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One Knight (Chapter 3) – They Tell Of Dragons

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One Knight (Chapter Three) – They Tell of Dragons


A Novel

by DarkJade (Written 2011/Unedited)


Chapter One

Chapter Two

Chapter 2.5

CHAPTER THREE; They Tell of Dragons

It was only a matter of a few days before Tyrion and Jade had packed, and prepared for their journey West to the Province of Prask, and the Newly Built Tananhall Keep.

Accompanying them would be both Tyrion’s Squire, Enre, and Jades Lady’s Girl, Ree. In addition, seventeen of Maelem’s best Knights have been assigned to guard the Keep well Tyrion builds his own Guard. As these are no longer times of War, they have also been allowed to bring their Wives and Children. This would make for quite a jovial journey.

The Acting Captain of this now named Tananhall Guard, is a Knight by the name Natum. With short brown hair, and a thick mustache, Natum is a strong and capable Fighter, his swordsmanship equally matched by his keen Leadership. He was a worthy choice, one made by King Maelem himself.

The Lead Cavalier, as there are only Four Cavalier in total, is Tyrion’s closest friend, though in War he was more regarded as his Greatest Comrade, Ahnug. Now Ahnug was quite cantankerous, with his long black hair, ragged black beard, and some would even say his eyes were black, either that or a dark blue of depths never known. Ahnug was the eldest of the Knights, being in his early forties, but do not mention this to him, or it will be the end of yah. With this, he brings great wisdom, or at least wisdom which he sometimes chooses, should it best suit him at the time. His Horsemanship is unparalleled, and his Spirit, unbreakable.

The Lead Foot Soldier, in which there are eight, was Pepen, a long and lanky lad, with dirty blond hair, and small eyes. Tyrion did not know him as well, as this was a new title for Pepen, he’d always been a regular foot soldier himself, word has it he’s very agile, and loyal.

Lastly there was Kon… Lead Archer, of which there are four. Now Kon was not pleased to be leaving Maelem, but Tyrion desires a great many Archers to be trained for his Keeps Guard, and Kon is just the man to do it. He has medium reddish brownish hair, and is of a medium build.

As the caravan began it’s way west, it was a beautiful day. Vast blue skies, fluffy white, promising clouds. A promise of a new life.

As the Province of Praske was some three to four hundred miles away, it would be a hand full of days before they would arrive. And in traveling there they would needs make their way through and beyond Shadowmyth‘s supposed birth place, The Valley of Jjor. And Tor’Hum‘s supposed Prison, Ardent’s Stowe. Who is Shadowmyth? He is the Ancient Dragon of Legends past… Or so the stories tell. But it had been so long since anyone had seen a Dragon, Legend has made it’s subtle way into Myth. And Mtyth into obscurity. And there it has stayed.

Shadowmyth was said to be The Great Spark… The First known Dragon to exist. The Wise one… The Strong one. Now Tor’Hum is a different story… He was the youngest of eight Heirs of Shadowmyth, and the most Treachorous. For it was he, and he alone that lead the Human Armies, and Wizards of Paren, to the Dragon’s Lair… And there that all but Shadomyth and  Tor’hum did Perish.

This broke Shadowmyst’s Heart, as there had been peace between Man and Dragon for some hundreds of years. And as of that day, it was destroyed.

As a last act of Justice, Shadowmyth carried his own son, talons buried deep within him, as Tor’hum clawed and breathed at Shadowmyth the whole way, and secured him in the Rock Prison that is Ardent’s Stowe… A deep cave within the middle of the Valley of Jjor’s Pass… That was to be his Tomb… His Fate… His Destiny.

After this Shadowmyth made his way to the Kingdom of Maelem, which was ruled by King Maelems Great Ancestor. Rumor has it he spoke to the King, and then died there before the Great Castle.

A great Funeral and Service was held in his honor, for Shadowmyth had always symbolized peace in the land… And with his death… So died peace as well.

