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20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

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20 Days Later… Haven’t Posted In A Bit

AnimeboyIt’s been a bit since I’ve Posted…

What have I been up to??


Writing Front


In The Works are still “Chess With Agatha” and “Mady’s Storm

“Chess With Agatha” is being Wordsmithed by another Writer

And I’m still working on getting Funds to get “Mady’s Storm” Edited


I haven’t been Writing any Poetry lately

But I’ve got a ton of it that still needs to be Edited, and Self Published

Blog Series;

Wolfjade was my last real series, Check it out if you haven’t

It’s not complete, but that doesn’t mean I won’t pick it up again at some point


That’s all for now

Hope you’re all doing well



Write, Edit, Self Publish & Market… And This Is Just The Beginning

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Write, Edit, Self Publish, Market… And This Is Just The Beginning

As many of you that have been following me know, I Self Published my first two books last year…

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderThe first being “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, my Poetry Book.

And my second being “I Died Once”, my Novella.

In addition to making them available on Amazon.Com, both books are also available and a local bookstore near me.

One of the most exciting things I’ve ever experienced as a Writer was when I got my first book in…

There’s nothing like it.

But that is only really the beginning.

As we all know, or many of us in any case, just because your book makes it into a store, does not guarantee that it will be purchased, or even noticed for that matter.

This is especially the case with these first two efforts, mainly because they’re pretty short books, and really basically disappear on the bookshelves in the store.

A Font with SerifsWith my upcoming Fantasy Novel, I’m hoping to penetrate a bit more into the market.

For one, it’s a ‘Fantasy Novel’, as opposed to a Poetry Book (Which is kind of a Specialty Item as far as bookstores are concerned), or my Novella, which is also kind of a specialty item.

After all, it’s only 59 pages.

But Fantasy Novels are a much Larger Genre, and this book is also longer than my Novella, maybe 2 ½ times longer, which isn’t huge… But at least now when I Self Publish it, it will have a Side Panel with the Title on it, so that when it is turned sideways on a shelf (Which will definitely happen), it will still be visible.

And now onto what this Post is actually about, Lol

In an effort to get some of the bookstore readers/customers familiar with my Writing, I’ve decided to give away 30 FREE Copies of my Novella “I Died Once”, as a way to give some local readers a taste of my Writing, so that they might be a bit more open to checking out my Fantasy Novel.

That’s the plan anyway.

But to achieve this, it will take more than giving away 30 of my Novellas at random…

First of all, when I spoke to the bookstore manager about this, to my surprise she was totally open to the idea.

I wasn’t sure if they’d want to be giving away books for free.

Anyway, after telling her my idea, she said she’d keep 6 of my Novella’s on her counter by the register, so people could see them…

Book In StoreWhich in the case of my Novella, I feel can really benefit it… Mainly because I’m really pleased with the Cover.

Being a Filmmaker prior to ever pursuing Writing Books, I consider myself a ‘Visual Artist’… This was further confirmed by many who have read both my Stories, and Poetry… As many have said that they could imagine my Stories being a Film. And offered that my Poetry Creates Vivid Images in their imaginations.

My point being, that being a Visual Artist/Filmmaker has made the Cover of My Books a Major Focus…

And from the feedback I got from the Bookstore Manager, she said that my Novella Cover was better than most ‘Self Published’ Books.

I was very happy to hear this…

I’ve noticed that many Writers don’t seem to focus all that much on the Cover of their Books… And I suspect, due to the relatively accessibility of Self Publishing, many Writers may be so focused on the Content of the Book, that they simply let the Importance of the Cover slip by.

This is a huge Mistake.

First of all, I’m not one to Preach, but I think it’s safe to say, try to have ‘Consitancy’ in all things.

Meaning, if you focus solely on the Content with the mentality of ‘Who Cares What The Cover Looks Like, It’s The Content That Counts’…

I can tell you this… If your Book is Never Picked Up, than you have a Zero Percent of anyone even seeing your Content.

Sounds Obvious… But it warrants saying.

I Died Once CoverHit Hard with your Covers Man… Get them to Open that First Page, and see if your ‘Content’ can get them coming back for more.

But I digress.

The purpose of this Post is, the Bookstore Manager suggested that in addition to giving away FREE Copies of my Novella, that I also include ‘Custom Bookmarks’ which will Market my upcoming Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha”.


