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Adventures Of Vilven Ledsong (Chapter X) – A Dialogue Of Friends

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Chapter X Of My Current Dungeons And Dragons Campaign, Which Began A Year Ago, As Written/Retold By My Player Who Plays Vilven

Chapter I: Ouroboros

Chapter II: Pact Magic

Chapter III: Choice And Notice

Chapter IV: Meeting Wiendle

Chapter V – Catlike

Chapter VI – Encountering A Wizard

Chapter VII – A Charge And A Flame

Chapter VIII – Followed By A Lion

Chapter IX – Acquiescence


It took about half an hour, but Jaren had been fully bandaged and stabilized, his body covered with a thick, blanket. Grid, Vilven, and Wiendle let him rest while they decided what they were to do. But, in truth, Wiendle was of little help. She had not fully recovered from the emotional trauma of seeing Jaren so hurt, and just wanted to stay near him, offering little opinion to their next steps. She knelt near Jaren, lightly stroking his hair, staring at his face, as Vilven and Grid moved just out of her earshot to discuss what they were to do next.

But Vilven was going through her own kind of emotional strain, though she tried her best to hide it from Grid. She felt powerful, a strange feeling when power had never been a focus to her, yet she was faint with vulnerability and something close to a loss of self. What had happened to her was beyond her understanding and at the same time was all of who she was. She fought the feeling back as she stared up hard at Grid.

“Do you think we can stay here? Is it too dangerous?” Vilven asked, her throat feeling dry.

“We’ll stay here tonight. We’ll reevaluate the severity of his wounds in the morning.” Grid said clearly, glancing down at the young guard. “Dangerous or not, he’s too injured to travel right now.”

“Are we going to still guide them to Warden? Is she up to it, you think?” Vilven said, her voice quiet, watching the worry on Wiendle’s face.

His eyes moved to look at the princess, pausing for a moment. Then he nodded, his blonde mane glittering in the late afternoon sun. “We’ll get them there. She’ll be alright.” he said confidently.

Vilven nodded in return, confirming the plan. Vilven admitted that she was relieved they were still to move forward, she just hoped Grid would be right about Wiendle.

“We should probably start to set up camp then, right?” Vilven asked as she walked away, going toward Wiendle to tell her what they had decided. Grid agreed, then began the unpleasant task of pulling the husk bodies of the small, ugly creatures out of the area.

Meanwhile, Vilven squatted next to Wiendle, staring down at Jaren’s face with her, letting the quiet sit for a while before speaking. “Handsome, isn’t he.” Vilven said, putting a comforting arm around her.

“Yes, he’s…he is beautiful.” Wiendle said struggling with a sob. Vilven squeezed her tighter.

“He will recover. He’s strong.” Vilven said positively.

“I know he is.” Wiendle said with love. “I just feel so, just so…terribly. This happened to him all because of  me.”

“We all had our guard down.” Vilven assured her. “We all needed to be more careful. I won’t let this happen again. We best look forward.”

Wiendle turned to look at Vilven with gratitude, then hugged her deeply.

“Oh Vilven, You saved us! What you did…was scary but… I didn’t know you were a magical mermaid!” Wiendle whispered into Vilven’s ear. Vilven pushed her back a little, feeling awkward, even disturbed, discussing what had happened.

“I just wanted to let you know,” Vilven said, trying to change the subject. “Grid and I think we should stay here for the night. It would be best to let Jaren rest.”

Wiendle looked relieved, then frightened, then relieved again. “If you think that is best. I know you will protect us.” Wiendle said with a convicted tone, looking back down at Jaren.

Vilven looked shocked and doubtful at her, then stood. She was worried she had made a promise she couldn’t keep. Yet she was determined to keep it, even if it meant her life. And yet, she still felt Areiden. He was always there. Maybe she could be a protector, after all.

She walked to Grid then, he had moved all the bodies and was now collecting firewood. “What can I do to help with camp?” Vilven asked.


