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Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XV) Windows

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The Latest Chapter, Written by My Player!

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

Find All Earlier Chapters HERE!

The room of the inn was spacious, decorated in rich, natural colors. It emulated the rest of the Wood Elf village of Willant. The nights were quiet here, but for the occasional expression of life from the nocturnal critters who let their presence be known outside.

Vilven laid in bed, moving onto her back to stare at the rough, wood ceiling. She was restless, her mind unable to calm despite the peaceful environment. She was exceedingly thrilled Jo Jo Bar the Bard had agreed to join them in their travel. A smile coming to her even now thinking of his exceptionally warm music and presence. Another companion. It felt good to not feel so alone, as she had felt…

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Help Us Bring Our Story To Life! ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’

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Blue lady

Two years ago I started running a Dungeons & Dragons adventure for my girlfriend

A year+ ago, she started blogging our story from the beginning, and commissioning art

She is a great writer

Please take a moment to check out her GoFundMe

If she gets enough support, she can step away from her current job, and just write for a while

Thanks for your support!

Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XIV) He’s Good

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Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)


This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

Find All Earlier Chapters HERE!

At Beaden’s disgruntled request they made their way to the tavern of Willant, Beaden pushing his way past them to lead like a dehydrated horse.

Vilven stared at his back as he rushed through. She went along with the group decision, though she wasn’t sure she was all that excited about it. Vilven had never seen a tavern before the one in Warden, and after that experience she felt taverns were nice enough, but she found herself more fascinated by the people of Willant. It was as Grid had told her, these elves seemed to hold no initial resentment toward them. Instead, they looked pleasantly toward them with gentle, peaceful eyes. Though, Vilven noticed, they did look at her

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New Art For ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’

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Blue lady

Art piece, by art piece, my Player is commissioning Art for her Blog Story, retelling/writing the story of our 2+ year Dungeons & Dragons campaign from its’ beginnings

She’s a great writer, you should check it out HERE

This is the 9th piece she’s commissioned from Artist @living_silver

Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter XIII) – Shifted Memories

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At Last It Continues

Doragon Kishu (Dragon Rider & Paladin)

This D & D Campaign Began Over 2 Years Ago, And Continues… This Is The Tale Of How It All Began, Written/Retold by my Player!

Find All Earlier Chapters HERE!


Vilven felt the boat beneath her slowly float further into the beautiful sea. Her blue hair billowed behind her as the forceful ocean breeze embraced her. With childlike excitement she stood at the helm. She had seen the occasional boat sail above her in the Water Plane, but she had never been on a ship of any kind. Taking in the depths of the ocean, she felt as if she were flying over the water. At first it was thrilling, but as the sails pushed the boat farther from shore, she felt a tug, a deep need, to be underneath the waves. She could feel the water flowing within her dance with the flow of the tide…

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I Need To Write Something

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Image result for writer

Definitely feeling the need to Write something…

It was late 2011 when I created this Site, with the goal of getting in the habit of Writing an average of 900 or 1,100 Words a day, I believe

For the first year and a half of this site, I did more than that

And during that time I Self Published A Poetry Book, a Novella and a Partial Comic Book

I also wrote the Sequel to the Novella (Self Published it in 2015), and the First and Second Draft of a Fantasy Novel

I then ran a Kickstarter to get money to hire an Editor for the Fantasy Novel, but when it was done, I still wasn’t happy with it…

…so I sat it down

In 2015 I picked it back up, and hired a Second Editor to give a few Chapters a go…

…during that, they asked if they could ReWrite some of those Chapters, and I said yes

When they were done with the first 3 1/2 Chapters, I really liked what they had done

I’m more of a Screenplay Writer, than a Novelist…

…and they had read a lot of Fantasy Novels, and just had the touch when it came to ‘details’

Characters, Character Development, Story and Story Scope are my strengths, which works well for Screenplays, but only offers some of the core elements of a Fantasy Novel I feel, what they added lifted the book