I can’t tell you how much I liked this suggestion.

And so I reached out to the Brilliant Photographer that helped me Design the Layout for  “I Died Once”, as well as taking the Photograph for “Chess With Agatha”’s Cover, and helping me design that layout as well.

I asked her if she could help me Design some Bookmarks for “Chess With Agatha”, and she agreed.

So at the moment I’m trying to get together the money to Order the 30 Copies (Which I have gotten that money together), as well as the money to Order the Custom Bookmarks to accompany each Book (Which I still need another $100 for).

I’m also working with another Writer right now, doing some Final Editing, as well as some additional Writing… She’s also doing some Wordsmithing for me, which has helped me with a couple Scenes that I really like, but her Words just sounded better.


Thanks for Reading


DarkJade – 2013… First Quarter Update

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Jono 2DarkJade – 2013First Quarter Update

With just a few days left in March, 2013… It’s hard to believe that we’re already a 1/4 of the way into the Year… Wow, Right? Lol

Thusly, this is Look at what I’ve been up to during the First Few Months of this year, as well as where I’m at and headed.

A Font with SerifsSelf Publishing;

Chess With Agahta “Chess With Agatha” (First in My Planes of Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels) was Edited by an Actual Editor, and I will be getting with My Editor from my “I Died Once” Novella to just look over a few things with me in a couple weeks. Hopefully, I’ll be Self Publishing it in April.


Vampire 3Allure – “Allure”, Book I in my Vampire Novella Series has been sent off to my Friend who will in the next little while Review it, and send me back her Comments. At that point I’ll make some adjustments to it, and thus Create My 2nd Draft. She will then further down the road do some Line Editing of it (Grammar/Story Clarity Etc.), and send that to me. All of this is what I standardly do prior to Hiring an Actual Editor for a Book. Somewhere in the back of my head I’m hoping to Self Publish this First “Allure” Novella by June-July, 2013.



Writing Projects;

Black_Haired_GirlMady’s Storm – “Mady’s Storm”, the Unplanned Sequel Novella to “I Died Once”, which I started Writing towards the end of last year, will be continued at some point. As I’ve mentioned before, I definitely felt like there was much more to tell about Mady, the main Character of “I Died Once”, especially since she was only 15 years old in the First Novella. I started Posting the First Draft here, and have more Skeleton Framework for more, and will be continuing this at some point. For those of you who want to check out the Sequel Posts, you can check out the Chapters Here Mady’s Storm (Novella). But I definitely recommend you reading “I Died Once” first. Whether you Read the Rough First Draft Posts I did on this Site, or Pick Up a Printed or Ebook Copy on Amazon.

Young_Wizard_by_TaurinaIliad – “Iliad”, Book II in the “Planes Of Ordose” Trilogy. I started “Iliad” in January this year, but quickly decided to hold off on continuing until after I Self Publish the First Book in the Series, “Chess With Agatha”. I would definitely recommend reading “Chess With Agatha” first, which will be Self Published soon. Or for those of you that don’t want to wait, or don’t plan on picking up a copy, you’re welcome to read the Original Posts of “Chess With Agatha”, but they are very Un-Edited, Lol.

173774Seers Of The Night – “Seers Of The Night”, Book II in the “Allure” Vampire Novellas Series. One of the reasons I decided to start Self Publishing the “Allure” Novellas, is because for some reason this Series just flows with me… And like “Iliad”, the only reason I stopped Writing it, is so that I can catch up and Self Publish the First Book. I will continuing to Write & Post the First Draft of this Second Novella soon as well.

Sci-Fi Novel?? – I’m also considering starting to Write a Sci-Fi Novel… This is something I’ve never done, though I have had a Sci-Fi Blog Series, and have Posted additional Beginnings of Sci-Fi Blog Series, that kinda died off. I’m not sure that I will be undertaking this right now, but I am considering it. When I was pursuing Film Making, the First Two “Star Wars” Films were a Major Motivation behind wanting to Write, and Direct Films… Which might play a role in why I’d like to Write a Sci-Fi Book at some point. We shall see.

Blog Posts;

Poetry – In addition to all my Story Writing, Journalism Posts, Music Posts, I also tend to Write a fair share of Poetry. In fact the first Book I ever Self Published, was back in Jan, 2012. “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, which was a set of Poems from my First Ever Posts on this Blog, back between the Months of Sep-Oct, 2011.

