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Maverick X – The Return

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Maverick X

by DarkJade

YEAR 2120

A Black Aero One Man Fighter Ship enters the Y67 Space Station proximity, orbiting the blackened Earth.


A 50 something, silver haired Fighter Pilot awakens within the cockpit…

…out his front window, Y67.

Below, the uninhabited Earth.

“Yeah… I’m awake… Maverick X checking in.”

Maverick X clicks a few colored lit up switches and buttons, then attempts to contact the Space Station.

“Y67, this is Captain Maverick X, returning from Mission 8, do you copy…”

No reply.

“Sheila can you keep trying…”


Meanwhile, Maverick X rises from his leaned back seat, stiff from the 2 year slumber, and turns on a faucet which blasts out cold simulated water.

“Ahh…” he sighs.


Maverick looks confused a bit, but rubs his face, “Yeah… Bring us in.”

Maverick’s Aero One Fighter Ship enters the doors Sheila opens, and the ship lands.

Inside, to his surprise, there’s no living beings within the Flight Docks.

“Sheila, turn on Security Canons… I’m going in, but I don’t want you to let anyone near the ship, copy.”


Maverick X grabs a D12 Laser Canon, opens the side door to the ship, and departs the craft.

“KKKKSSSHHHHHH” makes the sound of the doors decompressing.

He steps on the floor of the Flight Docks… They seem dusty, and cold.

He turns back towards his ship, “Take care of her Sheila,” then makes his way through the Flight Docks…

…no Human form to be seen.


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Art By Liam Sharp


by DarkJade

Chapter One

KRON’DARK sat upon his great, black Battle Steed, on a hill overlooking the Kingdom of PENDON.

Beyond its’ great walls which extended for miles around the City, lay death…

And the poor ones who served it.

He was tired… Hungry… And Bitter.

But he knew there were no other villages or towns for miles from here…

…so he made his way steadily down the path.

As he reached the bottom of the hill, and made his way by the many fields of grain, the workers looked at him with dread, and desperation.

Could this one man… This Barbarian be the one who would save us?

The dim, temporary light in their eyes, then went dark again, as their heads dropped, and they carried out their work.

Kron’Dark paid it no mind.

He’d seen it all before.

A people who surrender their free will for a great wall to protect them…

…for a bit of grain, and dead flesh.

Their souls were no longer their own…

…they simply waited the day of reckoning.

“Excuse me sir!” a voice suddenly came from the field to his left.

“Excuse me… But are you Kron-Dark? Have you come to free us?” the desperate young lads voice pleaded.

He must have been maybe 15.

Kron’Dark gave the boy a slow gaze, his dark black eyes exposing the depth of the things that he has known, seen, defeated…

…he then looked away, and rode on.

PICTURE ART – Another Conan


Black Angel – Rediscovery

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Black Angel

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II




As the sun sets over New York City, Jacob stands atop the rooftop of his apartment building…

And as the sun reaches the sea, his black wings reappear.

“Where Do I Belong…

Surely I Have No Home.

Removed From The Golden City…

I Look Upon The City Of Light

I Must Seek Out The Three…

The First Begins To Come To me.

Suddenly the roof door begins to open, and Jacob takes flight…

From out of the door comes Ella Strom, and Mark T.

“This is where it happened,” Mark T spoke as he stepped to the edge where he nearly lost his life.

“I jumped from that abandoned building, and a hand reached out and caught me just before I fell to my death…” explained Mark T.

Ella steps to the edge of the building looking down, “That’s quite a fall.”

“And you say you saw a dark silhouette of wings, and a hand reached out and grabbed your arm… And this hand had a golden glow around it?” spoke Ella as she peered around the rooftop.

“Right!” Mark T responded anxiously.

“So how much is this going to get me?” he then questioned.

“It depends…” replied Ella.

“On what?” questioned Mart T.

“On what kind of story this ends up being…” she looked at him, “…but don’t worry, it will be at least a couple hundred bucks.”

With this Mark T. smiled, then smacked his hand in excitement.

“You can’t be up here…” a voice came suddenly from behind them…

It was Bruno, the landlord of the apartment building… A semi heavy, short, big mustache, balding Italian fellow with a cigar in his mouth.

“We’re just leaving,” as Ella walked by Bruno, she handed him a $20.

“I don’t want this,” Bruno spoke, insulted…

…and Mark T took it out of Bruno’s hand, “I’ll take it.”

Ella smiled, the two left the rooftop.

