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Captain Fire Promo Video

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A Prom Video I just did for a Blog Series I Wrote a Couple Years Back

Check it out Here

Captain Fire 197 – Full Circle

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Jenna sits inside the Druggy Abandoned Building, bodies of Drugies, or Henchmen of The Drug Lord Colonel Otquai‘s Number One Man, “Rain”, either dead, or knocked unconscious…

Outside The Toodlock Thire Police are still holding their position, and not entering the building.

Nisho suddenly appears, and approaches Jenna…

Jenna senses Nisho.

“Get back Nisho! I can’t seem to control this…” Jenna says with her head hung low, never looking up at Nisho.

“Sure you can” Nisho confidently replies.

“NO!! NISHO!! GET OUT!!! I DON’T WANT TO HURT YOU, BUT I WILL!!!” Jenna suddenly floats into the air, and gazes at Nisho as she yells.

Her eyes full of Rage.

Nisho steps even closer, she’s maybe 15 feet from Jenna now.

“You couldn’t always control your Telepathy right? This is no different Jenna…” Nisho pleas.

“This…” Jenna starts to cry as she lowers back to the floor, her hands over her eyes “is different… Please Nisho… Just leave”.

“You would never leave me” Nisho thinks to Jenna, who then looks up at her.

“Yes… It is different… But that’s it… It’s just different” this seems to calm Jenna a bit.

Suddenly two Toodlock Police Shooters enter the building, and Jenna hurls two crates at them, knocking them unconscious.


“TAMARA!! COULD YOU TELL THAT DUMB ASS POLICE CAPTAIN TO KEEP HIS MEN OUT!!” Nisho yells into her Wrist Comunicay to Tamara, who is outside the building.

“They’re only getting hurt!” she finishes

Roger that” Tamaron’s Voice comes though the Comunicay.

Jenna suddenly collapses, and Nisho is instantly at her side.

She cradles Jenna in her arms, as Jenna cries profusely, pulling her arms over her eyes.

“Jenna… Look at me Jenna” with this Jenna uncovers her eyes, which are swollen and full with tears, hurt, rage, pain.

“That’s why you brought me on to the 197… Isn’t it?” (Way back in Captain Fire 197 – Beginnings) Nisho says to Jenna as a sudden realization crosses her mind.

“You knew” Nisho continues.

Jenna stares at Nisho blankly “Knew… What?” she replies.

“You knew I was the only one that would be able to help you with this…” Nisho explains, almost as if she’s in a trance.

“You may not have conscioulsy known… Oh but you knew… You knew that you would go through this change” Nisho finishes.

Jenna starts to cry a bit more.

“Telepathy hit when you were what… 15? 16??” Nisho continues.

“And you’re what now… 22?” she questions Jenna, who simply nods back.

“So Telekenis hits when you’re 22…” Nisho continues to spew her theory.

“You can do this Jenna… It took you some time before you could control your telepathy, right?” She questions again.

“Yes” Jenna quietly replies.

“Two or Three years… Yes… But–” Jenna continues, but Nisho interrupts.

“No “But”… This is the same… And you can do this” Nisho insists.

Jenna suddenly stands.

“You’re right Nisho… How could I have not realized… This is the next stage of my Evolution… There aren’t many of us left, and there are no “True Records” of our Existence, so I simply didn’t realizeJenna explains as she wipes her eyes.

She then reaches out and touches Nisho’s face with one hand “And you… You were meant to help me see this…” with this Jenna smiles slightly, and Nisho blushes a bit.

“I’m ready… I must turn myself in for these crimes” Jenna steps away and heads towards the exit of the building.

“But Jenna??!! None of this is your fault!!” Nisho cries after her, but Jenna keeps walking to the door, and then turns back by the entrance.

“But it is still my “Responsibility”” she replies, and then leaves the building, into Police Custody.


“I assume you have some “Owned” Officers under your thumb?” Merrick speaks at Rain, as they both watch the Television Coverage of Jenna being put into the back of a Police Car.

“I certainly do… And I shall keep a constant eye on this… “Jenna” Sister of yours” replies Rain as he watches with curiosity, and intrigue.


