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Warriors Of Light – Kor

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Warriors Of Light – Kor

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI

Episode VII


In the North East Region of the Mountain Region of The North Lands, just below the Great Lake of Gorne…

KOR, a White Orc General, and Leader of a Legion of 600 White Orcs, sits atop his Great Silver Dire Wolf… A gift from the Orc Priests of Mon Era…

Kor is a strong looking White Orc, but smarter than most… He sits staring at a small Black Temple… The Temple of Triad

At his side, looking impatient, is his Captain, LOR GOH, and his High Mage, BREE, a Female White Orc

“We’ve been here for three days Kor… The Legion grows restless,” speaks Lor Goh maintaining respect.

Kor does not asnwer…

Lor Goh is about to step towards Kor, when Bree places her hand on his shoulder, temporarily calming him.

She then steps forward… “What is it Kor… Has Gorne spoken to you?”

Without facing them, Kor replies, “Yes… Many weeks ago… Under the blood red moon… And that is why we wait for his coming.”

Lor Goh now steps forward, “Well then… Let us begin to clear these areas in preparation of our… ‘His’ dominance…”

Kor dismounts slowly, and approaches Lor Goh, “It is not time.”

He then walks over to a nearby fire and takes a piece of meat off of a hanging beast.

“Ahh…” grumbles Lor Goh, as he returns to the Legion camps.

Bree then sits on a rock near Kor.

“Your Legion is not like you Kor… They are not in tune to the worlds of the Gods… Nor do they have the capacity of it…” speaks Bree.

Kor looks at her, then swigs from a wine skin of red wine.

“What would you have me do…” he speaks.

She smiles… “Give them something to do…”

Fifteen minutes later, 100 of the Legion split into five parties of 20, and head out in different directions…

Meanwhile Kor has returned to his Great Silver Dire Wolf… Where he sits… And waits.


Warriors Of Light – The Hills Region

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Warriors Of Light – Hills Region

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V

Episode VI


On the third day of travels within the Southern Hills of the Hills Region of the North Land, Tora and Hannah (Tora and Hannah are introduced in Episode III) came across some rather huge Spiders, and so veered Hannah’s horse MOONSTAR around them…

…only to come across a party of two adventurers… One human, one a Dwarf.

The Dwarf looked to be an established Cleric, where the human, who was a young man, appeared to be in training.

“Hello there,” spoke the Dwarven Cleric, as he brought his small horse to a halt… The human followed in suit on his steed.

The Dwarf held one of his hands palm out.

“I am ALEXTAR… Cleric… Perfect… Of The Sun Lion Order… This is my Acolyte Cleric in training, MINCHEN,” he proclaimed loudly.

Hannah smiled at Tora, then looked at Alextar…

“Hello good sir… I am Hannah, Curate, we are glad to meet your acquaintance…”

“And this is Tora, my Paladin traveling companion, from the Fire Tree Order… I am at the moment unaffiliated,” finished Hannah.

“Hello sir,” spoke Tora…

…”Hello sir,” she also said to Minchen, who nodded and continued petting his horse.

“Unaffiliated… Well,” replied Alexstar.

“Any troubles on your way?” asked Alextar.

“Nah… All is well,” spoke Hannah.

“Very well… Well… Good travels to you… And may the Gods protect you,” spoke Alextar, who kicked the side of his pony, and was off… followed closely by Minchen.

“Good travels sir…” spoke Hannah with a smile.

Soon Tora and Hannah were alone again, traveling side by side.

“Hannah, what is that?” suddenly questioned Tora as she pointed ahead at a group of large oak trees, surrounded by what look to be some sort of large insects.

“On no!” Hannah annouces.

“What is it?” questions Tora…

“Giant Wasps… We need to get out of here,” suddenly Hannah kicks the side of her horse, with Tora riding on back, the response was a bit slower than she’d like…

Unfortunately,  even this was enough to cause Tora to lose her grip, and fall from the horse hitting the ground.

Meanwhile the 12 Giant Wasps, some 70 yards away, seem to now be coming towards them.

“Hannah!” yells Tora who continues riding at first, then realizes that she’s left Tora behind…

“Oh no,” she speaks under her breath as she heads back as quickly as she can to get Tora.