Bruno stayed and looked around a bit, when he saw Jacob, his wings gone again, sitting on a far edge… Out of site from where the others were standing.

Jacob was looking down at the streets below.

“Hey, you’re that new tenant, right?” spoke Bruno as he stepped up behind Jacob.

Jacob’s golden white hair looking unnaturally beautiful…

…he wore all white.

“Yes…” with this Jacob stood, “The name is Jacob.”

Bruno took a hit off his stogie, and shook Jacob’s hand.

“Wow… That’s a firm grip,” Bruno spoke as a strong feeling of peace rushed through him.

He sighed, and forgot what he was doing for a moment.

“I heard what you said to those two… So, I’m not allowed on the rooftop?” questioned Jacob.

“Huh? Oh… No… It’s alright… You ain’t doin no harm… Besides, you live here… I just don’t want no strangers, and/or reporters fussen around up here,” explained Bruno.

“Reporters?” questioned Jacob.

“Yeah… The woman… I recognize her… She’s from the New York News… She’s a good writer, but still… I like things to keep pretty private in this building… These people liven here work hard.”

Jacob nodded, and Bruno stepped away.

“Nice meeten you bud…” and Bruno was gone.

Suddenly a little blue eyed, blond curly haired girl’s face appeared in Jacob’s mind…

“Angelice… We don’t have long,” his wings appeared, and he took to the sky.


Black Angel

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Black Angel

by DarkJade

“It Wasn’t Going To Be Easy… Obviously, I Wouldn’t Fit In… And Though The World Was Busy, And Vast… There’s No Doubt In My Mind That I’d Feel Alone

I Wasn’t Given Any Orders… Because This Wasn’t, And Isn’t, A Mission


The Fact Is I Didn’t Belong There… And I Don’t Belong Here

The First Order Of Business Was/Is To Find A Home…

Not A Easy Task…

But For Now I Began My Journey In A Small Apartment In New York City

City Of Lights

There Are A Lot Of Books I Can Read To Keep Myself Busy For A While…

Lots Of Movies, And Dare I Say T.V.

But Soon Enough I Will Find Myself Lonely

Three Friends…

That’s What I’ve Allowed Myself At Any Given Time

But Keeping My Secret May Prove Difficult

But No One Says I Have To…

In Fact, No One Says Anything At All…”


4:12 AM

Two young men make there way quickly down an alleyway.

Billy, a Caucasian young man, twenty years in age…

…and his friend Mark, or Mark T, an African American, twenty two years of age.

“Come on man, did you see it?” Mark spoke with urgency to his friend as they quickly made there way down a dark alleyway.

“I saw… Something,” timidly replied Billy.

Mark T suddenly stopped, and brought down a fire escape.


It struck the ground very loudly, then Mark T started to climb.

“Ah, come on man…” spoke Billy as he followed his friend.

“It hit the roof of that next building, I’m sure of it,” replied Mark T as he gasped, running out of breath.

The two reached the top of the abandoned building, only to see a faint yellow grey light emanating from the apartment building next to the building they were on.

“Can you see that man!” exclaimed Mark T.

“It’s going to be light soon T, I can’t afford anything else on my record,” spoke Billy in angst.

Mark T walked to the edge of the building, and tried to gauge how far the two rooftops were apart.

Billy looked at him like he was crazy, “No way man, I’m not jumping that.”

“It’s maybe 15, 20 feet,” spoke Mart T, not really paying attention to Billy.

“Try 25… I’m leaving man,” suddenly spoke Billy, and he turned and headed back to the fire escape.

“Do what you gotta do Billy!” spoke Mark T as he stepped many paces back, then ran towards the end, and leaped.

Just as Mark T neared the edge of the other rooftop, trying frantically to grab onto the edge, a hand glowing a light golden yellow grabbed his arm, and he blacked out.


Warriors Of Light – Battle On The Border Of Tyr

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Warriors of Light – Battle At The Border of Tyr

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII, Episode XIII, Episode XIV


Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode XI) froze in ah as the sheep thrown by the Frost Giant struck the ground before them…

Surprisingly, Chemney was the first to react, quickly putting a stone in his sling, and hurling it at the Giant…

…but missed completely.

Sparen than thrusted both of her arms and hands forward, and spoke three magical words, “Wen Ple Sor”, and a flash of light struck the giants eyes, blinding him…

“AHHHH!” yelled the Frost Giant.

