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‘A Day In The Life Of America’

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This Film/Documentary Is A Silver Bullet… Amazing

Check It Out Here

Thank You J.J. Abrams

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‘Star Wars’ (The Original) Was The Reason I Became A Filmmaker…

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‘Star Wars’ (The Original) Was The Reason I Became A Filmmaker…

In Honor Of The Last Film, I Give You The Links To All 32 Of The ‘Star Wars’ Related Posts I’ve Done On This Site Since 2011 (Some Of The YouTube Video Links In Posts No Longer Work)

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Django Unchained… In Review

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Watched Django Unchained Yesterday For The First Time… Let Me Start By Saying, I Know Right Off The Bat That A Quentin Tarantino Film Is Going To Be Violent… Something I’m Not All That Into. Knowing That I Cover My Eyes As Needed lol That Said, He Does Use It As A Style Thing, And Method To Drive Points. And Humor. Moving On. As Much As I Love Jamie Foxx, Christopher Waltz For Me In General, Is An Unbelievable Actor. But Jamie And Leonardo DiCaprio Were Awesome As Well. Tarantino Holds No Punches With Casting In His Films. The Music/Soundtrack Is Pretty Much Everything, Once Again A Tarantino Thing. More Than Anything, I’d Have To Say This Is One Of The Most Penetrating Films In Regards To The Horror That Is/Was Slavery. Lastly, Jamie/Django Is A True Hero Of Retribution In This Film, And DiCaprio Is Truly Dastardly

Directing Is A Challenge… Acting & Directing Is A Gift

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In 1995, Mel Gibson Directed, And Starred In The Film “Braveheart”


At The Time, It Was One Of My Favorite Films Of All Time


But Two Years Before, In 1993, Mel Gibson Directed His First Film, “The Man Without A Face”

Which He Also Acted In

Originally Casted To Play The Lead Role Was William Hurt

But When He Ended Up Not Playing The Role, Mel Stepped In

I Knew I Liked The Film, But When I Watched It Again Today, I Remembered Why

The Writing And Directing Were Good, But It Was Mel Gibson’s Acting, And Character, That Truly Inspired Me

If You Haven’t Seen It, I Recommend You Do!

The Deeper Meaning Behind The Films In My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post

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One of My Good Friends, Anna, recently Replied to My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post (She Liked the Post, though she doesn’t Watch these types of Films too often) , and My Reply was so Long, that I really thought that I should make a Post out of it, Lol

The Scenes I Chose were by no means a Random Selection

Here’s My Reply;

Ah, let me Splain about these Movies… Not to Justify, just to Splain.

First of all, I’m not one of those guys that just watches Action Flicks… No, far from it… Jean Claude Von Who?? And Steven Seagal, Arghhh The Worst Actor… Or at least one of them. He’s like an Italian Cook at a really low grade Italian Restaurant, who likes to put on a Clint Eastwood Accent ALL THE TIME!! And not a good one either.

That said, These Films.

1) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Don’t know if you’ve seen it, in fact I own it, but don’t watch it a lot, because it has a pretty sad ending… As many old “Chinese” Myth Films do. The Reasons I like this Film are plenty though. The Main Young Actress ( Ziyi Zhang) is Extraordinary, you should basically see her in anything she does. I think of her as a “dark” genius. In this film, she is very much like someone that needs “Lithium”… If you watch her performance, she just looks darkly conflicted, and just can’t quite pull herself out of it. The actress herself had studied many years of dance, which enabled her to do some Amazing things on the “Wires” that they use in the film. Also, when I wrote My Screenplay “White Jade”, she is the Actress I had in mind for the “Nyoko” Character. Nyoko is Japanese, and this actress is Chinese, but to a degree, Asians often play Characters from Countries they aren’t. And she ended up playing a Japanese in “The Last Geisha”. I didn’t care for that Film all that much, but there were some Amazing Actors in it. If you don’t see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for anything else, see it for her Performance… Definitely. Oh, and you have to see it 1000% in Chinese with Subtitles… The English Dubbing Version is absolutely Wretched… I was fortunate enough to have seen it in Chinese first… I can’t even watch it the other way… I feel so bad it was that way in theaters I think? Not sure. Only then will you see her “Dark” inner struggle… With bad English Dubbing, it just comes of as Cheesy Melodrama, which it is not. This Film is a Blend of Old Chinese Sword Fighter Heroes Tales, which the Director (Ang Lee) had grown up with, and Romance… So to a degree, he was Creating his own thing. The Screenplay Writer/Co-Producer (James Schamus/Co-Writer/Executive Producer) is very much American, and has a Knack for Romance. The two make a cool team. Don’t even bother seeing it if it’s dubbed, but do see it. If you haven’t that is.