Here Are the Poems that I have Written in this First 1/4 of 2013

Beyond Truth – Volume Eleven (January-February, 2013)

Nine – Volume Twelve (March-The Present)

Music Posts;

Blue Anime Boy 4DarkJade Watch – On Occasion I’ll Come Across a Video, or Live Performance that Really Grabs me… So back in November, 2012, I I Started a New Series Called “DarkJade Watch“, where I Share My Findings with My Readers/Followers/Friends.

Here’s the Posts I did so far this year…

1/15/13 – Some ‘Post’ Editing Stones

2/9/13 – Lisdsey Stirling (Transcendence Street Jam)

2/25/13 – RadioAkshun (Music By Imagine Dragons)

3/10/13 – Genesis (Grimes)

3/16/13 – Surface Of The Sun (John Murphy) – Metal Version

I also do some Posts of Videos that I make, and Post, over on my “Dark’s Media Empire” Vlog.

Blog Series;

Kung_Fu_by_Anime_Individual 2Vengeance – Though I haven’t been focusing as much on Writing New Blog Series lately, I did actually start a New one that I may, or may not continue… We shall see. I do like it… It’s called “Vengeance“.

Additional Posts; I do also do many other types of Posts, such as DarkJade Updates, Posts on the Editing Process, Writing Process, and Self Publishing Process… In addition to many others things.

Definitely Check Out The Category Link along the Right Side of the Blog, to see if any of those things Interest you.

This Post has indeed become Long Enough, Lol And so I just want to say Thank you for your Continued Interest and Support of My Writing Efforts, all of your “Likes”, and in some cases “Comments”, really do mean a lot to me. As well just seeing the amount of people that View the Site.

I’m Looking forward to this Second Quarter of the Year (Though there’s still a few days left in this one, Lol), and Hope to see you Viewing, Liking, and Commenting on the Site!


Writing, Editing, Recovering

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Jono 2Writing, Editing, Recovering

So it’s been kind of a difficult week

But I shall return to my Writing, and Editing, and try to get back into a Rhythm.

I Miss Writing, so that’s good… And I’m almost complete with my 5th Draft of “Chess With Agatha”

After that, as I’ve mentioned before, I hope to get my sister to look over it with me, and make my final changes before Self Publishing it… If she’s just not available, I’ll most likely just do it myself.

I Hope you are all Well, the Weekend is coming (At least for those of you who do the Mon-Fri thing), so that’s good.

I Hope you all have a Lovely Weekend


Editing… The 5th Draft – Becoming A Better Writer

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editing-ratesEditing… The 5th Draft – Becoming A Better Writer

So my Editor got my 4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha” back to me a week or so ago… And I’m finally starting to implement some of the changes… Some grammar… Some Sentence Suggestions. And then there’s some Story, and Clarity Comments which I still need to figure out.

Once I implement these things, that will be my 5th Draft… And then I’m hoping to grab my Sister (Who Edited My Novella), and have her read through it, and help me with a few things. But she’s very busy, so I don’t know if that will happen.

This is only the Second Editor I’ve worked with, and I have to tell you, each Book I’ve worked on has helped me become a Better Writer. And when I say ‘Better’, I don’t mean Content (Though Hopefully That’s True Too), what I mean is I’m learning things… Primarily from these Awesome Editors.

I’d say I’m about 60% done with implementing my Editors Changes/Suggestions, then it will be on to the 6th Draft… I’m also hoping my Map Drawer Finishes soon too, Lol Really need that map.

Hope You’re All Having A Good Weekend!

Thanks For Your Continued Interest And Support


DarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

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Black_Haired_GirlDarkJade Update – “Allure”, “Iliad”, “Mady’s Storm”

Hey guys, in case any of you are wondering, I haven’t just Dropped “Allure (Book Two) – Seers Of The Night“, Iliad (Book Two) In The Planes Of Ordose Trilogy” (Book One Being “Chess With Agatha“), or “Mady’s Storm (Book Two) – In The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe” Series…

No, in fact, quite the opposite… I’ve merely been working on getting “Chess With Agatha” Edited, and Self Published, which I still hope to do in the next couple of weeks.

