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One Knight (Chapter XIII) – Consorting With Dragons

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One Knight (Chapter XIII) – Consorting With Dragons


a Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011/Unedited)


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CHAPTER XIII – Consorting with Dragon

Deep in the High Peaks of Hyrand… Within the Darkness of a Great Cave… A Dragon speaks.

“Where is my Mother…” the voice echoes and rumbles the very cave walls.

Also standing within the darkness, but holding a dark blue lantern of light, is Baron Braug’s Sorcerer Onddos… Some ten feet behind him is Baron Braug.

“You are all that remains of the Dragon Kind Tor’Hum…” Onddos imparts, his voice shaking slightly.

“ARROGANT HUMAN!! HOW DO YOU KNOW THIS??!!” Tor’Hum shakes the walls even further with his harrowing voice.

Onddos grows exceedingly pale, as his knees begin to quiver.

Tor’Hum then calms once more “To what was her end…” he inquires.

Onddos looks back at Lord Braug who is pensively watching, then back at Tor’Hum.

“Well… We don’t exactly… know” Onddos timidly admits.

“IGNORANT FOOL!!!” Tor’Hum’s temper rises once more “YOU DARE SUMMON ME TO STRIKE DOWN THE LEADER OF THE HUMANS, AND YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW IF I AM THE LAST DRAGON ALIVE!!!” with this a giant claw stretches into the blue light, and snatches up Onddos…

“AHHH!!! PLEASE!!! NO!!!” Onddos calls out as Tor’Hum’s breath heats the sorcerer’s body, and his great yellow eyes can be seen through the dark.

With this Baron Braug steps forward, picking up the blue magical lantern.

“Well that’s just it Tor’Hum… Isn’t it” he speaks excessively calmly. “Your kind has been gone so long, we know nothing beyond the Myths our ancestors have left us behind.

Tor’Hum calms again, and sets the Sorcerer down. “And what of the Wizard Heirs of Warnlock” Tor’Hum demands.

“There are two left… My Lord…” Oddos speaks. “And there is a great feud between them… In fact, none have laid eyes on the 2nd Heir, The Wizard Exx, for well over one hundred years… One hardly knows if he still exists” he finishes.

“He exists…” Tor’Hum simply states. “And what of the 1st Heir…” he inquires.

“His name is Adon….” Lord Braug offers. “And he’s not likely to interfere… He has come to loath the human kind, even more than you I dare say…” Lord Braug finishes.

“You must be sure… If the Two Heirs of Warnlock were to come together–” Tor’Hum speaks, but is interrupted.

“This shall not be so” Onddos assures Tor’Hum.

“Just in case… Bring Adon to me” Tor’Hum says as he begins to prepare to sleep.

“Uhh, this may be a difficult task My Lord–” Onddos tries to explain, but Tor’Hum speaks over him.

“Do it Onddos…” Tor’Hum insists.

Onddos bows slightly “As you command My Lord…” Onddos replies, and then turns and leaves with Baron Braug.


One Knight (Chapter VIII) – The Heirs Of Warnlock

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One Knight (Chapter VIII) – The Heirs of Warnlock


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

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CHAPTER VIII; The Heirs of Warnlock

It was two days before Tyrion was seen again… Locked away in the room in which his Father, or as close to a Father as he had ever had, King Maelem, had died.

Meanwhile, Ahnug and Kon spoke outside the hallway of the room.

“I do not think it’s a good idea to stay here…spoke Ahnug.

“I have to agree with you, it will only be so long before whoever is behind this sends soldiers to secure the province, or worse even–“

“The Dragon…” Ahnug finished Kon’s sentence.

Suddenly the door to the chamber opened, and Tyrion came out “Arrange a meeting with Ingum immediately, we needs locate the Heir’s of Warnlock…”

Quickly, Ahnug, Kon, Tyrion and Ingum were in the Meeting Hall. Tyrion paced back and forth as Ingum spoke.

