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Time To Manifest Dreams

Posted in Dreams, Life on January 20, 2015 by darkjade68

Manifest_Your_DreamsTime To Manifest Dreams

So often times, Life doesn’t go quite as planned

For instance, my First Dream as a Child was to be a Professional Baseball Player

nolan_ryan(Nolan Ryan)

A Pitcher to be more specific

Nolan Ryan was one of my heroes as a kid

5 27 14 montBut I lived in a remote canyon with my brother and Mom

And getting to practices would have been tough

So I let it go

Then in 1977

Star Wars Movie Poster 2I saw Star Wars

And that’s when I decided I wanted to be a Filmmaker

And in 2000

I moved to Eugene Oregon

Bought a Video Camera

And made experimental Films using Action Figures

(That Was Shot Scene After Scene, No Editing, And The Music Was Playing On A Portable Stereo)

Two Years Later

In 2002

I Shot My First Short Film “If Not Now…”

Shot In An Hour And A Half

Edited As Best I Could With What I Shot

And Got that Film Into a Film Festival In New York

Later that year I went through some Medical stuff

And set Film Making aside

From there Dreams took a back seat in my life

In 2002-2004 I Did Write My First Feature Film Screenplay

White Jade Cover Book 1White Jade

And in 2006, Hired an Artist to Transform the first part of it into 8 Comic Book Pages

8 Page Comic Page SketchPage 8But Being a Writer, had never been a Dream

Though in 2011 I Created this Blog

And did my First Post

The Writer

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Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell

And though Writing wasn’t an Actual Dream

I spent the next year and a half Writing a lot

And Finally Self-Publishing

White Jade, the 8 Page Comic Book

Winter, Lust, And Wonder” a Poetry Book

And “I Died Once” a Novella

Some of my other Dreams in Life have been

Now keep in mind they’re a bit ‘Lofty’

beach-house-plans1A Beach House

Though Any House by the age of 40 would have been nice

Land, Sky and MountainsA Ranch

OCropAnd a Horse (Or Horses)

Now I realize that both a Beach House, and a Ranch, is a bit much

But I was pursuing Film Making, and I figured my Films would be pretty good

And there are Filmmakers out there that ‘aren’t’ good that are making millions, Lol

It’s not that I’m materialistic

I just love the ocean, and love horses, and open spaces like some ranches

So here I am at 46, the medical issues I had 12+ years ago lead to some trauma

That derailed my Film Making Career

And thus, I did not, and/or have not made millions, Lol

But I still want a Horse

And I wouldn’t mind a Ranch, Lol

So we shall see what I can do from this point

But my point of this Post is

Never Stop Pursuing Your Dreams

Nuff Said


Dream Watch

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Dream Watch

I admit…

I Miss you

The time I held you in my arms…

Too short

I Wished it’d never End

Too Close?

I hardly think so

I Felt your breath

Reach upon my neck…

Warm Promises

Of Dreams Always known…

Yet… I don’t know

I’m not bitter


I haven’t the Heart, nor Stomach for it

Triumphant Life…

I Think so

I’ve Loved So Deeply…

I Can not explain

And yet I am young…

In Heart…

And Mind

Truth seems so rare…

In these troubled… Uncertain times

The Dreams I’ve known…

I can’t let go

And yet I stand here waiting…

For Beauty to fall from the sky once more

And Bless My Life with sweet…

Delicate Love

And Hope…

And Magic

Of course… Magic


PICTURE CREDIT – Evening Dreamer

Disney Buys Lucas Film For 4.05 Billion – It’s A Changing World

Posted in Childhood, Dreams, Editorial, Entertainment, Film Making, Inspiration, Life, Star Wars with tags on October 30, 2012 by darkjade68

Disney Buys Lucas Film For 4.05 Billion – It’s A Changing World

I have to admit, I have mixed feelings about this.

Mostly because I saw the Original “Star Wars” in the Theater in 1977, which basically lead to me pursuing Film Making in 2000-2003.

Granted, both “Walt Disney” (The Man), and George Lucas are two of my Greatest/Fondest Heroes… Walt Disney even more than George Lucas.

