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Darker Times (Chapter V) – Cleo

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter V – Cleo





Cleo wakes up in an all white, almost Blinding Room… Beside her is “Ronan Sinclair”, still unconscious.

She starts to stand, but feels fairly sick.

She Places two fingers from each hand against her forehead, closes her eyes, and thinks to herself…

“Come On Cleo… Concentrate”

Suddenly there is a slight Green Glow around her body, and her Mind Travels beyond the Doors to the Room, which appear to be Sliding Doors.

She bends over slightly, feeling sick…

She than stands straight up again, and Glances at the Doors Ferociously…

“Come On!!” she speaks to herself, and then begins running at the doors.

“VOOMMP!!!” She passes right through the doors in a Flash of Green Light!


She then appears right outside the door, and tumbles onto the floor, and into the wall across the hall.


She stands and shakes herself about.

She then places two of her fingers on her forehead again, closes her eyes, and starts to walk down the hall to the right… Eyes shut, but not running into anything.

“Come on… Come on… Come on” she thinks to herself

Unbeknownst to Cleo, at every door that she passes is standing one of John Swift’s S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on Guard… None of them seem to react as she passes.


John Swift sits at his Bridge Chair, his Long Black Cape running along the floor before him.

Meanwhile his Wirey Assistant Odomo Jones stands some ten feet behind him.

“The Young Girl has Escaped her Quarters My Liege…” he speaks.

John does not reply, but instead gazes out the front View Screen at the Blackened Planet of Ancient Earth.


Ronan Sinclair starts to awaken, rubbing the back of his head.

“Wow… That hurts… Where the hell are we?” he asks, and then realizes that Cleo is nowhere to be seen.

“Cleo??” he says.


Cleo walks straight at the Bridge Door and transports through it in a Flash of Green Light…

Inside Odomo Jones jumps with surprise “Oh My!!”.

Cleo pays him no mind, but instead glares at the back of John Swifts Black, Spikey Haired head.

“Ok Tall Dark and “What The Hell”… Where the hell are we??” she speaks at him

He but smiles, and rises to face her.

His Dark Blue Angry Eyes, and 6’4″ Muscular Form, terribly Foreboding.

“Why… Earth?” he says with a mockingly grin.


The doorway to the room holding Ronan Sinclair suddenly turns completely to Ice, and his body suddenly comes crashing through it, as he thunks against the wall across the way.



He stands and shakes his head about, Ice is everywhere.


Odomo is standing over a Screen Censor that is blinking a little Red Light.

“They’re destroying your ship My Lord…” he says glaring at John Swift.

John pays him no mind, and instead holds his hand out to Cleo “Come have a look”.

She doesn’t take his hand, but instead walks right past him and stares at the Blackened Planet.

“My God…” she says, and then looks at John who now stands just behind her looking at the Planet as well.

“That’s Earth??” she asks in shock.


Suddenly Ronan comes Crashing Through the Bridge Doors, Ice Shooting everywhere… He then stands in a “Heroic Stance”, his hands at his waist like some Clumsy Hero.

Meanwhile Odomo has hidden underneath a terminal… And the 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units on the Bridge simply don’t react.

Ronan then points one of his hands at John Swift.

“YOU THERE!! UNHAND THAT GIRL!!!” Ronan Proclaims, and John and Cleo both look back at him… There is Madness in John’s eyes which shakes Ronan’s Vigor a bit.



Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices



Darker Times (Chapter IV) – Hearing Voices

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter IV – Hearing Voices





Ronan and the Blond Haired Girl run out the back of the Trance Club, leaving the Two Thugs completely Frozen…

“There’s no way out of this one… I’m Sc#@$”d!” Ronan exclaims fairly hysterically.

“Quickly, I have a small car over here…” The two of them run down the Alley, until they come to the girls little white Car, and they both get in…


Police Sirens can already be heard, as she starts the car and with a…


As she quickly throws it into Second Gear…

They tear down the road, and she takes a right, as Paris Police cars are coming from in front of them, and down the road to the left… The right seems to be the only way clear.

Ronan takes note that the color of the Car is completely white, with white leather interior, and the girl is wearing all white as well.