Tora quickly opens of a flask of oil from her lantern supply, and pours a 15 foot line in front of her… Then bangs some rock and flint, creating a fire wall…

Meanwhile Hannah comes behind the fire wall, and Tora gets on

The Wasps are just about upon them, but pause just long enough because of the fire wall, to give them time to get away…


Warriors Of Light – Vyle & Sparen

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Warriors of Light – Vyle & Sparen

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III

Episode IV

Episode V


As the party of four able adventurers, Chemney, Odle, Sparen and Vyle (All Introduced In Episode II) made their way out of the Northern Mountains of the Forest Region of the North Lands, and into the Southern Plains of the Mountain Region, they came across many a wild animal, but no real foes.

But on the fifth day of travel, as the air began to brisk a bit, even on the plains, Odle decided it might be a good idea to upgrade his mule mount, for a lion…

Yes, a lion.

As Odle chased around found lion with his axe and shield drawn, Chemney covered his eyes in embarrassment, as Vyle and Sparen watched from further back.

“This Dwarf is a fool…” Vyle scowled.

Meanwhile Sparen couldn’t help but laugh from her belly…

“Oh come on Vyle, lighten up, he’s a good soul,” Sparen replied.

“Good soul or not, he has us sitting in broad daylight in the middle of these plains, with nothing save our cloaks to hide us… Which I might ad, do not hide us.”

Vyle  was very unpleased.

At this point the lion was on top of Odle, doing it’s best to strike him.

“Need some help old friend?” spoke Chemney.

“I’m just fine!” feistyly replied Odle.


“Oh very well Vyle,” spoke Sparen softly as she began to shift her hands together without touching, in a snake type way.

“Brim Tou Vium,” her hands suddenly lit up in a very dark red flame like light, and suddenly the lion became a white kitten, and dropped down onto Odle’s shield.

“Meow… Meow” it wined.

“What the?” Chimney gasped, then looked back at Sparen who was smiling.

Vyle smiled as well, “Not bad Mage… Not bad.”

Soon the four of them were off, leaving the kitten behind.


“I had it…” spoke Odle as they rode off.

An hour later, the kitten returned to lion form.


Warriors Of Light – Dane

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Warriros of Light – Dane

Episode I

Episode II

Episode III


Dane, a Fighter by trade, and Hero to his Village of Rona, left just after the sun had risen.

Leaving behind his young Sister, Sarah.

Word has spread of a large number of White Orc Legions gathering in the North, and he felt investigation in the name of the safety of his small village was imperative…

Rona, being near the Merchant Port of Varamore, meant that the option of escaping any type of insurgence would be easy enough…

But Rona is his, and his people’s home, and so that is not what he desires.

Dane is a 6′, 200lb man, in his late twenties.

His eyes are blue, hair shoulder length and dark brown of color.

He rides a White Horse by the name of Scarlet.

His armour is grey, and he wears a maroon cloak, a light grey shirt, with dark grey pants, and black boots.

It will be a long journey scouring the Mountain Regeion of the North Lands…

But it’s what he must do.


Warriors Of Light – Tora & Hannah

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Warriors of Light – Tora & Hannah

by DarkJade

Episode I

Episode II


In the Plains of the Southern Region of the North Lands, TORA, a Good Paladin of the Fire Tree Order, quickly gathers traveling gear, as she prepares for a great journey north.

Tora is 5’8″, black haired, brown eyed, in her mid twenties… Her armour is gold in color, and her hooded cloak a dark blood red.

“Hello Tora…” comes a voice from the entry to her chamber.

Tora looks up at her good friend Hannah, a Cleric and Curate of the Order of High Sky…

Hannah is the polar opposite of Tora at 5’4″ tall, blond hair and blue eyed… Though she is a few years younger than Tora, she has been training longer.

Where Tora is clad in gold and dark red, Hannah wears grey and blue.

“I don’t have time for lectures right now Hannah… My brother is in danger…”

“Borgodan? (Read About Borgodan in Episode I) The illustrious Paladin of Blue Hawk? Destined for greatness… This Borgodan?” Hannah says with a smirk.

“My brother is a fool… One can hardly seize their ‘destiny’ from the grave…”

Tora looks around, throws her bag and back pack over her shoulders…

“That’s it then,” Tora strides towards the doorway, “farewell Hannah.”

Just as Tora passes, Hannah speaks…

“I’m going with you Tora…”

Tora halts, and faces her, “What?”

“How much do you think a Paladin less trained then he, and alone, is really going to be able to help him…”

“Well, I–” Tora tries to respond.

“…don’t get me wrong… You are a gifted one to be sure… But the long road there is riddled with perils, and may alone stop your journey…”

Hannah takes Tora’s bag off her shoulder, and puts it on her own.

