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Strong Female Characters

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Art by MyCKs


For me it all started with my character ‘Jade’, in a story about a Knight I wrote when I was 10 or 11… She was engaged to marry this great knight, but was a very independent spirit

In fact, her fiancé’ would secretly teach her in the ways of archery

She would sneak off and practice in the wood, sometimes with him, sometimes not


Beyond being who I am, who I was when I was born, I suspect that my draw to strong female characters may stem from my Mom, and growing up with a single mother

She’s actually been with her boyfriend for 43 years, but she made it very clear from the beginning whenever she’d date someone, that they weren’t to interfere with her kids

Namely my brother and I, mainly, as my two older sisters were hardly ever home, and moved out when they were young

Art by Del Borovic


In 1999, I stepped away from Corporate America to finally pursue my dream of being a Filmmaker…

I was 30 at the time, and though I’d always wanted to be a Director, I quickly realized I was also a Writer

In 2002 (I was 33), my third year of pursuing Filmmaking, I wrote a Feature Length Screenplay called ‘White Jade’…

…it was about a young Japanese girl (Maybe 22 or 23) named NAYOKO who was raised by her father who was a Monk of ‘The White Jade Order’

She quickly came to realize her father also had a second, secret life as an Assassin for a righteous underground group called ‘The Red Crane’…

…while following him on one of his missions, she saw her father commit a murder in the name of better good

She then turned herself in to the New Tokyo Police Department, and confessed to the crime as if she had done it herself…

…in order to protect her father

Nayoko, for me, was, and is a very powerful female character… Though young, she grows exponentially through this story


The next strong female I wrote about, was MADY MONROE…

I started this Writing Blog late 2011 (I was 42), and in the Winter that year I started writing a story that took on a life of it’s own within this Blog

Then early/mid 2012, I Self Published it as a Novella called, ‘I Died Once’

Looking at the definition of a ‘Novella’, you could almost call ‘I Died Once’ a ‘Short Story’… But for me, it definitely wasn’t

‘I Died Once’ is a story about a 15 year girl in the middle of an existential crisis

‘To Be… Or Not To Be’

Mady was a strong young girl, set in the middle of an unhealthy, compassionateless life

Her character just came to life for me, and lead to a Second Novella…

‘Mady’s Storm’

This one I wrote one year after the first, in late 2012, but wasn’t Edited & Self Published until 2015

It takes place 8 years later, and has more to do with becoming a woman, set is some very, once again, challenging situations


Somewhere around the time I was writing the original Mady Novella, I also started writing a Fantasy Novel called ‘Chess With Agatha’…

This one was about a 17 year old girl named AGATHA, whose adoptive parents had both died in a terrible car crash, and now she was under the care of a legal guardian named AGAMEMNON…

Not your typical name, and not your typical guy

Without giving too much away, in one form or another Agatha ends up transporting to another world… A parallel universe if you will, where things like dragons and vampires exist

This book was very much a book about coming into who you are as you try to unravel a mystery surrounding your real parents, set in a fantasy world


Next in 2012 came ‘Allure’, a story about a young 17 year old girl, who’s also a vampire slayer… But there is more to the story, as her Mother’s acclaimed vampire novels may be more than just stories

Chess With Agatha (A Fantasy Novel) By James Mahoney

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Back In 2012-2013 I Wrote A Fantasy Novel Within This Blog… Hired An Editor, Then Sat It Down… In 2015 I Hired A Second Editor/Wordsmith, And They Worked On The First Few Chapters… Here They Are


Chess With Agatha

A Fantasy Novel by James Mahoney


Additional Wordsmithing by

Kaitlin Q. Calkins

Cover Photography by

Kirsty Pang @

Cover Design by

James Mahoney & Kirsty Pang

Editing by

Shannon Fox

With additional Editing by Kaitlin Q. Calkins

Special Thanks to Bethany Beckman & Héloïse De Smet

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.


Copyright © 2013-2019 James Mahoney

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.



“No One Loves The Fool…”

“No, Indeed Not”

“But I shall Change This…”

“It Is Within MyPower to Change This”

Iliad The Fool~

The King knelt down and hugged his raven haired daughter.

