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Captain Fire Promo Video

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A Prom Video I just did for a Blog Series I Wrote a Couple Years Back

Check it out Here

Christmas Eve Day (2012)

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I Posted This in January, but Tis the Season once again

KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute Video (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

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two_way_street___kimbra_by_haru_mon-d5xbmwl.png 12KIMBRA Deviant Art Tribute Video (Feat. Settle Down Remix)

My Latest Video Project over on Dark’s Media Empire

Directed by James mahoney

Music by Kimbra

Settle Down Remix By Eoghan Tyrrell @





Art By Deviant Art Artists (Links Below)

All Art Rights Belong To Artist

So This Song Came On While I Was Editing… 10 1/2 Hours Later, Fan Video

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My Blogs Beyond The Written Word

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Emo_Boy_by_chihiro39My Blogs Beyond The Written Word

The Written Word” is indeed My Baby

It is My Creative Writing Blog… My Writing Journal Blog… It also Represents the Birthplace of My Pseudonym, ‘DarkJade‘.

My Internet Pseudonym that is… I use my real name for my Publishing.

It is indeed the Island where I always return.

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderIt’s where I Write My Poetry, such as My First Ever Self Published Work, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“… Which I Self Published January, 2012… And got it into a Local Bookstore in February, 2012.

I Died Once CoverAnd where I Wrote the First Draft of My Novella, “I Died Once“, which I went on to Self Publish in Aug-Sept, 2012.

As well as My First Draft of My Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha“, which I hope to Self Publish in the next two to three weeks. We shall see.

But beyond my Main Writing Blog, “The Written Word”, I’ve also developed a few other Blogs along the way. A couple that are no longer active, but also some that are, and or have changed.

Such was the case with “The Dark Globe”, which was my Journalism/Multi Artist Site from October, 2011-September, 2012. Which is when I changed it to “Legends Undying”.






Legends UndyingLegends Undying; Legends Undying is my ‘Story Showcase Site… Where I have a Different Writer Post Story Chapters on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

Thursday have evolved into a Random Posting Day, and I’ve brought on Specific Writers to be Sunday Posters… Sunday is what I think of as kind of ‘The Sunday Paper’, full of all sorts of Posts, with Different Subjects. Sundays are kind of like a Mini-Version of “The Dark Globe”, and has worked out very well. So have the Story Post Days.

trance 2Dark Xperience; Dark Xperience is a Blog that I Created as a Mental, and/or Writing Retreat… Somewhere that I like to go once the Hour has Stricken 12 midnight, and I feel inclined to shut down the ‘Writ-ey’, Conscious Part of my Mind… And instead tap into the Subconscious Part of My Mind, via Music… Generally Trance Music. But on occasion I Post other types of Music as well.

For whatever reason, Trance helps me Chill out in the Back Part of my Mind… Though I Often Write while listening to Trance, Dark Xperience is a Site that I don’t do much Writing on. You’re Welcome to Check it Out.

Cover 2My Author’s Blog; My Author’s Blog is somewhere that I do Updates About My Self Publishing Efforts. Would Love to see you over there as well… You won’t see all that many Posts, but on Occasion.

vlogDark’s Media Empire; After a while of pursuing Writing as a Career via “The Written Word” Blog, I found myself beginning to miss Film Making, which I pursued in 2000-2003… And with YouTube, I saw an opportunity to mess around with both Vlogs (Video Blogs), and some Video Projects (Primarily Music). And so was Born “Dark’s Media Empire“. Cruise over there if you’d like to see some of my stuff… Some are silly, but I like the Music Videos… There’s also some Videos from My Friend Kymlee, as well as Pete, who used to be one of “The Dark Globe” Writers/Assistant Editors.

White Jade Cover Book 1White Jade (Partial Comic Book) ; White Jade is a Screenplay that I Wrote back in 2002-2005… In 2006-2007 I started to Convert it into a Comic Book, and Hired an Artist to Draw the First 8 Pages, and Cover. I really don’t do many Posts on this Site, but if you’d like to check it out, go for it. I still want to either Sell the Screenplay, or Make “White Jade” into a Full Blown Comic Book… Time will tell, as I’ve got a lot of other stuff on my Plate right now… But I really like the Story. I also Self Published the 8 Page Partial Comic Book in January, 2012.

kobe-bryant-5_191915-1600x1200DarkJade’s Sports Talk; I’m not exactly a ‘Jock’, Lol… But My First Dream was to be a Professional Baseball Pitcher… Something I never pursued, and instead pursued Film Making in 2000-2003, Screenplay Writing in 2004-2005, Comic Book Script Writing in 2006-2007, and Now Writing Books beginning in 2011-Present.

