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18 Months In… I’m No Jedi Yet

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emo_boy_by_chihiro3918 Months In… I’m No Jedi Yet

Ok, so I’ve actually been pursuing Writing as a Career for 23 Months… But I’ve basically been in Low Gear during the last 4 Months, and 18 just sounds better than 19, Lol

The Writer

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Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell

Yup, that was My Very First Post…

789 Posts Later, I’ve been Very, Very Busy

Even with my recent semi-hiatus

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderPoetry;

After doing Several Posts that kinda sorta supplied the Readers with some Random/Kinda get to know me Posts, September hit, and I Posted My First Poem, “Intrepid“.

Which Lead to me Self Publishing My First Ever Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, in January, 2012. Followed by 12 Additional Poetry Books Worth of Poems, which I have yet to Self Publish.

Self Publishing;

In a Nutshell, anyone can do it.

I had no interest in pursuing Publishers, though I will perhaps at some point Submit some of My Self Published Work to some…

But for the time being, I want my Books out there, and I like the Control I have in regards to Self Publishing


After some research, I ended up going with a Company Called CreateSpace

Great Product, Easy Setup, and Phenomenal Customer Service

Once you figure out how to Format Your Cover, and Inside Pages, you’ve pretty much got it made… Print away

The reason I say they have Phenomenal Customer Service is, on occasion a book will show up bent etc., and they will send out replacements immediately

Not only that, but getting someone on the phone is a breeze… You literally go to the Customer Service Section, and Request that they call you immediately, enter your Phone Number, and they call you that moment… You may start out on Hold at first, but I’ve never been on longer than a couple minutes before someone comes on.


I do believe CreateSpace is a subsidiary of Amazon.Com, which would explain why your book gets Put on their Site when you Publish it… In addition to a Website which is created specifically for each title.

You get more Profits when someone buys off your Custom Site, but you still make some profits when they buy it off Amazon.Com as well


I approached a Local Bookstore who likes to work with Local Writers, and asked if they’d carry my Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, and she said yes (It’s a Consignment Kind of Thing, where I supply the Stock, and if they sell, we each get Profits)

Hooded Fighter 2Blog Series;

Something else that I did was Write what I called, Blog Series

I had a lot of fun with that, and am actually turning one of them into a Series of Novellas… That one’s is called “Allure

In addition to “Allure”, here are a list of some others;

Dark Rider – Sword & Sorcery Fantasy Series

Captain Fire 197 – Young Mercenaries/Sci-Fi Series

The Mind – Post Apocalyptic Tale

Additional Blog Series

I Died Once CoverI Died Once (Novella);

In August/September 2012, I Self Published my First Novella “I Died Once“, which I had written at the end of 2011, right within this Blog

This Book is also being carried at my Local Bookstore






A Font with SerifsChess With Agatha (Fantasy Novel);

From January-June, 2012 I Wrote My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha“, which I then put on hold until February, 2012, where I had it Edited

I’m now doing some Additional Editing, as well as working with another Writer who is doing some Wordsmithing for me, which is a New Experience… But a good one



cwa bookmarkCWA Marketing Effort;

As a way to stir up interest in my Up Coming Fantasy Novel, as well as interest in my Writing in General… I thought I might offer to give away some Samples of My Novella, “I Died Once”, at the Local Bookstore

The Manager there wasn’t only receptive, but also suggested that I Create Custom Bookmarks which would Market My Up Coming Fantasy Novel, and Include them with the Samples…


I then contacted the person who helps me with my Book Cover Designs, and asked her if she could Create these Book Marks… That’s them up to the Left

Soon she’ll be shipping them out to me, and I will give the Bookstore 15 Free Copies of “I Died Once”, along with 15 Bookmarks which will accompany them

These will be given out to specific Store Patrons… Most likely ones that make a Purchase of $25 or so


That Is All…

On With The Battle

Thanks For Your Interest & Support






Allure Chapters 7-9 Review And Reply

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thumbnail.aspxAllure Chapters 7-9 Review And Reply

Onward we go.