Being only five years of age, she may not have remembered this occasion later in life… but under the spell that was being cast, she definitely would not.

At least not for some time…

“We must hurry my lord, the portal will close soon,” spoke the King’s Wizard.

“Know you this… it’s for your safety that I’m doing this daughter,” spoke the King.



The Protector

A seventeen year old girl sits alone in the dark on the floor of an old rundown apartment. Around her are some dozen or so half-filled boxes, filled with items from a life that is now over. A time which has ran its course.

My parents are gone.

Or rather, my adopted parents. Killed in a car crash, on the way home from the liquor store that cold winter night in November.

     Cold winter nights…There’s been so many of those this year.

The sun slowly rises outside the living room window behind her, which is largely blocked by an olive green bed sheet.

Her adopted mother’s choice.

She had hated the sunlight, you see. Hangovers had caused this… sensitivity to light.

And as the slivers of the morning light begin to enter the room, they catch the ends of Agatha’s hair, lighting them up like a tapestry of gold.

Yes, her name is Agatha. And her blue eyes, though hidden now in the darkness of the room, pierce the skies, and rival the sea with their majesty and brilliant glow.

As Agatha waits for Agamemnon to arrive and escort her to school, she finds herself playing with the thick black laces of her short black Doc Martin boots.

Draped over her body, she wears a worn, second hand black navy pea coat, which goes all the way down to her ankles when she stands, though she’s five foot nine.

And, about her neck she wears a deep purple scarf, most royal indeed.

Soon Agatha would hear the clip, clop, slide, of Agamemnon’s lame leg, coupled with the tap, tap, tap of his black cherry wood cane.

     Who is this stranger? She often asked herself.

This, dark, quiet man who comes for me, every morning now. Supposedly a guardian, or some such thing appointed by my adopted father.

But Agatha, in her now five months long daze, has never really given it much thought.



It’s him…

“Agatha… Come,” called Agamemnon from outside the door.



Another Life

As we walked, Agamemnon made sure to never look me directly in the eyes, keeping mostly to himself. Which was fine by me, as I generally found myself gazing at his lame leg.

CLIP… CLOP… SLIDE… And his cane.


     It was a particularly cold day, and yet, there was no color in the air. It all seemed to go out that morning, leaving a faint, grey-blue haze.

And that was when the voice would come…

     You will need one Knight… NO! TWO!

     He’d correct himself.

     And a Magician.“NO! NO! YOU FOOL! TWO!

     He’d correct himself again. This had been going on for weeks. The unknown voice making me question reality and the imaginary.

My sanity began to twinge at the thought of my own madness. Hearing voices is a sign of lunacy, especially when the voices you hear are of even crazier people…    

Things of this world are of little matter, Agatha

Suddenly a new voice sprouted in my head. A familiar one…    

There is another life, Agatha… a harder life

It was Aggememnon’s. Intense and deep…

Yup, I am definitely going insane…

With this thought, Agamemnon stopped and turned to face me.

His eyes were dark as they looked intently into mine                                                            

There will be no turning back

His voice seeming to be talking with me. Could he actually be talking to me? Or…

“You must play me a game.”

     Agememnon actually speaking jarred me out of my previous thoughts. A game? What was he talking about?

“And you must play well.”

     He was serious, as he dramatically turned to leave me standing there without waiting for me to reply.  

What the hell was going on?

…yup, definitely going insane

“…Okay?” I said out loud to myself, walking toward the doors of my stereotypical high school. Another day in paradise…   



Hemmingbyrd’s Dream




The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd finds himself suddenly awake at a most ungodly hour.

     I woke in a tussle that night. Body covered in the sweat of the Gods. As I will surely do their bidding. And soon I think.

     Hemmingbyrd sits up, legs over the side of his dark wood four post bed, and stretches as he wipes away the slumber from his eyes.

At first glance, one might not realize how young he looks, in his mid to late twenties at most, because of his white hair which he has in a braid that runs down his back. But in reality, he is indeed quite old. For soon he shall see his five hundred and eleventh birthday. But he would rather not speak of that, as Wizards don’t oft live beyond seven hundred and twelve. And he finds this most distressing. So much left to do…

But for some reason as of late, his true age has slipped his mind.