But to hire them to ReWrite the whole book, will be costly

And though I don’t mind the cost, I don’t have the money to do it at the moment

I’ve considered, and am still considering doing a Kickstarter for it, but still haven’t decided

Not only that, but the Editor/Other Writer has a lot of their own projects going on, and even if I come up with the money, I’m not sure they’ll be up for it at the moment

My most recent Writing Project was actually Writing a Module for Dungeons & Dragons, which then took 15 months to get prepared, and finally Self Published

The actual Writing for that project was done early on, but all the other Game related stuff, and hiring of an Artist for the book, took a bit

I Self Published it November 8th, and though I’ve dabbled with my next Module Concept, I’m feeling like Writing more of a book, or something other than a Module at the moment

Maybe it’s the cold weather

Or the Fall/Winter in general, which always makes me more ‘writery’

We’ll have to see

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading



You can pickup my books at the following


Winter, Lust And Wonder (Poetry Book) 2012


I Died Once… (Novella) 2012

Part I in the Mady Chronicles


Mady’s Storm (Novella) 2015

Part II in the Mady Chronicles

Front Cover A PNG

Frost Rhealm (Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module)

Adventures Of Viven Ledsong (Chapter XIV) Good Ale

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Chapter XIV Of My Current Dungeons & Dragons Campaign, Which Began Over A Year Ago, As Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays Vilven

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic

Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle

Chapter V – Catlike

Chapter VI – Encountering A Wizard

Chapter VII – A Charge And A Flame

Chapter VIII – Followed By A Lion

Chapter IX – Acquiescence

Chapter X – A Dialogue Of Friends

Chapter XI – Ineffective Planning

Chapter XII – Rivers And Races

Chapter XIII – Goodbyes And Reaquaintances


Beaden, adorned in his green cloak, stomped heavily toward the table where Vilven and Grid were sitting. His face was taut with anger, his bared teeth nearly frothing. His hair was an unkempt mess and his beard, which Vilven remembered as being surprisingly well groomed, had grown quite unruly since the near week that she had seen him last. When he reached their table he glared down at them, his blue eyes resonating his disdain.

Cho sighed heavily, more put together than his friend, though he did have a slight beard. Otherwise he looked the same as when Vilven first saw him, his short blonde hair tumbled handsomely to frame his face, his brown eyes brimming with patience. She noted girlishly to herself that he looked even more attractive than she remembered. Cho glanced at the Warden guard that still stood next to him at the entrance, then walked with silence to stand next to Beaden. Cho slowly moved his eyes down to Grid, then to Vilven, holding for a moment, then back at his fuming companion. His demeanor nearly observational.

Beaden looked at Cho, then back over his shoulder. “Well, what are you waiting for? Aren’t you going to arrest them?” Beaden whipped toward the Elven guard still posted at the door of the fancy tavern.

The guard looked respectfully at the bartender, whose focus was intent toward Grid, his eyes staring coldly at the back of the Tigron’s head. The guard then focused forward, his face flat as he marched methodically to the table. He tried with obvious difficulty to maintain his composure, angered from being spoken to in such a way from a human. The guard shot Cho and Beaden an untrusting and contemptuous glance, then he looked sharply down at Vilven. “Is this true? Did you steal these two…human’s weapons?” He interrogated.

“Good sir, you see…” Grid started

“I asked the lady what happened” The guard interrupted cooly.

Vilven glanced at Grid, then up at the three men looming over her table, her black eyes wide.

Then she gave a small smile and began in a gentle tone “This is all just a big misunderstanding…”

“A misunderstanding?” Beaden interrupted angrily, slamming his hands on the table, bending so his face was close to hers, his eyes almost crazed.  “You tied us up, took our weapons and our money, and left us in the middle of the forest to die!”

Vilven stared into Beaden’s eyes, then her’s narrowed, provoked. She could feel her magic, vibrating and hot, brimming at the surface. But for the first time, she could tell she was in control. She willed it into being, and nearly saw it cloud over the three men interrogating her. She looked away from Beaden to stare up at the Warden guard.