PHOTO CREDITS – People’s Anime, Animefreak, White Haired Anime Girl, Sex and Villainy,

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Part Five – Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

Part VI – Captain Fire 197 – Blue Rain

Part VII – Wake The Beast

Part VIII – Unleashed

Captain Fire 197 Season 1



Happy Easter… And A Little Star Wars Fun

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I Recently Started Filling up some Pinterest Boards

What Are Pinterest Boards?

Best Just To Show yah

Today I Shall Share With You My Recent Star Wars Pinterest Board That I Started Creating…

Complete with Custom Captions Added By Me, lol

When You’re Done With That You’re Welcome To Check Out My Other Boards, Keeping In Mind That They Are Not Complete… And Not Nearly as Humorous, lol… But There Are Some Cool Pictures There


And Happy Easter!



Dark Rider Early Sketches From My Nephew

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These are just some Preliminary Sketches from My Nephew, but I thought it would be Cool/Fun to share the process with you guys as I experience it myself… This Sketch here is Elysa, The Shape Shifting Elf who showed up First in Owl Form in The Original Dark Rider Post Here Dark Rider. She started out Following him, but later Joined his Party.

The White Owl is the Form She Takes when Transformed.

Elsya is The Guardian of The Dark Rider, though he may not realize this, from the Rendolyn Elves… A Race of Elves that he befriended and helped in his past.

What he doesn’t realize is that she’s also chosen him as a mate, but until he realizes it on his own, she will not likely tell him.


Largoth is an Elven Thalon Mercenary from the Elven Village of Rodomor, A different, more Human Relating Clan of Elves than Elysa’s Clan who live far away from Humans… Dark Rider had befriended him several years back… Largoth Shows up Here in Part Two of The Original Dark Rider Series Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia and travels with him for most of that Series. He is, however, Killed at the beginning of the “Tales of The Dark Rider” Series which takes place two years after the Original Series.

I Love this Drawing.




I Love This Drawing… It absolutely Captures what I had pictured with the Female Asian/Human Mercenary Iloh (Her First Appearance is Seen Here in Part Six of The Original Series Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon).

Iloh is in The Original “Dark Rider” Series, and also returns in the “Tales of The Dark Rider“.

That’s all for now, My Nephew is also working on some “Captain Fire 197” Drawings, which I’m very anxious to see… And plans on doing more Detail on the “Dark Rider” Drawings.

I will continue to show you Most of the Drawings that he sends me, These were actually Texted to My Phone, lol

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Dark Riders & Tales of The Dark Rider Series

Captain Fire 197 Series

Captain Fire 197 – Unleashed

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Jenna stands before one of the Druggy’s that’s trying to take her down, Frothing at her mouth, Her Eyes dead…

“NO!! YOU DON’T WANTA DO THIS!!!” he yells before she raises her arm lifting him through telekinesis, and throws him against a nearby wall.


All about are either unconscious, or dead Drug Dealers, or Druggy’s who tried to stop her.


THE 197



The Toodlock Thire Police Forces have surrounded the Building, and Nisho and Tamaron watch from a nearby alleyway.

“We can’t just leave her alone in there, I’m going back in” Nisho says and starts to walk away… But Tamaron grabs her arm.

“Nisho are you sure that’s such a good idea?” Tamaron exclaims.

“It’s alright Tamaron… I need to do this” Nisho replies, and moves past him towards a back entrance into the building.


Rain sits back in his desk chair while listening to one of His Men trying to explain what happened in the their Drug Selling Building.

She started killing everybody boss!! It was crazy!” explains the young man on the screen.









“We need to find out more about this girl…” replies Rain.




“I might be able to help you with that” suddenly Merrick, Jenna’s estranged brother appears out of the shadows.



PICTURE CREDITS – Ren Honjo, Anime Guys With Cool Black Hair, Anime Freak, Sex and Villainy , Colorado Burning

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Part Five – Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

Part VI – Captain Fire 197 – Blue Rain

Part VII – Wake The Beast

Season One Captain Fire



Dark Rider Art

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It’s a Friggen Miracle, both My Brother, and My Nephew each Texted me Drawings today… My Brother actually Texted me Some Charcoal Drawings of My Main “White Jade” Character… Of course he was supposed to be working on “Dark Rider” Drawings, lol… But that’s My Brother, Super Alpha, and Super Independent, lol

His Original Drawings were pretty cool, but I couldn’t tell if it was a Guy or a Girl, Ha… So, he’s got some Rust to break off, as he hasn’t drawn in a while… But the Drawings are still very cool… Not sure if I’ll show those, need to get his permission first… Might wait for later drawings.