“Apparently in the time of Shadowmyth, there was an Alliance with Man, and the Dragon’s…”. “But the Wizard’s of Paren never felt comfortable with the existence of Dragon’s, as the two Races of Dragon and Mage had fought a three thousand year war…” Tyrion stops and looks at Ingum.

“Or so King Maelem has told me…” Tyrion continues pacing.

“And so Tor’Hum knowing this, arranged a meeting with Conquoi, the most powerful, and Leader of the Wizard’s of Paren, and struck a deal…”

“A deal with a Dragon?? Outrageous” spoke Ahnug, who looked to Tyrion, as he looked back at him.

“Continue Ingum…” spoke Kon.

“And so when Shadowmyth and Wintoran were away–“

“Wintoran?” interjected Tyrion.

“Yes… Shadowmyth’s Mate, the Matriarch of the Dragon’s…”

“Tor’Hum’s Mother…” spoke Kon.

“Aye” replied Ingum. “So when Shadowmyth and Wintoran were away, Tor’Hum delivered the Wizard’s of Paren, and their Mercenary Armies, to Ardent’s Stowe–“

“The Lair of the Dragon’s” interjected Ahnug.

“Aye, and, the Sleeping Dragon’s, unsuspecting the attack, were caught off guard and destroyed…”.

“What treachery… He killed his own siblings” spoke Kon.

Ahnug looks over at Kon “He’s a Dragon… What yah expect…”.

With this Tyrion leaned up against the great table and spoke “Wintoran??”.

Ingum shrugged “The King made no mention of what became of Wintoran…”.

“Only that Shadowmyth carried Tor’Hum ripping, and clawing, to Ardent’s Stowe, where he buried him alive with only the Bones of his Brother’s and Sister’s to keep him company”.

“Justice…” Ahnug spoke as he stood.

“And who are these “Heirs of Warnlock”?” questioned Tyrion.

“Apparently they are the only two Great Wizard’s of Paren remaining” Ingum replied.

“So there may be more Mage’s than them?” inquired Kon.

“Aye… Just not as powerful as the Heir’s”.

“We needs leave this place now…” Tyrion suddenly proclaimed. With this Kon and Ingum also stood.

“Maelem is dead, and fallen… We need to get these people out of here…” Tyrion looked at Ingum “Ingum, can I count on you to lead the survivors of this masacre to the Province of Praske, and my Keep there…”.

“Aye sir, would be an honor… I shall prepare the remaining Knights, and Suvivors… We will leave at sunrise” Ingum smacks his fist against his chest as was custom in Maelem, and leaves the chamber.

“What about us?” inquired Ahnug.

“We needs seek out the Heirs of Warnlock… And any that remain from the Wizard’s of Paren”. “Come…”.

One Knight (Chapter 7.5) – And Fire Shall Come

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One Knight (Chapter 7.5) – And Fire Shall Come


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

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Chapter VII

CHAPTER VII (Part Two); And Fire Shall Come

From Ashes… Rose Dust… From Dust… Memory

Of What Was… And of What May Be Again

Kindron – Dragon Rider

Some three days later, Tyrion and his men reached the outskirts of Maelem… and they could already see the smoke.

“RIDE!!” Tyrion yelled. And so they did.

What they saw next would forever stick in their memory… The Walls surrounding the City, and Kingdom of Maelem, were chard, scattered and broken. As their horses slowly trotted inside the City Walls, they came upon bodies of knights who had died defending their King. And City Civilians, who never saw it coming.

“Dragon…” Ahnug said under his breath. They continued to the Castle itself, which had taken the brunt of the attack. It’s walls crushed, burnt and mangled. Everywhere there were dead bodies. Tyrion dismounted.

“Ahnug, take the Cavalry and secure the area… Kon, you and your two archers come with me” ordered Tyrion.

“Aye…” Ahnug replied, as he rode off with his men. Kon and his archers dismounted, and followed Tyrion in.

The whole of the place smelled of chard flesh, and rubble. Dead bodies everywhere. Suddenly one of the King’s Royal Guards approached “Tyrion! Over here!!” he directed Tyrion to a nearby room. Tyrion went in with Kon, the Archers stayed outside the doorway.