“We did take their weapons, but did they also tell you that they attacked us? Yes, Grid and I were in the middle of rest for the night, and these two wandered into our camp and, for whatever reason, tried, quite terribly, to assault us. It’s not my fault I can fight better and was able to disarm them.”

“Attacked you?” Beaden said in a shocked, pained tone. “It was a cold night, and my friend and I merely asked if we could share your camp!”

Vilven was equally as shocked, staring now at Beaden. Confusion and panic filling her mind. Did her magic fail? Though her magic to influence had been a happy accident against Wiendle, she knew that it had worked. But against this Beaden it seemed to have no effect. Had she done something wrong?

“That is not what happened!” Vilven said firmly, but her words felt flat to her. She swallowed and looked nervously around at all the eyes fixed on her.

The Warden guard, his face now in a plain scowl, whipped his head to glare accusatorially at Beaden and Cho.

Cho glanced around, rubbing the back of his neck, then sat heavily onto the chair next to him, opposite of Vilven. “You know she has a point. This really is big misunderstanding.” Cho said apologetically.

“Cho!” Beaden yelled. “What are you saying?”

The guard, regaining his composure, stood tall and forcefully grabbed Beaden’s arm.

“I apologize, my Lady. We will apprehend them at once.”

Vilven looked at the Warden guard, then paused. She realized she could see herself reflected in his eyes. Her deep blue hair framed her womanly face, her silvery skin nearly glittered. Her black eyes looked so large in his. And though it was a physical reflection, there was also something else. There was also a reflection of penetrating magic. With a slight smile, she glanced at Cho to see the same mirror of herself, of her magic. She hadn’t failed after all. Not completely.

Though Vilven felt it was a good lesson.

She glanced at Beaden. She’d come to learn her magic was not a guarantee.

“Oh, that isn’t necessary.” Vilven told the guard wickedly. “Let Grid and I take care of them. It would be our pleasure.”

The Elven guard smiled handsomely at her, “Yes, my Lady”. He released Beaden’s arm, then took a generously formal bow. He then turned quickly and marched out of the tavern.

Grid, who had quietly watched the events, leaned forward with an almost bewildered look on his lion face.  After a tense moment between the four of them, he cleared his throat dramatically, “Sit, Lad” He directed at Beaden, who shot him a not so friendly look. “Bartender, another round. And one for our friends here.”

The bartender raised his chin at Grid’s request as he polished a copper tankard. “I do not want humans in my tavern.” He replied pompously. “Nor do I want you, for that matter! I knew you were trouble the moment that you entered.”

“One drink and we will be gone.” Grid responded reasonably.

The bartender sneered, then walked to retrieve the drinks. “Very well. But you pay double.”

Grid looked annoyed but thought it best to keep quiet, “Excuse me.” He said formally to the three of them before he stood and walked over to the bar to retrieve the ale.

Vilven looked up at Beaden who was still standing, his eyes shooting spikes into Grid’s back.

“Why don’t you sit?” Vilven asked politely. He looked down at her, then at Cho, then angrily pulled out one of the carved, wooden chairs and sank into it.

“Thank you for dismissing that guard.” Cho said to Vilven, a boyish, crooked smile coming to his face.

Beaden’s hand twisted into a tight fist at Cho’s comment, but he remained silent, staring at the wall in front of him.

Ignoring Beaden, Vilven smiled back at Cho, her eyes gleaming.

Grid returned with the tankards cradled expertly in his large paws. He distributed them, then sat gracefully back into his seat.

As soon as the tankard was given to him, Beaden gripped the handle and gulped the whole pint down in one long drink. A few drops of ale ran down his chin as he chugged. Then he slammed the empty cup onto the table unceremoniously.

Then he took a deep breath and stood abruptly. “Come on, Cho. We should get out of this godforsaken town.”  With something like detached anger, he started toward the exit.

“You two can come with us.” Vilven suggested quickly before he was out of earshot.

“Really?” Grid, Beaden, and Cho said in unison.

“Yes, yes.” Vilven said impatiently to them. “Didn’t you say we were going South?” She asked Grid.