My Nephew on the other hand, did 4 “Dark Rider” Characters, and 1 “Captain Fire 197” oneI also need to check with him before I Post em… But I think at least 3 of the 5 came out pretty good… These are just First Sketches, but I’m curious if they’ll do more, and how they will Evolve. My Nephew Draws Good Elves, might have something to do with the fact that he Looks like an Elf, Ha

Anyway, this is more of a Silly Update, with no Pictures, just a bit of Type, lol

I did Write most of My Newest Captain Fire 197 in a Notebook today, as The internet was down for  a little while… So I should be posting that Tomorrow.

And then I need to Write My Newest Dark Rider, which hopefully I’ll also Post tomorrow, or maybe on Saturday.

The Mind Chronicles I haven’t decided what I’m doing with at this point… Someday I’d like to make it into a Comic, but it wouldn’t come until after Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… I haven’t decided if I’m goina continue Posting it for now… We Shall See… But My New Blog Series “Whisper Moon” is coming along pretty good, and seems to get a better response than “The Mind Chronicles”.

Anyway, this is just a bit of an Update, as I mentioned recently that I’m looken for Artists for Dark Rider, and Captain Fire 197… White Jade will be more difficult, but for some reason my Brother seems to be Drawing for that, lol

Anyway, Nuff Said

Thanks for Listening/Reading

And Thanks for Your Continued Support


Battle Speed… Full Speed Ahead – DarkJade Update

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It’s been a busy Year, lol

To say the least…

A bit of an Update

Blog Series;

Tales of The Dark Rider (Previously Dark Rider)

People still seem to be enjoying The Dark Rider Series, and so am I… Especially since I’ve now Brought in Dark Rider’s Brother, and Son, who was raised by his Brother… And you find out that The Dark Rider comes from a Family of Rangers, but he has gone a different path… And now that they have Freed The Dark Rider from The Scarlet Bandit, What’s Next for The Dark Rider… You’ll just have to Tune In.

Captain Fire 197

Now this Series has taken quite a different turn with “The Always Nice” Jenna, now battling the Darker Side of herself, which seems to be somehow connected to her Newly Found Telekinetic Powers, as opposed to just being Telepathic… (Yeah, just Telepathic, like that’s a small thing, lol… But you know what I mean, lol).

The Mind Chronicles

I’ve kind of slowed down a bit on this Series as much as I like Writing it… I’m not sure what kind of following I have with it, so we shall see how it goes.






Whisper Moon (A New Series)

I have started a New Series that is getting Decent Feedback, and I’m Really Enjoying Writing it, and how it’s gone so far… After all, who wouldn’t want to Read About a Recluse Young Self Made Billionaire, whose suddenly put into situations where he’s forced to come out of his head, and tap into deeper self resources from within himself? Or something like that, Check it out, and let me know what you think.

Self Publishing;

Winter, Lust, And Wonder (My Poetry Book)

I know I’ve been talking about Self Publishing Quite a Bit, as January Marked The First Time I’ve Ever Self Published any of My Work, with Winter, Lust, And Wonder.

It’s certainly been An Evolving, and Constant Learning Process… But so far, I’m pretty happy with the Results.

I will tell you this, as it turns out, “Writing” something is the Simplest Part of Self Publishing, lol Finding a Printer was Challenging, but I am very Happy with the Company I’ve ended up Choosing to Print This Book. And as most of you Probably know, I got it into a Local Bookstore, which I was Simply Thrilled about… It’s been in there a couple weeks now, and no Sales… But They are having “Poetry Month” In Their Store in April, so Wish Me Luck, as I’m hoping it might get some notice then. We shall see.

Meanwhile I am “Fully Exploring” The Marketing of it Online, which is going to take A Lot of Time And Research. Oh, I did get it Uploaded as an ebook for Kindle though, so that’s good. For people who don’t want to spend $5.25 (Which is The Adjusted Price for My Readers, and/or Comrades in Ink, after the 30% Discount Code I have on its Page), they can spend $1.99. The Printed Copies are Really Nice Though I have to say, and There’s like 7 to 10 Colors you can Choose from now.