Inside lay King Maelem, burns all over his body, and ash across his face. Three Guards were in the room, as well as a nurse attending his wounds. “Father!” Tyrion called him as he broke into tears, and knelt at King Maelem’s bedside.

King Maelem touched the top of Tyrion’s head “It is good to see you boy…”.

Tyrion looked up at his King “Tell me what to do…” he employed to his King.

“There is nothing you can do for me now… My time has come, and passed…” with this the King waved everyone else out of the room.

“There is something I needs tell you Tyrion… Something I should have told you a long time ago…” spoke the King.

“Tor’Hum…” replied Tyrion. “Then you know” spoke the King. “His cave at Ardent’s Stowe had been opened… I knew not what to think of it, I mean… Dragons??”. “But I sent a messenger anyway to notify you, but he never made it… I have failed you my King” Tyrion bowed his head. “No! It is I who have failed you…” Tyrion raised his head once more. “I should have told you about the Dragon’s… So much time had passed without mentioning, or siting of one…”.

King Malem then took the silver necklace with the glowing blue crystal from around his neck “Cough Cough”. “Here” he handed it to Tyrion. “Take this”.

Tyrion looked surprised to see such a thing, glowing brightly, like… Magic. “What? is it my King”.

“Cough Cough Cough” the King started to cough up blood. “I have ordered all that remain underneath the Castle… Maybe a hundred or so have survived. “Cough Cough” you must talk to Ingum now… I have explained the rest to him. Ingum was the Captain of King Maelem’s Royal Guard. “My King!” Tyrion cried as he grasped his King. “Speak to Ingum… And seek out the Heirs of Warnlock” these were his last words.

One Knight (Chapter VII) – Brothers Of Pain

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One Knight (Chapter VII) – Brother’s of Pain


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

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Chapter Five

Chapter Six

CHAPTER VII (Part One); Brother’s of Pain

Baron Braug has two sons… Neither of which are to be trusted.

The first of which is Viden, renowned for wearing Black, and wielding the great Broad Blade of Seawell. A prize for the slaying of Lord Seawell, who, of course, he didn’t actually slay himself. But, none the less, the blade is his. His long black hair he wraps tightly in a braid that runs down his back, and accompanies a sharp black beard. He is smart enough, but hardly wise.

The second brother, Wiley, the younger of the two, is in all accounts, a wretched coward. He is associated with wearing all Yellow, so that no one can possibly miss him when he enters a room. His hair is short and brown. It has been brought to his attention, primarily by Viden, that wearing all yellow on the battlefield his enemies would quickly find him out, and potentially slay him. In which he more than willingly replies “And that is why you will never find me remotely near a battlefield”. This is true, his men that he sends into battle for him can accurately account for it.

As one might have suspected, King Maelem was hardly pleased, to say the least, when he heard of their arrival at his castle. However, being a man of Kingly Commerce, he obliged their wishes to make court with him.

There they stood in front of him, Wiley’s head cocked back in self proclaimed greatness, as Viden sneered rudely at King Maelem.

“How may I be of service to the two of you…” the courteous King inquired.

“By vacating Maelem, and turning over the keys to us, of course…” replied Viden most heinously.

With this the King stood, and his Royal Guard took one step forward. “CLUNK!!” went the sound of their boots.

“Do not test my patience boy…” threatened the King.

Wiley looked nervous as he eyed the Royal Guard, and then took his brother’s arm.

“What my brother is saying is, your time is over old man… Clear your Kingdom of it’s people, or every last one of you shall pay a most black toll…” Wiley spoke, which of course, wasn’t much better.

The great King began to wave his arms around “Remove these two maggots from my sight…” he turned and exited the courtroom “AT ONCE!!” he finished.

And so the two sons of Braug were dragged by their arms, heals dragging, out. Wiley smiled as they went, and Viden…

…”You will Pay for this Fool!! You shall see!!” was not pleased.

