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Vegan Ravioli

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This was so good, made a few weeks back


Made this a few weeks back, didn’t get a chance to post it


  • Vegan Raviolis (Store Bought)
  • Fresh Tomato (1 Medium Tomato)
  • Frozen Peas (Maybe a Cup of so)
  • Almonds or Mixed Nuts (1/2 a Cup)
  • Fresh Garlic (3 or 4 Cloves)
  • Vegan Cream Cheese (Bits of it put on top after dished up)
  • Olive Oil (Maybe 5 Table Spoons)

Can’t remember if we used Oregano (Dried, Table Spoon), but I’d go ahead and add it to the sauce

Lately I’ve been using Basil (Dried, Tea Spoon), a new component to my cooking as of late


  1. Boil Raviolis
  2. Place Fresh Garlic in Olive oil on Medium Heat
  3. Add Nuts
  4. Add Frozen Peas
  5. Add Fresh Tomato
  6. Add Oregano, and Basil
  7. Cook until Frozen Peas are heated through and through
  8. Dish up, and Add Cream Cheese Bits over the dish

Voila (Wallah)

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Avocado Bean Salad

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  • Avocado
  • Salsa
  • Tomatoes
  • Vegan Nut Cheese
  • Black &/Or Pinto Beans
  • Green Onions
  • Olive Oil

You could easily put Rice or Quinoa under this as well

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2019 – A Year In Post Pictures

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Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

Posted in Chess With Agatha, Editing, Editorial, Fiction, Food, Inspiration, Kickstarter, Line Editing, Novel with tags on November 20, 2012 by darkjade68

Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

Ok so, My Kickstarter isn’t doing as well this time (Last Time it Hit the Goal) with Generating Funds for Paying My Editor and Cover Artist for My Book “Chess With Agatha

That’s alright, it’s Christmas Time, so maybe everyone’s holding onto their money… Who knows

But what I do know, is I want to make Editing as Easy as Possible for My Editor, especially if paying for it is going to be a Challenge.

Now the only way I can do this, is by starting to Implement the Grammar Etc. Changes that My Good Friend Beth has been doing on her Line Edit for it… Which, by the way, she’s almost done with…

Here it is on the Right… The Highlights are her Edits… I like to Print out a Copy when I’m inputting them, plus I want a copy by my side when I work with the Editor… Though if I implement them, I may not need them by my side.

With “I Died Once” I only Implemented a bit of it, and the rest the Editor and I referred to while we were doing the Final Editing.

Hopefully if I implement most of it, it will make The Final Editing a bit quicker.

But back to the Title of this Post…

Why “Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing”?

Well, when I work on Editing Etc., like I’ve Posted before, I generally throw on some Trance Music… But today, it’s a nice Cool Day, and I thought I’d throw together a Hot Pastrami Sandwich to get me in the mood to Edit, Lol

It was Simple Really, I just did as follows’

  • Put Butter (Or Margarine, no matter) on a frying pan
  • Then I laid a Piece of Rye Bread in the Pan (Most Any Bread will Work)
  • Then I Laid Several Pieces of Pastrami on the Bread (As much as you like)
  • Then I Cut up some Cheddar Cheese (Cheddar is Great with Pastrami, Mozzarella is also good… But most any cheese will work)
  • Then I sat the Second Piece of Bread on Top
  • Then Throw a Lid on it, to help it Cook Evenly
  • Throw the Heat on like Medium (Or in my case, 6 out of 10)
  • Let it Cook for a bit, and just before it starts to burn on the bottom, Flip the Sandwich with a Spatula (And Cover it back up)
  • Then before it burns on the bottom of that side, take it out
  • Open up one side, and add mustard (Mustard is Great with Hot Pastrami, but if you don’t like Mustard, Skip it… With Hot Pastrami and Cheese you don’t really need Mayo, but if you want you can add it, and Lettuce too if you like… I just kept it Simple, Hot Pastrami, Melted Cheddar and Mustard)

Wola, now you have your Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

Next, for me anyway, I Poured a Glass of Super Cold Diet Root Beer (I’m always watching My Sugar Intake, that’s why the Diet)

Threw on My Pandora Christmas Music Station, and I’m Good To Go… Time to Start Implementing the Line Editing

Nuff Said

Have a Great Tuesday

Thanks for Listening/Reading


Lettuce Sandwiches? – Shifting Your Diet 2

Posted in Food, Inspiration, Writing with tags , , on October 22, 2011 by darkjade68

As I continue this new effort to Reduce My Blood Sugar, I started trying something new… Yup… Lettuce Sandwiches.

Now, before I go any further let me just say that Sandwiches are one my Favorite Foods. From Foot Long Subways, to Grilled Cheese, to a nice Corn Beef.

That said, what I’m doing, in an effort to lower my Glycemic Intake, is using Lettuce in the place of Bread when I have Sandwiches for Lunch.

Now, this may sound funny, but they’re still pretty good. Basically throw some turkey, cheese, and tomato in the middle of two nice pieces of lettuce, hit it with some mustard (Don’t really even need Mayonnaise as it turns out), and wola.