In fact, “Allure” Book One in My Vampire Novella Series is sitting there waiting for me to send the First Draft to my friend Beth, so she can Review, and Line Edit it… But, first I have to clean it up a bit… And I just can’t get myself to put the energy into it, with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published yet.

But soon I promise.

And then, and only then, will I get back to some of these Sequels… Too hard to just Pile on to the Sequels, when the First Books aren’t even out yet… “I Died Once” is of course out (Book/Novella One in The Chronicles Of Mady Monroe Series), but I need to get Book One in the Ordose Trilogy, and my Vampire Series out as well…

Meanwhile, I’m also pursuing an Agent for My Screenplay, “White Jade“. Mailed out three more Query Letters today.

Alright, back to work, just wanted to let you know those Books are still in Full Swing.

Thanks for your Continued Interest and Support, it really means a lot


February Recap – March Goals

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February Recap – March Goals

February was another Busy Month…

Here were the Goals I had for Last Month

February Goals/Results;

1) Allure – Focus More on “Allure” since I found an Editor for “Chess With Agatha”.

Result – I Posted Three New Chapters to My Allure’s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night”

Chapter IV – Believe

Chapter V – Reemergence

Chapter VI – Writings On The Wall

I also Contacted My Friend Beth about Reviewing, and Line Editing My First “Allure Novella”, which she’s excited to do… I just need to clean it up a bit before I send it over to her.

2) Edit Chess With Agatha (CWA) 

Result – I implemented My Final Reader of “Chess With Agatha” ‘s Notes into my 3rd/4th Draft of “Chess With Agatha”, and sent it to My Editor. My Editor for “Chess With Agatha” is half Finished Editing it, and I am Very Excited to see the Results.

3) Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map

Result – I found an Artist that is currently working on my Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”. So far, so good.

4) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” 

Result – This is likely to happen in March, couldn’t quite pull it off in February, which is fine… I knew this Book would take more work because it’s longer than my last.

5)  Continue Writing Iliad (The 2nd in the “Plains Of Ordose”/Chess With Agatha Trilogy)

Result – I Posted One Chapter, then put “Iliad” On hold… I just found it too difficult to work on it with “Chess With Agatha” still not Self Published. So I’m waiting for the moment. Below is the Chapter I did Post though.

Chapter XI – A Conversation

6) Additional Story Writing

Result – I did in fact Post a Couple Different Stories.

“John Black’s Leaving Earth”Episode I and Episode II & Shifted


March Goals

1) Complete Editing Of “Chess With Agatha” I suspect we’ll finish up with the Editing in March

2) Complete “Chess With Agatha” Land Map – Shouldn’t be a problem

3) Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” – I hope to do this once My Book is Edited, and The Land Map for the Book is Complete

4) Search for a Screenplay Literary Agent For “White Jade” – I’ve been Posting lately that I’ve picked up my Screenplay “White Jade” Again, and have begun seeking an Agent to Represent me with it. In 2006 I started to Convert it into a Comic Book, but that Project has been put on hold for a while.

5) Write either New “Allure” (Seers Of The Night) Chapters, Begin Iliad Chapters, and/or New Story Content – More “Allure” is likely to come in March, Iliad is still up in the air… New Story Content is also likely to come

So that’s it for me, plus all my Additional Posting, Poems, Editorials, Music Etc.

What about all of you, Any Goals For March?

Thanks for Reading/Listening


PICTURE CREDIT – 2013 Calendar

Writer’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals

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februaryWriter’s Path… January Achievements, February Goals


Editor for CWA – In January, I sought to accomplish a couple things… One, to if not Edit “Chess With Agatha“, then to at least Find an Editor, and a way to Pay an Editor.

Fortunately, I achieved this by January 31st of the month, which still counts, Lol

At least in my Book.

I now have an Editor Chosen, and will have the Funds to begin Editing in the next week or two.

char-illiusStart “Iliad” – The other Goal I had, was to begin My Second in the Ordose Trilogy of Fantasy Novels (The First Being “Chess With Agatha”), which I did… But I slowed that up a bit to focus on some Additional Editing that I was doing with CWA, in preparation for The Editor.

Still, I achieved this. The Prologue, and First 10 Chapters are now Written.

