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Charlie Brown – Christmas – O Tannenbaum

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Tis The Season

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Hideously Green

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Hideously Green

Twas The Night before Christmas…

And all through the town

The Shadow of Creature…

In Cloak of brown


And moaned

His teeth owe so grey

His Heart weighed heavy…

With Gnarls and Nays

“Christmas, Ha!”

He thought with ill will

“It’s just barely Winter…”

“What a Terrible Pill”

He huffed and he puffed

And he made his way round…

This otherwise poor

And Colourless Town…

But right in the middle

There stood a Great Tree…

Covered with Unlit Lights


And Bells

“Why The Nerve of some folks…”

“Bringing this here”

“Can’t one have their Misery…”

“Swallowed down with a Beer”

But just as he turned to leave

Snow Covered him in White…

The Lights Filled the Darkness

Tears in his eyes…

His Heart did swell up

“Maybe it’s not that bad…”

He spoke of the tree

“This Christmasy Cheer.”

When suddenly Presents…

Started to Appear

Low and behold…

A voice could be heard

“Ho Ho Ho… And A Merry Christmas…”

Said the Man in Red…

With white fluffy beard


Merry Christmas

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Life Can Be Difficult…

Don’t Let It Slow You Down

Dream Seek…

Recognize Those That Truly Love You

Appreciate Those People…

Tell And Show Those People

Remember To Take A Deep Breath Once In A While…

Even Now Is Fine

Keep Your Eyes Open…

This Is A Time Of Joy…

But Also For Memory

Beware Of Those That Might Be Suffering Silently…

And Encourage Them

Let Them Know That You See Them…

That You Hear Them

Enjoy The Holiday And All That It Might Mean To You

And If Nothing Else, Enjoy The Lights

The Warmth Of Those Who It Does Mean Something To…

And Beyond All, Enjoy The Love

And/Or Be That Love

Merry Christmas


The Nutcracker

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Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year

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xmas 14 6 xmas 14 4Merry Christmas And A Happy New Year

Thanks for everything

I hope that all of your New Years Dreams Come True


Christmas Poems, Christmas Stories, One Knight Fantasy Novel, I Died Once Novella

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christmas-wallpaper-81Christmas Poems, Christmas Stories, One Knight Fantasy Novel, I Died Once Novella

Hello all, Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to take a moment to talk about a couple things on the Site

I’ve been posting my Story “One Knight” lately, something that I wrote back in 2011, on a Site dedicated to it actually, but at some point I moved on to a New Fantasy Novel, one I’m still in the process of being Wordsmithed, and at some point I will be Self Publishing it

But with “One Knight”, there’s more to it, it’s actually based on a story I came up as a young boy… Something I wrote a lot of, but alas, that writing is lost somewhere never to be found

I just wanted to say that between now and the New Year, and more specifically Christmas, I will be Posting other types of Posts as well

I thought about just putting “One Knight” on hold until after Christmas, but people seem to be enjoying it

But in addition to “One Knight”, I will be Posting my Self Published Novella, “I Died Once”

Which is still available on Amazon.Com as well, should you want a Physical or Kindle/Digital Copy

But I will also be Re-Posting some Christmas Poems I wrote on this Site, which I intend to Self Publish at some point… Unfortunately not this year

And some Christmas-ish Stories, or other types of Stories, that I’ve also Posted here at one point, and other Christmas kind of stuff being this is my 4th Year on this Blog

I hope you all enjoy the posts, and it doesn’t get too confusing Posting both “I Died Once”, and “One Knight” Chapters

Nuff Said

Happy Holidays!