Meanwhile somewhere in the forefront of the Valley of Jjor, Tyrion and his men make their way, until…

“THERE!!” Kon suddenly pointed, and road ahead, as they came upon a slain body with three arrows in it’s back.

Kon turned the body over.

“It’s our Messenger!” called Kon.

“This does not bode well…” spoke Tyrion under his breath. He looked at Ahnug, and then his men.

“ONWARD, MAKE HASTE, WE HAVE NO TIME TO WASTE!!” and so they rode on.


One Knight (Chapter 6) – Settling In

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One Knight (Chapter Six) – Settling In


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

Chapter Five

CHAPTER VI; Settling In

Three weeks had come and gone before anyone knew it. Natum, Ahnug, Kon and  Pepen were well on their way in the building of the Tananhall Guard.

In the courtyard of the Keep, they trained.

“Come now Pepen, you can surely do better than that…” Ahnug harrassed Pepen as he walked by, toeing a horse behind him.

Pepen smiled “The Great Ahnug, on his mighty steed… You ought to try walking some time, it would do you good…” Ahnug smiled in return.

Meanwhile Kon trained his Archers most harshly “Anything less than perfection is unacceptable, do you understand”. He walked behind some fifteen archers, and would bump their elbows into proper position with his bow.

Suddenly Natum appeared “Tyrion would have word with us…”. Each of the Leads looked at one another, then followed Natum.

Within Tananhalls Great Meeting Chamber, Tyrion, Natum, Pepen, Ahnug and Kon sat.

“Three weeks have come and gone, and no word from Maelem, or our Messenger…” Tyrion began. “Aye” Ahnug replied.

“What do you think has happened?” spoke Kon.

“I do not know” replied Tyrion. “But I know this, I can no longer sit here and act like everything is fine, when it may not be…”

“Aye…Aye…” the men agreed.

“Tomorrow Ahnug and I will go with our Cavalry…” he looks at Ahnug “How many Cavarly do we have now…”

“Well… The four from Maelem, and eight more that I’ve only really begun training… But their decent horsemen”.

“That shall do… Natum I need you to keep the building of our Guard as a number one priority” “Aye, that I will…” replied Natum.

Tyrion stands “Pepen you too must press on in the training, we’re only as strong as our men” “Aye my Lord” Pepen agreed.

“Kon–” Tyrion started to say, but Kon interrupted “I’m coming with you…“. Ahnug smiled to himself. “Kon, I won’t--” Tyrion tried to speak again, Kon interrupted once more “I’m coming” with this he walked out of the room.

Tyrion looked at Ahnug who was trying to hide his smile “He sure told you…” and walked out, followed by Pepen. Tyrion was left alone.

Later, in Jade and Tyrion’s Chambers. “Are you mad!? I can’t train those men…” Jade ranted as she stormed around their room trying to find a way to keep herself from strangling Tyrion. “You are the best Archer we have at Tananhall, save Kon and I… And we simply wont be here” Tyrion replied.

Jade stops and looks at him “I… am a woman”. “Ha!” Tyrion laughes “When has that ever stopped you…”.

Jade then sits at her make up mirror, and places the backs of her hands against her face. Tyrion stands behind her, his hands on her shoulders. “I need you Jade…”

She looks at him “You’re mad”. “Aye” he bends over and kisses her “For you…”

“Very well then, I’m doing it my way than…” Jade informs him. Tyrion raises his arms and walks away “Of course, and all within the Keep will be told that you are Ruler here well I am gone…”

The next morning, the sun hardly risen, Tyrion, Ahnug, Kon and the twelve Cavalry stand ready to depart. Kon has also brought two of his original Maelem Archers.

Jade, in a dark red dress, approaches her husband as he sits upon his steed. “Be safe…”. Tyrion reaches down to caress her face “You too…”.

He then looks at Natum “Take care of Tananhall…” Natum nods.

“Yah!” he yells, and the seventeen of them ride off.

One Knight (Chapter 5) – Tananhall Keep

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One Knight (Chapter Five) – Tananhall Keep


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

Chapter Four

CHAPTER FIVE; Tananhall Keep

Some four hours after Tyrion and the others had returned from Ardent’s Stowe, the caravan moved out, and was making good time.