2) Matrix 2: Reloaded – I really Loved the First “Matrix”… At the time, I thought it was “Cool, Innovative” and fairly “Brilliant”. And I thought Keanu basically made the Film. Matrix 2: Reloaded I basically only watch, this Scene, Lol. The Film was, meh… It had a few cool moments, but I just Love This Scene. And Matrix 3 was Bollocks!! Lol A real Piece of @#$@, in my opinion. Truth be known, they should have never gone beyond the First… Except for this Fight Scene. (My Apologizes to those that Liked the Third Matrix, this is only my opinion, Lol)

3) Bruce Lee “Enter The Dragon” – Well, Bruce Lee is more of a Complicated thing for me… I’m more of a Bruce Lee Fan, than I am a Bruce Lee Film Fan. His Movies are ok, but he, to me, is Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anyone in my life move like him… No one. And so that, and his “Philosophy” about Life, are the reasons he’s one of my Greatest Heroes. Generally I can’t really sit through his movies, Lol But I do watch scenes from time to time, just to see him move.  I Actually did a Post about him a bit back “Bruce Lee – The Dragon” which gives a better insight as to what Bruce Lee means to me.

4) Hero – If you haven’t seen Hero, see it… The whole thing is like a Painting of Colors… The Fight Scenes are Pretty Amazing, but beyond that, the Use of Colors is Extraordinary, and there are some Really Good Actors in it, including the girl from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. But her character isn’t a big part, it’s just okay. The Character that makes this Film worth watching, beyond the Visual Display of the Cinematographer and Director is, the Character called “Broken Sword”(Tony Leung Chiu Wai)… He is Extraordinary. One of the Coolest parts of the Film is Three People tell their version of what happened at different parts, and Each Version Told is done in a Different Color… Meaning, they’re either all wearing Red, all wearing White, or all Wearing Green, depending on whose telling their version. It’s Beautifully Epic Visually. Can’t remember if I saw it with Sub Titles or not. For me, Sub Titles disappear in my head pretty quickly, and I forget I’m reading… I prefer Film’s Native Language if I can help it. Less is lost.

5) Dragon – Dragon is the “Bruce Lee Story” (The Actor Jason Scott Lee is Amazing in this… He had never done Martial Arts before this film)… If you want to know more about “Bruce Lee” the man, see this Film. I have to tell you, he’s one of the most Extraordinary Men to have ever walked the earth… In my mind that is. And the Martial Arts is only part of it. If you go on YouTube and watch some Interviews with him…. Phew… Man was he Cool… And Spiritual… And Intuitive.”

Phew! Nuff Said, Lol

Thank You Anna for Inspiring This Reply, and Post

And Thanks all for Reading/Listening


My Short Film… “If Not Now…”

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Over on The Dark Globe Site I’m Writing some Editorials Called Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Years Out… And as Part of, I ended up Posting My Short Film from 2002… So I thought I should Definitely Post it Here on My Personal Site as well…

As I say there, This Film was Shot in about an Hour and a Half, due to Time Constraints… My Brother is the Main Actor, and had never Seen The Script… And My Wife of One Year did a lot of the Camera Work for it, because I Needed to be in it as well, because I didn’t really know anyone in the Town, as I had just moved there.

This is My First, and Only Short Film that I did, and is Pretty Rough… Due to Time Constraints Etc., so Forgive the Shifting of Camera on Occasion, and the sometimes Choppy Sound…

I am a Writer/Director/Producer by Nature, not an Actor, Lol… But I did what was Needed, and Play The Main Character’s Brother, “James”.