My Comic Book (White Jade)

The Good News, My Very, Very, Very… Very Slow Comic Book Printer (It took 50 Days to get them), finally Shipped me My 8 Page Comlet (Partial Comic Book), and they look Simply Awesome… In fact I’m so happy with them, I may end up using this Company after all, even though their shipment was some 22 Days or so late.

It should be quicker next time, as it’s a “Reorder” now… No “Set” Up Etc.

The Bad News, I can’t get the Comic Book Artist who did the Drawings for me some 6 years ago to Reply to My E-mails… Now keep in mind, we’ve been in touch several times leading up to The Printing of these Comlets, but now that they’re here, she’s not Replying.

The thing is this, I need to figure out the Royalties and such before I start to Market The Hell out of this thing… As I paid her upfront to do these drawings, and from what I’m reading everywhere The Artist either gets Paid Up Front, or Gets Paid From Sales, or a Blend Of The Two… Well, she likes to get paid upfront, which is fine, but in the one and only conversation we ever had about “Future Sales” (Not for this 8 Page Book so much, More So for Future Books that I’d sell, as this 8 Page Book is more for Marketing it really), she said something about us just Splitting The Profits from Sales… Sounds Fair right? But if you pay someone to Draw a 24 Page Comic Book for you, Which Would Run me between $3,000 and $4,000 (Which I don’t have at the moment), I’m thinken the things I’ve been reading are right, and The Artist shouldn’t be getting 50% of the Sales Profits, Plus 3-4k… Anyway, I’m not like some “Greedy Bastard” or something, lol… I figure even if she wants her Money Up Front like we’ve always done, I still want to give her maybe 20% of the Profits from Sales, even if it’s a bit Above what people normally do… BUT FIRST SHE HAS TO REPLY TO MY E-MAILS!!!! Lol… I did actually get her to Reply Once by “Playfully” Giving her a hard time about it, as we’re pretty friendly… But her response in a nutshell was “HaHaHa Please Be Patient!!!” lol

Sooooo Now it’s been 14 Days since I sent My Original E-mail which had Vital Questions that I need Answered before I start to Market The Hell out of this thing…

The End Result, or The Current Result anyway, is that I have to Basically Shelf This Project until she either Replies, or I Get a New Artist… Which I’ve been Extremely Reluctant to do, as I just Love Her Work… It basically came out 80 to 90% like what I had Envisioned.

Anyway, I’ve spent several days being a bit Blue About this, but when you have to rely on other people, which I do when it comes to Comic Books, BECAUSE I CAN’T DRAW!!! lol Oh well.

I Died Once (I.D.O.) My Novella

I finished My First Novella I believe in November or December of last year, and sat it aside while I worked on Self Publishing “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”.

Now that I have Self Published My Poetry Book, it’s time to Move on to Self Publishing My First Ever Novella… And as Soon as My Editor (Who is My Eldest Sister, lol) Has some time, hopefully she’ll get to it, lol. I’ve asked her if she thought she might be able to Start Editing it in April, giving her a couple more weeks to not worry about it, and she said it depends on her Work Schedule. After all, She’s an “Accountant” by Trade, not an “Editor”, lol… But Maybe if I become “Terribly Successful someday, I can drag her away from Accounting, lol Maybe Not, lol If she isn’t able to Work on it in April, I’m going to have to start trying to find another Editor however… Once again, we shall see.

Dream Shift (My Second Poetry Book)

The Good News I worked with Kirsty @ La Plume Noire (Who is also one of My Two Assistant Editors on My Other Blog, The Dark Globe) on The Cover for My Second Poetry Book Dream Shift, using a Photo by Kristy @ Little Trot (Whom I had gotten Permission from to use…) And I’m really Happy with the Results.

This Book, however, also needs to be Edited… And Thus I won’t be Self Publishing it for Several Months Most Likely, allowing time for My Novella to be Edited, Self Published, and Marketed. Phew… lol

Ok, This Post is Getting Long, lol… Just one more thing.

Chess With Agatha… And The Dark Fortress of Doom (My Fantasy Novel/Potentially The First of a Trilogy)

My Fantasy Novel which I am Really Enjoying Writing, and People seem to Like So far… I started this in January of This Year, and I would Love to finish it and Self Publish it in Late Summer, or in The Fall… Once Again, We Shall See.