But there was more… Ah, but that can wait

Blue Paladin

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blue_knight_by_jjpeabody-d63vnoyBlue Paladin

by DarkJade

When The Dark Fire Skies Opened…

What Did Appear

Was Not To Be Expected…

The Rider On White Silver Steed

Slouched Just A Bit…

But Conscious

His Blue And Sliver Tabard And Armor

His Quest…



Only He Knew

Around Him On Either Side…

The Glass Filled Snow

That Surrounded The Road…

And Beyond

The Less Than Golden Palace Of Mahron



The Writing Process Blog Tour

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Today I’m participating in a blog tour where authors discuss their writing process. My friend Paige Addams posted last week. You can learn about her writing process here @ Paige Addams

Here we go…

What am I working on?

Chess with Agatha C 2Chess With Agatha;

Agatha is a 17 year old, typical misunderstood girl… Raised by adopted parents who spent most of their time drinking, and disregarding her existence… All that is about to change, when Agatha is contacted in a very unique way, which will lead her on an adventure that will reveal her ‘true’ identity.

“Chess With Agatha” is the First of a Fantasy Novel Trilogy, which I began writing in 2012. At the beginning of 2013, I had it Edited, but than whilst reviewing it with another brilliant Writer, found that it’s just not ready yet.

I’m hoping to work with this same Writer to finish up the Editing, as well as having her do some Wordsmithing for me.

With any luck, “Chess With Agatha” will at last be Self-Published in the next 6 months.

How does my work differ from others of its genre?

I’ve been told that there are ‘Concepts’ within “Chess With Agatha” that are largely original… Something that it isn’t all that easy to do in the Fantasy Genre. You will find that ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are very prevalent within my writing. I was originally planning to be a Film Maker, which I did in fact pursue for three years… Inspired by the First Two Original “Star Wars” Films. George Lucas’s ‘Characters’, ‘Character Development’, and ‘Story Scope’ are what impressed me most (That and Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon, Lol). These Films, as well as Films like “Shawshank Redemption”, and “Blade Runner”, lead me towards being the Storyteller that I am.

I Died Once CoverWhy do I write what I do?

I love both ‘Fantasy’, and ‘Sci-Fi’ Stories… Though my Novella “I Died Once” was more of a ‘Human/Suspense/Father Daughter’ Story set in the past… In addition to the “Star Wars” Films, and “Blade Runner”, such films as “Clash of The Titans”, “Krull”, “Legend”, “The Never Ending Story”, “Flash Gordon”, “Labyrinth”, “Time Bandits”, “Conan the Barbarian”, and “Sinbad and The Eye of the Tiger”, all played a role in what inspired me to Write. In addition to those films, though I’ve never been a huge Reader, Terry Brooks, whose “Sword Of Shannara” Book I couldn’t put down, very much inspired me. Lastly, Shakespeare’s plays, most particularly “Hamlet”, plays a very vital role in the essence of who I am as both a Film Maker, and Writer.

How does your writing process work?

Through the creation of my “The Written Word” Blog, I developed a method/process that has worked very well for me. “The Written Word” is basically a ‘Writing Journal’ for me, and everything I Post on here either comes right from my head onto paper (Er, Cyberspace), and is not Edited. Or is Written Down, then Posted. Perhaps if I had done better in English, more specifically Grammar, they would be cleaner from the get go… But being ‘Math’, and ‘Creative Writing’ were more my thing, I just let it fly… That said, I see these Posts as First Drafts… Once I decide to Self-Publish something I’ve Written/Posted, I place it all on a Word Document, and clean it up a bit… Only a bit though, as like I say, English isn’t my thing. I then ship it off to my friend, and fellow writer, where she first Reviews it, then sends me feedback on the Story, Characters, Story Clarity Etc.

DarkJade - Cover (BlackandPurple) - Winter Lust and WonderNext she basically does a Line Edit, or what I call a ‘Pre’ Edit of the work. After I make changes based on what she said, I begin the some times rigorous task of finding an Editor. If I work directly with the Editor, such as I did with “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“, and “I Did Once”, there is no need to Review it afterwords. However, in such a case as with “Chess With Agatha”, where I shipped it off to be Edited, I then Review the results, and apply them as I see fit. Being this was the first time doing this with “Chess With Agatha”, this then resulted in my finding the need to do some more Editing, as well as Wordsmithing (Rewriting of some of the words, for the sake of ‘Clarity’, ‘Impact’, and truly making the most of the Story Concept, and Characters).