Hemmingbyrd stands and pulls a freshly washed blue robe over his head. He walks toward the thick grey drapes that cover his tower window in large, uneven strides. opens them to an early morning blue, purple and black sky.

“Ob it!” he exclaims, as he is often making up his own words and obscenities. He had hoped that all things foul and evil in the world had removed themselves.

But of course, that was not the case… Evil awaits.

He shuts the drapes, “Pfft,” he sighs.

“But enough of all this,” he mutters to himself as he leaves his chamber, always making sure to break the length and rhythm of his strides. One must maintain their illusiveness after all

His hands clasped behind his back, he makes his long uneven steps down the dark and dismal corridor.

I wonder how I came to be in service of such a dreary place. The fact that I cannot remember is quite alarming…

He thinks to himself.

But I do not have time to dwell on such things right now.

Soon he will reach the great and currently empty Hall of his noble King, who as we speak, is imprisoned deep in the dungeons of Norawyn, hanging by chains with only a beam of sunlight for company.


But this part of the story will come later…

Beyond her arrival.

Suddenly Hemmingbyrd reaches into one of his deep robe pockets, and brings forth a yellow crystal ball, some four inches in diameter, and sets it afloat before him as he walks. He gazes at it intensely. But it offers him no insights, and so he snatches it back out of the air, deposits it back into his pocket, and says, “Round it!” which, of course, makes no sense.

As he enters the King’s abandoned Hall, pushing the great doors wide open, he proclaims these words, “I had a Dream,” only to be terribly disappointed to see Iliad, the King’s Fool, standing upon the great throne, dancing and singing in false gayety, in order to entertain Jodan and Morr, the King’s ‘Rooks’ as it were, who sat in chairs clapping and cheering him on.

Now, Iliad was a wiry little fellow, blond haired, and dressed in red and yellow Fool’s attire. And of course a silly little Fool’s hat,

which bore three little bells.

“FOOL! BE GONE!” Hemmingbyrd commanded as he approached the throne.

As Iliad runs out of the King’s Hall, Hemmingbyrd grabs his shoulder as he runs by him, and brings his ear directly a spec away from his whispering mouth. “Did you tell her about the Knights?” Hemmingbyrd inquires.

“I did, I did, My Lord…” the Fool replies.

“And what of the Magicians?” Hemmingbyrd continues.

“Indeed, Indeed, My Lord. Two of each, as you say,” he replied once more.

“Two?” Hemmingbyrd states while pressing two fingers at Iliad’s face.

“Yes,” Iliad replies, “Two.”

“Be gone, Fool!” Hemmingbyrd demands once more, releasing Iliad, who quickly scurries off.

Jodan suddenly steps forward, “We can no longer wait for this ‘Chosen’ one to arrive, Wizard.”

Jodan, who, despite his grizzly beard, appears surprisingly quite noble. A tall, muscular fellow, with dark brown hair.

Meanwhile the black haired, pale skinned Morr, clad in black velvet clothing, merely stirs his dark red drink with his dagger, and smiles in his typical menacing way. Never looking up at Hemmingbyrd.

“Don’t you see! WE MUST!” Hemmingbyrd proclaims as he waves his hands around. “The game must be played!”

Jodan grimaces in disagreement, and returns to his seat.

Meanwhile, Hemmingbyrd suddenly freezes and speaks softly to himself, “The Game? Must

be played… THAT’S IT!” he suddenly bellows, to Morr and Jodan’s dismay. “SHE HAS YET TO PLAY THE GAME!” With this Hemmingbyrd turns and departs, still speaking as he goes,         “I must consult the Stones,” are the last words that can be made out as he goes.

Jodan looks over at Morr who has finished his drink in one foul gulp. “The old man’s quite mad,” he says, smiling at Morr.

They both begin to laugh maniacally.

The Mady Chronicles

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mady's chronicles

Believe it or nor, I am a Writer, though much of what you’ve seen posted lately on my

“The Written Word” Blog has been about my upcoming Web Series, “White Jade”

In 2011 I created this Blog as a ‘Creative Writing Stream Of Consciousness’, so to speak

And in 2012 I Self Published my First Book, which was a Short Book of Poetry, followed by my First Novella, which was “I Died Once”

“Winter, Lust And Wonder” (Poetry Book) @ Amazon

“I Died Once” @ Amazon

“I Died Once” was a story that just came to me chapter after chapter in the winter of 2011, and to my surprise, had some positive reviews.