Beth’s Review, and My Replies, to Chapters 7-9 of the First Draft of the first of my upcoming Vampire Novella Series, “Allure”.

Here’s the Previous Reviews and Replies in case you missed them;

Allure Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

Allure Chapters 4-6 Review And Reply



by DarkJade

Chapter Seven – Guest With No Breath

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I’m glad Roy is back in the picture in this chapter. :)

DarkJade – “Roy’s not going anywhere, Lol He’s a natural born hunter, and he is relentless.”

Beth – * I also really like the action in this chapter.

DarkJade – “It’s one of my Favorite Chapters, and Scenes. Was kind of hoping to spook the readers a bit in this chapter. The quiet, prior to the action, yah know.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * Be careful of changing tenses from present to past, then back to present.

DarkJade – “Ah yes, I’m really loose with that with my First Drafts… It will be fixed before Self Publishing.”

Beth – * Also be careful with your use of ‘speaks’ instead of ‘says.’ ‘Says’ and ‘said’ are used so often in writing that they become almost invisible, which gives emphasis to any other words you choose to use to describe a character’s voice or tone – speak, shout, scream, whine, mumble, growl, etc. If other words are used too often, it can change or slow down the flow, which could make the reader pause.

DarkJade – “Thanks for that, I’ll check it out.”


Chapter Eight – Wolf, Man… Vampire

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I like the action in this chapter as well.

DarkJade – “Ah, yeah, good exit sequence.”

* Yaaaay! I’m glad they’re all working together now. :)

DarkJade – “Yup, Arram just needs to grow up a bit, which she does quick. Roy’s a serious asset.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * If you want to, you could expand on your vampire lore here, or maybe a little later. It’s cool and different that your vampires can summon zombies – which is a great lead into how your vampires may be a little different than other writer’s versions. :)

DarkJade – “I’ll have to check that out… I do like to bring info. in slowly, but in all honesty, this story hasn’t been fully fleshed out yet… So, I’ll have to be mindful of this.”


Chapter Nine – The Escape

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * Lol, I totally agree with Seth! XD I want to see La Fon and his love happy. Very good job getting me caught up in this.

DarkJade – “Lol… I’m with Seth as well, Lol. And thank you.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * Be careful of changing POV here – going from third person (an unknown narrator – he, she, they) to first person (the character narrating – I, we). Showing the character’s thoughts in italics is good, but be careful not to switch to the character narrating if your story is in third person.

DarkJade – “Thanks… Yeah, I’ll be all over that once I work with an Editor.”


Allure Chapters 4-6 Review And Reply

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Ultimates_2_Vol_1_5_Textless“Allure” Chapters 4-6 Review And Reply

My friend Beth, who Reviews my First Draft Work, as well as doing some Line Editing, is currently working on my First Novella from my “Allure” Vampire Series.

After she sends me Reviews, I do what I call “Review And Reply” Posts, where I Post some of her Comments, and Reply to them.

Last month she sent me her Review and Line Editing for Chapters 1-3, which can be seen here – Allure Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

She just sent me Chapters 4-6, and so I shall Post her Comments, and Reply to them.



by DarkJade

Chapter Four – The Night Will Come

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I still like that I’m reading parts of her mother’s book at the same time. It gives added depth.

DarkJade – “Awesome.”

Beth – * I’m happy to see Roy Millon! I remember really liking this character, lol. :)

DarkJade – “I really like him as well. He’s meant to be a bit ‘Barbaric’ (Not dumb, just primal), which gives him a simplicity that I feel lends to the Story.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * Maybe work on smoothing out your transitions when going back and forward in time, just to keep the flow going. It didn’t distract me for long, but moving through time twice in this chapter changed the flow a little bit. Or, you could switch out where you say ‘the next day’ or ‘earlier that day’ and write out a longer transition. It would take a little longer, but it may smooth it out a little more.

DarkJade – “I’ll check it out, my First Drafts are definitely rough drafts, so I’m sure it needs some work.”


Chapter Five – Tall… Light… And Armed

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * Lol, I like Arram’s interaction with Roy. She has a different dynamic with him than she does with Seth.