But, certain Sports, and Certain Athletes, do relax me, and definitely get my mind off Writing, which is essential sometimes if you want to stay fresh… At least for me. Don’t get me wrong, I pretty much Write Every Single Day, at least something, Lol

I Created this Blog, but haven’t Announced it to anyone as of yet, even though I did a Few Posts. The main reason I Created the Site is I used to Write a ‘West Coast Yankees’ Fan Series on “The Dark Globe”, but once I changed the Format of that Site, that spot kind of disappeared. But more than that, the main reason that I like to occasionally Write a Sport’s Post is, the Media is just So Terrible… And I wanted to put something out there that had a more ‘Balanced’ Perspective… At least in my opinion.

And so, DarkJade’s Sports Talk. It’s just for fun, and I mainly Talk about the Teams I Like, and/or Follow (New York Yankees, Los Angeles Lakers Etc.), but you’re still welcome to check it out. With Baseball Season Approaching, I may start to do some New Posts, we shall see. I also do Fantasy Baseball, and Fantasy Football, which I might Write about. Though looking at the Fantasy Baseball Draft I just Received, all I can say is, “There’s Always Next Year”, Lol

And Those Are My Blogs

Thanks for Following The Written Word, and enjoy any of the others should they Peak your Interest!


Deeper Still (by David Helping) – Video By James Mahoney

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45010-dark-skyDeeper Still (by David Helping) – Video By James Mahoney

A Video I threw together Using a Song that I Like, and Pictures from Many of My Poetry Posts

Music by David Helping

Directed by James Mahoney

Produced by Dark’s Media Empire

Twitter @DarksEmpire


DarkJade – 2012 Recap (Part I)

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wavegoodbyeDarkJade – 2012 Recap

2012 was a really Good Year for me Creatively, Writing/Blogging/Self Publishing Wise…

White Jade Cover Book 1January – It began with My Self Publishing of My First Ever Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, as Well as My 8 Page Partial Comic Book, “White Jade“.

January also marked my Official Starting Date of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” (Though I actually Posted the Prologue in Dec, 2011, I held off on Writing The Book, until Jan, 2012). This was to be the First of what I hoped to be a Trilogy of Fantasy Books, which I’m now calling “The Planes Of Ordose” Series.

Though I didn’t expect This Novel to be all that long, I still gave myself through June, 2012 to Finish it, allowing time for all the other Writing/Blogging that I do during the year.

The Good News is, I was Successful at hitting the June Date.

Films of Meaning 2January also Marked the Beginning of My Guest Posting Series, “DarkJade’s Films Of Meaning“.

It was a Bi-Weekly Post, which I ended in September.

I Also Started My Third Volume Of Poetry, “Rain Shall Shine” (Capture the Night), which you can check out on My Poetry Page.

383_ca_rangerAlso in January, I Changed My “Dark Rider” Blog Series, to “Tales Of The Dark Rider“, which took place 2 years later than the Original “Dark Rider” Series, which I Wrote in the End of 2011.

Man, January was busy, Lol.

downloadFebruary – February was also an Important Month for me, as it Marked the First Time that I got a Self Published Work into a Local Bookstore. My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, which was also My First Self Published Book. (It’s the Yellow One in the Very, Very Center of the Picture, Lol).

Also in February, I brought My Post Apocalyptic Blog Series The Mind Chronicles” to a halt, awaiting possible future Comic Book Transition.

PensiveMarch – In addition to Creating the Ebook Format of My Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, I also Started My New Blog Series, “Whisper Moon” in March.

Also in March, I started working with My Nephew on the possibility of Making My “Dark Rider” Blog Series into a Comic Book, starting with having him do some Initial Character Sketches for me.

I Died Once AI actually Started My 4th Volume of Poetry, a Series of Poems that were Based on Classic Fairy Tales, Called “Tales Of Old“, as well as My 5th Volume of Poetry, which is called “Taken Heart“… Both Groups of Poems can be found on My Poetry Page.

Lastly in March I worked with My Good Friend Kirsty, a Brilliant Photographer, on Designing the Layout for My “I Died Once” Novella (Which I Wrote towards the end of 2011) Book Cover, which I planned on Self Publishing later in the Year.

Jenna 8April – In April I put My Long Running Sci-Fi Blog SeriesCaptain Fire 197” on Hold, with the hopes of someday making it into a Comic Book as well.

In April I also started a New Blog Series called “Darker Times“, a Sci-Fi/Mars Based Blog Series, which I only ran through May, as I felt with us as a people on the verge of actually sending people to Mars, something about it just doesn’t seem all that Sci-Fi any longer… Kind of a Bummer. For Writers that is, not as a Nation, Lol.

