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Disney Buys Lucas Film For 4.05 Billion – It’s A Changing World

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Disney Buys Lucas Film For 4.05 Billion – It’s A Changing World

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about this.

Mostly because I saw the Original “Star Wars” in the Theater in 1977, which basically lead to me pursuing Film Making in 2000-2003.

Granted, both “Walt Disney” (The Man), and George Lucas are two of my Greatest/Fondest Heroes… Walt Disney even more than George Lucas.

So in one Respect, I’m totally for it.

Also, I know/realize that George is getting older…

But in truth, I really never expected him to let go of Lucas Film… And what I mean by that is, it just never passed through my mind that he’d sell it.

I will say this about Disney, their movies weren’t doing that good, especially one of their last ones, “John Carter”, which by the way is a fun movie to watch.

But one thing that the Newest President of Disney did do that was Brilliant, was Purchase Marvel Comics a hand full of years back… Now that was brilliant thinking… Just like purchasing Pixar was brilliant.

As we all know, the Marvel Films are doing Extremely well in Sales (The Avengers was the 3rd Worldwide Grossing Film in History, behind Titanic and Avatar)… So basically Pixar saved their Animated Department, and Marvel has saved their Movie Department… At least in my opinion.

And now there’s whispers about Disney making a New Star Wars Film in 2015… All I can say is… Wow… We’ll have to see.

But that’s ok.

My first instinct is “Get J. J. Abrams” Aboard maybe to Film it… He is an Awesome Producer (He Produces “Person of Interest” which is a Brilliant T.V. Show, and many many others), and Film Maker (He did the New Star Trek).

But enough of all this… For me it feels like a bit of a Sad Day to see George Sell his Brain Child… But from a Pure ‘Mortality’, and ‘Business’ standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

Good Luck Disney


Dungeons & Dragons – An Inspiration

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~Dungeons & Dragons~

I remember as a young boy, my brother and I went into a Hobbies Shop, and it had all sorts of Dungeons & Dragons Cast Iron Mini’s (Figures). Glass cases full of them. And as we got closer to the back of the store, we could hear voices coming from a back room. As we (or maybe just me) inched our way back towards the back of the store, the back room became visible…. In it, there was a longggg table, with several 20 to 30 year old men sitting at it. Layed across this table was a huge map, which had graph paper like squares on it. And atop it, ten to twenty, to thirty or more of Dungeons & Dragons cast iron mini’s, all custom painted. In addition, sprawled here and there were the the glorious Dungeons and Dragons Dice. That was it, I was hooked.

From that day forward, I wanted a room like that, a table like, a map like that, dice like that, and people like that to play with…

Sadly, that would not be the case. As I was very shy when I was young, and many of the people who indeed played Dungeons & Dragons were, well, they didn’t like me. In fact, I’m not even sure they liked one another? As in my experience, most, or at least a lot, of Dungeons & Dragons players seemed more interested in arguing about Rules, then actually playing. This would have drove me mad, should I have been there.

And so, I went through my Junior High Years, and High School Years hearing remote mentionings of people playing, but never actually got a chance to play… At least not yet.

When I was 17, my brother got a girlfriend, and the three of us started to hang out a lot. It was at that point that I finally decided if I was ever going to play Dungeons and Dragons I’d have to learn it, and run it myself.

Now I would have loved to play Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, but being that I wasn’t much of a reader, I instead started with Basic Dungeon & Dragons. Basically, it had the same Core Rules, but a whole lot less rules over all. And so I read it through, and we Created Characters, which was one of the coolest things I had ever done. Talk about fun.

I believe initially I started with the Maps and NPC’s (Non Player Characters) they provided, and we were off. What a blast we’d have, sitting around eating Doritos, and drinking Pepsi. Quickly we moved onto Expert Dungeons & Dragons.

We were flying right along, as I remember my brother’s first character, a Dwarf, was killed by a brick whilst looking up a fireplace. Yes, you don’t start with much health at Level One, so be you ware.

At this point I had gotten fluent enough at running and playing games to start to bring in/incorporate Advanced Dungeons & Dragons into the mix.

This improved the game play ten fold. Partly because of the A D & D (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons) Monster Manuals, which were packed with all sorts of different Beasties, as well as Custom Monster Charts which would be used for specific areas.

The three of us played for a good 3 or 4 years, and also brought in a 4th person, my brother’s best friend. Talk about ferociously involved, this guy loved it… Though he did like to “Practice Roll”, and when he’d get a good roll, he’d act like that was his attack. lol. Oh well, I didn’t let him get a way with it… For I was the Dungeon Master.

Beyond the glorious Game Play experienced, as Dungeon Master, I was given the opportunity not only to create a multitude of lands, and maps and storyline’s. But I also created an enormous amount of characters, in which I would then portray during play.

As it turns out, this was an extremely beneficial experience in regards to ending up being a Writer. One that I’m sure I draw upon when Writing, and/or Creating Stories or Character’s. Dialog is probably my biggest strength when it comes to Writing, at least in my opinion.

At some point life intervened, and we no longer played Dungeons & Dragons, and it was missed. As at the end it had escalated from Doritos and Pepsi, to full blown Rib Dinners, in the spirit of playing.