Now I know some of you are probably wondering, “What about Rewrites, and or 2nd Etc. Drafts?”. When I wrote my one finished Screenplay, I had, in fact, over 20 Drafts, and had poured hundreds of hours into Rewriting it. With Book Writing, or at least so far, I have chosen not to do this. I suspect the reason for this falls on one theory in particular… I once read that in regards to Writing, it’s best to Write lots of Books, as opposed to just focusing on ‘The Great American Novel’… So to speak. That way if any of your Books is liked, Readers are likely to go back and find your other Books… Thus, nothing is wasted. It’s not that I just want to ‘Pump Out’ Books… However, if I’m not careful, I will end up spending ‘Years’ on just one Book… And that’s not I want to do. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that I have ‘Tons’ of Stories that I want to get out there.


I hope you enjoyed learning about my ‘Writing Process’ etc…. Normally I would tell you about some Writers that will be doing this Tour Next Week, but the ones’ I approached were not able to participate… And so, it ends here with mine… However, Paige did recommend more than I, so hopefully they’ll be able to keep this going

Thanks for your Time and Interest


Wolfjade (Chapter IX) – Trust No One

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII





Wolfjade sits alone, staring at his drawn dagger’s reflection…

“Wavering Thoughts…”

Wavering… Loyalties”

“I can not Stop what has begun”

“I am Surely Undone…”

“The girl…”

This last thought jars Wolfjade out of his momentary trance…

“Forget the girl…” he says to himself out loud, and sheathes the dagger


The Emperor speaks to Eldof, his High Advisor, and two of his Elite Stormdark Guards

“Keep a close eye on Wolfjade…” the two guards listen intently, “Something has changed in him… I can sense it,” he finishes, the guards bow, and the Emperor makes his way to his tent…

…Eldof follow closely at his side, “Why not kill him now?”

“It’s not him that we need alive…” speaks Emperor Lasate

“It is his ‘name’,” finishes the Emperor as he steps through his tent opening, the fabric being held back by two of his guards

Leaving Eldof outside, left to ponder


Aliazia stands on her bedroom balcony, in a beautiful Vernosian gown…

Suddenly there’s a rap on the door, and her Father, Thae-oh-lon, enters the chamber, one hand covering his eyes

“I hope I’ve found you decent daughter…” he speaks with a smile

Aliazia smiles, and quickly makes her way into her father’s arms

“Woe! That’s one strong squeeze,” speaks her father playfully

Thae-oh-lon has blue white hair, and yellow blue eyes…

Suddenly Aliazia looks sad, and turns away, making her way back to the balcony…

Her Father frowns slightly, then joins her

“So you freed the Great Stormdark Knight, Wolfjade…” speaks her Father

With this she quickly turns towards him, almost smiling, but knowing better

“I must go to him Father… I must find him… There is good within him, I know it…” she speaks earnestly…

“Perhaps… But be that as it may, it is I that shall seek him out… And look into his otherwise darkened heart… Only then will I know if what he’s been doing has merit… And if not, why he has done it,” replies Thae-oh-lon

“But father…” she pleads, but he raises his hand, as if indicating there is nothing more to say

And so there wasn’t


Thae-oh-lon speaks to his High Guard Captain, Bre-sah

“Gather a group of 30 of our Archers… We leave tonight,” speaks Thae-oh-lon, as the two of them walk away








Wolfjade (Chapter VIII) – The Emperor

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fantasy art armor artwork warriors white hair 1680x1050 wallpaper_www.miscellaneoushi.com_9 2Wolfjade

by DarkJade

Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI

Chapter VII





Early in the morning, Wolfjade is brought out of a post sleep daze, lying in his hammock, by a great cheer outside his tent

It is Emperor Lasate

Suddenly Wolfjade’s tent flap is opened by two Imperial Guards, and in comes Lasate

“Greetings great Knight…” speaks Lasate with a hand gesture towards Wolfjade

Wolfjade bows, “Emperor…”