DarkJade – “Much different. Seth is definitely caught up in being a teenager, where as Roy is a man, and Arram’s 16 so men are both confusing, and potentially provocative to a young girl.” (Not that I’ve ever been a teenage girl, Lol But theoretically speaking.)

Beth – * And I’m caught up in La Fon’s romance.

DarkJade – “I’m glad, it’s definitely supposed to deeply pull the reader in, and lay the stage for the past, and the present to merge at some point.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * I’m curious about why Arram was so mesmerized by the water in the glass, and then the clear glass door? Maybe give a little more on what she was thinking when she was so distracted?

DarkLight – “If I recall correctly, at this point Arram is beginning to be ‘Affected’ by the sheer overwhelming magnitude of the situation. As a sort of ‘Defense Mechanism’, her mind is starting to shift focus subconsciously onto the water (Water has a very ‘Methodic’, ‘Peaceful’ quality), and glass (Because it is shiny etc., and gives her mind a momentary distraction,) , and to a degree fall into a bit of a trance. I’ll take a look at it and maybe be a bit more explanatory.”

* I’m also curious about why La Fon was thinking of jumping off the cliff? Was it to spare the woman he loved from becoming like him?

DarkJade – “I’ll have to reflect on that a bit, wrote it so long ago… But I do believe it’s to spare her the life of being in love with him… I suspect he considers himself cursed. He does not intend to turn her.”


Chapter Six – Cold Night

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * Lol – the best part ever: ‘She jumps in front of it, in a Judo position. “YAH!” … There’s no one there… And, she doesn’t know Judo.’ :D

DarkJade – “Ha… Ah yes… The things we do when we’re alone, and scared. The things we do that would absolutely have no benefit in regards to aiding us should something arise that is, Lol.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * At this point in the story I’m curious about why Roy wants to help Arram and Seth, and also about why they’re so opposed to the idea of working together? Maybe because this is more personal for Arram? Maybe start giving little hints about her motivation once she starts talking to Roy? Or maybe, if you don’t want to reveal it until later, start hinting that she has a personal reason for not wanting Roy’s help?

DarkJade – “Roy is also hunting La Fon, and feels that she and Seth are going to get themselves killed doing it alone. I will also need to reflect on this as well, I do believe that is the main reason. At this point I don’t think he realizes what an asset Arram is in regards to tracking vampires. Seth wants Roy’s help, Arram doesn’t. Mainly because she’s 16, very independent and strangely finds herself attracted to Roy, which makes her uncomfortable. She’s just being stubborn, Lol.”


Thanks for Reading

I was hoping to Self Publish The First “Allure” Novella sometime close to August, but due to “Chess With Agatha” being pushed out a bit, “Allure” will likely be Self Published in the Fall or so.



Allure Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

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Vampire 3“Allure” Chapters 1-3 Review And Reply

Though “Chess With Agatha” is still on hold, my good friend Beth has begun Reviewing and Line Editing Book One of the first draft of my My Vampire Novella Series, “Allure”.

Some of you may have been following me when I Posted My Review and Replies of “Chess With Agatha”… If not, I’ve put the Links to them below.

“Chess With Agatha” First Draft Review & Reply – Part 1

“Chess With Agatha” First Draft Review & Reply – Part 2

“Chess With Agatha” First Draft Review & Reply – Part 3

Basically Beth tells me what she likes, and what she would like to see more of in my Stories First Drafts.

I’m hoping the First Novella of the “Allure” Series will be Self Published sometime after August this year.

So without further ado, the First of the Review and Replies from “Allure”.



by DarkJade-


Chapter One – Daisy Arram

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * I love vampires, so I’m really enjoying this story. :)

DarkJade – “I’ve always Loved Vampires, but have never written a story designated to them. Though there is a Vampire in my Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”, he is not the main character in the piece.”

Beth – * I also really like the excerpt of the other story at the start of the chapter. I remember from reading this the first time through that it gives a lot of insight into what happened with her mother. A very nice touch.