It wasn’t until maybe 9 or 10 years later that I actually picked it up again. I had gotten into a Production of Hamlet (Theater, that’s a story for another time), and as it turned out, several of the Actor’s used to play Dungeons & Dragons. When they found I used to run games, they started to prod me towards running one for them. I suppose it was always harder to find a Dungeon Master, than it was a Player. And so I started running them again, and it was like old times, but even better.

Better in a sense that all of the players had jobs, so the food jumped up to KFC, and/or Chinese Food.

It was great, the main guy that prodded me to run a game would pick up KFC, or Chinese or the like on the way to my Apartment, and we’d all pay him when he got there. What we’d do is all sit at the Dinner Table and talk about our Real Life, work, Theater, whatever… And Feast Away.

But come game time, no one was allowed to speak of the “Outside World”. It added an all new enjoyable element to it.

Bottom Line, Dungeons & Dragons was, and is great. In fact, even now, I’m ready and willing  to run a Whole New Campaign…

Want In?*


*Special thank goes out to Gary Gygax, Creator of Advanced Dungeons & Dragson

Gary is no longer with us, Here’s to you Gary



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Something Wicked This Way Comes – Halloween

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By The Pricking of my Thumb, Something Wicked This Way Comes…

Sadly, that was the Best Picture of a Jack O Lantern I could find… I like mine much better. When I would do Jack O Lanterns for Halloween it would look a bit more… Shall we say, Soul Hungry, lol. You know the type, Evil Grin, lots of Sharp Teeth. Also, I would put one of those Mexican Restaurant Candles Surrounded by Red Glass, inside, so the Light would Glow Red. It’s been a few years since I carved one I think. I have to admit I thought of doing this Post on Halloween as a way to Waylay myself from doing one on Christmas, lol. My Favorite Holiday. But it’s a bit early for that. Besides, Halloween is a Kick A#$! Holiday.

When I was Young my Brother and I lived with my Mom in a lovely Canyon Nook/Valley, and she would drive us around 2 or 3 Miles an Hour, and we’d sit on the Hood of her Big Chevy Nova. Our friends would sit in the Trunk of the Car, which was left wide open. On occasion one of our friends would have to sit inside the car with my Mom, because his parents wouldn’t permit him on the Car. But Mom was very very careful, and drove very slow. I remember this one house we’d go to that created a Maze that you’d go in that lead to a Jacuzzi that they’d turned into a Giant Cauldron, with Floating Rubber Heads in it etc., and the Owner of the House was Dressed Like a Witch stirring it.

Very Cool. I think they gave out Carmel Apples, something that went away on Halloween sadly, due to Sick People putting Razor Blades in them. Fricken just about Ruined Halloween for us. Yes there was the occasional Egger out there, but I don’t think I ever got hit. The other cool thing we’d do with our friends was when we’d get home with our Pillow Case full of Candy, we’d play Poker for Candy, lol.

My Favorites were Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Snickers and Three Musketeers. I don’t care for Three Musketeers anymore, but I love love love Baby Ruths, lol. Sadly as Parents began to fear for their Children, Trick or Treating slowly Evolved to people going to Track Homes, as opposed to Remote Canyon Areas. And Beyond that, people started to go to Malls to Trick or Treat. This was beyond my Time, but I was still saddened by it.

But Beyond Trick or Treating and Candy, Halloween Largely means one thing… Monsters

Dracula for one. That Fly By Night, Blood Sucking, Woman Seducing Gentleman of the Night. Not to be confused with the Glittering Vampires of now

Though I do admit, I did like the very first “Twilight”. I don’t remember the 2nd, and I’m not sure if I saw the Third. But Pdy Pretty Much Covered that here Simple Observations – Vampires.

And Werewolves.

I remember this one time I went with my Girlfriend at the times Nieces School Halloween thing. I decided to throw on my Long Black Navy Pea Coat, and this Bitchen Silver/Grey Werewolf Mask. I walked around, 6″ Tall, looking down on all the Kids, my hands in my Pockets not making a sound. And if ever I noticed a particular Kid Glaring at me for more than say 5 Seconds, I’d quickly look at them and Growl, lol. Scared the Sh$#! out of em. All in the Spirit of Halloween Fun, right. Once again, not to be confused with the Buff Shirtless Werewolves of now

Pdy Covered that as well with Simple Observations – Werewolves

Then there’s


The Witch. Probably the most Famously Associated with Halloween. It reminds me of one of my Sister’s Impression of Witch Hazel from Bugs Bunny

She used to talk about “Paul… My Pet Tarantula”, a line from one with her in it, though I wasn’t able to find that actual Episode.

As Time went on Freddy

was often associated with Halloween and

Jason sadly. And Michael

Though the Original Halloween was quite scary. Think I’ll go ahead and remove those last three images from my Hard Drive right now. Ok, gone. And later…

Jack, from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”. I didn’t actually like that film when I first saw it in the Theater. But now I think it’s great. Part of that may be that it has a bit of Christmas in it, hee hee.

These days, I don’t really go to Halloween Party’s, though I’ve been to Several, and no Kids show up for Candy, though I always have a Full Bowl wherever I am. But I still think Halloween is a Great Holiday. The Spirit of it that I adopted as a youth, has never left me, and some part of me always hopes that a Kid or Three will show up at my Door.

Oh, I almost forgot my Favorite, Sleepy Hallow

If I forget to say it at the time, Happy Halloween.




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