Soon they would enter the Province of Prask, their new home.

Jade did her best to question Tyrion about their findings at Ardent’s Stowe, but he preferred to wait until they reached the Keep, before speaking of it. She finally relinquished her attempts to assess it.

During the last day of travel they had, had some rain, but as they made their final approach to the location where the Keep was supposedly constructed, the clouds, seemingly in the knowing of their arrival, parted into a perfect blue sky… And there it was… Tananhall Keep. Their new home.

Tyrion smiled in awe, and looked at Jade, who stared in shock. “It’s…”. “I know” Tyrion replied, as he took her hand.

The caravan entered the Keeps gates, and was met by some two dozen Keep Attendants, who would serve Tryion and Jade in their home. “I am not Royalty… This is madness” Tyrion proclaimed. “The fields outside the Keep look fertile, and ready for the picking” spoke Ahnug. “I’ll see that that it’s done in the morrow” Tyrion nodded.

A tall, thin balding man approached “Greetings My Lord… I am Lizandar… Your Head House Man…”. “Well met” Tyrion  replied. “Please don’t hesitate to let us know if there’s anything any of us can do to make your arrival, and settling, any more… Pleasing”. Jade smiled, and curtsied “We will” Jade spoke. Lizander seemed a little surprised that Jade had replied.

Soon night fell, and the Knights of Maelem made themselves at home, and set up a minimal guard. Tomorrow Natum and the rest would begin to bring in more men to train as Tananhall Guard. Those that took on positions, would find a home within the Keeps Walls and protection.

Later, in Tyrion and Jades new Quarters. Jade lay in an all white gown in Tyrion’s arms, both upon their dark wood four post bed. “So what of Ardent’s Stowe” Jade questioned. Tyrion did not reply at first, but began to breathe deeper. “The cave has been opened” he replied. Jade sat up in surprise “Open??”. Tyrion pulled her back down to him “Yes… But I can not guess what that is about…”. “The Dragon? Tor’Hum??” she quickly replied. Tyrion looked at her, trying to smile a bit “You don’t really believe there were ever such things as Dragon’s… Do you?”. She looked away. “I don’t suppose I know…” she looked back at him “But King Maelem would know… Wouldn’t he?”. “Well… I’m not sure, but I’ve already sent a rider with a message, telling him of our findings… So perhaps we’ll know soon enough”. The two of them then passed out, as it had been a long day of journeying.

Meanwhile at the entrance of The Valley of Jjor, the rider bearing the message to Maelem rides into it’s darkness…

But he would not make it to the other side.

One Knight (Chapter 4) – The Valley Of Jjor

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One Knight (Chapter Four) – The Valley of Jjor


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

Chapter Three

CHAPTER FOUR; The Valley of Jjor

The Caravan wove it’s way in and out of the many rifts and cracks of The Valley of Jjor.

Pepen and his Foot Soldiers took the front, followed by Tyrion, Jade, Natum and Ahnug, who all rode side by side atop their horses.

Behind them the many wagons of the Knights Families, followed by Ahnug’s four Cavalry,  and coming up the rear are Kon and his Archers.

As night fell upon them, there was an unnerving silence within the valley walls. Torches were quickly lit, and soon they would camp for the night, where they would find nourishment, and rest. But what a place to try and sleep. It surely wouldn’t come easily.

“I and four of Pepen’s men will take first watch…” spoke Ahnug, who though brash, still looked over at Natum for approval. Natum nodded in agreement. “Our rest will only be four or five hours however, as we needs get ourselves in and out of the Valley of Jjor as quickly as possible…” all agreed with Natum.

Meanwhile Kon had noticed tracks on the ground, prior to nights fall.

Once they reached a fair opening of space, they made camp, and Kon approached Tyrion.

“There are recent tracks through here, just so you know” Tyrion nodded. He then motioned to Ahnug, who came briskly.

Jade took notice of the three of them speaking.