“Well, yes, we are, but…”

“We don’t really know where we’re going. You can come with us until we figure it out.” Vilven told Cho and Beaden adamantly.

Cho looked gratefully at them, “That’s very kind of you. What do you say, Beaden?” Cho asked him excitedly.

Beaden turned back, his face expressionless, to sit once again. He grabbed one of Vilven’s ales she had yet to drink and starting to chug it as he had done the first. “You go ahead, Cho. I’m not going anywhere with these two.”

“Whatever you say.” Grid responded, finishing off his ale. He stood, adjusted his bow and arrows, then made his way outside.

“Come on, Beaden. They don’t mean us any harm. We did enter their camp unannounced.” Cho pleaded to his friend.

“Goodbye, Cho.” Beaden said coldly to him.

“Why don’t you go help Grid find you two some weapons?” Vilven suggested to Cho. “We did sell yours after all.” She added with a small smile.

Beaden angrily jerked at her comment, but Cho just gave them both a thoughtful look, then nodded silently. He stood, his arm and chest muscles bugling under his shirt. He ran a hand nervously through his hair before he took a few steps toward the exit, his back to them.

“I thought we were getting to be pretty good friends there, Beaden.” Cho said over his shoulder. Then he walked briskly out of The Blue Faerie tavern, his red cloak billowing behind him dramatically.

Vilven watched him go, then focused intently on Beaden. She said nothing as she inspected his face.

“Does it grow quickly?” She asked curiously after a moment.

“What?” Beaden spat at her, looking both perplexed and annoyed.

Vilven leaned forward theatrically, her hair falling forward to cover the sides of her face. “Your beard.” She explained to him. But before he could respond she continued, “What do plan to do? Stay here and drink until they put you in a cage?”

Beaden took a deep breath in and out, then fell back into his chair, propping his foot onto his knee.

“In case you haven’t noticed,” he started in a condescending tone, “we are surrounded by forests. There are plenty of places for Cho and I to go and plenty of people that would be happy to pay us for our help.”

“Well, it looks like Cho is coming with us.” She pointed out.

Beaden looked a but taken off guard by her response, but he recovered quickly.  “Then I’ll go at it alone.” He said stiffly

The Elven bartender appeared next to their table, silent as a ghost. “The tavern has closed.” He managed through clenched teeth.

Beaden and Vilven looked up at him with annoyance.

But then Vilven stood and shot him a quick smiled, “Very well. Do you want to finish this?” She asked Beaden, indicating her second untouched ale.

Beaden grabbed the tankard in one stylish motion, then stood in front of the bartender challengingly. He chugged it nosily, the bartender’s face turning red, then dropped the cup onto the floor. “Good ale.” Beaden said with a nod.

Vilven couldn’t help but snicker. “Let’s go, Beaden.” She said, grabbing his arm. She looked back at the infuriated bartender as they made their way out.

“You’re funny, Beaden” Vilven said chuckling a few times as they walked away from the tavern. Beaden, beside himself, couldn’t help but laugh a few times with her.

“Well, now that you’ve decided to come with us, let’s see what weapon Cho and Grid got for you.” She said positively before she gave him a side long glance and winced. “And you should really fix your beard, it looked nicer before.”

“I didn’t say I was going with you.” Beaden said defensively while he ran a few idle fingers through his patchy beard.

“Yes you did” Vilven said faultlessly. Then she took a deep breath of the ocean air, ready to be close to the water.pirate-ship-1719396_960_720


Art For Chapter IV Of Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong

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Here’s our latest piece of Art for our ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’ D & D Story, based on our current Dungeons & Dragons Campaign.

Commissioned by my Player, whose Writing/Retelling our Tale which began last year

Art by @living_silver

You can find the first 13 Chapters (Blog Posts) of ‘Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong’ Here

Dear Me

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Star Wars Movie Poster 2

In 1975 I wanted to be a Baseball Player (Pitcher), but my parents divorced, and we lived in a remote canyon, so I was pretty sure my mom would never be able to get me to Little League practice.

So I let that dream go, though my mom says I only ever mentioned Baseball once to her a as a kid.