“You have fine taste my dear” with this she quickly looks over at him, and he is gesturing towards his white hair, and white clothing.

She tries not to smile “Are you Crazy!!”.

She tears around another corner, and soon they reach her apartment building.

Quickly they dart up to the third floor where her apartment is, and they sit out on the deck watching police cars drive by.

She’s not sure how to say it, so she just says it “Uhh… How did you turn those two men to Ice?” she questions.

Ronan, unsure exactly how to answer, simply says “It’s a “Mystery”…” and smiles widely.

Meanwhile the girl just stares at him blankly.

“You know… From “Shakespeare In Love” he explains, but it is lost on her.

“Geoffrey Rush??” he says with a enthusiastic face.

Nothing… She is lost.

“Oh never mind” he says, and then stands up.

“I really should go… I need to get back to my apartment and gather up my things” he heads towards the door, but then suddenly turns around and looks at her.

She is staring at him with her faded blue eyes wide open.

“You Saved me from being arrested… And I don’t even know your name” he says.

She stands “Cleo… My name is Cleo” she replies.

“Cleo… What a lovely name… Hmph” he says, and then turns to leave.

“Don’t leave her Ronan… You’re going to need her” the woman’s voice returns in his head, and being that the alcohol has long warn off, he stops in his tracks… And is disturbed.

Cleo steps towards him “Do you hear the Voice too??” she asks to Ronan’s surprise.

He turns and faces her “Voice??”.

“Oh… Never mind” she replies and opens the door for him.

Ronan stands perfectly still for a moment, and then starts out “Thank you Cleo…” and then into the hallway.

But before she closes the door, Ronan turns back towards her “I–” he starts to say, when suddenly a Bright Purple Portal of Light suddenly appears behind him, and stepping out of it is the Foreboding 6’5″ Form of John Swift from The Year 2096, in his Long Black Sweeping Cape, with his Black Spiky Hair, and Anger Filled Blue Eyes Blaring.

He’s aiming a Large Lazer Canon at the two of them.

“You Two Best Come with me… Your Future Needs you” he says.

Ronan and Cleo are completely stunned, and only Ronan is able to mutter out “Uhh… What?”.


PICTURE CREDIT – Anime Guy With White Hair

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Chapter III – Black Planet



Darker Times – Black Planet

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Darker Times…

by DarkJade

Black Planet




John Swift’s Space Vessel Arrives in Earth’s Atmosphere… It is but a Blackened, Poisoned, Dead Planet Now

John stands before his Bridges Great Window, arms crossed, staring at what used to be a Fertile, Life Filled Planet…

His Long Black Cape draped almost to the floor of his Tall Form.

Dressed in both Black, and Deep Maroon (For A Better Physical Description of John Swift Go Here Darker Times – Wakening)…

“There’s Nothing Left…” John thinks to himself.

“Excuse me for saying this My Lord… But don’t you think The High Council will find it strange that you up and suddenly blasted off to The Dead Planet of Earth?” John’s silence is suddenly broken by these words from his ever Pestering Assistant, Odomo Jones.

Also within The Bridge are 6 S.W.I.F.T 8000 Android Units, John’s Own Creation, who act as Security to him, as he Trusts… No one.

John doesn’t seem to take note of Odomo’s words as he Methodically Places the Palm of his Right Hand, which is Gloved in his Accustomed Black Long Gloves.

“Forboding…” he thinks to himself as he continues to stare at the Lifeless Black Orb.

“Sir?” Odomo reaches up and taps John’s left shoulder.

With this John quickly grabs Odomo’s Hand and Arm, and twists it until he drops to his knee.

“Just exactly how much did they pay you to watch over me??” he says to Odomo, his Dark Blue Eyes Burning With Rage…

“Pay me My Lord??” Odomo plays dumb, as he breaks into a sweat, obviously in Great Pain.

John releases him and look back out the window “Fool!”.

Odomo stands, and straightens out his Assistant Jacket “They did offer me Sir… But I turned them down” Odomo confesses.

John turns back at him with a sneer “Oh Yeah… Why’s that” questions John.

“You Scare me…” Odomo gulps “Sir”.

With this John breaks into an unlikely, fairly deranged looking smile “So that’s why you’ve been bombarding me with all of these questions, eh…” John looks back out the window.