Other than that, I’ve Started Using Twitter as many of you may have noticed… I’ve been using it for The Dark Globe as a way to “Further Network” and Support One Another, Both The Crew of The Dark Globe, and Its Readers… You Can Follow it Here @TheDarkGlobe1 if you like.

But for “Strictly The Written Word” News and Updates, I’ve also Created a Second Twitter Account @DJWrittenWord which you’re also more than Welcome to Follow… I’ve been having Fun with it.

Well, I think I’ve Hit You with Enough, lol

As Always, I Truly Do Appreciate All Of Your Support… It Means a Great Deal to me, and has Played a Vital Role in My Drive to Self Publish My Work… So I Thank You

Nuff Said

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PHOTO CREDIT – Karlsimon Viking Ship

Captain Fire 197 – Wake The Beast

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THE 197

“197 Calling Operation Expose… Mino do you read me?” speaks Jono into the 197 Comunicay as he sits back in a large black chair at the Control Panel.

Roger that… This is Mino… Go Ahead Jonoreplies Mino.

“Status Report on Operation Expose” Jono requests.

“Roger that… Tameron and Nisho got a lead to an abandoned building where “Blue Rain” Sitings are supposed to be had… They’re going in with their informant in hopes to get some “Blue Rain”, and hopefully a further lead… Jenna is following them incognito should anything go wrong… Mino Out” replies Mino.

“Roger that… 197 Out” Jono sits back in his chair, concern starting to grow within him.



A young man with a gun guards the door as Tamaron, Nisho and their Informant approach the abandoned building entrance.

“Well… Well… What have we got here… A couple “Hungry” one’s, eh” speaks the boy mockingly.

“We’ve got the money… Hopefully you boys can deliver the goods” replies Nisho, trying to appear cool.

“Oh we’ve got the goods Pretty One… Take em inside” the boy tells the Informant, and so they go inside the Abandoned Building.







Meanwhile, concealed, and watching from the distance is Jenna.

Once they’re all inside there are maybe 15 or so druggies gathered around fires in trashcans…



Meanwhile back at the hotel Mino waits anxiously…

“My First Time Leading a Mission… You Two Better Not Blow It”

she thinks to herself.


As Nisho, Tamaron and the Informant move through the druggies, they finally reach a very scary looking dude.

“Well Hello There “Boy” and “Girl” he spews sarcastically and looks at the Informant  “Fresh Meat eh…”.

“Keep in Mind “Blue Rain” leaves no “Permanent” effect…” he continues.

“Unless you consider “Brain Damage and Cell Synthisis” as Permanent HaHaHa!!” he starts to laugh diabolically as he spins a small vile of blue liquid in the air.

“Is that the stuff” Tamaron suddenly asks in a desperate tone.

The Scary Dude quickly looks over at Tamaron “Patience Blue Hair… You’ll get what you have coming to you soon enough” this sentence rings badly in Nisho’s ear, and before they know it the Scary Dude and the Informant both start to go for their guns, and all seems to slow down…

WHAMM!!!suddenly off by the entrance, the guard comes flying into the building and his body smacks up against a bunch of Crates, knocking them down.


With this the Scary Dude and Informant turn and direct their guns towards the Entrance… But it’s too late.

Before they know it both of their bodies are Slammed up against the nearby Walls, as if by some Powerful Force, leaving them Lifeless…

Meanwhile Nisho and Tamaron have taken cover…

And all that remains is Jenna standing there Arms Raised, her Eyes Glowing Unaturally Green, and her Mouth Frothing

“GET OUT OF HERE!!! NOW!!!” she yells.



PICTURE CREDITS – Anime Guys, Colradoburn, Imagen Anime, She Loves Her Sword, Anime Pictures, Favourite Anime

Captain Fire 197 Season 2;

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Part Five – Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

Part VI – Captain Fire 197 – Blue Rain

Captain Fire 197 Season 1



Captain Fire 197 – Blue Rain

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“These latest results would indicate that “Blue Rain” is More Potent than ever…” speaks Scientist Boyta.

“For what I’m paying you, it better be” replies Rain.