“Kon says there are recent tracks through the valley, so be alert” Tryion spoke to Ahnug, who nodded in reply.

“There’s more than that” Kon suddenly interjected. “They head up through there” he pointed to a path that lead into the side of the valley wall.

“Ardent’s Stowe” Ahnug spoke grimly.

“The Myth?” Tyrion questioned. “The Legend…” spoke Kon. “The Dragon” replied Ahnug. All looked at one another.

“Tor’Hum?” Jade’s sweet voice suddenly cut through the night. All of them looked at her. Ahnug growled and stepped away, as did Kon.

“You really shouldn’t listen in to others conversation my fair lady” with this Tyrion picked Jade up and swung her around. Natum approached, and Tyrion set Jade down. “Pardon my lord, but Ahnug requested that he and the four Foot Soldiers not on watch accompany him up into that side pathway–” “That’s fine” Tyrion interjected. “But is that wise sir?” Natum questioned.

Tyrion looked at him, then Ahnug who awaited the okay with four men, lastly at Jade. Then Natum again.

“You’re right” he slapped Natum on the arm “I’ll go with them”. With this Tyrion joined Ahnug. Jade sat stunned.

“That’s not exactly what I had in mind” Natum whispered under his breath.

As the caravan went to sleep, four Foot Soldiers on watch, Tyrion, Ahnug and the other four foot soldiers headed up the pathway towards Ardent’s Stowe, the supposed resting place of Tor’Hum, the great Dragon.

Suddenly Tyrion felt a tap on his shoulder as Kon passed him by “You didn’t think I’d let you leave me out of this did yah” he smiled. As it turned out, Kon was having more fun on this journey than he expected.

When they at last reached the great cave, Ardent’s Stowe, to their surprise the opening, sealed for a good hundred or so years, was open. Though such a thing could not have come easily, as hundreds of broken stones lay everywhere.

The seven men approached hesitantly, torches held high. “This is odd” spoke Ahnug.

Meanwhile Kon had broken off and was looking at three tall wooden poles sticking out of the ground that were placed side by side, with wrist chains attached to each. “No my friend” he proclaimed, drawing all’s attention “This is odd” he held up one of the chains.

Tyrion taking note of the Foot Soldiers fear “Alright, lets head back”. Ahnug looked at Tyrion in surprise, then at the men. “Perhaps you’re right, for we are few”.

“Fall back!” Ahnug proclaimed, and so they did. Save Kon who was inching his way towards the cave, then kneeled before it’s entrance, and rubbed his hand against a black patch of powder on the ground, maybe six inches in diameter. “Very odd indeed”.

Tyrion looked to Kon “Come Kon…” and so he did.

One Knight (Chapter 3) – They Tell Of Dragons

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One Knight (Chapter Three) – They Tell of Dragons


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

CHAPTER THREE; They Tell of Dragons

It was only a matter of a few days before Tyrion and Jade had packed, and prepared for their journey West to the Province of Prask, and the Newly Built Tananhall Keep.

Accompanying them would be both Tyrion’s Squire, Enre, and Jades Lady’s Girl, Ree. In addition, seventeen of Maelem’s best Knights have been assigned to guard the Keep well Tyrion builds his own Guard. As these are no longer times of War, they have also been allowed to bring their Wives and Children. This would make for quite a jovial journey.

The Acting Captain of this now named Tananhall Guard, is a Knight by the name Natum. With short brown hair, and a thick mustache, Natum is a strong and capable Fighter, his swordsmanship equally matched by his keen Leadership. He was a worthy choice, one made by King Maelem himself.

The Lead Cavalier, as there are only Four Cavalier in total, is Tyrion’s closest friend, though in War he was more regarded as his Greatest Comrade, Ahnug. Now Ahnug was quite cantankerous, with his long black hair, ragged black beard, and some would even say his eyes were black, either that or a dark blue of depths never known. Ahnug was the eldest of the Knights, being in his early forties, but do not mention this to him, or it will be the end of yah. With this, he brings great wisdom, or at least wisdom which he sometimes chooses, should it best suit him at the time. His Horsemanship is unparalleled, and his Spirit, unbreakable.