“Trust me Hannah… This is best for both you, and your brother.”

Hannah stands perfectly still as if awaiting Tora’s ok.

“Yes… A healer… A healer along is a wonderful thing… Good thinking.”

And with this they both make their way out of the room

“Not to mention, you don’t even have a horse… But I do,” Hannah’s words echo through the hallway.


Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

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Warriors Of Light – Odle & Chemney

Episode I

by DarkJade


In the forest region of the Northlands, south of the Northern Mountain Gate, is a town called Widdle Ben.

And at the center of this town, The Red Dragon Tail Tavern and Inn.

A not all that smart Dwarven Cleric enters…

“I need a drink” he speaks.

“Not too much now ODLE… We are Clerics of Grey Ring after all, and must stay to our purpose…” Speaks a second, tall, but very think Cleric.

“Ahh… You’re no fun CHEMNEY…” Proclaims Odle, as he takes a seat at the bar.

“Two waters please!” speaks Chemney to the bartender jovially.

The bartender, not a friendly looking fellow, approaches.

“We don’t serve water here… Wine, or ale, which will it be…”

“Um… A wine for me, and a tankarnd of ale for my Dwarven friend here…” replies Chemney.

“Aye… Now you’re talking…” Odle interjects.

Odle goes about drinking while Chemney scopes out the place.

There must be 40 or so inhabitants, from Elf, to Dward, to Human to Halfling within the Tavern.

“Hmm… How does one seek a Thief after all?” Chemney speaks under his breath.

“They find you,” replies a blond female, with a scar across her face, in a cloak sitting next to Chemney.

“Oh, hello there… I am Chemney of the Order of Grey Ring…”

“Yes, yes would you like this back?”

The girl holds up Chemny’s pouch of silver coin.

“My words, are you a Thief?” he speaks.

“Well, you’re smarter than you look, I’ll give you that,” she replies as she drops his pouch in front of him.

Chemney, who seems unconcerned about the purse, speaks quietly.

“We have need of a Thief…”

The girl laughs…

“Are you not men…” she looks at Odle who has ordered his second ale, “and Dwarves of the cloth?”

“Yes, indeed we are, but never you mind, do you want the job?” asks Chemney.

“Yes,” she replies.

“Odle! Odle! We have our Thief!”

Odle does not seem interested.

“Don’t we need a mage as well…” Odle grumbles.

“I’ll find you a Mage,” speaks the girl as she disappears into the crowd.

An hour later, Chemney, tired of waiting, helps Odle out of the Tavern.

But Odle is a Dwarf, so 8 ales later, he’s still fairly sober.

“I guess we lost her–” Chemney starts to say.

“I’m here… And I’ve found you a Mage.”

Chemney turns to see the Thief, and next to her a young black haired girl, with brown eyes.

Wearing a green cloak, brown boots, red pants and a yellow tunic.

“Hello,” she speaks and waves.

“I am SPAREN the Conjurer…”

“I don’t know about this…” Chemney seems suspicious of it all.

“Oh come on Chemney!” speaks Odle as he reaches out and shakes her hand a bit too tightly.

“Lets be on our way already.”

Chemney shrugs a bit, then hands both Sparen, and…

“What is your name Thief?”

“Vyle…” she replies.

“Oh… Well…” …each two gold coins and they’re off.


The Black Knight & The Princess In White

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The Black Knight & The Princess In White

by DarkJade

There Once Was A Princess…

In A Far Away Land…


Across A Great Desert…


Covered In White Sand


Under A Dark Black Sky…

With Stars That Winked From Above…


And A Kingdom Below Them…

Whose People Did Love…


This Girl

Though She Was Young…

Less Years Than Fingers On Her Hands…

Berber nomad dune portrait, Sahara Desert, Morocco

She Brought To All Smiles…

Across This Great Land


Her Father, The  King, Would Come To Her Each Night…

And Tell Her Great Tales…


Of Bravery… Magic… And Light


Her Eyes Opened Wide…

Hanging On Every Word…


Her Father’s Shadows Cast…

Upon The Walls So Near


And Just As All Seemed Lost…

The  Princess’s Eyes Filled With Tears…

But Relief Closely Followed…


Behind Her Father’s Beard…

As The Heroes Prevailed…


Magical Creatures Unvailed


The Night Would Come To A Hush…


Her Pillow Grew Softer…

Her Blankets So Warm…


Safely Tucked Away…

Behind These Great Walls…



It Was A Cool Desert Night…

Just As Elinque’s Eyes Began To Fall…


There Was A Noise…


“Don’t Worry At All…” Her Father Then Spoke…

“It’s Nothing At All…”