After studying a Glycemic Index List such as the one below (Click it to Read)

I determined that there were a few things I wanted to reduce, or change.

I’m not going to do a complete overhaul of my Diet, as this will just traumatize the End User, the End User being me, lol.

Originally back 11 months ago when my Doc. told me that my Blood Sugar was a bit high, I reduced Regular Soda and Fruit Juice in my Diet. But this was not enough. It has improved, but now I’m trying a bit more.

Lately I noticed that I’ve been eating more Potatoes, as I make Mashed Potatoes, and Breakfast Potatoes quite frequently.

I’m going to go ahead and cut my intake on Regular Potatoes in half, as they are fairly high Glycemically Speaking. Not a big deal, as I said, I’ve actually been eating more of them lately anyway.

I will instead try to bring in some Yams, and Sweet Potatoes, both of which I like, and both of which are lower on the Glycemic Index. So much of changing what you eat has to do with Focus, and slight alterations, as opposed to Actual Trauma, lol. GIVE ME BACK MY MILKSHAKE!! lol.

Actually I don’t eat much Ice Cream, never have. I’m lucky in that respect, it’s not something I really have to give up, as it isn’t something I really eat. Anyway, the first couple of bites of Ice Cream are the best part anyway, so on occasion, I just have a few bites.

Beyond the Potato Reduction, and the Bread Reduction via Lettuce Sandwiches, I’m also having more Salads for lunch. I usually toss some forms of Protein on top of them, be it some left over Steak, a bit of cheese, maybe some hard boiled egg (Protein is a better form of Carbs, as it’s processed slower in your body than say White Bread, and so your system isn’t flooded with an abundance of Insulin which can make you Insulin Resistant, which isn’t good in the long run). Toss in some Tomato or what not, and wola. It’s good too. Just different.

Other than that, I’m trying to keep my Diet nearly the same, although when I’m full, I’m full, and I put the left overs away, as opposed to noshen on em for the next 30 minutes while I watch a film, or something on T.V. Also, I have started to take Walks at least 5 days a week, this too will help.




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Blood Sugar – Shifting Your Diet

Posted in Editorial, Food, Inspiration with tags , , , on October 18, 2011 by darkjade68

It’s interesting, as a kid I was never really into Sugar. My Brother, and one of my Sister’s was. They’d eat whole packs of what was called Bubble Yum, or Bubblicious, at a time. Sugar just never was my thing. Didn’t care for French Fries either. I guess I wasn’t really a normal kid as far as food. I loved Milk, and I liked Vegetables, a lot of kids I knew didn’t.

I remember as I approached 30, I figured I wouldn’t eat McDonald’s or Taco Bell much longer, and so didn’t give it much thought. In truth, I’ve never really eaten all that much Fast Food. Over the years, I wouldn’t say I really over did it on any particular food.

My Mom’s Dad actually died to complications related to Diabetes, but that was before they actually knew how to deal with it too well. Type 1 that is. He had it in the Army, and he ended up staying in the service until he was too sick, and they discharged him. In the end, I believe it was some sort of Heart thing that actually finished him off, as opposed to the Diabetes itself. Type 2 is a different thing all together, from what I understand. But I haven’t studied any of it, I’ve just been exposed to some people that have had to deal with Diabetes (My Dad), and my Mom has always dealt with Low Blood Sugar (Hypoglycemia). I used to worry that my Brother would get Diabetes at some point, due to the fact that he ate so much sugar, and my Mom’s Dad had, had it. My Dad didn’t get it until he was maybe 70.

As it turns out, now I suspect that the reason I was never drawn to Sugar is, potentially, that my body knew early on that it was sensitive to it. Ironically in my 30’s I didn’t really pay all that much attention to what I ate, I mean, like I say, I never really ate too much of any one thing. But, now I’m thinking at 30 I should have really started to reduce foods that raised my Blood Sugar.

At the end of Last Year my Doc ran some Blood Work, and mentioned that my Blood Sugar was a bit High. When I reflected on how I had been eating the year prior, I realized I had incorporated quite a bit of Soda and Juice into my diet. Hadn’t planned on it, it just kind of happened. So right away I reduced Soda and Fruit Juice from my Diet, in hopes that, that alone would bring my Blood Sugar back where it should be. During the last six months or so, my life took some big changes, and so I got side tracked from focusing on my Diet much. However, I did continue to reduce Juice and Soda from my Diet. I just got my Blood Sugar checked again, some 11 months later, and it has come down, but it’s not low enough yet.

And so now hear I sit, analyzing my Diet, and how I can reduce my Blood Sugars even more. I don’t have Soda or Juice very much, at least Juice with High Fructose added. I do have Orange Juice once in a while. It’s funny when you start to consciously make changes to your Diet, your body seems to know it right away, and starts to crave all the things you want to reduce, lol.