I was shy, and soft spoken, so I didn’t talk much, other than to my brother who was 15 months younger than me.

In 1977, my brother, mom and I saw the Original Star Wars in the theatre…

From that day forward, I wanted to be a Filmmaker.


Then came The Empire Strikes Back (1980), the best sequel ever, which firmly cemented the notion of Film Making in my mind/heart.

Twenty two years after the Original Star Wars, I stepped away from a successful Corporate America Job, moved near my bro in Oregon, bought a video camera, and started working on Experimental Film Projects.

It wasn’t until that time, that I realized I also wanted to Write my Films.

After 7 months of messen around/writing/filming, I moved back to Southern California, and was back working in a cubical, but for half the money I was making before.

In my spare time I wrote a Teleplay (Screenplay for television) of a Sci-Fi Mini Series that I hoped to submit to the Sci-Fi Channel.

Also, as a Film Making exercise, I created mini sets, and Filmed Action Figure versions of some of the initial Scenes.

In 2002 I moved back to Oregon to work on Short Films with my bro, to submit into Film Festivals.

To my dismay, he had no time to do this.

Then out of frustration I wrote a 5 minute Short Film, and Filmed it in an hour and a half…

…Edited it, and Submitted it to a Film Festival in New York.

It got in.

Forgive the rough quality, it was Shot in Hi-8, then converted to Digital…

…and, like I say, was Shot in only an hour and a half.

Also that year, I Wrote a First Draft of a Feature Length Screenplay, with hopes of selling it someday, and using the money to Produce my own projects.

It was called ‘White Jade’

In September of 2002, I flew with my Dad to New York, and saw my Short Film on the Big Screen (It was actually like a half sized screen, lol).

It was at that moment I thought to myself, “I’m a Filmmaker”.

Sadly 3 months later, I ended up in the hospital with a health issue, and decided to step away from Film.

That didn’t last long, in the following year I moved to Arizona to stay with my Step Bro this time, and started to Write & gather some people who would work on what would be my Second Film (This one would be an hour long).

Sadly, I went through some trauma related to my health issues, and needed to move back to Southern California to live with my Mom and her boyfriend.

There I suffered extreme anxiety from the trauma, so didn’t go out much.

But I did pick up my White Jade Screenplay, and poured hundreds of hours into it.

Then in 2004 I Wrote Query Letters for it, and Submitted to Writing Agents, in hopes that they might read it, and Represent me.

Sadly, no response.

That year I also started some other Screenplays, but White Jade is the only one I Edited hundreds of hours, to create a finished product.

In 2005 I took a break from Dream Chasing, and wasn’t really leaving the house.

In 2006 I started a job outside the house, and would be there for 6 months.

During that time I hired a Comic Book Artist (Student) to Draw some Scenes from White Jade, so that should the opportunity arise, I’d have some visuals to show potential Producers.


I was so impressed by the Art, that I decided to try and make White Jade into a Comic Book, and hired the same Artist to Draw me the First 8 Pages of the Comic Book.


Including Covers for Issue 1, & 2.


I then Submitted the Comic Book Pages and Cover #1 to Dark Horse Comics, and a few other Independent Comic Book Companies (I didn’t try for Marvel, or DC, figured they were more Main Stream), to no avail.

I then had a severe anxiety attack while I was out, and had to leave the job.

Image result for world of warcraft

From 2006-2011 I played a whole lot of World of Warcraft, lol

Which was great, and gave me a break from pursuing my dreams, as well as an opportunity to heal a bit emotionally from the trauma.

Wasn’t really leaving the house during 2007-2010.

In 2010, I moved out for a year and a half, and started going out again.

In 2011 I moved back home to my Moms’, and decided to Create a Writing Blog… This was the Blog.

When I started this Blog my hope was to get in the habit of Writing everyday, by shooting for an average of 600 Words per day, which wasn’t all that much.

It worked, I actually averaged somewhere around 1,200+ Words per day for a year and a half, and created a boat load of Poems, Blog Stories, a Couple Novellas & a Fantasy Novel.