Vampire 3February Goals;

Allure – Now that I have secured an Editor for CWA, I am at last able to shift my focus, ever so slightly, towards my Vampire Series, “Allure“.

“Allure” began as a Blog Series, but I have since decided that I will make it into a Series of Novellas, starting with the first, which will be called simply, “Allure”.

The First Draft of this Novella has already been Written, via Blog Series Posts, so it’s onto stage two of my  process, which is to have my Good Friend Beth Read, Review and Line Edit it.

Like I’ve said in the past, Beth is not an ‘Editor’ by trade, but she is a Writer, and offers an Immense amount of Insight, and I am fortunate enough to have such a friend for this second part of my process.

She will most likely be starting this process in a couple weeks or so, as she is working on her own Novel at the moment, but I’m not in a huge rush… Especially since I’m not likely to start implementing her suggestions, until I’ve actually ‘Self Published’ “Chess With Agatha”.

A Font with SerifsEdit Chess With Agatha (CWA) – As any of you that have been following me already know, in a week or so, I shall begin working with my Editor for CWA.

Find someone to Draw CWA Land Map – Within February, I will be trying to secure someone to Draw a Small Land Map for “Chess With Agatha”… It is the Norm with Fantasy Novels to have a Map of the Land, and mine shall be no different. Fortunately, the map won’t need to be too extensive, as they only travel through a hand full of areas in this First Book

Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” – The Goal, all things going smoothly allowing, is to at last ‘Self Publish’ “Chess With Agatha” towards the end of February.

Iliad – I shall continue to Post New Chapters for the Second Ordose Book.

Additional Story Writing – Who knows what New Stories might come into my head, I am definitely hungry to delve into some… But Editing, and Self Publishing CWA is the main focus at the moment… Followed by the Preparation for Editing of “Allure”.

Still, the Writer is alive and well, and Hungers for New Creations.

I may also return back to Writing “Allure”‘s Second Novella, “Seers Of The Night“, which I also started last year, but put on hold while I dealt with Self Publishing “I Died Once“.


I Highly Recommend those of you interested in My Self Publishing Efforts, to also Follow My Author’s Blog, which I Update Time to Time.

Also, you’re Welcome to Follow Me on Twitter, @DJWrittneWord for this Site

Once again, Thanks for Listening/Reading, and Thanks for your Continued Interest in My Work/Writing


DarkJade – 2012 Recap (Part I)

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wavegoodbyeDarkJade – 2012 Recap

2012 was a really Good Year for me Creatively, Writing/Blogging/Self Publishing Wise…

White Jade Cover Book 1January – It began with My Self Publishing of My First Ever Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, as Well as My 8 Page Partial Comic Book, “White Jade“.

January also marked my Official Starting Date of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” (Though I actually Posted the Prologue in Dec, 2011, I held off on Writing The Book, until Jan, 2012). This was to be the First of what I hoped to be a Trilogy of Fantasy Books, which I’m now calling “The Planes Of Ordose” Series.

Though I didn’t expect This Novel to be all that long, I still gave myself through June, 2012 to Finish it, allowing time for all the other Writing/Blogging that I do during the year.

The Good News is, I was Successful at hitting the June Date.

Films of Meaning 2January also Marked the Beginning of My Guest Posting Series, “DarkJade’s Films Of Meaning“.

It was a Bi-Weekly Post, which I ended in September.

I Also Started My Third Volume Of Poetry, “Rain Shall Shine” (Capture the Night), which you can check out on My Poetry Page.

383_ca_rangerAlso in January, I Changed My “Dark Rider” Blog Series, to “Tales Of The Dark Rider“, which took place 2 years later than the Original “Dark Rider” Series, which I Wrote in the End of 2011.

Man, January was busy, Lol.

downloadFebruary – February was also an Important Month for me, as it Marked the First Time that I got a Self Published Work into a Local Bookstore. My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, which was also My First Self Published Book. (It’s the Yellow One in the Very, Very Center of the Picture, Lol).

Also in February, I brought My Post Apocalyptic Blog Series The Mind Chronicles” to a halt, awaiting possible future Comic Book Transition.

PensiveMarch – In addition to Creating the Ebook Format of My Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, I also Started My New Blog Series, “Whisper Moon” in March.

Also in March, I started working with My Nephew on the possibility of Making My “Dark Rider” Blog Series into a Comic Book, starting with having him do some Initial Character Sketches for me.