He Left Her Chamber…

She Was Barely Awake…


Six Dark Figures Surrounded Him…

Come For The King, No Mistake

As She Waited For Him To Return…

Her Eyelids Grew Heavy…


Dream Dust Inlaid…

…She Faded Away

To Sleep…

To Sleep


An Hour Later…

She Awoke To Orange Light…

The Palace On Fire…

The Help In Fright


From The Shadows Came A Man…

She Knew Only By Sight…

A Silver Bearded Healer…


Some Called A Knight

“Come Child Don’t Make A Sound…”

He Spoke As He Swept Me Up…

“They’re Looking For You…”


We Went Out The Window…

Secured By A Rope

Down Below Lit By Star Light…


There Was A Great White Horse…

“You Must Ride My Dear…”

“And Don’t Look Back…”


He Placed Me Upon It

And Slid A Red Jeweled Necklace Into My Hand

“Never Lose This…”

He Spoke With A Slight Smile Upon His Face


The Shadow Men Suddenly Appeared…

As He Sent Me On My Way…

His Sword Drawn He Fought Them…

And Fell To Their Blades

Alone I Rode…

For What Felt Like Days…


The Sun Would Rise…

I Fell Into A Haze

“What Would Become Of Me…”

“Where Was My Father…”

I Shall Never Forget This Night

I Shall Never Forget This Knight


PICTURE CREDIT – Blond Little Girl, White Desert, Star Filled Sky, Desert Kingdom, Desert Boy In Blue, Arab Warrior, Bravery, Excited, King Shadows, Lost, Genie, Sleeping, December, Sleepy, Arab Man, Figures, Dream Dust, Fire, Grey, Knight, Window, Horse, Necklace,

Riku – Trickery

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740977001_186009Riku – Trickery

by dArKjAdE-







Riku smokes a cigarette like product, whilst looking out over the city of New York.

“What Lo Lin And My Aunt Aika have asked me to do is insane…”

Riku tosses the remains of the cigarette into the air and it blinks into smoke, as they are designed to do when discarded.

The sliding door leading to his balcony opens as he approaches it, and goes out on to the balcony.

It’s cold, but he doesn’t seem to notice…

Below thousands of Christmas Lights can be seen

“I Knew The Ukrainian Dictator Known As Mучити Had An Extreme Advantage Over The Rest Of Our Worlds Countries Via The Sheer Size Of His Army… But The Reality Is, He’s About To Conquer The World.”

Riku taps his wrist, and speaks into it “Hinata, I need you… Can you come?”

He puts his wrist down.

“But To Ask Me To Secretly Deliver Weapons To Each And Every One Of My Fans At Every Show… To Build Some Sort Of Secret Counter Attack… How Can I Possibly Have Anything To Do With That…”

Suddenly the entry of his room slides open, and a beautiful young Japanese girl comes in dressed scarcely…

“I am here,” she says as she bows, and heads towards Riku’s bedroom.

“No wait Hinata… Wait,” he speaks, which seems to take her off guard.

She approaches, and stands before him.

“What is it Riku?”

“There’s something I must share with you… But you must promise you will tell no one,” he explains as the two of them sit on his faux leather couch.

“Of course?” she replies

Riku goes on to explain that he will be traveling to 9 countries in the next two weeks, and what his country has asked of him…

She looks in shock… Stands… Paces, then turns towards him “You have to do this Riku… You have to!”


Riku – Ambush

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bakumatsu-rock-1-1Riku – Ambush

by dArKjAdE-






Aboard a private flight ship just entering New York City Air Space Japanese German Rock Star, Riku.

Riku peers out the window of his private plane at the city below.

“This Is Very Odd… An Out Of The Blue Invite From My Japanese Aunt, Aika, To Her New York Penthouse For A Pre-Holidy Shindig… Very Odd Indeed”

Riku’s plane lands, and he is escorted to a white Limo transport sent from his Aunt Aika, the Prime Minister of Japan.

“RIKU!!” his fans yells as they see him pass by…

“I Admit I Do Miss Her Cooking From When I Was A Child In Japan… I Spent Many Summers With Her And Her Late Husband…”

The Limo vehicle arrives at the high rise of Aika’s penthouse.