“You’re Concerned because They’re Watching Me…” John says as he looks outward into the darkness of the Earths Atmosphere.

“Yes My Lord” Odomo replies nervously.

“Order My Security on Mars to Arrest The High Council…” John states flatly.

“But My Lord??” Odomo questions in a surprised tone.

With this John turns and faces Odomo, his long Right Arm Extended Fully, Pointing at Odomo “JUST DO IT!!” he demands and leaves the Bridge.

Odomo gulps once more “Yes… My Lord”.


Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Darker Times Page – Premace





Darker Times… New Blog Page

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Here’s a Look at My New “Darker Times Blog Page”

“Darker Times…” Is a New Blog Series that I hope to Turn Into a Comic Book down the Road… It’s based on a Concept that My Brother and I were Banging out… I’m Writing it, but he’s giving me a few Ideas Here and There.


“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

The Place is Mars… The Year, 2096.

Some Fifty Plus Years after The Mars Colonization, and The Ecological “Death” of The Planet Earth…

The Criminal Lord “John Swift“… Has it all.

Money… Power… Respect… And The Lead Position on the Mars Council, which has basically Raped all of Mankind in it’s Capitalistic, to the Point of Bordering on Slavery, ways…

Soon there would be no more Light in the “Human Race”… Just a Room full of Dark Men, doing Dark things… And John Swift is in the Middle, and some would say “The Top” of it all… As The Lord Of Crime, and Grand Master of Financial Conquest…

…until one day… When the Life of a Beautiful young girl was taken in the middle of the Council Chamber… Her Throat Slit, and the Blood of Her Innocence Staining the Council Floor… Basically for Slandering the Name of one of The Council Members… Which of course, was all true.

Something… Just… Snapped.

And suddenly, John Swift began having “Dreams” of the one memory of his long past Mother… And “Memories” of his Cruel Grandmother Telling him “Your Mother Saved Your Life”…

Yes, in the Year 2096, on the 1170 Colony of Mars, “A Line Was Crossed…”.

And suddenly, those who ruled had gone from “Criminal… To Evil”.

A Need Has Arisen… One that can only be met by A Group of “Unique” and “Gifted” Individuals Long Since Dead from Earth’s Past…

But What Matter is that Right? They’re Dead… There’ no way for them to help us now… “Is There?”.

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

Darker Times (Chapter II) – Ice Man Cometh

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Darker Times…

“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

by DarkJade

Chapter II – The Ice Man Cometh (Be Sure to Read Chapter I – Wakening First)






Ronan Sinclair, Dressed in Traditional Jewel Thief Black, even though on all other occasions he would be wearing all “White”, to match is Uniquely White Shoulder Length Hair… With Eyes of Pure Black…

Kneels before a Large Safe, which he is trying to Crack… Wearing his Black Ski Mask seems to finally get to him, and so he pulls it off exposing his White Mane…

“Come on now Ronan” he speaks to himself “You’ve got this”.


It opens.

“There yah go…” he opens the large Safe Door, and pulls out an Ornate Iron Box…

He Picks, and Opens the Box… Inside is a Blue Velvet Patch.

He Pours the Contents into his black gloved hands, and some 80 Perfect Diamonds come out.

“Brilliant” he speaks to himself once more. He then Pours the Diamonds into a Different Velvet Black Pouch, and attaches it to his waist.

“Ok now… Here we go” with this he takes off one of his gloves, and holds that hand up above his head slightly, which seems to cause the room to suddenly go very cold… And around his hand Icey Blue Dust seems to swirl just above his bare palm…

“Suddenly 80 Identical looking Diamonds appear in his hand, and he puts the Replicas into the Blue Velvet Pouch, and puts it back in the Iron Box, and shuts the safe.

He then puts back on his black glove “Now than… That wasn’t so hard…”.



Ronan Sinclair, back in his accustomed all white clothing, sits at a table with two of his friends, his eyes closed, taking in all the music…

Both empty, and full, booze glasses are all over their table…


The Music is Blasting, The Club is Packed with Flashing Colored Lights all about…

And his two friends are completely drunk…

“Ronan! You sure know how to do it up right” one of them says as he accidentally knocks a glass of booze onto the other friend.