Grid tasked Vilven to set up the tent for Jaren and Wiendle. She made the tent wide, and put out the bedrolls with special care, adding more blankets from her own supplies. She knew it wasn’t exactly fit for a tired princess, or for a wounded guard, but it was the best she could do under the circumstances. They all had to help to move Jaren gently into the tent, and after, she realized that it was a wise decision that they had decided to stay the night. It would have  been very difficult to get far with him in that condition. Vilven then began to cut the vegetables for the stew she had come to love, even slicing some pieces of the stale but filling bread Grid had in his pack. Grid pulled a fallen tree into the camp for some sort of seat for them so they didn’t have to eat on the ground. He made the dinner quickly, and it was eaten even more quickly. Wiendle went to sleep right after she finished, though it was barley dusk, she was anxious to get back to her lover. Which left Grid and Vilven to take in the night air together.

Lowering the empty bowl to the ground in front of her, Vilven leaned back on the log, stretching her tired legs. “What were those things anyway? Those things that attacked Jaren?” Vilven asked, finally able to converse about what had happened.

“Goblins.” Grid said dramatically, as he prepared his evening pipe. “The forests are crawling with them.”

“I’ve heard of Goblins, but aren’t they mostly thieves in cities. That’s at least what I heard as a child.” Vilven said, thinking back to her memories of the stories the fish would tell her.

“Well, I’ve never heard that before. Basically they’re scavengers. And would just as soon tear at your flesh than anything else.” Grid elaborated.

“Oh.” Vilven said, questioning the other things she might have heard from sea life that wasn’t accurate. “They didn’t seem all that capable, to be truthful. But it was still scary fighting them.” she continued.

He took a long drag of his pipe, the smoke exhaling from his nose. “They rely on their numbers. Which you didn’t seem to have a problem with.” He said, almost in questioning, his cat eyes glancing at her.

She stared up at him, this Tigron that had become her friend. With a sigh of reception, she began. “You know, you asked me what race I was, earlier, near the lake?”


“Well, I’m a genasi.” She paused to tried to gauge his reaction. “A water genasi.” she paused again, glancing at the fire now “I’m from the Water Plane.”

“I can’t say I’ve heard of a genasi. But the Water Plane makes sense, you’re one hell of a swimmer.” He said in acknowledgement, looking into the fire as well.

“Thank you, you’re one hell of a runner.” She said with a chuckle, then continued. “A genasi is part elemental and part something else. My father is a water elemental.” She paused, a sadness coming to her eyes. “I miss the Water Plane very much.”

He looked at her, noting her somberness. “I’m very sorry to hear that.” he said, throwing another log into the fire. “It must be beautiful there.”

“It really is.” Her tone became serious. “You see, I was banished. From there. The Water Plane. Elemental don’t much like genasi.”

His eyes flared in a flash of anger. “Rules and politics. Neither of which I subscribe to.”

“I guess that’s why you hide out in the forests and sit creepily on the outskirts of castles.” She said jokingly. Then she became serious again. “You still haven’t told me, really, about your dragon. Why she is there.”

He looked at her directly, his voice clear. “We’ll get there, but first you must tell me, does the magic come from being a genasi? Or something else?”

She paused and frowned at the question, the fire reflected in her dark, black pupil-less eyes. She swallowed, then faced him. “The magic, is new to me. It’s not from being a genasi. I received it by making a pact, a pact with a very powerful, elder water elemental, like my father. I’m not sure what he has planned for me. But he sent me here.” She sighed, amazed to say it all out loud. “I think the more I do things he likes, the more magic I will receive. Though he has not given me any true instruction. You’re the first person I’ve told all this.” she said, ending in a smile.

Grid smiled in return. “And I shall tuck it away and keep it to myself. Thank you for your trust.”

She looked up at him with an eyebrow raised. “The only reason I told you was because I wanted to hear about this damn dragon you keep talking about.” It wasn’t the only reason, but she liked to joke with him.

Grid paused and began to clean his pipe into the fire, similar to when they first met. But this time he did it more slowly, almost like he was needing to prepare himself to tell her what had happened. When he finally finished and put the pipe away, he looked at her intensely, his eyes penetrating hers as he began.