“Come On!” yelled Odle, who directed the group towards running around the Giant, with hopes of reaching the Kingdom of Tyr Forest before the Giant had regained his site…

Vyle ran quickly passed the Dwarf, as he wasn’t all that quick…

Meanwhile the Frost Giant continued to pick up sheep, and hurl them in the Parties general direction… but didn’t hit any of them.

Sparen didn’t move… She instead conjured a magic missile and sent it at the Giant, hitting it in the arm…

“Rarr!! You’ll pay Mage!!” yelled the Giant, whose vision suddenly returned.

Chemney launched another small rock at the giant, but it did no harm… “Sparen, make for the Forest of Tyr!!” yelled Chemney at the Mage.

Vyle, hearing how Sparen had stayed back, stopped running, though she was half way to the Forest…

She kneeled, and launched an arrow at the Giant, but it whacked it out of the air.

The Frost Giant then ran full speed towards Sparen, who didn’t look to be moving at any time soon…

Odle stopped as well, cocked back his crossbow, and let loose a shot…

…but the bolt launched way off target.

“Woops,” spoke Odle in embarrassment.

“Make For The Forest!” yelled Sparen.

Chemney then realized that they should listen to the Mage, “Listen to her… Run!”

Vyle and Odle looked at one another, then made towards the forest…

Chemney as well…

The Frost Giant had nearly reached Sparen when she suddenly disappeared…

“RARRRR NOOOO!” yelled the Giant in frustration… He then started to swing around at air in hopes of finding the vanishing Mage.

Twenty minutes later, somewhat into the Forest of Tyr, Vyle, Odle and Chemney sat by a tree…

Worrying… Waiting… Wondering.

When suddenly Sparen appeared.

“Phew, I hope they have a banquet waiting for us at Tyr,” spoke Sparen with a smile…

Vyle grabbed Sparen and gave her a great hug, “You foolish girl,”… Then realizing she had ’emoted’, withdrew.

Odle grabbed onto Sparen’s hand, “You saved us Mage… You were spectacular,” he exclaimed.

Chemney on the other hand peered back towards the hills where they had battled the Giant… “A bit south for a Frost Giant…”

The Party then quickly made their way through the Forest of Tyr, towards the Kingdom of Tyr, breaking into song as they went.


Warriors Of Light – The North Lands

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Warriors of Light – The North Lands

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI, Episode XII

“Like Dog Men, They Came At Them With Ferocity… Not Dog Men… Gnolls.”


Dane (Whose Journey Was Last Updated In Episode IX) traveled for nearly a week northward, without incident…

And as he entered the West most point of The North Land’s Mountain Region, the temperatures dropped easily 40 degrees…

Yes, it would be a very cold journey from here out…

But he must not fail his Village of Rona he thought to himself…

He merely pulled the hood of his maroon cloak over his head, grit his teeth, and pushed on…

By near night fall he had come upon a precarious valley… High were its’ peaks, full of sharp rocks both left and right as far as the eye could see…

He knew it was either go through it now, and arrive on the other side in the dark… Or camp here at its’ mouth, which was not a good idea at all.

And so he pushed on.

About half way through his chestnut horse Brehan nayed, and went back on two hooves, when suddenly an arrow whizzed by Dane’s head, sticking in the rocks to his left.

He grabbed the arrow from the rocks, and studied it for a moment, but was unable to discern from what manner of human, or humanoid it had come…

Suddenly a second arrow whizzed by, and that’s when he kicked the side of his horse, and it took off forward…

And as it did an arrow struck Dane’s back causing him to lose his grip on the reigns, and he fell off his horse…

…striking his head, it began to bleed.

Knowing that his short sword would be useless verses attacks from above, he instead pulled his shield off his back, and drew a Wand from his belt…

Two more arrows came, one hit the rocks, the other he whacked away with his shield.

He then waited…


Until finally a Gnoll raised his head in order to see if the Warrior was still alive…

…of course… He was.

Dane held up his wand which glowed a blue green, and three blue green glowing arrows appeared…

“Kill him,” he spoke, and the arrows took flight… all three striking the chest of the Gnoll…

It fell over dead, and dropped from the rocks, 55 Feet below.

All went quiet…

Dane could not do anything about the wound in his back, other then pull out the arrow, which he did, without breaking the tip off, which was good… Still, he was bleeding badly…

…both from his back, and the back of his head…

He began to feel dizzy as he tried to stay focused in case they should attack again.

Suddenly he jumped on his horse, and kicked it, “YAH!”