In 2012, I Self Published some Poems, a ‘Partial Comic Book’ (The White Jade Pages), and my First Novella, “I Died Once”.


In late 2012 I wrote the Second Novella in the Series “Mady’s Storm”, but didn’t end up getting it Edited, and Self Published until 2015.


Also in 2012 I Wrote/Finished my First Fantasy Novel, “Chess With Agatha”, and hired an Editor.

After it was Edited, I still didn’t feel it was ready to Self Publish, so I sat it aside.

In 2013 slowed down on my Writing.

In 2015 I was missing Film Making, and still not leaving the house, ended up for the fun of it Filming a ‘Mock’ Trailer for White Jade.

I was so inspired by it, that I decided to break the Screenplay up into 16 Episodes, and Produce a 16 Part Web Series.

I also started to leave the house at this time.

The Pre-Production would last 8 to 10 Months…

(Sword Training Above).

During that time I poured hundreds and hundred of hours into Pre-Production

(Rehearsal Above)

(First Filmed Scene, which would have had Visual Effects added to enhance)

And even Filmed a couple Scenes from Episode 7 & 10 (Early), which was when the Actor was available.

(Second Filmed Scene, which also would have been enhanced by Visual Effects)

Everything was going really well, but sadly, I went through some personal things, coupled with a bad anxiety attack, and stopped going out again.

I kept working on Pre-Production, but after several months of not going out, I decided to bring the Production to a halt.

Wanting to put myself at ease, I returned to an old Hobby of mine from the 80’s 90’s, Dungeons & Dragons.

Something I’ve always been passionate about, and also an excellent tool for sharpening your Writing/Character/Character Development/Storytelling Skills.

But I did it for sheer pleasure.

But being who I am, I spent the next 6 months creating Conent, and even thought about Self Publishing some of it.


But I decided against it.

I now sit in a place, where I play a lot of Dungeons & Dragons, do some Writing on here, and miss Film Making.

Something that I ran into when I was doing Rehearsals for White Jade was, I came to the realization that I may have a ‘Fear of Success’ (Some have fear of failure, some have fear of success).

What I mean by that is, after I finished a really good White Jade Rehearsal, it hit me that if we do actually Produce the Episodes, and it has any kind of success/following etc., that it would all rest on me to keep it going…

…that all involved would rely on me to keep it going.

And all the fun etc. that they had with it, would be on me.

It shook me.

I never realized I had any kind of fear in regards to this.

Part of it may have to do with I hate pressure… The other part may have to do with I’d been through so much anxiety stuff, I feared the responsibility of it would stress me out.

Then there’s the other part which is, basically, I have no idea why I was worried, and/or why I worry.

I’m very happy with all of my creations, and yes I’d love to make a living, and just create create create, doing what I love…

…connecting and inspiring people, which has always been my main hope.

But at this point, I’m just not sure I’m up to it…

…up to success.

Up to the emotional trials.

Time will tell I guess.

Nuff Said,

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Chess With Agatha (A Fantasy Novel) By James Mahoney

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Back In 2012-2013 I Wrote A Fantasy Novel Within This Blog… Hired An Editor, Then Sat It Down… In 2015 I Hired A Second Editor/Wordsmith, And They Worked On The First Few Chapters… Here They Are


Chess With Agatha

A Fantasy Novel by James Mahoney


Additional Wordsmithing by

Kaitlin Q. Calkins

Cover Photography by

Kirsty Pang @

Cover Design by

James Mahoney & Kirsty Pang

Editing by

Shannon Fox

With additional Editing by Kaitlin Q. Calkins

Special Thanks to Bethany Beckman & Héloïse De Smet

This is a work of fiction. All the characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious, and any resemblance to real people or events is purely coincidental.


Copyright © 2013-2019 James Mahoney

All rights reserved, including the right to reproduce this book or portions thereof in any form.



“No One Loves The Fool…”

“No, Indeed Not”

“But I shall Change This…”

“It Is Within MyPower to Change This”

Iliad The Fool~

The King knelt down and hugged his raven haired daughter.