I Died Once AI actually Started My 4th Volume of Poetry, a Series of Poems that were Based on Classic Fairy Tales, Called “Tales Of Old“, as well as My 5th Volume of Poetry, which is called “Taken Heart“… Both Groups of Poems can be found on My Poetry Page.

Lastly in March I worked with My Good Friend Kirsty, a Brilliant Photographer, on Designing the Layout for My “I Died Once” Novella (Which I Wrote towards the end of 2011) Book Cover, which I planned on Self Publishing later in the Year.

Jenna 8April – In April I put My Long Running Sci-Fi Blog SeriesCaptain Fire 197” on Hold, with the hopes of someday making it into a Comic Book as well.

In April I also started a New Blog Series called “Darker Times“, a Sci-Fi/Mars Based Blog Series, which I only ran through May, as I felt with us as a people on the verge of actually sending people to Mars, something about it just doesn’t seem all that Sci-Fi any longer… Kind of a Bummer. For Writers that is, not as a Nation, Lol.

Vampire BlackMay – In May I started my 6th Volume of Poetry, “Shadows“. Also in May, I Started My New Vampire Blog Series, “Allure”, which I now Plan on turning into a Novella Series. (Novella One/First Draft Is Complete)

I also brought “Tales Of The Dark Rider” Blog Series to a halt, in hopes of making it into a Comic Book at some point.

baseball_art_7mJune – I started My Baseball/Blog Series, “Paid To Play“, which I only ran through July.

Also in June I started My 7th Volume of Poetry, “Bereavement“.

kickstarterMost importantly in June, I Started My First Ever “Kickstarter Funding Project“, in order to Generate some Funds to Hire a Professional Editor to Edit My “I Died Once” Novella. To my Surprise, it was a Success. Not that I didn’t think it had a chance of succeeding, but truth be known, I don’t know all that many People, Lol. I have a lot of Family, but I only hang out with just a hand full of them. And the thing with Kickstarter is, it’s either all, or nothing… Meaning if you don’t meet your Monetary Goal, you don’t receive any of the Contributions, the Contributors are simply not charged. There are some Funding Sites that allow you to keep anything that is Contributed, even if you only get $20 out of a $300 goal, but I’m ok with the Kickstarter Method, as it gives a sense of urgency to the whole thing. But that’s just me.

Snapshot_20120624Lastly in June I Created My New Vloging/Video Production Media Blog, “Dark’s Media Empire“, as I found myself missing Film Making, and with YouTube, it’s pretty #$@$! easy to Build, and Produce fairly Simple Productions, and Throw Them online.


Wow, this Post is Getting Long, Lol

And thus, I’ve decided to Break It Up into Two Parts…

Give you a moment to digest the First 6 Months of 2012, Lol

Thanks for Your Continued Interest, and Support of My Writing


DarkJade’s 2012 Recap (Part II)

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**Twitter @DJWrittenWord

***EMail – JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com

****Dark’s Media Empire (DME) Twitter @DarksEmpire

*****DME Email – DarksMediaEmpire@Yahoo.Com

******Author’s Blog

DarkJade – November 2012 Update

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DarkJade – November 2012 Update

Chess With Agatha;

At the Forefront of My November Focus, is of course “Chess With Agatha“… The first of a Trilogy of Fantasy Novels that I started working on in January, 2012.

I allowed myself the first 6 months of the year to slowly Write the First Draft of the First Book, and then I sat it aside while I focused on getting My Novella “I Died Once” Self Published.

I ended up Self Publishing “I Died Once” at the end of August, and spent all of September Marketing it via Twitter, Facebook and My Blogs. I also got it into the Local Bookstore where I also have My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

During the month of October, I slowed up on the Writing of New Material, as I found I was building up a Backlog that I was not liable to ever catch up on, Lol

Cover Artist;

Also during October, I spent time Researching, and Contacting possible Artists for the Cover of “Chess With Agatha“… Most of which either didn’t reply to E-mails, or are too busy to take on new Projects.

But primarily I was waiting to receive Sample Sketch Drawings from a Possible Artist, and never did.

And so during the Month of November, I’m basically starting from Scratch in regards to a Cover Artist.