The Gnolls rose up, but their arrows would fall behind Dane’s horse, striking the rocks around him.

After about an hour Dane made it to the end of the valley, but felt very sick from the loss of blood.

He decided he could not wait, and dismounted in order to at least bandage his head, and try to figure out away to wrap some cloth around his back and chest in order to stop the bleeding.

As Dane wrapped his wounds, he decided to rest for an hour or so, and fell asleep.

Two hours later, in the pitch dark, two glowing blue lights seem to be approaching him… Were they Faries?

Suddenly his horse started to nay as they became close to it, and it fell to the ground in pain…

Dane, wounded, knew he wasn’t strong enough to fight whatever they were, so sadly had to leave his horse behind…

He ran for a half an hour, then fell to the ground, and passed out.


Warriors Of Light – More Frost Giants

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Warriors of Light – More Frost Giants

by DarkJade

Episode IEpisode IIEpisode IIIEpisode IVEpisode VEpisode VIEpisode VIIEpisode VIIIEpisode IXEpisode X, Episode XI

“Behold These Early Signs Of War… And All Its’ Discomforts”


Tora and Hannah continued their journey north through the South West Hills of The North Land’s Hill Region (Their journey was last posted in Episode VII)…

They passed many herds of local animals, but traveled without issue for several days…

They then came upon some Tribesmen from the Village of Shar, several days west of them.

Shar lays in the middle of a small forest on peaks dropping down to the Xoat Ocean.

There were 12 Tribesmen in all, carrying spears and wooden shields… They appeared to be being lead by a Cleric, or Druid, who was in front.

They approached on feet.

Tora dismounted from the back of Hannah’s horse, and approached the Tribesmen Leader one hand raised.

“Greetings… I am Tora… Keeper, and Paladin of the Fire Tree Order…” she then gestured towards Hannah, “This is my travelling companion, Hannah… A Curate Cleric, and Healer…”

“Greetings Paladin and Cleric… You’d best go back from whence you came… There is trouble to the North… And some of it is nearly upon us,” replied the Druid Leader.

Hannah then dismounted, and joined the conversation, “What kind of trouble… Do you speak of the White Orc Legions… Do you speak of Kor?”

“We have not time to concern ourselves of Kor… His allies are on their way, and they are not White Orcs,” replied the Druid.

Tora looked at Hannah, then back to the Druid.

Tora stepped closer to the Druid, “As a Paladin of Fire Tree, it is my sworn duty to protect those in need… How may I service you?”

“Go,” spoke the Druid, as he gestured for his Party to continue north, and they started to run off.

Hannah stepped beside Tora, and followed her eyes which peered upon the departing Party.

“We best abide their wishes…” spoke Hannah, who then placed a hand upon Tora’s shoulder.

“That Party of Tribesmen will surely perish if we do not aid them…” spoke Tora angstedly.

“We must respect the Druid’s wishes… They are heading in the direction that we are anyway… We shall stay back, but keep watch none the less,” stated Hannah, who remounted her horse.

Tora looked up at Hannah who had spoke wisely, “Agreed,” then remounted the back of Hanna’s horse.

Day turned to night, and the Tribesmen stopped and made camp, as they feasted and spoke of troubles ahead.

Hannah had also made a campfire, and was eating, and looking into the fire, when she took note of Tora, who was pacing back and forth.

“Come Tora… Eat something… Get some warmth… The cool winds of the North are upon us… These are not typical temperatures for the Hill Region,” Hannah spoke as she pulled her cloak over her shoulders.

“I want to ride ahead… Make sure the Tribesmen aren’t ambushed in the night,” Tora spoke.

“My horse,” replied Hannah.

“Hannah… I’m sure you can feel it as I do,” insisted Tora.

“Nope… Just a bit cold here… No premonitions,” Hannah replied.

Suddenly out of the dark the Druid Party Leader appeared, causing Hannah to jump…

“By the gods you scared me Druid,” spoke Hannah.

“You wish to help?” spoke the Druid to Tora.

“Yes… We do!” quickly replied Tora.

Minutes later the Tribesmen, Tora and Hannah sat atop a large hill and looked to the bottom of the hill where a Frost Giant was sleeping, surrounded by four Winter Wolves.

“This creature should not be here…” spoke the Druid.


Warriors Of Light – The Kingdom Of Tyr

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Warriors of Light – The Kingdom of Tyr

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX

Episode X


As the Party, Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen (Last Shown In Episode VI) continued across the Southern Planes of the Mountain Region of the North Lands, they came across a couple Gnolls here and there…

Nothing too threatening, though being Chaotic Evil Beings, one would have thought they would attack the Party anyway…

But they did not.