Being only five years of age, she may not have remembered this occasion later in life… but under the spell that was being cast, she definitely would not.

At least not for some time…

“We must hurry my lord, the portal will close soon,” spoke the King’s Wizard.

“Know you this… it’s for your safety that I’m doing this daughter,” spoke the King.



The Protector

A seventeen year old girl sits alone in the dark on the floor of an old rundown apartment. Around her are some dozen or so half-filled boxes, filled with items from a life that is now over. A time which has ran its course.

My parents are gone.

Or rather, my adopted parents. Killed in a car crash, on the way home from the liquor store that cold winter night in November.

     Cold winter nights…There’s been so many of those this year.

The sun slowly rises outside the living room window behind her, which is largely blocked by an olive green bed sheet.

Her adopted mother’s choice.

She had hated the sunlight, you see. Hangovers had caused this… sensitivity to light.

And as the slivers of the morning light begin to enter the room, they catch the ends of Agatha’s hair, lighting them up like a tapestry of gold.

Yes, her name is Agatha. And her blue eyes, though hidden now in the darkness of the room, pierce the skies, and rival the sea with their majesty and brilliant glow.

As Agatha waits for Agamemnon to arrive and escort her to school, she finds herself playing with the thick black laces of her short black Doc Martin boots.

Draped over her body, she wears a worn, second hand black navy pea coat, which goes all the way down to her ankles when she stands, though she’s five foot nine.

And, about her neck she wears a deep purple scarf, most royal indeed.

Soon Agatha would hear the clip, clop, slide, of Agamemnon’s lame leg, coupled with the tap, tap, tap of his black cherry wood cane.

     Who is this stranger? She often asked herself.

This, dark, quiet man who comes for me, every morning now. Supposedly a guardian, or some such thing appointed by my adopted father.

But Agatha, in her now five months long daze, has never really given it much thought.



It’s him…

“Agatha… Come,” called Agamemnon from outside the door.



Another Life

As we walked, Agamemnon made sure to never look me directly in the eyes, keeping mostly to himself. Which was fine by me, as I generally found myself gazing at his lame leg.

CLIP… CLOP… SLIDE… And his cane.


     It was a particularly cold day, and yet, there was no color in the air. It all seemed to go out that morning, leaving a faint, grey-blue haze.

And that was when the voice would come…

     You will need one Knight… NO! TWO!

     He’d correct himself.

     And a Magician.“NO! NO! YOU FOOL! TWO!

     He’d correct himself again. This had been going on for weeks. The unknown voice making me question reality and the imaginary.

My sanity began to twinge at the thought of my own madness. Hearing voices is a sign of lunacy, especially when the voices you hear are of even crazier people…    

Things of this world are of little matter, Agatha

Suddenly a new voice sprouted in my head. A familiar one…    

There is another life, Agatha… a harder life

It was Aggememnon’s. Intense and deep…

Yup, I am definitely going insane…

With this thought, Agamemnon stopped and turned to face me.

His eyes were dark as they looked intently into mine                                                            

There will be no turning back

His voice seeming to be talking with me. Could he actually be talking to me? Or…

“You must play me a game.”

     Agememnon actually speaking jarred me out of my previous thoughts. A game? What was he talking about?

“And you must play well.”

     He was serious, as he dramatically turned to leave me standing there without waiting for me to reply.  

What the hell was going on?

…yup, definitely going insane

“…Okay?” I said out loud to myself, walking toward the doors of my stereotypical high school. Another day in paradise…   



Hemmingbyrd’s Dream




The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd finds himself suddenly awake at a most ungodly hour.

     I woke in a tussle that night. Body covered in the sweat of the Gods. As I will surely do their bidding. And soon I think.

     Hemmingbyrd sits up, legs over the side of his dark wood four post bed, and stretches as he wipes away the slumber from his eyes.