He travels up 50 floors to the top, where she owns the whole floor.

At his side his side his two trusty bodyguards, strong, and armed.

The elevator door slides open, and his Aunt Aika runs into his arms with smiles, and tears in her eyes…

“Riku! I can’t believe you made it…” she exclaims as she hugs him tightly.

His two bodyguards look at one another, never have seeing Riku with any relatives, and/or friends for that matter…

“Good to see you Aunt Aika,” Riku explains as he looks over her shoulder to see a dozen or so of her close friends, and business associates eating hors d’oeuvres, and pretending not to watch the Rock Star’s every move.

“All the norms I see…” he says as she backs away still holding onto his shoulders looking him over.

She notes right away that he’s changed his hair from black to white.

“Your hair?” she exclaims with a smile as he leads him to his room with his bag.

“For the occasion,” he replies as he sits his bag into the very nice guest room.

“NEW YORK NEW YORK,” can be be heard playing form the other room.

“Frank Sinatra, nice,” Riku exclaims.

The rest of the evening is Aika introducing her nephew to her friends and close associates, with one person saved for the last.

Just as they’re about to sit at a long table set for 14, the 18 year old Tibetan Monk Lo Lin enters the chamber, robed in two different shades of orange… Not to mention some red and black for good measure.

“Hello Riku…” he speaks softly as he bows.

“Ok… Something’s Up… The Presidents Advisor Here Is Pretty Strange…”

Riku bows back, to Lo Lin’s surprise.

After dinner, Lo Lin and Aika ask Riku into a private study, where they approach him.

“Riku… As you know, our country is in a very precarious position with Mучити, the Ukrainian Leader…” Lo Lin explains as he pours himself some tea.

“Truth be known… I figured we would have surrendered to them during those meetings… A bit surprised we didn’t to be honest… But what do I know… I’m just a musician,” Riku replies.

Aiku looks at Lo Lin.

“Well… You know more than you realize… Mучити did in fact request all countries surrender… But I was able to settle him down a bit…” Lo Lin explains.

“He bought us two weeks my nephew… Which is all the more reason why you must agree to what Lo Lin is about to request…” Aika desperately interjects.

“What? What could you possibly want from me?

“Here We Go…”



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by dArKjAdE

“The World Is In A Very Strange Place…”



German Japanese Rock Star Riku sits in the back of a Limo Transport, gazing out the window into the light filled Los Angeles night…

“Thousands Will Attend My Show Tonight”

Riku is 5’9 1/2 feet tall, slim, with shoulder length black straight hair, and bright blue eyes…

…he is 23

“Meanwhile Our Leader President Jacob Moon, Under The Guidance Of Lo Lin, An 18 Year Old Tibetan Monk, Heads Into The Most Dangerous Peace Talks Ever Known To Our Planet”

The limo transport arrives outside the Windows Rite Grand Stadium, Riku makes his way out of the vehicle through a massive crowd, and endless camera device flashes.

Six bodyguards accompany/surround him….

…until he’s in

“At The Center Of These Negotiations Is The Ukrainian Dictator Known Only As Mучити

English Translation… Rope”


Eight people sit at a circular black table.

American President Jacob Moon, Tibetan Monk Lo Lin, Chinese Leader Ming Lee, European Diplomat Alice Wald, African Ambassador Adroa, Japanese Prime Minister Aika, who happens to be Rock Star Riku’s Aunt, South American President Raeni &… Ukrainian Leader, Rope…. A 28 year old man with sharp, stylish brown hair, dark eyes, and a sneer.

Surrounding the table are camera links, telecasting the meeting live to every country on the planet…

…not to mention Moon Base 12, and the settlements of Mars




Riku leans back in a slick black chair, his black boots kicked up on the mirror table in front of him… Staring at himself pensively.

“Our World Is About To Change…

“Rope’s Armies Amassed Are Three Times All Of The Rest Of The World’s Armies Combined”

Suddenly the dressing room door pops open, and a sweaty looking Japanese man pokes his head in…

“Five minutes Riku!”…then leaves

Riku stands, and leaves the dressing room, door left wide open…

He makes his way down a long hallway where many run around… And one hands him a beautiful white electric guitar with a strap… Riku throws it on…

“What’s Happening In Britain Right Now Isn’t A New Beginning…”


Rope stands and pounds his fist against the table, “Time to negotiate your surrenders…”



Riku walks onto stage… Thousands cheer as he strums his first note on the guitar.

“It’s The End Of Our World…”