“So once we reach these White Orcs, what is it we plan on doing exactly?” questioned Odle as he ate upon a large roasted bird leg.

“Our Grey Ring Order has requested that we visit the Kingdom of Tyr, and speak to it’s King, to determine what their defensive, or offensive measures are in regards to the rise of Kor…” replies Chemney.

“Do you really think the King of Tyr will see a group of wondering Clerics, and they’re Mercenaries?” earnestly questioned Sparen.

Being a friendly Mage, Sparen is quite inquisitive.

Vyle, however, struck Sparen’s shoulder lightly, as if to say, “We’re not paid to think…”

Sparen merely smiled in her direction in a “Actually as a Mage, I am” way.

Her attention then returned to Chemney, her dark brown eyes, soft black hair, and soothing voice inadvertently drawing the poor clumsy Cleric in.

“Well… I… I can not say… But it is the duty that has been thrust upon us, and we shall answer,” he replied in an energized, convicted fashion.

“Hmm… Exciting,” replied Sparen.

Vyle merely shook her head at the young Mage’s innocently fascinated disposition.

Vyle on the other hand, was much more cynical, and pessimistic about… all things really.

“Look there!” suddenly proclaimed Sparen, as she pointed high in the sky!

Above was a Great White Owl, simply monstrous in comparison to most…

“It’s a good omen,” spoke Sparen excitedly, as she opened her traveling journal and quickly jotted down several descriptive words.

Such as wondrous… And magnificent.

Vyle merely grumbled and road up ahead of the Party.

Meanwhile, Odle, having finished his bird, tossed the bone, looked back at Sparen, and then to Chemney.

“She’s a bit batty, aint she…”

Chemney smiled slightly, and held his finger to his mouth, as if telling him to stay quiet on the matter.

“You’re just afraid of magic,” Vyle then grumpily spoke back at Odle.

“I ain’t afraid of nuthen,” grumbled Odle, as he drank down some wine from his wine skin.

“I’m sure it will follow us all the way to The Kingdom Of Tyr’s outer walls! All is well I say, all is well…” spoke the young Sparen oh so pleased.

Soon they had reached the Hills south of the Kingdom of Tyr, and were only a hand full of days from their destination.

Along the first day they came across many herds of local animals, but all and all, the day went well…

…then came the second day

Chemney, Odle, Vyle and Sparen all sat on their mounts a top a high hill… In the distance they could not believe what they saw…

Cries let out from a herd of animals as a 15′ Frost Giant hurled his great axe upon them… More for his own pleasure than for food.

His skin was a hardened, snow white, and his hair was river blue, with traces of black.

The Party was paralyzed…

“Has he seen us?” spoke Chemney without meaning to.

“Not likely, or he’d be upon us,” replied Vyle.

‘I’m not afraid of a Giant…” spoke Odle.

“I should distract him, while the rest of you make your way around him,” spoke Sparen courageously, as she stared at the Giant with wonderment, and apprehension.

“It’s too late…” suddenly spoke Vyle as the Frost Giant picked up a sheep, and hurled into the air striking the ground before them, killing it.

“YOU WILL PERISH!” bellowed the Giant.

Warriors Of Light – Unexpected Companion

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Warriors of Light – Unexpected Companion

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII

Episode IX


Once Borgodan and Nathe were beyond the bridge (See Episode V), and the Trolls, they continued through the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands…

Neither spoke.

Soon, a strange thing happened, as 10 Wolves started to follow them, due to the fact that Nathe is riding a Great Silver Dire Wolf…

Howling as they went…

Borgodan smiled in fascination at this unusual site.

They weren’t exactly friendly, as they growled, and howled at the Paladin’s heels…

But they never attacked… As they feared the Great Silver Dire…

On the fifth night, the Warrior and Paladin started to set camp…

…meanwhile the 10 following wolves slept in a circle around the camp… Almost as if they were on guard.

Borgodan and Nathe sat at the fire, cooking some meat, breaking some bread, and drinking some of the Paladin of Blue Hawk’s wine…

“Is this a normal occurrence for you Wolf… Er… Nathe,” spoke Borbodan.

With this, Nathe looked about at the wolves… “It happens sometimes.”

“Hmm,” replied Borgodan…

Suddenly Bordodan froze.

