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My Favorite Superhero Film – Captain America Civil War… In Review

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My Favorite Superhero Film – Captain America Civil War… In Review

by DarkJade/James Mahoney

It’s Hit A Point Of Saturation For Me In Regards To Superhero Films

Not Because They’re Not Good… Just Because There’s Been, And Will Continue To Be, So Many


Many Months Back, Before The Release Of “Captain America Civil War”, I Posted This Picture Above (Including What’s Written To The Right Of It) On Instagram

I Didn’t Realize How Right I’d Be


But It Wasn’t Because Of The Whole ‘Captain America vs Iron Man’ Concept Which Basically/Likely Drove Audiences To See it, Primarily

It Was Because Of The Characters, And Character Development… Two Of The Most Important Things To Me As A Writer, And Filmmaker

STORY – The Story Was Fine… Typical Comic Book, Which Is Generally A Good Thing, But, Like I Say, With The Saturation Of The Market, It’s Gotta Be Tough Figuren Out A Good Story. This Story Was Good Enough.

But It Was The Characters, And The Fight Scenes (I’m Not A Big Fight Scene Guy, They Basically Feel Pretty Generic To Me… But Not This Time, These Are Some Of The Best Fight Scenes I’ve Ever Scene In Any Film), That Really Drove This Film




Not Only Is The Actor (Chadwick Bosemen) Who Plays The African Prince Exceptional, This Character Is Just Captivating To Watch… Different Than Any Other Character I’ve Experienced In A Very Subtle Way



Paul Bettany, Come On, What An Amazing Actor To Play The Vision… I Love The Way He Basically Went From Being Iron Man’s Computer’s Voice In The “Iron Man” And “Avengers” Films, To Becoming The Vision (This Actually Happened In The Second Avengers Movie I Believe?)… Brilliant… In This Movie He Is Riddled With Compassion… More Palpable Compassion Than Them All… Brilliant Riveting Character



Better, And Better, And Better… I’ve Liked Chris Evens Since He Played The Human Torch (Johnny Storm) In The 2005 “Fantastic Four” (Yes, It’s Been That Long, lol)

But I Did Not Like Him In The First New “Captain America” Film

But It Wasn’t The Actor’s Fault

Maybe It’s Because I Actually Used To Read The “Captain America” Comic Back In The 80’s… Everyone Talks About Him Being A Boy Scout In The Comic World

To Me He Was Never Like That


Captain America Is One Of My Heroes, Right Along Side Walt Disney, Bruce Lee, George Lucas, John Hughes And Gary Gygax (Co Creator Of Dungeons & Dragons)

The Reason For This Was The Way He Was Portrayed In The Comic Book… First Of All, Like Bruce Lee, It Fascinated Me A Human Who Has Physically Maximized His Individual Physical Potential

Much Like Olympic Athletes… No Super Powers, Just Maximized Individual Physical Potential

Secondly, Captain America Is One Of The Most Compassionate Characters Ever Written… He Truly Represents, And Protects The Human Spirit

Anyway, In Everyone Of These Superhero Films With Chris Evans Playing Captain America, He Has Improved The Character… Be It Writing, Acting, Directing Or All Three Of These Elements… Captain America Hit His Stride A Movie Or Two Back, And Has Toppled That Stride In This Film



Believe It Or Not, To My Surprise, ‘Black Widow’ In The Original ‘Avengers’ Movie Was My Favorite Character… Loved The Hulk, And Robert Downey’s Iron Man Is/Was Off The Charts… But Black Widow Was The Deepest, Strongest Character In That Film… In My Opinion… But I’m An Emotional Guy

And It’s Not Because Of The Way She Looks Or Dresses, As I Know Many Girlfriends Out There Can’t Stand Scarlett Johansson

I’ve Liked Her Since I Saw Her In Robert Redford’s “The Horse Whisperer”… She Was Really Young In That (12 to 15 Maybe?)

If You Haven’t Seen It, I Suggest You Do

But Much Like Brad Pitt, Who Is Also One Of My Favorite Actors, They Are Much More Than Their Looks

In Every One Of The Super Hero Films With This Character In It, She Has Been Consistent, And Grown



This Actor (Sebastian Stan), And This Character (He Was The Main Bad Guy-ish Character In” Captain America’s Winter Soldier” As Well), Are Basically Flawless… He Is Exactly Why We Start And Continue Reading Comic Books In The First Place

Rarely Does A Character Speak So Much, So Loudly, And So Clearly, Without Hardly Ever Saying A Word


There Are Many Other Great Characters In This Film, The New ‘Spiderman’, And ‘Ant Man’, But The Characters Above Knock This Film/Movie Out Of The Park In My Opinion