Emperor Lasate is an older looking, greyish skinned man, with not so great teeth

But he wears lots of gold trinkets, and a thick white robe

Wolfjade sets a seat for the Emperor, as well as for himself, then there is silence

“Why so gloomy Wolfjade, your ifiltration into the Breenum Hall was a great success,” speaks Lasate

“Soon we shall tear them down foot to neck…” he finishes

“I do not think w should strike at Breenum Hall my Emperor…” speaks Wolfjade

“Oh…” with this the Emperor adjusts the sleeves of his robe, then looks up at Wolfjade blankly

“The Dwarves are arrogant… Foolish… We can remove them at any point we please…” explains Wolfjade

“I see…” replies the Emperor…

“CLAP!” suddenly with a clap of his hands, the Emperor summons in food…

Brought in by three beautiful woman…

All stealthily eying Wolfjade

The Emperor takes note of this… “I think they favor your younger, stronger form over mine…”

The Emperor laughs in a mischievous way

Wolfjade is unphased, and waves away the food

The Emperor is a bit bugged by this

“CLAP!” he clamps hands again for them to leave, not taking anything more than a few grapes himself

“What then Wolfjade… The Elves?” inquires Lasate

“The Human?” he continues

“I think that is time to bring on some allies…” Wolfjade replies

“Allies… Interesting…” the Emperor responds

“They know what we’re doing now… We no longer have the element of surprise as they battle the Orcish Tribes…” Wolfjade explains

“We need allies…” he finishes

“Who the… The Orcs?” questions the Emperor

“No… The Tokra…” replies Wolfjade

The Emperor is silent at first, then, “The Giants of Light… I see”

“There power is… Well… And the fear that they cast… I feel this is the right move… With your blessing that is,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor stands, “You have my blessing Good Knight…”

“And I feel you should leave in the morning my Emperor… This is not the safest of time for you to be vulnerable,” explains Wolfjade

The Emperor nods, “We shall, as you say, leave in the morning…” replies the Emperor, who then leaves the tent


Wolfjade (Chapter VII) – The Return

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Some men have died… And yet live… The shell of their former self reeking havoc on the living world… Some sleep… Never to be woken… Some… Awake


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V

Chapter VI




North of the Execlum Desert is a very unique place…

A place called, River Noran

An unlikely place where harsh desert, transforms to a wooded area, near a river

This is where Wolfjade’s Stormdark Legion awaits…

This is where he has just arrived

“HOORAH!” yell his 120 Swordsmen, and 60 Archers of Stormdark

Though he is ragged, and weary, he raises an arm in appreciation


Wolfjade bathes in a metal tub, brought there for his arrival

His eyes are tired, but relieved, being safely within his camp

Suddenly one of the Emperor of Stormdark’s Advisors enters Wolfjade’s tent, with two Imperial Elite Soldiers, appointed from the Emperor himself

With a wave of Wolfjade’s hand, still within his tub, the two Elite Soldiers leave the tent

The man that stands before him is Eldof… One of Three of the Emperor’s High Advisors…

Eldof being the least trustworthy, in regards to anyone other than the Emperor that is

Everything he does… Every move he makes… Is contrived, and designed to further his own Political Career

“Greetings Great Wolfjade…” he says with a dramatic ceremonial bow

“What is it Eldof…” states Wolfjade, who has now lifted himself up, and out of his tub

His 300 pound form of solid muscle, shaking Eldof a bit…

“Good Knight… In behalf of Stormdark, I say bravo for your penetrative efforts of infiltration into Breenum Hall… Well done sir… Well done…” he states and bows again waving his arms about

Wolfjade drys himself, and begins to place his red under armor attire on

“Speak your words Eldof…” demands Wolfjade, quickly tiring of him already

“The Emperor is coming my Liege…” speaks Eldof, cunningly spying Wolfjade’s reaction

Which, other than pausing for a mere second, there is none

“Good… We have much to discuss… If that is all,” Wolfjade states plainly, hoping to rid his tent of Eldof

Wolfjade begins now to place on his under armor layer of silver chainmail

“Yes… Well… I just thought…” begins Eldof

“Yes?” replies Wolfjade, getting irritated now, as he draws his long sword from its scabbard, and inspects the blade, which is very sharp