DarkJade – “Thank you. I’m glad that you like it… I think that it adds some depth to the whole thing, especially since the story itself was originally written as a Blog Series, and thus there is a kind of Serial Liteness to it… I feel the extra depth from the Excerpts will help it translate better into a Novella.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth – * Maybe describe a little of what this man she’s following did? You don’t have to go into gory detail about the massacre, but at this point the reader doesn’t know he’s a vampire (lol, I do just because I’ve read it already), so you can mislead the reader a little bit. Get their mind thinking towards serial killer, so they’ll be more surprised when they realize he’s a vampire. You can describe through their reaction – showing their disgust/fear/horror/etc.

DarkJade – “I will consider that when I go to do the 2nd Draft.”


Chapter Two – No Invitation Needed

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth – * You have an impressive vampire villain. :)

DarkJade- “Thank you, I really like him.”

Beth – * I like that Arram is so determined and tough. I love strong female leads.

DarkJade – “I like strong Female Leads as well.”


~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth * Maybe mention as she’s heading into the house why she would take someone to back her up who’s so scared, and doesn’t seem to want to be there? Maybe mention that she knows underneath it all she can always rely on him to come through for her, or that they’ve been friends forever and he’s always been someone she could depend on. Or maybe he has his own reasons for wanting to go after this guy, despite his obvious fear? Why does he want to be there? Just to protect her? What are his motives for helping, especially since he’s so scared?

DarkJade – “I’ll check that out as well.”


Chapter Three – Uncle Tom

~ What I Like So Far:

Beth * I’m liking the dynamic between Arram and Seth. She’s kinda the tough leader, and he’s the quirky sidekick. :)

 DarkJade – “I like it as well.”

~ What I’d Like To See More On:

Beth * Maybe have Arram and Seth consider why the vampire didn’t kill him? The vampire had him, and Arram couldn’t have stopped him at that point, so why did he spare Seth? Is this some part of his humanity shining through? Part of what Arram’s mom loved about him? This may be a good thing to bring up later – especially if this vampire is somehow redeemable? At this point in the story, he seems like the villain, but I remember that as I get further into the story it doesn’t always feel like that’s the case. This could be a very good hook here if you give it a little more emphasis. :) I’ll make sure to point out in later chapters where I start feeling like he may not be the main villain.

DarkJade – “There are definitely reasons why he didn’t kill Seth, beyond what Arram’s mom loved in him… But that is also there as well. I’ll check this out as well.”


I hope this was enjoyable for all of you… As Beth supplies me with more Chapter Reviews, I’ll continue to post more Reviews and Replies.

Thanks for your support.



Published Works

I Died Once – Novella;
(Published August/September, 2012)

Available From CreateSpace, & As An Ebook for Kinde & PC



“I Died Once” @ CreateSpace

“I Died Once” @

Kindle & PC


“I Died Once” (Kindle & PC)

If You Don’t Have A Kindle Don’t Threat There’s Free PC And Other Reading Apps Here Free Kindle


Winter, Lust, And Wonder (Black Cover, Purple Font Edition); (Published March, 2012)



Black Cover Edition;

Black Cover Amazon Edition

DarkJade – 2013… First Quarter Update

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Jono 2DarkJade – 2013First Quarter Update

With just a few days left in March, 2013… It’s hard to believe that we’re already a 1/4 of the way into the Year… Wow, Right? Lol

Thusly, this is Look at what I’ve been up to during the First Few Months of this year, as well as where I’m at and headed.

A Font with SerifsSelf Publishing;

Chess With Agahta - “Chess With Agatha” (First in My Planes of Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels) was Edited by an Actual Editor, and I will be getting with My Editor from my “I Died Once” Novella to just look over a few things with me in a couple weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be Self Publishing it in April.


Vampire 3Allure - “Allure”, Book I in my Vampire Novella Series has been sent off to my Friend who will in the next little while Review it, and send me back her Comments. At that point I’ll make some adjustments to it, and thus Create My 2nd Draft. She will then further down the road do some Line Editing of it (Grammar/Story Clarity Etc.), and send that to me. All of this is what I standardly do prior to Hiring an Actual Editor for a Book. Somewhere in the back of my head I’m hoping to Self Publish this First “Allure” Novella by June-July, 2013.