So in one Respect, I’m totally for it.

Also, I know/realize that George is getting older…

But in truth, I really never expected him to let go of Lucas Film… And what I mean by that is, it just never passed through my mind that he’d sell it.

I will say this about Disney, their movies weren’t doing that good, especially one of their last ones, “John Carter”, which by the way is a fun movie to watch.

But one thing that the Newest President of Disney did do that was Brilliant, was Purchase Marvel Comics a hand full of years back… Now that was brilliant thinking… Just like purchasing Pixar was brilliant.

As we all know, the Marvel Films are doing Extremely well in Sales (The Avengers was the 3rd Worldwide Grossing Film in History, behind Titanic and Avatar)… So basically Pixar saved their Animated Department, and Marvel has saved their Movie Department… At least in my opinion.

And now there’s whispers about Disney making a New Star Wars Film in 2015… All I can say is… Wow… We’ll have to see.

But that’s ok.

My first instinct is “Get J. J. Abrams” Aboard maybe to Film it… He is an Awesome Producer (He Produces “Person of Interest” which is a Brilliant T.V. Show, and many many others), and Film Maker (He did the New Star Trek).

But enough of all this… For me it feels like a bit of a Sad Day to see George Sell his Brain Child… But from a Pure ‘Mortality’, and ‘Business’ standpoint, it makes perfect sense.

Good Luck Disney


Spirits Free

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Spirits Free

They Are All Awaiting…


Their Thoughts lay across their Brows…



One might look to another

And watch how it fiddles with its Fingers of Light and Fire…

When will they arrive one might say



What will the say Father…

What will they do

Fear not Little ones…

When they do come

And they Will Come…

The Lights and Wonders

And Justified Truths…

Shall be Most Bountiful indeed

And then they come…

And the Walls Dissolve Around them

Into Fairy Fire…

And they are Surrounded by Endless Night…

Beneath them are the Skies and Waters of Eternity

And The Stories they Tell…

Would Change their Destinys

And each of their Hopes…

And Dreams

They Were Free…



“The Written Word” One Year Anniversary

Posted in Dreams, Film Making, Inspiration, Life, Music, Music Video, Poetry, Star Wars, Writing with tags on August 18, 2012 by darkjade68

“The Written Word” One Year Anniversary!

Believe it or not, Today is My One Year Anniversary of Entering the Blogosphere…

Here’s what My Very First Post Said

The Writer

Inside of all of us is The Writer… I’ve been writing since I was young, but I have never truly given my Writer a home… It is my intention to finally and truly embrace my Writer, I intend to do this by Writing, Writing, Writing…

But to do this, I must first create the space for it… Where will I write… What music will I listen to… Who will I share my writing with while I develop it… Time will tell”

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500 Posts Later, I have been Writing My A$$ Off, Lol

And I have to say, though I am Thrilled To Death about the Amount of Work I have Accumulated Along The Way, it is You The Readers… Writers… Photographers that have come to My Site Along the way that have been My Greatest Inspiration.

And I Mean that.

The Thought of Just Writing, Hording All Of My Work, and Sending it Off to a Publisher In Hopes to Get My Work Represented, and/or Published, never, ever Appealed to me.

No, though it’s a bit more “Emotionally” Risky, I decided 1 Year Ago, that I wanted Feedback along the way on My “First Draft” Work, which everything that I Post on this Site is… I don’t Edit it Prior to Posting it… I Treat this Site Like a Writing Journal, and it has been a Great Experience.

And Being someone whose Grammar has never been that Great, I figured I’d hear about it a lot along the way… But I really haven’t… I’ve maybe had 2 People in the Year I’ve been Writing give me a hard time… Which is Shocking to me.

No, My Readers have looked beyond that, and truly basked in the rawness of what I had to offer, which, in truth, I had no idea what people would think. But that’s one of the other main reasons that I Created a Blog, to see how What I Wrote, was, and is, Perceived.