“The Kingdom of Beaumont was once a flourishing, thriving realm. I would go there from time to time, for certain supplies that are difficult to come by in my home village. The people there were unusually gleeful, most likely due to actually having a king that cared about them. One day while making my way there, I saw something that no one should ever have to see. A great, green dragon, swooping down upon the kingdom, unleashing her poisonous, gaseous breath. By the time she was done, half the people of Beaumont were slain, and the other half fled their home for good. You asked me why she came, I can only offer you this, beneath the great lake of Beaumont there exists a deep, cavernous lair, which she now, at least part of the time, has made her home. Beyond that, I can offer you no further reasoning for her diabolical and catastrophic deeds.”

Vilven looked at him, her face grief stricken from what he had told her, realization coming to her. She glanced at the tent Wiendle slept in, she had mentioned an attack on Beaumont affecting the king, and now Vilven knew what she was talking about, and realized the small princess was stronger than she appeared.

Vilven had no words for a long while as she turned back to Grid, staring at his golden fur.

Until, finally she broke the silence, “And that’s why you watch her?”

He nodded, his expression strong. “One day I will return there, and destroy her. Someday.”

Vilven looked down at her hands, unsure of where her magic and Areiden would lead her, but she looked nobly at him, making a promise. “Well, I will help you. When that time comes.”

He looked at her warmly, appreciative of her offer. It seemed they had become friends.






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Art By Liam Sharp


by DarkJade

Chapter One

KRON’DARK sat upon his great, black Battle Steed, on a hill overlooking the Kingdom of PENDON.

Beyond its’ great walls which extended for miles around the City, lay death…

And the poor ones who served it.

He was tired… Hungry… And Bitter.

But he knew there were no other villages or towns for miles from here…

…so he made his way steadily down the path.

As he reached the bottom of the hill, and made his way by the many fields of grain, the workers looked at him with dread, and desperation.

Could this one man… This Barbarian be the one who would save us?

The dim, temporary light in their eyes, then went dark again, as their heads dropped, and they carried out their work.

Kron’Dark paid it no mind.

He’d seen it all before.

A people who surrender their free will for a great wall to protect them…

…for a bit of grain, and dead flesh.

Their souls were no longer their own…

…they simply waited the day of reckoning.

“Excuse me sir!” a voice suddenly came from the field to his left.

“Excuse me… But are you Kron-Dark? Have you come to free us?” the desperate young lads voice pleaded.

He must have been maybe 15.

Kron’Dark gave the boy a slow gaze, his dark black eyes exposing the depth of the things that he has known, seen, defeated…

…he then looked away, and rode on.

PICTURE ART – Another Conan


Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter V

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize – CHAPTER III – Pantheros – CHAPTER IV – The Honorable Thief

CHAPTER V – Session 17

Session 16 ran a bit long, as we all parted and went our separate ways late into the night.

Some of our Mom’s were upset, some weren’t, after all, it was the first time any of our Dungeons And Dragons Sessions had ever gone that late.

A week later we came together for Session 17, where Lisa told us she wouldn’t be playing with us anymore.

She said she had too much homework, but Stacy made it known later that the real reason was that Lisa had got a Boyfriend, and wanted to spend her nights talking to him on the phone…

…teenage girls, what were you to do.

This worked well, as Stryke, her Barbarian Character, wasn’t really fitting in all that well with our Group, Lisa explained.

And this final decision by our Rogue Z to steal back the Sunblade from our First Client, would be the final blow.

“Lets begin, you don’t have to play tonight Lisa,” spoke Johnny…

…and so Lisa said her goodbyes, and left.

“I can no longer be part of Viribus,” spoke Stryke as she, Laris, Kinner, Kayen and myself sat in the ‘Ye Old Tankard’ Tavern in Dwarfport.

“I respect what you did for Lara X (The Silver Dragon Ren and a few of the others went back to Tru to stand up for), and what Z’s doing, they’re both Honorable Acts… But I am no Knight,” she concluded.

And so we parted ways with our Great Barbarian.

Meanwhile Z and Thalo were shocked when they caught up to Adis, and found she was camping alone… We thought for sure she’d hire some Mercenaries to escort her back to Tru, especially with the Sunblade on her person.