To Read The Dark Globe Articles for a Bit More Insight, Click The Links Below

Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Years Out

Dreams… 9 Years In… 9 Year Out (Part 2)

My Film

“If Not Now…” (2002)

Thanks for Listening/Watching/Reading


Sucker Punch – An Important Message, In A Dark Package

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There’s a Few Very Important things you should Keep In Mind before you “Embark” on Seeing “Sucker Punch“…

1) This is a Pretty Dark Film (And When I Say Dark, I mean There’s Bad People, Doing Some Pretty Bad Things In It)

2) Don’t Get Too Attached to Any Of The Characters… Nuff Said

3) It Basically has a “Very Strong” Graphic Novel Feeling to it (If You’re Not Familiar with what a Graphic Novel is, Think Highly Concentrated Comic Book… Generally More Intense Stories, with Very Strong, Well Done Art…

This Film was Directed, and Co-Written by, The Guy who Directed and Co-Wrote The Screenplay for 300 (Which was Originally a Graphic Novel)

And Also Directed “Watchmen“, which was “Very Much” Based on a Cult Classic Graphic Novel.

Both Which Are Pretty Dark Films, as Graphic Novels Often Are… Though Watchmen was a Bit Darker than 300 in My Opinion/Experience.

Basically If You’re Cool with Lobotomies, Violence, and Physical Abuse of Woman (Well Not “Cool” With it, but can Take it being in the Film), than maybe you’ll get something out of this Film…

For me, being A Film Maker, a Screenplay Writer, and a Writer in General, it’s Basically Like Doing Homework for me…

The Things I Liked About The Film;

1) Strong Female Characters, Especially The Lead (As Many of you may, or may not of noticed, I Write about, or Often Include, Strong Female Characters in My Stories… I’m not sure why, maybe it’s because I grew up with a Very Strong Mom, who was a Single Mother of Four Kids, and a Hell of a Survivor… Coupled with the fact that I think Girls, Potentially, Are Bad A$$, Ha)

2) Fascinating “Imagination” Sequences Meaning Scenes that “Stem” from the Lead Character’s Imagination, as a way to “Deal” With Difficult Situations that she’s Actually Dealing With in Reality.

3) Good Message to Woman, or At Least Young Woman. Fight Fight Fight, for what you Deserve in This Life.

And Now For Some Video Footage That You Might Enjoy, Especially If You Don’t See The Film;

(Keep In Mind, The Fantasy Sequences Are Only Part of This Film, It’s The Reality Scenes That Are Darker)

Giant Samurais

Defeating Imaginary Enemies, Whilst In Reality, Defeating Real Ones

See This Film At Your Own Risk Like I say, I’m a Film Maker/Writer, so for me I wanted to Check it out… And I felt by the end, that It had some “Good Messages” about Surviving some “Real Difficult” Realities… But That’s Just Me

Nuff Said

Thanks For Reading/Listening/Watching








Filmcraft (Volume 2) – The Empire Strikes Back

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Let me start by saying this, it is a General Rule that Sequels aren’t as good as the First Film of a Series… That said, The Empire Strikes gave the Original Star Wars a run for its money.

In fact, whenever I am asked what my Favorite Film is, I generally reply “Star Wars, and The Empire Strikes Back…”… As I find it hard to choose one or the other… The Original Star Wars was Epic, and Industry, and Life Changing to/for me…

However, The Empire Strikes back was simply awesome.

The Empire Strikes Back;

Stage 1 – Epic Snow Based Battle Anyone? Lucas was smart by taking one step back and letting Irvin Kershner Direct this Film…

Not only Because he more than Nailed it, but because I do Believe George Lucas actually had a Heart Attack during the Filming of the First One, and frankly, nothing is worth dying for… Certainly not a Life/Industry Changing Space Epic… Okay, almost worth it.