“Perhaps you’d like to run your thoughts by me, prior to speaking to the Emperor…” finishes Eldof

With this there is a great silence, as Wolfjade places his blade back in its scabbard, turns and inspects Eldof’s throat, wondering how quickly he could remove his head, even without removing the blade from the scabbard

“Nope… I’m good… You may go,” replies WolfJade as he claps, and two squires enter the chamber to help him put on his black steel plate armor

The Red Lion Emblem blazing on the chest

“Very well my Liege…” Eldof replies holding his tongue, which is sharp… But he’d rather not die this day

He bows, turns, and leaves Wolfjade’s tent

“TURNUM!” Wolfjade suddenly calls, and one of his two Stormdark Swordsmen who stand guard outside of his tent, enters

“My Liege…” he replies.

“I want two of our Archers to keep an eye on Eldof… If he tries to send a messanger, or a bird to the Emperor, kill the messenger… Or kill the bird… No word leaves this camp… Understood?” speaks Wolfjade

“Understood sir,” replies Turnum, who turns and leaves the tent



Chapter VIII

Wolfjade (Chapter VI) – Out Of Mind

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by DarkJade


Chapter I

Chapter II

Chapter III

Chapter IV

Chapter V




Aliazia lays in a queen size bed, bright blue eyes staring blankly at the ceiling

Aliazia’s uncle is in the doorway talking to High Dwarf Geono-Miaton

“She has not uttered a word since Wolfjade’s escape…” speaks her uncle

“I do not think her mind is right,” he concludes

“Mind right, or no, I want her out of Breenun Hall… And quickly, before I change my mind and hang her from the rafters…” huffs Geonno-Miaton, as he storms away




Wolfjade sits by Haro at a campfire

“Your men are not safe…” speaks Wolfjade

“Whatever can you mean my friend…” states Haro dismissively, as he pokes at the fire with a stick

“Trust me… What’s coming will leave nothing alive… I will part ways with you in the morning…” continues Wolfjade as he stands

“You speak madness…” replies Haro, still not taking what Wolfjade is saying all that seriously

“I am appreciative of what you have done for me…” Wolfjade says as he makes his way to his sleeping spot

“But even I will not be able to protect you if you stay…” and with this he leans up against one of the lush oasis trees…

“Disappear Haro…” are the last words that Wolfjade utters before passing out

“Madness…” speaks Haro under his breath… This time with a hint of worry in his voice


The next morning Wolfjade awakes to an abandoned camp

He stands and notes a lighter brown colored, fresh horse waiting for him tied to another tree by the oasis water

Fully supplied with all that he will need to last a week in the desert

He smiles slightly, “Haro…”

He mounts the horse, and rides off

Meanwhile off in the distance, some 200 feet or so, Haro watches…

…and follows Wolfjade out of detectable range



Within, Aliazia lays on one of the two benches, covered with a blanket… She is across from her Uncle

“I had to do it Uncle…” she explains

“”Rest now child… Let us put more distance between us, and Breenun Hall before you start any kind of ‘confessions’…” he says with a smile

With this she sits up, “Leave me here! I must face justice for what I’ve one…”

“Not a good idea… Nor is it a choice… Your father will have my head if I simply toss you to the wolves…” her Uncle replies

“But, it’s the law?” she rebuttals

“Not our law… The law of the Six Dwarven Kingdoms… And Breenum Hall,” he replies

“You think me not a murderer? A, traitor?” she speaks

With this he smiles again, “I hardly think so… You have a gift child… You have the innate ability of knowing what is wrong… And right…” he explains

“And between you and I, if they had ‘hung’ Wofjade, the wrath of all of Stormdark would surely have fallen hard upon the inhabitants of Breenum Hall… Leaving none alive,” he continues

“So wrong or right… What you have done has, though it cost several guards their lives, has likely saved the rest of Breenum Hall

With this she seems a bit relieved, but not much

“Now rest… Soon we shall home… Soon we shall be in Vernos…” finishes her Uncle, as he closes his eyes to sleep


PICTURE CREDIT – Dreamers Of The Darkness

Chapter VII

Chapter VIII