It all seemed to easy…

When she went to sleep, Z and Thalo STEALTHED into her camp, and captured the Black Case holding the Sunblade seemingly without waking her…

“Well played,” suddenly came the voice of Saya from the darkness.

She stepped out into the Firelight, and Adis, who wasn’t really sleeping, sat up.

Z pulled down his hood, and removed the Disguise he was wearing on his face.

“And the ‘Shadow Monk’ as well,” Saya spoke as she glanced at Thalo, who then pulled down his hood as well.

“I know why you’re here Z…” she spoke.

“Then you know I can’t let you keep the Blade…” Z replied.

“The Blade was never intended for me… It was intended for you…” she spoke.

Saya went on to tell Z, that she saw a bit of herself in him.

Before she had created The Underlay Thieve’s Guild of Tru, there was an Evil Thief called RADEN who ran a Thieves Guild/Assassin Ring called SUM RIGHT.

Killing people on the streets of Tru, Saya decided she would put an end to him…

But to do this, she first approached the Temple of the Light Monks in the City, and spoke to one of its Members about the situation.

He told her of The Sunblade, which would serve as a beacon of inspiration as she confronted Raden.

She seeked out her own Sunblade, and was able to retrieve it because of her worthiness, and worthy intentions.

She then took the blade, and with it, crushed Raden…

..and created, The Underlay.

Sure they were still Thieves, but they were not Assassins.

This was her contribution to the City she loved.

“How do I deserve this Blade… I’ve done no honorable act?” Z questioned.

“But you will… Though I admit, at first I wanted you at my side in the Underlay… I’ve come to determine that you’re meant for something else… What I do not know… But I meant what I said before about you being an ‘Honorable Thief’…” she explained.

“Take the Blade…” she added.

“Earn it,” she concluded.

“And that’s all… I wish you well,” she spoke as she began to walk away.

“Wait… I will come with you,” spoke Thalo to Z’s surprise.

“I will seek solace in the Temple of Light… I was an Assassin, and have chosen another path… But I have yet to find ‘light’… Perhaps I will find it there,” concluded Thalo.

Z looks at his friend… “Alright friend… But should you find it…”

“I will return to Viribus, and tell you,” replied Thalo.

“There’s one other thing Z,” spoke Saya as she turned back to face him, and drew her Sunblade from her side, “With your thoughts, you can make the Blade retract,” as she says this the glowing yellow blade disappears into the golden handle, “And come forth again,” and with this it came out again.

“You can also strengthen its’ glow,” with this the glow of the blade’s golden light doubles, “or dim it,” and with this she dims it way down low.

Z nods, and Saya, Adis and Thalo are off to Tru.

Z Returned to Dwarfport before our ship to Jor had even arrived to the Port, with the Sunblade at his side, I was shocked to hear about Thalo’s departure, as well as Saya’s intention for Z to have the Blade.

“One mission, and we lost two of Viribus’s Members…” I spoke as I drowned my sorrows in ale.

“I think we have yet to define Viribus…” spoke Laris profoundly, as she too drank ale.

“This is all your fault Laris… Traveling with a Paladin is rubbing off on Ren and I,” spoke Z jokingly, as they all laughed and drank the night away.

Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter IV

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize – CHAPTER III – Pantheros

CHAPTER IV – The Honorable Thief

When Z got his senses back, he recalled the battle which took place.

“I was doing well… Getting a lot of hits… But he was Raging, like a Barbarian, so many of my hits weren’t doing as much damage as normal,” explained Z.

“He was tough,” added Stryke.

As Z rested by the Pool by the Waterfall, Pantheros suddenly appeared from behind the waterfall…

…Glowing light blue, he walked atop the Pool of water carrying a black wooden case 3 Feet or so long.

When he arrived at the shore, several of us had our hands on our weapons.

“Stand,” he spoke to Z.

Z stood up.

“You have proven yourself worthy…” Pantheros spoke.

“But I lost…” replied Z.

Pantheros opens the black case, and reveals the SUNBLADE.

A glowing yellow sword.

Z looks at Pantheros, then closes the case, and takes the blade.

Pantheros then dissolves into a flash of light blue light.