“What is it?” asked Nathe taking notice.

Borgodan then stood, and spoke some words under his breath, “Simmo Pree Ayy,” as he closed his eyes, and held out his hands, palms up.

His eyes suddenly opened… “Hell Hounds…” he spoke… And just as he did, the wolves around the camp started to growl as three sets of red eyes could be seen in the nearby trees.

With this Nathe stood, and drew his two handed axe…

…Borgoden in turn cast some more words “Protecto Omdo,” and suddenly a red circle of light surrounded them both.

Nathe noted, and was semi impressed.

“Now what?” spoke Nathe.

“We wait to see what the wolves do…” replied Bordodan with authority…

Nathe nodded.

Suddenly Borgodan whipped out a potion from beneath his white cape, swigged it down, causing a yellow golden glow to be around his skin, drew his Great Sword, and lifted his Silver Long Shield, which bore a Blue Hawk on it “For Blue Hawk!”, ran forth, and leaped over the wolves into the dark, and started to swing his blade.

“What the…” spoke Nathe as he dropped his axe, pulled his double crossbow off his back, and began shooting into the darkness, hoping not to hit the Paladin.

Neither Borgodan nor Nathe struck the beasts in their first attempt…

But the wolves moved in as well, damaging one of the Hell Hounds…

The other two Hell Hounds, seeing this, quickly dispatched three of the wolves…

This woke the Great Silver Dire Wolf, who leaped through the air, landing in front of the remaining 7 wolves, and growling at the Hell Hounds, who were breathing small bursts of fire…

Just then, Nathe’s second shot of two arrows struck the wounded Hell Hound, which fell dead.

The wolves then swarmed the second Hell Hound, and killed it…

…leaving only the third who was not scared off.

The Great Dire sprang at it, but was unsuccessful…

It then struck one of the wolves.

This caused the remaining 7 wolves to swarm, and kill it…

…at which point Nathe lowered his crossbow, and “What happened to wait to see what the wolves do?”

Borgodan walked into the fire light, sheathing his sword, and setting down his shield, “I changed my mind,” he said with a smile…

And the two laughed, and went back to eating and drinking.

Warriors Of Light – Northern Passage

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Warriors of Light – Northern Passage

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII

Episode VIII


Dane (Introduced In Episode IV) hadn’t ridden but half a day, before his horse Scarlet sensed something, and came to a halt.

“What is it girl…”

Dane smelled smoke, so tied his horse to a branch, and in stooped fashion, made his way forward…

Beyond he saw them, three orcs who looked to be setting up a campfire, as it would be night soon.

“Only three of them,” he spoke quietly under his breath.

“But why are they here” he thought to himself.

Dane wasn’t the wisest of men, but he was fluent  in Orc tongue, and felt this would be a good opportunity to put it to practice… If he could only figure out a way to get rid of two of them, leaving one for questioning.

Suddenly Scarlet broke loose and rode straight through the camp!

Two of the Orcs went after him on foot, as he’d make for a fine dinner…

While one stayed back to make the fire.

“Good girl…” Dane looked and located a large rock, and when the Orc’s back was to him, he ran in to knock him out, but stepped on a large branch…


The Orc turned to see the Warrior running directly at him, and lept out of the way!

Dane then stood across from him, and pulled his pole arm from his back.

“Alright then…” he spoke.

The Orc grabbed his spear, and spotted a bone horn near by.

“Fre Rah Nor,” spoke Dane in Orc, saying “For honor…”

The Orc, stunned by the hearing of his own Orcish tongue, replied, “Fre Rah Nor…”

The Orc quickly threw his spear, and would have struck Dane, but he was able to knock it out of the air with his pole arm…

Dane then charged the Orc, leaping clear over the fire, and striking him, damaging his shoulder badly.

Dane looked to see if the other two Orcs were anywhere to be seen, but they weren’t.

He then lept forward and smacked the Orc with the handle of his pole arm, knocking him unconscious…

…and dragged him a hundred or so yards away, propt him up against a tree, his hands tied behind his back, and tossed water in his face.

“Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Why are you here?)” he spoke as he held a large dagger against the Orc’s neck.

The Orc did not reply…

“Ten Po… Spri Quon Rarg Nah (Last chance… Why are you here?)”

“Kor…(Introduced In Episode VIII)” replied the Orc.

Just then he could hear his horse approach, and the other two Orcs in pursuit from some 80 feet back.

Dane quickly mounts Scarlet, and they ride off.