None the less, I suspect it reduced the amount of self imposed stress that he puts on himself, as well as gave him an even further opportunity to oversee the overall scope of the thing. Well Played George, and Well Done Kershner (who passed away in 2010, may you find peace Kershner, and us Earthlings Thank you)…

Hoth; Back to Hoth… Starting the Film with a little Pod that locates the Rebel Base, just Kicks A$$!! And beyond Luke getten thrashed about by a Snow Monster, lead to one of the Coolest Sci-Fi Battles in Film… Hands down.

Stage 2 – Han and Leia separate from Luke… More Opportunities for Leia and Han to Fall in Love… As he Struts His stuff via Direct Decent into an Asteroid Field…

Never Tell Me The Odds (Which has been my Motto pretty much my whole life)

Well Played Han, way to impress the girl… And if that’s not enough, latch yourself to pieces of Galactic Garbage in order to give the Empire and Darth the Slip… Never hurts, and sometimes it even gets you a Kiss from the Princess…

Once again… Well Played.

Which leads us to…

Stage 3 – Enter The Bounty Hunter. Boba Fett

Pretty much considered to be one of the Coolest Characters in all of the Six Star Wars Films… And with good reason… He Kicks A$$!! lol

Stage 4 –


Enter Yoda… The Teacher of the Force… The Master Jedi, who will show Luke the rest of the way to being a Jedi Knight

Unless of course, Luke’s Friends get in Trouble, in which case, Luke will skip Class, and Be the Hero… Again

Stage 5 – The Trap

What better way to Lure a Partially Trained Jedi into a Face to Face Light Saber Battle with Darth Vader Himself, than to threaten the one’s he loves… Well Played Darth

Stage 6 – Carbon Freeze Han (Oh and be sure to set the timer to Defrost in time for the Third Film) – Brilliant

Oh and, toss in an opportunity for Princess Leia to tell Han she loves him… It certainly didn’t hurt the scene… In fact… It made the scene

“I Love You…” “I know…”

Stage 7 – Good Vs. Evil… The Confrontation

But You Are Not A Jedi… Yet

Impressive… Most Impressive… Which Leads to…

Stage 8 – “I am Your Father!!”

Brilliant… Lucas was so smart on this, he didn’t even tell the Actors that Darth was Luke’s Father until right before they started to Film the Scene… The Epitome of Epic

“Your Training is Complete Lucas… Now you, are the Master”.


I saw this Film in 1980 as a kid, you could not have had a happier Crowd in a Movie… Ever… Until the End… 3 Years!!! Until it Continues… Oh well… It Paid off for Lucas

And though I didn’t care for “Return of the Jedi” all that much, I did very much like all the Luke/Emperor/Darth Vader Scenes at the end.

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Star Wars (DarkJade’s First Look)

Star Wars – In Review



More Filmcraft by DarkJade

DarkJade’s Films of Meaning – Guest Post

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DarkJade’s Films of Meaning;

Ana over at 1001 Scribbles, one of my Favorite Sites to Follow at the moment, is Starting Her New Year by Adding Guest Authors to her Blog…

And being that I like her Site, Love to Write, and haven’t had an opportunity to Guest Blog before, I suggested that I might do one for her…

As she is very fond of My Posts on Movies and Film, and because she already works Movies into her Blog… She thought I might do a Post or Two a Month on Movies/Film.

In order to Create something a bit different than my Normal Movie Reviews found on my Dark Globe Site, and Different than my Written Word Filmcraft Series, I came up with a Series called Films of Meaning.

Ana was quite pleased with this concept, so I will begin Guest Posting January 3rd in the New Year, and continue to Post about a New Film every other Tuesday.

The First Film I will be Posting about on my January 3rd Post, will be Amistad, by Steven Spielberg.

I’ll be sure to let you know when I Post over there in the Forums, as well as occasionally mentioning it here on this Site. Also, if you like, you can Subscribe to 1001 Scribbles, in order to receive an E-mail from the Site… You can even set it up so that Particular Blog will Notify you only Once A Week, as opposed to every time that Ana Posts.

I look forward to doing these pieces, as it is the first time I’ve been a Guest Author, and as most of you know, I love Film, and Film Making.

Thanks to Ana for the Opportunity

And… Thanks for Listening/Reading