Soon we were on the ship, but Z was extremely quiet…

…sometimes he’d remove the blade from the case, and just look at it.

I left him alone.

We headed to Dwarfport, as it was closer to Tru than Avador, where Adis was waiting for us.

Z gave it to her, and in exchange she gave him the second 1,500 Gold for retrieving it.

As we sat in the ‘Ye Old Tankard’ tavern in Dwarfport, where we had originally met Z, Z held a daggers point against the table, and would spin it.

“I’m going to steal back the blade…” he suddenly spoke.

The Party was shocked.

“Not exactly the best way to start, and or create a name for VIRIBRUS…” spoke Kayen.

“What is it Z,” I spoke.

He shook his head, “That creature I battled was a truly honorable being… And though Saya may be likable enough to have found, and convinced me to retrieve it for her, I can’t truly say that she desires it for any other reason than strength in battle,” he explained.

He looked up at me, “And what battle would that be… The battle for stealing purses from Tru inhabitants… No… Unless she had some hidden honorable reason for retrieving it, I don’t think it’s right that she have it.”

All of us just sat there for a moment…

…”Ahh,” proclaimed Stryke, who made her way to the bar.

“So you enter a Hobgoblin’s Lair for treasure and the pursuit of magical knowledge… Then return in the name of the honorable creature Lara X, to protect her… And now you want to, out of honor, take back the prize we retrieved for our first customer… Are you sure that you two are Adventures? Or Mercenaries for hire? You’re sounding more like Knights,” spoke Kayen to both Z and I.

“Whatever the case, I’m stealing back that blade, in disguise… If they determine it’s ‘Viribus’, well then, I’ll turn myself over to Saya,” speaks Z, who stands.

“I’m coming with you… A ‘Shadow Monk’ could be useful in such an endeavor,” spoke Thalo who also stood.

“Very well… But we can’t stay here in Dwarfport… Where should we meet?” I asked.

“In Jor…” replied Z.


Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter III

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles – CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

CHAPTER III – Pantheros

As Z and Stryke stood on the one side of the small arena, they watched as the Ice which surrounded the Shade Isle Tigron Warrior melted…

“This is crazy,” spoke Stryke.

“Tell me about it…” replied Z.

Meanwhile I (Ren) and the others are waiting by the Pool and Waterfall.

“Do you think they went through?” asked Kinner.

“I’m going to find out,” I reply, then swim over to the waterfall.

I go through the stream of water, and see the wall with the hand prints on it, but no sign of Z or Stryke.

I make my way back, and tell them what I found.

“All we can do is wait… I guess,” replies Laris.

Back at the arena, the black furred Tigron Warrior is free.

He stands 5’8″ tall, and looks like a blend of a Black Panther and a Man.

His eyes are bright green, and he’s holding a Halberd, and on his back is a Longbow and Arrows.

He looks our way, then leaps down to the arena in a single bound.

Z looks at Stryke, then lowers his way down to the arena using a rope.

He now stands 50′ from the Tigron Warrior.

“Pantheros, I assume,” speaks Z.

Pantheros nods.

Suddenly Z starts running towards him, drawing, and shooting an arrow from his Short Bow, but Pantheros avoids it, and also moves at Z.

Pantheros too releases an arrow using his Longbow, but Z avoids it.

The two then reach the middle of the arena…

…Z draws his First Rapier, and strikes Pantheros in the stomach, taking him off guard…

Before Pantheros can react, Z sticks his second Rapier into his arm.

Pantheros then cocks his head back, growling, and goes into a RAGE.

He then swings his Halberd down at Z, but he avoids the blow…

Pantheros tries again, striking the ground instead.

Pantheros then leaps up into the air and tries to kick Z twice, hitting him in the arm once.

Z then strikes him with a Rapier, Pantheros skin has become harder to penetrate, but it still damages him a bit.

And again with his second Rapier.

Pantheros swings his Halberd twice more at Z, who tumbles out of the way.

Z comes up lashing Pantheros twice, once with each of his Rapiers.

Pantheros then runs 40′ back, and takes two shots with his Longbow, missing both times as Z avoids the arrows.