The Lead Foot Soldier, in which there are eight, was Pepen, a long and lanky lad, with dirty blond hair, and small eyes. Tyrion did not know him as well, as this was a new title for Pepen, he’d always been a regular foot soldier himself, word has it he’s very agile, and loyal.

Lastly there was Kon… Lead Archer, of which there are four. Now Kon was not pleased to be leaving Maelem, but Tyrion desires a great many Archers to be trained for his Keeps Guard, and Kon is just the man to do it. He has medium reddish brownish hair, and is of a medium build.

As the caravan began it’s way west, it was a beautiful day. Vast blue skies, fluffy white, promising clouds. A promise of a new life.

As the Province of Praske was some three to four hundred miles away, it would be a hand full of days before they would arrive. And in traveling there they would needs make their way through and beyond Shadowmyth‘s supposed birth place, The Valley of Jjor. And Tor’Hum‘s supposed Prison, Ardent’s Stowe. Who is Shadowmyth? He is the Ancient Dragon of Legends past… Or so the stories tell. But it had been so long since anyone had seen a Dragon, Legend has made it’s subtle way into Myth. And Mtyth into obscurity. And there it has stayed.

Shadowmyth was said to be The Great Spark… The First known Dragon to exist. The Wise one… The Strong one. Now Tor’Hum is a different story… He was the youngest of eight Heirs of Shadowmyth, and the most Treachorous. For it was he, and he alone that lead the Human Armies, and Wizards of Paren, to the Dragon’s Lair… And there that all but Shadomyth and  Tor’hum did Perish.

This broke Shadowmyst’s Heart, as there had been peace between Man and Dragon for some hundreds of years. And as of that day, it was destroyed.

As a last act of Justice, Shadowmyth carried his own son, talons buried deep within him, as Tor’hum clawed and breathed at Shadowmyth the whole way, and secured him in the Rock Prison that is Ardent’s Stowe… A deep cave within the middle of the Valley of Jjor’s Pass… That was to be his Tomb… His Fate… His Destiny.

After this Shadowmyth made his way to the Kingdom of Maelem, which was ruled by King Maelems Great Ancestor. Rumor has it he spoke to the King, and then died there before the Great Castle.

A great Funeral and Service was held in his honor, for Shadowmyth had always symbolized peace in the land… And with his death… So died peace as well.

But there was more… Ah, but that can wait

One Knight – Prologue

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One Knight – Prologue


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written In 2011)


In a time of  Knights, Kings and Dragons… Our story takes place in the Kingdom of Maelem. Long Ruled by King Maelem himself, though his Wife has passed, and she had bore no children, he always felt that the Leader of his Armies, the Knight Tyrion, was as close to a Son as any man of non-royal blood could be.

Over the last fifteen years, Tyrion has lead his Kings Knights into battle with many a Fine Warlord, and in all cases, has been victorious.

Now as the King nears the final years of his life, he has but one gift he wishes to bestow upon Tyrion and his new Wife. But will it come too late.

The Dragon Feasts Alone

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Dragon_and_girl__by_anne_stock_by_NennvialelfenuitThe Dragon Feasts Alone

The Dragon Feasts Alone…

Golden worth thoughts

Sharpened Fangs…

Eyes Fixed Brightly on the prize

The Prize So Sweet…

It’s soft Breath

And Warm Tone…

Leaves him wanting so badly…

So badly it hurts

The Plummeting begins…

Her Soft, warm, inviting eyes

How can he eat Such a thing…

Dragon wait, there is more…

And So it Sleeps, and Sleeps

She touches him Softly while he sleeps…

He does not know this

And when Sun rises…

He is angered…

Angered that She dost live on

Not digested…

Love contested

Pride is on the rise…

He Stomps and Flaps

Smoke Fire Rises…

And than She Sings her Song…

And he is young…

His eyes are Small

She quietly Snaps the Chains…

And approaches his heart…

He is afraid…

He is always afraid

Except when She is near…