I’m Blown Away… Figuratively, by Something Literary

Kymlee’s Review

Terri Wachala

When I say to my surprise, what I mean is, I thought there would be some that liked it, some that didn’t… But for the most part, even people who weren’t really into this genre of story seemed to get something out of it.

As a writer, I was enthralled.

Later that year I gave away thousands of Free Digital Copies of it, just to get people familiar with my writing a bit.

On Amazon I got 4 Good Reviews, and 1 not good one, which to me, was better than I expected Amazon Reviews

Mady Cover

One thing I knew right away about ‘Mady’, was there was more to tell than just the first Novella, in which she was just 15 years old.

And so come the winter of 2012, I was at it again, and wrote the first draft of the follow up Novella, “Mady’s Storm”.

“Mady’s Storm” takes place 8 years later, and I won’t say any more than that, as I don’t want to give anything away about the original Novella, nor the followup one.

A Font with Serifs

Also during that time, as well as the spring of 2013, I wrote my first Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha”.

Before touching “Mady’s Storm” again, I hired an Editor for “Chess With Agatha”, but found myself still wanting more than what was the finished product.

That’s when I brought on a second Writer & Editor, and she began helping me realize “Chess With Agatha’s” true potential…

But it became quickly apparent, that it was going to take a very long time for us to finish this revised version of “Chess With Agatha”, and so we sat it down.

Mady Cover2

In 2015 I finally found a moment to pick “Mady’s Storm” back up, and had my “Chess With Agatha” Co-Writer/Editor do a quick Edit of it.

In December 2015 I finally Self Published “Mady’s Storm”, after a long ‘Mady’ hiatus.

Mady’s Storm @ Amazon


In addition to the ‘Mady Chronicles’ (The First Two Novellas, plus future novellas), the “Chess With Agatha” Trilogy (Part of the second book is written as well), I also wrote two Vampire Novellas from what is called the ‘Allure’ Series.

The truth is, I have a lot of work to do as a Writer should I hope to make these series of books a reality… And though I’m currently working on my “White Jade” Web Series (Which I wrote as well), there is a part of me that longs to get back to my Books.

Nuff said,

Thanks for listening/reading



Follow Me On Twitter @







Or The Legends Productions Blog


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I’m at an interesting point with writing right now

A bit of my writing history, for those of you that haven’t followed my blog since 2011 when I created it



First of all, my first dream was to be a Professional Baseball Player

A Pitcher to be more specific

I’ve mentioned this along the way

Gave that up because I lived with a single mom, in the middle of a remote canyon

And it just would have been tough to pull off


Then in 1977 I saw the Original Star Wars at the age of 8

And I wanted to be a Filmmaker from then on

A Director to be specific

Now at some point between the age of 11 and 13


I actually started to write a book called

One Knight

(Which I actually started again from scratch in 2011/2012)

And when I showed it to my dad (Who I didn’t live with, but was visiting) he told me I was a Writer

screenplayNow in say, 1995-96, being the person I was with told me they would leave me if I pursued Film Making

I suggested that I instead pursue Screenplay Writing

They would not agree to this either

Fortunately this relationship ended in 1998

And in 1999, I finally attempted to pursue Film Making

“The Realm” (2000)

Now this mainly began with some experimental stuff, like the footage above

Which was basically my brother and I and Action Figures

No Editing

Just rolling the camera with an Effect on that changed the way everything looked

And also helped to hide our hands, Lol

And the music is the Soundtrack from “Conan”

Being played out of a Music Box sitting near by

The reason the music sounds so good is that the Video Camera

Which I believe was a Sony…..