Z shoots his Short Bow, missing as well.

Pantheros tucks, rolls and comes up shooting two more arrows, hitting Z’s arm with one.

Z then shoots an arrow right into Pantheros chest.

Pantheros tears it out of his chest, then leaps unnaturally through the air, coming down at Z with his Halberd, missing…

Then tries to kick him twice, missing both times.

Z tries to strike him with his First Rapier, and misses, but hits him with the Second one.

Pantheros enraged, finally sweeps his Halberd upward striking Z in the side…

…then kicks him twice in the face, knocking him back.

Z retaliates with his Rapiers hitting him once.

Pantheros then strikes Z cleanly across the side, knocking him down, then tries to kick him twice on the ground, unsuccessfully.

Z weakening, stabs Pantheros in the leg with one Rapier, then loses his second by accident.

Pantheros’s RAGE ends, and he runs 40′ away again, and shoots Z in the chest as he stands up.

Stryke suddenly jumps down into the Arena, and stands before the staggering Z.

“No Strkye,” Z speaks as he steps out from behind him, barely avoiding Panthero’s second shot.

Z takes a shot with his Short Bow, striking Pantheros in the chest.

“DO NOT INTERFERE, OR HE LOSES,” proclaims Pantheros.

Stryke looks at Z, who gestures for her to step aside…

…which she does.

Pantheros then takes his first shot, hitting Z in the shoulder…

…followed by a second shot, which knocks Z unconscious.

Stryke runs to Z’s side as he bleeds terribly…

…She tries to stop the bleeding, but is unable…

She looks over at Pantheros who is putting away his bow, then throws Z over her shoulder, and moves back to where they Teleported in…

…suddenly Stryke and Z are teleported back under the Waterfall.

“Z’S UNCONSCIOUS!” Stryke yells as she exits the waterfall with him in her arms.

Laris tears off her Armour, then swims out to them…

…when she reaches them, she lays her hands upon Z, and they glow brightly green (LAY ON HANDS), causing some of Z’s wounds to heal, he awakes.

“Did I lose…” he mumbled, and Laris and Stryke just smile.

Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter II

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Magic And Light

by DarkJade

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

CHAPTER II – Eye On The Prize

We’d decided to accept Saya’s offer to retrieve the SUNBLADE from the Shade Isles…

Adis gave Z the first 1,500 Gold, which would go directly towards our Groups Guildhall, or Keep, whichever we decide to build.

Laris did some research while we began our 2 weeks plus Ship Journey to the Shade isles…

…more specifically the middle, and/or 5th Island.

“The Champion who protects the Sunblade is named/called ‘PANTHEROS’…” she explained.

“Panatheros, makes sense, probably because they were ‘Tigron/Cat People’ who inhabited the Shade Isles…” spoke Kinner.

“Pantheros, like… Panther,” he added.

“Chances are you won’t be able to defeat him alone Z,” interjected Theros.

“If I have to, I will,” replied Z.

“It’s going to be a long time on a ship,” added Stryke, who has already begun drinking.

“Indeed,” replied Kayen.

And it was, but without incident.

15 days later we had reached the Shade Isles.

The Island itself was likely 8 days travel from one end to the other…

But we were heading straight for the middle…

Which meant it would be 4 days travel.

It was basically a jungle, and their were many tropical birds upon it, but not much more.

No Wild Cats, no, Gorillas…

Other than the birds, it truly felt abandoned.

After 4 days of incident free travel, we at last reached 4 large marble pillars, which surrounded a pool of water leading to a great waterfall.

“What now,” spoke Z.

“Perhaps the entrance is behind the waterfall… Cliche’ I know… But still possible,” spoke Kinner.

“He’s probably right,” added Stryke.

“My Animal Spirit definitely senses something from that waterfall,” she concluded.

“Alright… I’ll swim to it,” spoke Z.

As Z started towards the pool of water before him, Thalo put a hand on his shoulder, “Alone?”

Z began to feel a little hostile towards Thalo’s constant protectiveness, “Yes,” with this he removed Thalo’s hand, “Alone.”

Z then began swimming toward the waterfall.