Writing Projects;

Black_Haired_GirlMady’s Storm – “Mady’s Storm”, the Unplanned Sequel Novella to “I Died Once”, which I started Writing towards the end of last year, will be continued at some point. As I’ve mentioned before, I definitely felt like there was much more to tell about Mady, the main Character of “I Died Once”, especially since she was only 15 years old in the First Novella. I started Posting the First Draft here, and have more Skeleton Framework for more, and will be continuing this at some point. For those of you who want to check out the Sequel Posts, you can check out the Chapters Here Mady’s Storm (Novella). But I definitely recommend you reading “I Died Once” first. Whether you Read the Rough First Draft Posts I did on this Site, or Pick Up a Printed or Ebook Copy on Amazon.

Young_Wizard_by_TaurinaIliad – “Iliad”, Book II in the “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy. I started “Iliad” in January this year, but quickly decided to hold off on continuing until after I Self Publish the First Book in the Series, “Chess With Agatha”. I would definitely recommend reading “Chess With Agatha” first, which will be Self Published soon. Or for those of you that don’t want to wait, or don’t plan on picking up a copy, you’re welcome to read the Original Posts of “Chess With Agatha”, but they are very Un-Edited, Lol.

173774Seers Of The Night – “Seers Of The Night”, Book II in the “Allure” Vampire Novellas Series. One of the reasons I decided to start Self Publishing the “Allure” Novellas, is because for some reason this Series just flows with me… And like “Iliad”, the only reason I stopped Writing it, is so that I can catch up and Self Publish the First Book. I will continuing to Write & Post the First Draft of this Second Novella soon as well.

Sci-Fi Novel?? – I’m also considering starting to Write a Sci-Fi Novel… This is something I’ve never done, though I have had a Sci-Fi Blog Series, and have Posted additional Beginnings of Sci-Fi Blog Series, that kinda died off. I’m not sure that I will be undertaking this right now, but I am considering it. When I was pursuing Film Making, the First Two “Star Wars” Films were a Major Motivation behind wanting to Write, and Direct Films… Which might play a role in why I’d like to Write a Sci-Fi Book at some point. We shall see.

Blog Posts;

Poetry – In addition to all my Story Writing, Journalism Posts, Music Posts, I also tend to Write a fair share of Poetry. In fact the first Book I ever Self Published, was back in Jan, 2012. “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, which was a set of Poems from my First Ever Posts on this Blog, back between the Months of Sep-Oct, 2011.

Here Are the Poems that I have Written in this First 1/4 of 2013

Beyond Truth – Volume Eleven (January-February, 2013)

Nine – Volume Twelve (March-The Present)

Music Posts;

Blue Anime Boy 4DarkJade Watch – On Occasion I’ll Come Across a Video, or Live Performance that Really Grabs me… So back in November, 2012, I I Started a New Series Called “DarkJade Watch“, where I Share My Findings with My Readers/Followers/Friends.

Here’s the Posts I did so far this year…

1/15/13 – Some ‘Post’ Editing Stones

2/9/13 – Lisdsey Stirling (Transcendence Street Jam)

2/25/13 – RadioAkshun (Music By Imagine Dragons)

3/10/13 – Genesis (Grimes)

3/16/13 – Surface Of The Sun (John Murphy) – Metal Version

I also do some Posts of Videos that I make, and Post, over on my “Dark’s Media Empire” Vlog.

Blog Series;

Kung_Fu_by_Anime_Individual 2Vengeance – Though I haven’t been focusing as much on Writing New Blog Series lately, I did actually start a New one that I may, or may not continue… We shall see. I do like it… It’s called “Vengeance“.

Additional Posts; I do also do many other types of Posts, such as DarkJade Updates, Posts on the Editing Process, Writing Process, and Self Publishing Process… In addition to many others things.

Definitely Check Out The Category Link along the Right Side of the Blog, to see if any of those things Interest you.