Had a very good Microphone built into it

“If Not Now…” (2002)

And then two years later, My First Short Film, “If Not Now…”

Now with this, there was Editing

But, I filmed it in an hour and a half due to my brothers’ time constraints

So some of it was kind of rough, because there weren’t enough takes to choose from

None the less, I got it into Film and Video Festival in New York

Which changed my life

Even so, after my Dad watched it with me (I invited him to go to New York with me)

He still continued to refer to me as a Writer

At the time, that kind of bothered me

Because I was a Filmmaker

But reflecting, I think there are two reasons for this

I do believe my Dad is actually an unrealized Writer

And thus that is his focus

And, I am in fact a Writer


In 2002, I also wrote my First Draft of my Screenplay “White Jade”

And a Play called “Stranger In The Dark”

And in 2003, I stepped away from Film Making

And began writing Screenplays

White Jade Cover Book 1(2006)

And in 2006, hired an Artist to convert the first few pages of “White Jade” into a Comic Book

written word(2011-Present)

But it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally decided to give Writing 100% of my focus

With the Creation of “The Written Word” Blog

Where you are now

And for a year and a half, I Wrote like crazy

Blog Series

Dark Rider – Season 1 (2011); The Dark Rider had set out that day to End His Own Life… But he did Not Succeed. Now with only the Company of a Mysterious White Owl, and an Elven Mercenary by the name of Largoth, he seeks out some Deeper Truth… In this First Season of Dark Rider.

Part One – Dark Rider

Part Two – Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

Part Three – Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

Part Four – Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

Part Five – Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

Part Six – Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

Part Seven – Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

Part Eight – Dark Rider – Enter the Drow (Dark Elves)

Part Nine – Dark Rider – Nownyhall

Part X – Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

Part XI – Dark Rider – Hunted

Part XII – Dark Rider – Certain Death

Part XIII – Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

Part XIV – Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

Part XV – Dark Rider – Heroes Calling

Part XVI – Dark Rider – Winter Come

Part XVII – Dark Rider – The Northern Realms

Part XVIII – Dark Rider – Fool of Thy Self

Part XIX – Dark Rider – Feeling The Heat

Part XX – Dark Rider – They Struck at Dawn

Part XXI – Dark Rider – Man Down

Dark Rider – Season 2 (2012); The Dark Rider has received a Near Fatal Blow at the Hand of Prouhl, The Dark Warrior of Heen… Will he survive… And if he does, will it be in time to Save His Friends!

Part One – Champion of Wogtay

Part Two – Seasons Change

Tales of The Dark Rider; It’s been two years since the defeat of Lord Embul, at the walls of the Kingdom of Wogtay…

The Dark Rider and his comrades have parted, and each gone their own way… But an enemy of The Dark Rider, has not forgotten him…

PHOTO CREDIT – Dark Assassin

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Part 8 – Wounded Heart

Part 9 – Retribution

Part X – Head In A Box

Whisper Moon

26 Years of Mental Preparation… But For What… I think I’m About to Find Out

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Episode XVI – Changes

Episode XVII – Debt

Episode XVII – Oh No You Didn’t

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2;

The Mind has begun Taking Down the Mutant Population on his own, with the Humanitarians Close on his Heels… And the World Police Legions are doing their best to Change His Mind… Yeah Right, like that’s going to happen.

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume One – Feed Thy Enemies

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Two – The 4th Breed

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Three – Exile (Part 1)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Four – Exile (Part 2)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Five – Mutant Siege

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Six – Population Decrease

The Mind Chronicles – Season 1;

The Year is 2075… There are but some 200,000 People left alive on Post Apocalyptic Earth, after the “Great Collision” of 2039…

And some 500,000 or more Mutants…

A Mysterious Man known only as “The Mind” has arrived in a Mechanical Machine, in a Flash of Light…

No one knows from where he’s come… But the real question is, From “When” He’s Come…

In Season One of The Mind Chronicles.