At first glance, one might not realize how young he looks, in his mid to late twenties at most, because of his white hair which he has in a braid that runs down his back. But in reality, he is indeed quite old. For soon he shall see his five hundred and eleventh birthday. But he would rather not speak of that, as Wizards don’t oft live beyond seven hundred and twelve. And he finds this most distressing. So much left to do…

But for some reason as of late, his true age has slipped his mind.

Hemmingbyrd stands and pulls a freshly washed blue robe over his head. He walks toward the thick grey drapes that cover his tower window in large, uneven strides. opens them to an early morning blue, purple and black sky.

“Ob it!” he exclaims, as he is often making up his own words and obscenities. He had hoped that all things foul and evil in the world had removed themselves.

But of course, that was not the case… Evil awaits.

He shuts the drapes, “Pfft,” he sighs.

“But enough of all this,” he mutters to himself as he leaves his chamber, always making sure to break the length and rhythm of his strides. One must maintain their illusiveness after all

His hands clasped behind his back, he makes his long uneven steps down the dark and dismal corridor.

I wonder how I came to be in service of such a dreary place. The fact that I cannot remember is quite alarming…

He thinks to himself.

But I do not have time to dwell on such things right now.

Soon he will reach the great and currently empty Hall of his noble King, who as we speak, is imprisoned deep in the dungeons of Norawyn, hanging by chains with only a beam of sunlight for company.


But this part of the story will come later…

Beyond her arrival.

Suddenly Hemmingbyrd reaches into one of his deep robe pockets, and brings forth a yellow crystal ball, some four inches in diameter, and sets it afloat before him as he walks. He gazes at it intensely. But it offers him no insights, and so he snatches it back out of the air, deposits it back into his pocket, and says, “Round it!” which, of course, makes no sense.

As he enters the King’s abandoned Hall, pushing the great doors wide open, he proclaims these words, “I had a Dream,” only to be terribly disappointed to see Iliad, the King’s Fool, standing upon the great throne, dancing and singing in false gayety, in order to entertain Jodan and Morr, the King’s ‘Rooks’ as it were, who sat in chairs clapping and cheering him on.

Now, Iliad was a wiry little fellow, blond haired, and dressed in red and yellow Fool’s attire. And of course a silly little Fool’s hat,

which bore three little bells.

“FOOL! BE GONE!” Hemmingbyrd commanded as he approached the throne.

As Iliad runs out of the King’s Hall, Hemmingbyrd grabs his shoulder as he runs by him, and brings his ear directly a spec away from his whispering mouth. “Did you tell her about the Knights?” Hemmingbyrd inquires.

“I did, I did, My Lord…” the Fool replies.

“And what of the Magicians?” Hemmingbyrd continues.

“Indeed, Indeed, My Lord. Two of each, as you say,” he replied once more.

“Two?” Hemmingbyrd states while pressing two fingers at Iliad’s face.

“Yes,” Iliad replies, “Two.”

“Be gone, Fool!” Hemmingbyrd demands once more, releasing Iliad, who quickly scurries off.

Jodan suddenly steps forward, “We can no longer wait for this ‘Chosen’ one to arrive, Wizard.”

Jodan, who, despite his grizzly beard, appears surprisingly quite noble. A tall, muscular fellow, with dark brown hair.

Meanwhile the black haired, pale skinned Morr, clad in black velvet clothing, merely stirs his dark red drink with his dagger, and smiles in his typical menacing way. Never looking up at Hemmingbyrd.

“Don’t you see! WE MUST!” Hemmingbyrd proclaims as he waves his hands around. “The game must be played!”

Jodan grimaces in disagreement, and returns to his seat.

Meanwhile, Hemmingbyrd suddenly freezes and speaks softly to himself, “The Game? Must

be played… THAT’S IT!” he suddenly bellows, to Morr and Jodan’s dismay. “SHE HAS YET TO PLAY THE GAME!” With this Hemmingbyrd turns and departs, still speaking as he goes,         “I must consult the Stones,” are the last words that can be made out as he goes.

Jodan looks over at Morr who has finished his drink in one foul gulp. “The old man’s quite mad,” he says, smiling at Morr.

They both begin to laugh maniacally.