day blood frenzies, I was out walking around his family home’s, and/or castle as it were, courtyard, when my brother Thomas suddenly appeared…

“Hello Victoria…” he spoke as he stood in front of me, in my total disbelief. Wearing his long black coat, silly hat, and black and silver beard.

“Thomas? Why are you here? How did you find me? You must go Thomas!” I insisted as I took him by the arm “You must go!”

He pulled away “The question isn’t why I’m here Victoria… It’s why are you here?” he spoke bitterly.

This wouldn’t end well.

The Diary of Victoria Arram~ (Mother of Daisy Arram)



Roy Millon is tied up hanging from the ceiling of a building on a remote harbor.

He’s blind folded, bloodied and bruised.

“Just kill me already you blood sucker!! He’ll never come for me!! He’s too damn smart!!” he spoke loudly into the darkness.

But no one replies.

Suddenly Arram’s Uncle Tom steps into the building.

Cane in one hand… One handed crossbow in the other.

He makes his way towards Roy.

Roy knowing that the Vampires make no noise, barely hears Uncle Tom approaching.

“Are you crazy!!” Roy whispers just loud enough for Uncle Tom to hear.

“Get out of here Thomas… It’s a trap!” Roy insists.

“I know Roy…” Uncle Tom replies, and with a single shot shoots the rope above Roy, dropping him to the ground with a…


Uncle Tom looks around alertly as he unties Roy’s hands.

Roy then takes off the blindfold.

“You should have let me die!!” spats Roy.

At this point Uncle Tom takes two cut off shotguns from his back, Roy’s guns, and hands them to him.

“I couldn’t do that Roy… You know that” Uncel Tom explains.


Suddenly Vincent enters out of the darkness of one of the corners, clapping his hands together in a mockingly fashion.

His eyes glowing greener than ever.

“Bravo… Vampire Slayer… I even tied him up with a rope, as opposed to a chain, just to let you feel like a hero…”

He continues to move towards them “One…”, and Uncle Tom lets off a shot with his crossbow, “More…” but Vincent simply swats the arrow out of the air “Time…”

Suddenly 8 more Vampires step out of the shadows, surrounding Roy and Uncle Tom…

“You’ve got a plan?” inquires Roy.

“My plan only went as far as this point…” replies Uncle Tom.


PICTURE CREDIT – Vampire Slayer

Allure (Book Two)

Chapter One

Chapter Two

Allure (Book One)

Allure… Old Friends

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Allure (Book Two)

by DarkJade

CHAPTER II – Old Friends

“La Fon And I Were Together Again… And All Was Right… And All Was Good… Until My Brother Tom Felt He Had To Interfere… Why Tom… Why”

The Diary of Victoria Arram~ (Mother of Daisy Arram)




Roy Millon is tied to a post bloodied and bruised, in a room barely lit by a couple candles.

In the Darkness Vincents eyes glow green.

“You really shouldn’t have come… Roy Millon” speaks Vincent in a hiss.

“Yeah well… Somebodies gotta stop you blood suckers” Roy is barely able to reply, as he goes in and out of consciousness.

Suddenly three other Vampires enter the room, the leader of the three has shoulder length brown hair which is in a ponytail… And is named, Philip… Philip’s eyes glowing blue, he walks straight to Roy Millon, and grabs his face in his hand.

“This is it…” Philip says, and lets Roy’s face drop “A pitiful human… I don’t see why you’ve bothered to waste my time Vincent… You’ve captured him… So kill him” he finishes as he starts to head out of the room once more.

“He’s not the problem…” replies Vincent, which brings the leader Philip to a halt.

“Go on…” Philip replies without looking back at Vincent.

“The man he works for is a Vampire Slayer… By the name of Thomas Arram…” Vincent continues.

“Arram?” replies Philip as he looks at Vincent.

“Yes…” with this Vincent walks closer to Philip.

“As in La Fon’s Victoria Arram?” Philip continues.

“Yes… He is her Brother” replies Vincent.

“I see… Well then… Take as many of my men as you need, and keep me informed…” Philip speaks.

“I will…” replies Vincent.

“Oh and Vincent… There’s no need to bring Nolan Prosk into this… So… Be discreet… If that is indeed possible” Philip finishes, and then leaves… The two accompanying Vampires leave with him.

“Discreet… Of course” Vincent says more to himself than Philip.


An old style motorcycle drives down into the underground parking.


Riding the motorcycle is a slim looking female form, in a bright blue helmet, and dark purple leather bike gear.

The rider parks her bike, gets off, leaving the helmet locked to it.

She walks over to the elevator, clicks the button…


…the door opens, and she steps in… She turns around, and it’s Arram… Only a couple years older, and her hair is now black, and just below shoulder length.

Strapped on her back is one bad ass looking double crossbow.

The look on her face is not of someone who is pleased to be there.

The door closes.



Allure (Book Two)

Chapter One

Allure (Book One)