The Mind – Prologue

The Mind Chronicles – Volume One – The Mercenary

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Two – Nothing Stays The Same

The Mind Chronicles – Volume ThreeOld Blue Eyes

The Mind Chronicles – Volume FourRun

The Mind Chronicles – Volume FiveThe Greater Need

The Mind Chronicles – Volume SixFarahi

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Seven – Visitors

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Eight – Chillen With The Mind

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Nine – Onset

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Ten – Target Practice

PICTURE CREDITFantasy Blue Eye Glow



ill Conceived – (Nov-Dec, 2013)

Lights – (Nov-Dec, 2013)

Hope – Volume Thirteen (May-Nov, 2013)

Nine – Volume Twelve (March-April, 2013)

Beyond Truth – Volume Eleven (January-February, 2013)


Breathe Deep – Volume Ten (November-December, 2012)

Tranquil Light – Volume Nine (September-November, 2012)

Darkness – Volume Eight (July-September, 2012)

Bereavement – Volume Seven (June-July, 2012)

ShadowsVolume Six (May-June, 2012)

Taken Heart – Volume Five (March-May, 2012)

Tales of Old – Volume Four (March-Present, 2012)

Rain Shall Shine (Capture the Night) – Volume Three (Jan-March, 2012)


Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Volume One (Sep-Oct, 2011)

Dream Shift – Volume Two (Oct-Dec, 2011)

idoAnd My Novella, “I Died Once

(Self-Published 2012)

A Font with SerifsFantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”

(Written 2011-2012 Currently Being Rewritten)

vj-g-31 2And Vampire Novella “Allure”

(Written In 2012, Currently Awaiting Editing)

Mady's Storm2And Current Kickstarter Novella “Mady’s Storm”

(Written At The End Of 2012, And Awaiting Editing)


Some of you may know some of what I showed, and some may not

But I am in a very interesting spot right now

Determining What’s Next For Me

I Want To Edit And Self Publish My Written Books

But What’s Next?

Do I Focus On Material That I’ve Already Written

Like Marketing My Screenplay “White Jade”

Or Do I Work On Whole New Projects?

I Know That I Am Happy With What I’ve Written So Far

And Though I Had To Step Away From Film Making

I Am Happy With My Short Film “If Not Now…”

This Year Feels Very Different For Me

And I Don’t Have A Definite Answer

But Hopefully All Of You Will Continue

To Join Me On My Journey



“I Died Once” Book Trailer August, 2012

“White Jade” (Part 1) Comic Book Video October, 2012

“White Jade” (Part 2) Comic Book Video October, 2012

“Chess With Agatha” Book Trailer November, 2012

“Captain Fire 197” Blog Series Promo Video March, 2014

20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

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20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

AnimeboyIt’s been a bit since I’ve Posted…

What have I been up to??


Writing Front


In The Works are still “Chess With Agatha” and “Mady’s Storm

“Chess With Agatha” is being Wordsmithed by another Writer

And I’m still working on getting Funds to get “Mady’s Storm” Edited


I haven’t been Writing any Poetry lately

But I’ve got a ton of it that still needs to be Edited, and Self Published

Blog Series;

Wolfjade was my last real series, Check it out if you haven’t

It’s not complete, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick it up again at some point


That’s all for now

Hope you’re all doing well



The Writing Process Blog Tour

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Today I’m participating in a blog tour where authors discuss their writing process. My friend Paige Addams posted last week. You can learn about her writing process here @ Paige Addams

Here we go…

What am I working on?

Chess with Agatha C 2Chess With Agatha;

Agatha is a 17 year old, typical misunderstood girl… Raised by adopted parents who spent most of their time drinking, and disregarding her existence… All that is about to change, when Agatha is contacted in a very unique way, which will lead her on an adventure that will reveal her ‘true’ identity.

“Chess With Agatha” is the First of a Fantasy Novel Trilogy, which I began writing in 2012. At the beginning of 2013, I had it Edited, but than whilst reviewing it with another brilliant Writer, found that it’s just not ready yet.

I’m hoping to work with this same Writer to finish up the Editing, as well as having her do some Wordsmithing for me.

With any luck, “Chess With Agatha” will at last be Self-Published in the next 6 months.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’ve been told that there are ‘Concepts’ within “Chess With Agatha” that are largely original… Something that it isn’t all that easy to do in the Fantasy Genre. You will find that ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are very prevalent within my writing. I was originally planning to be a Film Maker, which I did in fact pursue for three years… Inspired by the First Two Original “Star Wars” Films. George Lucas’s ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are what impressed me most (That and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, Lol). These Films, as well as Films like “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Blade Runner”, lead me towards being the Storyteller that I am.

I Died Once CoverWhy do I write what I do?

