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‘Star Wars’ The Rise Of Skywalker Full Press Conference

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The Mandalorian Episode 4

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mand 4

‘The Wizard Nor’astat Awaits’ (A ‘Frost Rhealm’ Video Short/Trailer)

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My Latest Trailer for my Dungeons & Dragons 5e Module, ‘Frost Rhealm’


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Matrix Reloaded: This Scene Made The Whole Second Film Worth Making

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We Are Your Friends… In Review

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Really enjoyed this Film

The Director had a specific vision, and I feel he achieved it.

Always good when a Film pulls you into someone’s life and reality, and leaves you feeling like you know a bit more afterwards.

Zac Efron Gives a fresh, real performance

3/5 Stars, definitely worth seeing

Django Unchained… In Review

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Watched Django Unchained Yesterday For The First Time… Let Me Start By Saying, I Know Right Off The Bat That A Quentin Tarantino Film Is Going To Be Violent… Something I’m Not All That Into. Knowing That I Cover My Eyes As Needed lol That Said, He Does Use It As A Style Thing, And Method To Drive Points. And Humor. Moving On. As Much As I Love Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz For Me In General, Is An Unbelievable Actor. But Jamie And Leonardo DiCaprio Were Awesome As Well. Tarantino Holds No Punches With Casting In His Films. The Music/Soundtrack Is Pretty Much Everything, Once Again A Tarantino Thing. More Than Anything, I’d Have To Say This Is One Of The Most Penetrating Films In Regards To The Horror That Is/Was Slavery. Lastly, Jamie/Django Is A True Hero Of Retribution In This Film, And DiCaprio Is Truly Dastardly