I think perhaps the Greatest Surprise in regards to my work, is how many Poems I’ve Wrote over the last 12 Months… 136 of them. But what the real surprise has been, has been My Reader’s Response via both Comments, and the “Like” Button.
Not that I get tons and tons, but there have been so many people that Consistently Clicked the “Like”, and/or Posted a Response. It’s blown me away. I had no idea that what I feel inside, would reach others the way I would hope that it would. And because of it, it’s Inspired me to Keep on Writing them… And beyond that, it inspired me to Self Publish My First Work ever, which was My Volume I Book of Poetry, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”.
So thank you all for that.

Also during this last year, I’ve developed many Friends, and Comrades in Art… Which has been unbelievable… Something I never thought I’d find online. And as a Writer, it has meant a lot to me… It helps to Inspire me to Keep on Working at it, even when some Posts don’t get any Comments or “Likes”… I don’t let that stop me… I just Keep on Writing.

I Could go On and On… But I won’t… I just want to Say Thank You to all of you who Came for a while, then Faded away… To all of you that Come here and there…  To all of you that have been here with me since the beginning, and hung out allll along the year, Lol

One Visit isn’t too Little… Every Visit means a Great Deal to me.

And as I begin My Second Year of Truly Pursuing “Writing” as a Profession, I Wish You All the Greatest of Success in All that you do… And I look forward to continuing to have all of you with me along the way.

You are Great… And your time is not wasted on me… I appreciate Every View, Every “Like”, and Every Comment… Truly.

As you all know, Life can sometimes be a Lonely Place… But here, I am Never Lonely… There’s always someone out there Floating through and Leaving their Print On My Site… And on Me

And I thank you for it




And Now I Leave You With a Few Songs that Very Much Represent Parts of Who I am

In Hopes that you may Know Me a Bit More, After Hearing them

Halcyon On And On (Ever Since I First Heard This Song in 1998, It has Struck Me As How My Soul Sounds Inside, should Someone Press their Ear Against My Chest/Heart, and Listen)

Dreamer – Supertramp (My Theme Song Since I was 5 Years Old, though this is a Live Version)

Every Breath You Take – The Police (Pretty Much My Favorite All Time Band… This Song is The Way My Heart Works, Or At Least Sounds… It’s Great Being A Romantic, But It Can Also Be Very Painful… Poetry Helps… And so Does Love)

Freddy Mercury (My All Time Favorite Singer… There’s No One Deeper, or More Talented… Not Really)

Deep Purple – Smoke On The Water (My Favorite Song when I was 3 or 4 Years Old, Lol)

Red Hot Chili Peppers – Dosed (In 1998 I Left My Path of Greyness, and Began The Pursuit of All My Dreams… First by Creating an Emotional Rock Band, then Studying and Making Experimental Films, then Writing Screenplays… This Song, and Band’s Album “Californication”, Was The Heart Beat of the Path That Lead me out of My Own Induced Darkness… Which wasn’t Drugs, or Drinking… No, My Darkness lay within the walls of The Dreamer who wasn’t Pursuing his Dreams… But those days are gone forever… I am a Song Writer, A Film Maker, and A Writer… Things are just fine)

Lastly the Reason I became a Film Maker, and Then Writer… STAR WARS


Thank You All Once Again

The Wise

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The Wise

Open Your Eyes…

Tell Me

What do you see…





Of What Metal are you made…

Can you Sustain Your Life

Can you Change…


Bring Forth what you Know In You Is Possible…

Oh I Think You can

Dark Device…

Blood of Life



Dark Colored Insight…

Cool Brisk Breath

Taste of Morning…

Dash of Night






You Are Strong…

You Have No Idea

Take Heed…

You Belong


Quiet Mind

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Quiet Mind

As I Cast My Gaze upon the Distant Skies…

Mine Eyes Glow a Pale White Light

Deep Breath in…

I Feel Life fill my every Sense

Reach out…

Paint Waters with my Mind

I am not alone…

The Coolness in the Air keeps me Company

Fair… Warm… Deep


Tell me once more what Dreams you hold…

How Strong you are

How Bold

The Fairness…

And Kindness of the night


PICTURE CREDIT – White Tiger Sky


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