I love both ‘Fantasy’, and ‘Sci-Fi’ Stories… Though my Novella “I Died Once” was more of a ‘Human/Suspense/Father Daughter’ Story set in the past… In addition to the “Star Wars” Films, and “Blade Runner”, such films as “Clash of The Titans”, “Krull”, “Legend”, “The Never Ending Story”, “Flash Gordon”, “Labyrinth”, “Time Bandits”, “Conan the Barbarian”, and “Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger”, all played a role in what inspired me to Write. In addition to those films, though I’ve never been a huge Reader, Terry Brooks, whose “Sword Of Shannara” Book I couldn’t put down, very much inspired me. Lastly, Shakespeare’s plays, most particularly “Hamlet”, plays a very vital role in the essence of who I am as both a Film Maker, and Writer.

How does your writing process work?

Through the creation of my “The Written Word” Blog, I developed a method/process that has worked very well for me. “The Written Word” is basically a ‘Writing Journal’ for me, and everything I Post on here either comes right from my head onto paper (Er, Cyberspace), and is not Edited. Or is Written Down, then Posted. Perhaps if I had done better in English, more specifically Grammar, they would be cleaner from the get go… But being ‘Math’, and ‘Creative Writing’ were more my thing, I just let it fly… That said, I see these Posts as First Drafts… Once I decide to Self-Publish something I’ve Written/Posted, I place it all on a Word Document, and clean it up a bit… Only a bit though, as like I say, English isn’t my thing. I then ship it off to my friend, and fellow writer, where she first Reviews it, then sends me feedback on the Story, Characters, Story Clarity Etc.

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderNext she basically does a Line Edit, or what I call a ‘Pre’ Edit of the work. After I make changes based on what she said, I begin the some times rigorous task of finding an Editor. If I work directly with the Editor, such as I did with “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and “I Did Once”, there is no need to Review it afterwords. However, in such a case as with “Chess With Agatha”, where I shipped it off to be Edited, I then Review the results, and apply them as I see fit. Being this was the first time doing this with “Chess With Agatha”, this then resulted in my finding the need to do some more Editing, as well as Wordsmithing (Rewriting of some of the words, for the sake of ‘Clarity’, ‘Impact’, and truly making the most of the Story Concept, and Characters).

Now I know some of you are probably wondering, “What about Rewrites, and or 2nd Etc. Drafts?”. When I wrote my one finished Screenplay, I had, in fact, over 20 Drafts, and had poured hundreds of hours into Rewriting it. With Book Writing, or at least so far, I have chosen not to do this. I suspect the reason for this falls on one theory in particular… I once read that in regards to Writing, it’s best to Write lots of Books, as opposed to just focusing on ‘The Great American Novel’… So to speak. That way if any of your Books is liked, Readers are likely to go back and find your other Books… Thus, nothing is wasted. It’s not that I just want to ‘Pump Out’ Books… However, if I’m not careful, I will end up spending ‘Years’ on just one Book… And that’s not I want to do. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I have ‘Tons’ of Stories that I want to get out there.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my ‘Writing Process’ etc…. Normally I would tell you about some Writers that will be doing this Tour Next Week, but the ones’ I approached were not able to participate… And so, it ends here with mine… However, Paige did recommend more than I, so hopefully they’ll be able to keep this going

Thanks for your Time and Interest


First Pre-Order For “Chess With Agatha”

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9-13-13 first sale of book 2

First Pre-Order For “Chess With Agatha”

One of my “I Died Once” Kickstarter Supporters just Pre-Ordered 2 Copies of “Chess With Agatha”


*To Pre-Order My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”, send $15.00 (U.S. Orders), or $20.00 (International Orders) to Paypal Account E-mail Or if you prefer to Mail a Check, send me an E-mail to the same address, and I will supply you with a Physical Address.