“Ah man, you got it all over me!” one snaps at the other.

That’s when the Woman’s Vice first came to Ronan…

“It’s time” it spoke.

With this Ronan suddenly opens his eyes, which like I say, are pitch black.

“Time?” Ronan says out loud.

Meanwhile his friends are still arguing…

And that’s when he sees her… Across the room dancing alone under an all white light…

She had long blond hair, and her body, well… Lets just say she’s in shape.

With this Ronan jumps out of his chair, and leaps over the nearby railing, landing onto the Dance Floor.

Calmly, Cooley, of course, he makes his way through the crowded dance floor, and finally reaches the girl, who is dancing alone with her eyes closed.

The Voice comes to him again…

“Time to Shine” it speaks.

Ronan tries to ignore the voice, writing it off to Alcohol.

“Well Hello There” he musters, exuding his best possible charm.

With this she opens her eyes of soft blue, and smiles at him.

He’s floored “Wow” he says out loud without thinking, than catches himself.

“I’M RONAN!” he speaks loudly, trying to communicate to her over the loud music.

“HELLO RONAN” she replies.


With this she reaches to touch his face and “BEHIND YOU!!” she suddenly yells.

Suddenly two large thugs grab Ronan by his shoulders, and spin him around.

“HEY BUDDY!! SHE’S OURS!! TAKE OFF!!!” They holler at Ronan, pretty much Blowing his hair back.

“Protect her Ronan” the voice speaks.

Just then the two thugs throw punches at him, and he captures each of their fists in his hands.

“Oh No…” Ronan speaks, but it’s too late…

The Club suddenly Goes Cold… And the two thugs Turn To some form of Ice.


Darker Times…

Chapter One – Wakening





Darker Times – The Wakening

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Darker Times…

by DarkJade

The Wakening




John Swift makes his way down the long Council Chamber Corridor, heading directly for the Elevator Chute which will take him to the Ground Surface.

Pulling on his Long Black Gloves as he walks.

His Long Sweeping Black Cape whooshing to and fro as he goes, his form a Formidable 6’4″ Tall, weighing maybe 230lbs.

Dressed in All Black, with Short Black Hair, and Deep Blue Angry Eyes, he’s quite a site to see…

Behind him stumbling to keep up, is Odomo Jones, John Swift’s Assistant.

He is Blond, Thin and Jangly.

“You really shouldn’t of said that My Lord–” Odomo begins to say, but John Swift quickly stops, turns, grabs him by the throat, and presses him up against the corridor wall.

“REALLY!! TELL ME AGAIN WHAT I SHOULD, AND SHOULD NOT DO…” John’s Stark Gaze alone could have pinned him, let alone the strength of his hand, and arm.

“Sorry… My Lord” Odomo replies as he breaks into a sweat.

John sneers, than releases him, he falls straight to the floor with a “THUMP.

Odomo sighs slightly, then jumps to his feet, and barely catches up in time to make the Elevator with him.




John Swift enters his Personal Quarters, removes his long black gloves, and tosses them on a side table…

He leaves the lights off in the room, save the little sparkly lights of his home bar which always remain on, as he pours himself a blue glowing drink, which seems to change from blue, to green, to purlple.

He walks up to his Living Room Window which overlooks a large stretch of Mars Surface.

“It was the day after the night that she came to me in a dream…”

“Like some Phantom… Tucked away in the furthest reaches of My Memories”

“My Mother…”



An older Woman, John’s Grandmother, lays in a Mars Hospital Bed, just before she dies…

Also in the room is a 12 year old John Swift.

He stands some 20 feet away harrowed with fear.

“Come to me Boy…” she calls to him, as she waves her hand.

John approaches, and she grasps his arm.

“She saved you John… Your Mother saved you”


John Swift stares as if in a trance looking out the window holding his now Blue Drink.

“Sure She saved me… But she perished in the process… Leaving me alone in this Dark, Unforgiving World”

He throws back the drink in one shot.

“This Will Not Do!” he sets the glass down, and heads back out of his Quarters, his door sliding open as he approaches, then sliding shut once he’s left.


Chapter II – Ice Man Cometh