Vampire BlackMay – In May I started my 6th Volume of Poetry, “Shadows“. Also in May, I Started My New Vampire Blog Series, “Allure”, which I now Plan on turning into a Novella Series. (Novella One/First Draft Is Complete)

I also brought “Tales Of The Dark Rider” Blog Series to a halt, in hopes of making it into a Comic Book at some point.

baseball_art_7mJune – I started My Baseball/Blog Series, “Paid To Play“, which I only ran through July.

Also in June I started My 7th Volume of Poetry, “Bereavement“.

kickstarterMost importantly in June, I Started My First Ever “Kickstarter Funding Project“, in order to Generate some Funds to Hire a Professional Editor to Edit My “I Died Once” Novella. To my Surprise, it was a Success. Not that I didn’t think it had a chance of succeeding, but truth be known, I don’t know all that many People, Lol. I have a lot of Family, but I only hang out with just a hand full of them. And the thing with Kickstarter is, it’s either all, or nothing… Meaning if you don’t meet your Monetary Goal, you don’t receive any of the Contributions, the Contributors are simply not charged. There are some Funding Sites that allow you to keep anything that is Contributed, even if you only get $20 out of a $300 goal, but I’m ok with the Kickstarter Method, as it gives a sense of urgency to the whole thing. But that’s just me.

Snapshot_20120624Lastly in June I Created My New Vloging/Video Production Media Blog, “Dark’s Media Empire“, as I found myself missing Film Making, and with YouTube, it’s pretty #$@$! easy to Build, and Produce fairly Simple Productions, and Throw Them online.


Wow, this Post is Getting Long, Lol

And thus, I’ve decided to Break It Up into Two Parts…

Give you a moment to digest the First 6 Months of 2012, Lol

Thanks for Your Continued Interest, and Support of My Writing


DarkJade’s 2012 Recap (Part II)

*Keep in Touch

**Twitter @DJWrittenWord

***EMail – JadeDark68@Yahoo.Com

****Dark’s Media Empire (DME) Twitter @DarksEmpire

*****DME Email – DarksMediaEmpire@Yahoo.Com

******Author’s Blog

My Newest Video – Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

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Kimbra’s Old Flame (∆T ∆TIK∆ Remix)

A James Mahoney Video

Old Flame Written and Performed By Kimbra

Remix by ∆T ∆TIK∆ @

All Music Rights Belong To Kimbra

Video Produced by Dark’s Media Empire

Twitter @DarksEmpire



Photo Links;×768/lovers-images-254937.html

DarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

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2012 Video ProjectsDarkJade – 2012 Video Projects

In June, 2012, I Created My Dark’s Media Empire Vlogging And YouTube Video Projects Blog.

During the last 5 months, in addition to some Silly Vlogging Videos, I also threw together some Video Projects.

Some of them I’ve Posted, or Reblogged here, some of them I did not.

For your Viewing, and Hopefully Listening, Pleasure, here are the Video Projects that I did during this period, which Include some Tribute Videos, Song Videos, Comic Book/Music Videos and Book Promo Videos.

All were either done with Still Shots/Photos/Pictures, and/or Video Footage from Projects I did some 10 to 12 years ago, when I was doing Experimental Film Projects, and My Short Film from 2002.




Kymlee’s “Peter’s Song’ Video

(Uploaded To YouTube July 2nd)


“I Died Once” Novella Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 14th)


Kymlee’s “What’s Left” Video

(Uploaded To YouTube August 25th)


Ingrosso & Alesso – Calling (Lose My Mind) Danrell Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube September 14th)


White Jade Comic Video (Part I)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 23rd)


White Jade Comic Video (Part II)

(Uploaded To YouTube October 25th)


Kimbra Tribute Video Plus Farewell Vows Tour 2012 (Feat. Kimbra’s Posse) STRANGERS Remix

(Uploaded To YouTube October 29th)


“Chess With Agatha” Book Promo Video

(Uploaded To YouTube November 7th)



Thanks for Listening/Watching



White Jade – Comic Video (Part 1)

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I threw together a Video Version of My Comic Book/Screenplay “White Jade”

“A Young Japanese Girl Just Turned Herself In For Crimes She Didn’t Commit… It’s Now Up To Once Chicago Detective, Now Japan Detective, Ben Wayne To Prove Her Innocence

“White Jade” is based on a Screenplay Written by James Mahoney

Directed, Edited and Produced – by James Mahoney

White Jade Comic @ White Jade Comic

Dark’s Media Empire @ Dark’s Media Empire

Art – by Del Borovic @

Music – by Elliot Anderson @