CWA – Chapters 15-21 Possible Pre-Chapter Poetry

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minotaur CWA – Chapters 15-21 Possible Pre-Chapter Poetry

Chapters 1-7 Pre-Chapter Poetry

Chapters 8-14 Pre-Chapter Poetry

More Possible Pre-Chapter Poetry for “Chess With Agatha”

Chapter Fifteen – The Minotaur Orft

Oh Wake…

Fair Child…

Like nature’s…


I’ve come…

For You…

This Much…

Is True…

Chapter Sixteen – Queen Sorceress Olamna









Chapter Seventeen – The Final Piece

Come Dragon…

Step into my Need…

From Hence Forth…

No typical plea…

Chapter Eighteen – Agatha Rising

She’s stronger than you think…

Faster than need be…

Wiser than her years…

Known throughout the Stars…

Chapter Nineteen – The Dragon Truth

Gold will blind your way…

Greed will lead you astray…

Some you can not trust…

Beware the Dragon’s Crest…

Chapter Twenty – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Even the great ones long For love…

No one escapes, the longing…

Not wanting…

To be alone…

Chapter Twenty One – The Stand In King

Behold the almost King…

See how he walks…

He stands…

He Sings…

More Chapter Poetry

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vampire-teeth-sharp-scary-300x225More Chapter Poetry

More Possible “Chess With Agatha” Pre-Chapter Poetry

The First 7 Chapters

Chapter Eight – Table Manners

Have you ever Wondered about the long nosed man…

Who says his Prayers…

And makes demands…

Have you ever wondered about the dancing girl…

She Sings…

And Dances…

And makes it real…

Chapter Nine – Elias

They told me he was not real…

That I was a cold, hard, Fool…

And now it appears as though I was right…

All those lonely…



Chapter Ten – West Bound

At the beginning of any good journey…

Friends will Come…

Plans revealed…

At the onset…

Of any great Adventure…



And Gumption…

Chapter Eleven – The Red And Blue Forest

Parallel has no boundaries…

It walks slightly…

And carries a large Stick…

Fear will liven the Senses…

Run yee…


Or Fight For your life…

Chapter Twelve – Yokade Labyrinth

Come yee in….

If you dare…

For I know things…


Will Truly Scare…

Think you’re Strong…

Well know you this…

For every Brave Soul…

There is…

A Ditch

Chapter Thirteen – Vanishing Sky


What’s that noise there?

Tis nothing…

Move on…

The Dark invites you in…

But it does not promise you…

More than you begin…

If I should live Beyond the night…

Oh what monstrosities…

Shall I…


Chapter Fourteen – The Curse

The menacing mind…

Does laugh…

Does Cry…

Her Wretched Thoughts…

Her Sentence…

Her Crime…


A Splash Of Chapter Poetry

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What, “Chess With Agatha” Again?? Lol

A Font with SerifsA Splash Of Chapter Poetry

One of the things my Wordsmith Writer mentioned to me, was that it’s good for Writers to Play to their Strengths…

In my now 2 Year Experience as a Blogger, and/or Writer, I always seemed to have the strongest response from my Poetry… And she suggested I might somehow blend some of that into My Book.

And so, I took some moments and just jaughted down what came to me per Chapter… As perhaps a Pre-Chapter Poem, prior to the Chapter itself.

Let me know what you think

Chapter One – The Protector

Into the Web we go…

Without Care…

Without Fear…

Into the Truth we long to know…

We Must Trust…

We must let go…

Chapter Two – Another Life

So You say you’re not happy where you are…

You long to Live…

And travel Far…

All I have to say to you is this…

Prepare yourself…

For Life’s First Kiss…

Chapter Three – Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Who is this man…

Of Wisdom…

Who makes merry…

Who is this Fool…

Who says he knows…

He soon will Show…

Chapter Four – Check

Oh so the breeze will blow her over…

Oh how her Hair does flow me over…

But her Eyes are what I Love best…

So Keep your Songs…

I’ll Take the rest…

Chapter Five – Hunting For Unicorns

The Shadows Keep their Secrets…

Their Tricks are in us…

Oh the Light that shines right through…

Come lets go see it…

Chapter Six – The Coming Of Agatha

You thought She’d Never come…

You thought wrong…

You Thought They’d have their way…

Perhaps they will…


Perhaps they may…

Chapter Seven – A Fool’s Heart

Quiet now…

I’ll tell you a tale…

Of Knights…

And Dogs…

And Puppy Dog Tails…

Shoosh I say…

Twill be revealed…

Unless her Fate…

Is already Sealed…




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