“Well… Yes… You are paying me well Sir, and if I haven’t told you before, Thank–” Boyta starts to say, but Rain cuts him off.

“Save it… Just make sure It’s Stable this time… I don’t need anymore Exploding Kidneys…” Rain starts to walk away.

“It’s Bad for Business” he finishes as the door slides shut behind him.

Boyta is left sweating a bit.



“I don’t like Tamaron being out there alone” speaks Jenna, who is pacing, and looking a bit edgy and nervous… Something she is definitely not usually.

“I’m sure he’s fine…”

“I reply trying to put her at ease… Yeah… Right, have you ever tried to put a Telepath at Ease, it’s no easy thing I tell yah”.

“His Shape Shifting Powers are something truly miraculous, I’m sure he’s already in the Heat of Things” Nisho continues.



“Remain calm you two, I’m tracking his every movement” Mino explains, though she looks tense herself.

“Arghhh… Mino in Command… I miss Jono”.



“Hey Buddy… Can you tell me where I might score some “Blue Rain”… I’ve really got the Shakes, and need a Fix… It’s Paramount, yah know…” explains Tamaron who has transformed into a blue haired drug user.

“Do I really look like someone who can score you some Blue Rain Man!!??” Now get out of my Face if you know what’s good for yah!!” the druggy in the street replies.


“This may be harder than we expected” Tamaron explains.

Is it me, or has Tamaron Really Grown up during his time on The 197… Wait, what am I doing, stop focusing on Tamaron, Jono, Jono, Jono”



PHOTO CREDITS – Scientist, Rain, Nisho, Mino, Druggy, Tamaron

Captain Fire 197 Season 2

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Part Five – Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

Captain Fire 197 Season 1




Captain Fire 197 – Withdrawal Shock

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Captain Fire called a Special Meeting with the Crew… And sadly, Jenna didn’t show for it… Until

Suddenly she entered the back of the room, but sat alone. Oddly, she was wearing all black, and she seemed to keep her eyes down.

“Thanks for Coming Crew… Though I am now Clean and Clear with the Federation, they have approached me and the 197, and asked if we’d consider undertaking a “Special Covert Mission” Captain Fire began to explain.

“Jono will be doing “Intel” on this Mission, as he’s had direct contact with the man we’re going afters Boss, and so can not be seen”.







“Which means Mino will be heading up the Mission…” Mino and Jono are both sitting next to Captain Fire, and Mino nods when he says this.

“I know some of you aren’t used to working with Mino, as she is the Second in Command when it comes to Security, but she is Highly Trained, and capable” he finishes.

Captain Fire then nods to Jono, and sits.

Jono stands, and puts a picture of a man on the screen.

“This Man is Named Colonel Otquai… He runs an underground mafia ring, and many people report to him… He is the man that I’ve done some work for in Security, as he has many Enemies, and it was my job to protect him” Jono explains.

“But he is not who we’re after…” he continues.

This is the Man that we’re looking for… A Man Known as “Rain”…”.

“But he reports directly to Colonel Otaqui, so it is too risky for me to be directly involved”.

“Now Rain with the Large Ego that he has, Created an Addictive/Augmentative Substance known as “Blue Rain””.

“Blue Rain is a Powerful Drug which if used by anyone over the Age of 30, will most likely kill them… And so our Users will be fairly young” Jono explains.

“Soon we’ll be arriving at the Atmosphere of Toodlock Thire…“.

“Toodlock Thire is a Hornet’s Nest of Substance Abusers, and Money Launderers, so we’re going to have to be careful”.

“On the mission we will be sending Mino, Nisho and Tamaron…” Jono explains.

“And me” Jenna suddenly speaks from the back of the room.

Jono looks up at her “And Jenna…” he replies.

“Meeting adjourned, further information on the Roles you’ll be playing have been sent to your Private Computer Consoles”.

“Good Luck…” Jono finishes.



PICTURE CREDITS – Captain Harlock, Jono, Mino, Claim A Villain, Sex and Villainy

Captain Fire 197 Season 2

Part One – Captain Fire 197 – We Know What You Are

Part Two – Captain Fire 197 – Beast Calling

Part Three – Captain Fire 197 – Truth is Thicker than Blood

Part Four – Captain Fire 197 – Changed

Captain Fire 197 Season 1