This Post has indeed become Long Enough, Lol And so I just want to say Thank you for your Continued Interest and Support of My Writing Efforts, all of your “Likes”, and in some cases “Comments”, really do mean a lot to me. As well just seeing the amount of people that View the Site.

I’m Looking forward to this Second Quarter of the Year (Though there’s still a few days left in this one, Lol), and Hope to see you Viewing, Liking, and Commenting on the Site!


DarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

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Black_Haired_GirlDarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

Hey guys, in case any of you are wondering, I haven’t just Dropped “Allure (Book Two) – Seers Of The Night“, Iliad (Book Two) In The Planes Of Ordose Trilogy” (Book One Being “Chess With Agatha“), or “Mady’s Storm (Book Two) – In The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe” Series…

No, in fact, quite the opposite… I’ve merely been working on getting “Chess With Agatha” Edited, and Self Published, which I still hope to do in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, “Allure” Book One in My Vampire Novella Series is sitting there waiting for me to send the First Draft to my friend Beth, so she can Review, and Line Edit it… But, first I have to clean it up a bit… And I just can’t get myself to put the energy into it, with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published yet.

But soon I promise.

And then, and only then, will I get back to some of these Sequels… Too hard to just Pile on to the Sequels, when the First Books aren’t even out yet… “I Died Once” is of course out (Book/Novella One in The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe Series), but I need to get Book One in the Ordose Trilogy, and my Vampire Series out as well…

Meanwhile, I’m also pursuing an Agent for My Screenplay, “White Jade“. Mailed out three more Query Letters today.

Alright, back to work, just wanted to let you know those Books are still in Full Swing.

Thanks for your Continued Interest and Support, it really means a lot


February Recap – March Goals

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February Recap – March Goals

February was another Busy Month…

Here were the Goals I had for Last Month

February Goals/Results;

1) Allure – Focus More on “Allure” since I found an Editor for “Chess With Agatha”.

Result – I Posted Three New Chapters to My Allure’s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night”

Chapter IV – Believe

Chapter V – Reemergence

Chapter VI – Writings On The Wall

I also Contacted My Friend Beth about Reviewing, and Line Editing My First “Allure Novella”, which she’s excited to do… I just need to clean it up a bit before I send it over to her.

2) Edit Chess With Agatha (CWA) 

Result – I implemented My Final Reader of “Chess With Agatha” ‘s Notes into my 3rd/4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha”, and sent it to My Editor. My Editor for “Chess With Agatha” is half Finished Editing it, and I am Very Excited to see the Results.

3) Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map

Result – I found an Artist that is currently working on my Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”. So far, so good.

4) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” 

Result – This is likely to happen in March, couldn’t quite pull it off in February, which is fine… I knew this Book would take more work because it’s longer than my last.

5)  Continue Writing Iliad (The 2nd in the “Plains Of Ordose”/Chess With Agatha Trilogy)

Result – I Posted One Chapter, then put “Iliad” On hold… I just found it too difficult to work on it with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published. So I’m waiting for the moment. Below is the Chapter I did Post though.

Chapter XI – A Conversation

6) Additional Story Writing

Result – I did in fact Post a Couple Different Stories.

“John Black’s Leaving Earth”Episode I and Episode II & Shifted


March Goals

1) Complete Editing Of “Chess With Agatha” - I suspect we’ll finish up with the Editing in March

2) Complete “Chess With Agatha” Land Map – Shouldn’t be a problem

3) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” - I hope to do this once My Book is Edited, and The Land Map for the Book is Complete

4) Search for a Screenplay Literary Agent For “White Jade” – I’ve been Posting lately that I’ve picked up my Screenplay “White Jade” Again, and have begun seeking an Agent to Represent me with it. In 2006 I started to Convert it into a Comic Book, but that Project has been put on hold for a while.

5) Write either New “Allure” (Seers Of The Night) Chapters, Begin Iliad Chapters, and/or New Story Content – More “Allure” is likely to come in March, Iliad is still up in the air… New Story Content is also likely to come

So that’s it for me, plus all my Additional Posting, Poems, Editorials, Music Etc.

What about all of you, Any Goals For March?

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PICTURE CREDIT – 2013 Calendar


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