On a Positive Note, during the last couple days I Created a “Chess With Agatha” Facebook Page (Check it out if you’d like), and Used this Photo on the Left for the Image… The reason I chose this Photo, is there is a ‘Red and Blue’ Enchanted Forest in the Story, and besides I certainly couldn’t use my ‘Rough Concept Sketch” up above to the right here, Lol

On visiting this Site, my Cover Layout Co-Designer Kirsty asked me if the blue and read forest Image was going to be My Book Cover… And I said, sadly, I have no way of locating the actual Artist, so not likely.

But that got me thinking… As Kirsty is a Photographer, perhaps we could work with one of her Forest Pictures (Should she have any Forest Photos, or have access to a Forest so that she might take some), and Create Our own Blue and Red Enchanted Forest, and perhaps use it for the Cover?

This is a very Exciting Possibility, and one I wouldn’t have thought of, if she hadn’t asked me about this Photo… So thank you Kirsty.

Line Editing;

My good friend Beth is 2/3 finished with the Initial Line Editing of My First Draft, and will more than likely finish it up this month sometime.

Implementing Writing Changes;

Also in October (Or was it early November? Lol), I started to Implement some changes I made to the Story, that I had done during My ‘Clean Up’ of the Novel in October.

Actual Editing;

I Contacted My “I Died Once” Editor yesterday, and asked her what her availability is during the next couple months, and whether she thinks she’d have time to Start the Actual Finishing Editing of the Book with me.

She’s going to let me know.

Kickstarter/Cover Artist/Editor Funding Project;

Back in the Month of June, I did a Kickstarter Project to Generate some Funds to Hire an Actual Editor for My Novella “I Died Once”…

I just needed $200, but you also need to Supply Rewards to the Contributors, so the Goal Amount was enough to cover both the $200, and the Money Needed to Cover the Rewards… Which Varied from PDF Copies of the Novella, to Actual Copies of the Novella, to Copies of My Poetry Book, and in a couple cases, actual Book Cover Posters.

To my Surprise, the Project went rather well, and succeeded.

For “Chess With Agatha”, I will need not only Funds for an Editor, but also Funds to Hire a Cover Artist (Whether it’s my Photographer Friend, or someone else Drawing something from scratch)…

And so I found myself Hesitant to doing a New Kickstarter Project, as I had done one for My Novella in June.

But after waiting a decent amount of time, Yesterday it just hit me, that it’s time to do a New Kickstarter Project.

This one comes 5 Months after My Last, so hopefully a enough time has passed.

I have absolutely no clue if it will be a success, as was the case last time… But at the moment, My Finances being what they are, I really can’t afford to come up with the money Myself.

So I Created the New Project, and I’m waiting for it to be Approved by Kickstarter.

I’ll be sure to get you guys the Link should you like to take a look, or be part of it.

The Rewards to Contributors will be Signed Copies of My Books Etc… It will all be listed on the Site.

Self Publishing “Chess With Agatha”

Beyond that, the goal is still to Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” during the Month of December some time… Though this may, or may not be possible, depending on My Editor’s Availability, Whether I Come up with, and Get The Cover Completed in time, and of course am able to Generate the Funds Needed to Pay the Editor and Cover Artist.

Yes, it’s true, in a certain respect, “Writing” is the easy part, Lol

But it did take the last year for me to develop Good Writing Habits (Namely an average of 1,000 words a day or so), which has positioned me to try and take this story to the next level so to speak.

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”;

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”, there is My First of a Series “Allure” Vampire Novella which I’ve Written the First Draft of, and will need to start the Self Publishing Process all over again with…

But not only am I Excited about this, it isn’t likely to be until maybe February, 2013 before I really start to tackle it.

New Material;

My Goal was to take care of Self Publishing both “Chess With Agatha”, and “Allure” prior to really starting to work on My Next Books…

But what I’m likely to do, is to Start (Continue, as I’ve written the first few Chapters) Writing my Second Agatha Book (Iliad) in January 2013, exactly one year from when I started writing the First Book… And perhaps Start my Second Allure Book in February…

Beyond those two Series, who knows what I might end up coming up with, and/or Writing… My Mind is definitely open for a Whole New Thing.

And as we’ve now entered into the Winter Months, I know for me at least as an Artist, New Projects tend to Come to Life, much like “I Died Once” last November.

So we shall see

That’s all for now

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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