Oh well, we are Creatures of Habit, and Habits Die Hard. I’ve heard to Break a Habit, or Create a New Habit, it usually takes at least 3 Months.  I’m sure it’s not an exact science. My Mom has always been an Emotional Eater, and as a kid she’d feed us pretty healthy food for the most part, but on occasion as a treat, she’d take us to McDonald’s or Taco Bell. And if she really wanted to treat us, she’d bring home KFC. My Brother and I loved KFC. And so I imagine I have a bit of Emotional Eating in the mix, as I was brought up feeling like Food is Love. It’s a typical scenario. However, our Mom loved us in many other ways, so this was not a big part of the Formula, as far as Eating goes. For her, her Mom wasn’t exactly the affectionate type, so in turn I think Food was more of a Love thing for her, than my Brother and I. No clue on my two Sister’s, as they weren’t around much when I was young.

Anyway, now that I have a Blog, and I’m going to be addressing my Diet more Proactively, I thought I might as well throw a Post out there in regards to Health and Diet. Not as Exciting as a Knight Wielding a Sword, but as they say, “Your Body is Your Temple”. I figure if I want to be around to Write for a Long, Long Time, I’d best start to proactively improve my Bodies Health. I suppose I should start to Exercise more than I do as well, lol. But one thing at a time.




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5 Favorite Foods

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Umm... Wow

Now that I have your attention. I love food. Eating, seeing it, the smell, and especially cooking it… Ok maybe eating it and cooking it are tied. I’m hungry so I thought I’d do my best to make you hungry too. Lets get this thing going, 5 of my favorite foods, in no particular order, because that’s just too hard.



The Nachos set the stage. I love Mexican food. Love it. I pretty much could eat Mexican food three times a week, easy. In fact I wish weeks were longer so I could eat more of it. Picture if you will, a warm basket of chips brought to your table, with fresh salsa, and in some cases warm re fried beans covered in cheese, all for the dipping

Wow.. How yah like these captions so far

Did I mention guacamole, love that too. And that’s just the beginning, the food hasn’t even got there yet!! Here we go, are you ready

Nothing like Fresh Ingrediants

And lets not forget my favorites

                  My Favorites

Add some Beans and Rice and I'm good to go


Taco Bell??

Nah, I’m just kidding, but Taco Bell is my favorite fast food. Bring forth the actual Burrito please…

The Actual Burrito

Ahh, now that’s more like it. Wow, this could be a long blog, lets continue

Manjia Manjia?

I love Italian Food. Yes I use that love word loosely in regards to food. From a dark, candle lit restaurant, to a pizza shack on the end of a pier overlooking the ocean. You can’t go wrong with Italian.

Spaghetti and dare I say meatballs

Ok, now when I cook spaghetti, I don’t always use meatballs, but this photo was the closest I found to what mine looks like. Spaghetti is my favorite Italian food. Quickly now, my recipe;

  1. Ground Beef or Turkey, whichever you prefer (As much as you prefer, maybe close to a pound) – Cook it by itself, breaking it up
  2. A can of Tomato Sauce (I think it’s 15oz) – Add it once the meat is browned
  3. A can of Stewed Tomatoes (I believe it’s 28oz. You can add fresh tomatoes instead if you’d like, it tends to make the sauce a bit sweeter) – Add at same time
  4. Fresh Garlic (Around 4 to 6 little cloves cut in fairly small pieces. Or powdered or jarred if you don’t like to cut the garlic) – Add same time
  5.  Dry Oregano (A few sprinkles will do yah, this will also sweeten the sauce a bit, but it is so good) – Add same time
  6. Olive Oil (A tablespoon is fine, don’t over do it with Olive Oil) – Add same time
  7. Red Wine (This is totally optional, the sauce is good either way. If you go with it, a couple swigs of it then.) – Add same time
Wola, enjoy, manjia manjia… Cook the meat on medium or just below, and cook the sauce lower then that, don’t want to burn the sauce. Also, allow time for the garlic to get soft if you use fresh garlic. Enjoy!
p.s don’t forget to cook the pasta whilst cooking the sauce

Best served reheated at midnight, with a cold rootbeer

Love Chinese food <—That Love word again. A couple examples

Fried Rice?

I’m not sure exactly what that is, but I think it’s some sort of Fried Rice, be it Pork, Chicken, Vegetable or other. Whatever it is, I want it, and throw in some Sweet and Sour sauce to pour over it, mmm.

Sweet and Sour Pork

Love Sweet and Sour Pork, and Chicken for that matter. But lately my favorite has been Cashew Chicken.


The Classic Cheese Burger

Gotta throw in the Classic Cheese Burger for my fellow American Patron’s, as well as my Internationally Enlightened… Take a moment. Just look at that thing. Throw in a nice Cold Coke, some Fries and maybe some Blue Cheese Dressing for the dipping, and I’m good to go.

Five; Drum Roll Please… Is it

Indian Food

I love love love Indian Food… Or is it

Greek Food

Love it. And… Wow. But in all honesty I have to give it to


Cheese is hands down my favorite food. I leave you with a few final images to accompany you to the fridge as you try to find anything remotely as tasty as some of the previous foods

Come on man, that's one hell of a Grilled Cheese

Didn't think I forgot Pizza did yah? Technically under both Cheese and Italian





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