Once he reached it, he swam behind it where there was a wall of rock, with two hand prints on it.

Stryke instinctively stepped forward, “I think he needs me,” she spoke.

Z placed both hands on the hand prints, but nothing happened.

He then placed just one hand on the left one, and a light blue light glowed around his hand…

…but he could not remove his hand.

Suddenly Stryke dived into the water, and made her way to him.

Once there, instinctively, Stryke placed one of her hands on the second hand print, and in a flash of light blue light, they were teleported upward, and beyond the top of the waterfall.

Before them was some sort of 70′ by 70′ circular arena, some 30′ below them.

On the other side of the Arena, across from them, on the left side, there was a Statue of a Female Tigron (Cat Person) holding a baby…

…on the right another Statue, this one of a Tigron Warrior.

And between them, there was what looked to be an actual Tigron Warrior frozen inside a 12′ by 12′ cube of ice, filled with light blue light.


Magic And Light (VIRIBUS: The Seekers Of Kai Lotay) – Chapter I

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‘Magic And Light’ Is A Story About A Group Of Friends Who Got Together To Play Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition, And The Campaigns They Play

(Campaigns, 1-3 Can Be Found HERE On My ‘Magic And Light’ Page!)


Magic And Light

by DarkJade



(The Seekers Of Kai Lotay)

CHAPTER I – The Shade Isles

And so after much debate/deliberation, we came up with a name for our now Official Adventuring Group.

‘VIRIBUS’… The Seekers of Kai Lotay.

Viribus is an Archaic word for ‘STRENGTH’.

And ‘Kai Lotay’ is the name of my home land ‘Kai’ (The Kai Islands Of Galdur), combined with the place Kayen had made his home, ‘Lotay’ (The Woods of Lotai, in Polus).

Campturing the birth place of our Party, somewhere between Galdur and Polus.

But enough of all that.

Our First Goal as a Group was to build us a Home Base, where is yet to be determined, which will either be a ‘GUILDHALL’, which would run us somewhere in the neighborhood of 5,000 to 7,000 Gold Pieces, and would basically be a room in a City somewhere where we would have our Group Meetings.

Or a ‘KEEP’, which would run us anywhere from 50,000 to 80,000 Gold.

Obviously the Guildhall would be much quicker (60 Days to build, give or take), and affordable…

…but in the long run, a Keep would be an actual Home (400 Days to build, give or take).

Putting that aside for the moment, our First opportunity for Vibris to generate some funds arrived in the form of a Scroll from Saya (Leader of the Underlay Thieves Guild, in Tru), ready by her disciple Adis, who had traveled with us to Avador.

“Greetings Z, And Comrades Of Z…

My Name is Saya…

I Am The Leader Of The Underlay Theives Guild of Tru, As Some Of You Already Know…

As I Discussed With Z, I Am In Need Of A Group To Seek Out The Twin Of My SUNBLADE Sword, Which Can Be Found In The ‘SHADE ISLES’, West Of Polus, Somewhere Around Two Weeks Travel Via Ship From Where You Are In AVADOR.

I Am Prepared To Pay 1,500 Gold Up Front, To Z, And 1,500 Gold More Upon Receipt Of The Blade.

My Desciple Adis Has The Initial 1,500 Gold With Her, Should You Accept My Offer.

The Shade Isles, Specifically The Middle Island Of 5, Was The Home Of A Cat People, And/Or Tigron Race Of People, But All That Remains Now Are The Ruins Of A Beautiful People, And The Soul Protector Of The Sunblade.

Perhaps You Are Wondering Why I Am Not Fetching The Blade On My Own…

The Tigron Shade Isle People Believe A ‘True Deserver’ Of The Blade, Is Not Only Individually Powerful, But Has The Ability To Find Another Worthy Enough To Seek Out The Blade In Their Behalf, And Trust That They Will Bring It To Them Once Retrieved.

Z, I Feel, Is Such A Worthy Individual, Deserving Of My Trust.

I’m Afraid This Is All I Can Tell You Of The Tigron Shade Isles People, Other Than Z Will Likely Face A, Or A Series Of, Difficult Challenges In The Retrieval Of It.