REVIEW – Maybe This Is Just Exactly The Kind Of Film/Movie I Prefer… Completely Character Driven, With Beautifully Complex And Well Executed Performances… Maybe Part Of It Reminds Me Of A Game My Bro And I Created Called ‘Superhero Wars’, Where We Randomly Determined Teams Of Heroes, Developed Game Stats For Them, And Randomly Determined Who Fought Who… Or Maybe You Will Feel The Same After You See This Film… I Truly Feel This Is The Best Superhero Film Made Yet…

Sorry Batman Fans, Sorry Superman Fans, Sorry Spiderman Fans, Sorry Iron Man and Avengers Fans… In My Opinion, This Is It

5 Stars Out Of 5 Stars For The Acting, Characters & Fight Scenes Alone

(P.S. I Didn’t Show Any More Clips, Because I Truly Think You Should See Them In Context, As Opposed To Displaced)

Son Of Stars

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Son Of Stars

You are…

An Enigma

You are

A coin toss in the night

Your roots…

Do not belong here

Your light

Unmeant or known beyond you

Some say we’re lucky…

But I know better

Suave Hair…

Perfect… Sweater

You are grace

You are a friend

A source…

That never ends

You are beautiful

Rivaling the stars…


Jupiter and Mars

Pin drop silence

Captured breath

You’re larger than life…

Amongst muggy death

You are my friend…

I hold you dear

Take my hand…

Hear the rain

Powder blue moonlight…

Spread throughout



Your shadowy, light


Everything changes…

Hope pulls from light

Heart beats rapidly

Can you call this…


I am alone

They say we all are…

But we’re not

We never were

I’m sorry for our loss…

Sorry for heavens gain

Sorry I didn’t meet you

Have a handshake

Exchange names

It takes time…

Or so they say

But hasn’t time taken enough…

I need this day

The Rest Is Silence



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“How do you capture a Moon Beam… You Don’t”


1947 – Four Days Ago

We All Grieve In Our Own Way

I recently joined Instagram, and that’s where I found out that David Bowie had passed


I was like… Loss? What are they talking about… So I clicked it

Bowie had just Released a New Album on Friday, January 8th (Also His Birthday), so I was totally confused by the Tweet, until I checked it out…

I immediately started crying… And pretty much couldn’t stop for the next hour

Ironically he’s in a Photo with Freddy Mercury in the Tweet, who was, and is my all time Favorite Vocalist… However, David Bowie was my Second Favorite Vocalist…

And beyond that… They’re both ‘beyond human’ to me… Truly ‘timeless’… ‘Enigmatic’… More than words can say actually

bowie-red-hairMy Personal Relationship (Meaning when he became important to me), was in the 80’s

In 1981 with Freddy

And 1983 with the “Lets Dance” Album

lets dance



He also starred in a Movie that my Brother and I both really liked

merryAnd in 1986, “Labyrinth”

labyrinth-1986-posterHe was Amazing in “Labyrinth”… Magical… Alluring… And Hilarious… He was Bowie

This one below is one of my Favorite Bowie Songs



But in truth, the more years that went by, the more important, and meaningful David Bowie became to me… Not because of any new Music, but rather I came to realize more and more how Iconic and Amazing he is

At one point I heard he owned a Bank… Maybe he did

The thing is, I’m not a ‘traditional fan’ of anyone really… When people mean something to me, I keep it in the inside mostly… No posters on the wall… Or constant focus on them… Mostly when I catch wind of something about them, or come across a piece of their work, part of me just pauses… And appreciates… Such was the relationship with Bowie over the last 30 years

He became a Mystery to me really…

And I always hoped he’d reemerge… In fact, I was so excited about the New Album… Not for the Music… But more to Hear and See him more again in our Society

But to be honest, all of that was Dashed away when I found out the news

And for the first time in my Life, I find myself wanting Posters of him… I created a David Bowie Pandora Channel, and have been listening to it

There is a whole world that I don’t know about him from the late 80’s to now… And before the 80’s, there are songs that I love by him, but I never really owned any of them… And so sadly, as he leaves, I will begin my Journey into his last 30 years… And his life prior to the 80’s

This is one of my all time favorite songs by Bowie Below

I’m not really sure this post truly conveys how much he means to me… He’s truly one of the most important human beings in my life

Not, like I say, in the traditional ‘super fan’ way… But more as an Artist, and Human Being

I am truly saddened, and changed by his departure

Though he will always be with me… People don’t really die for me… I think of it as more of a loss at a chance to actually meat them, and tell them what they mean to me

God Speed Bowie…

Now cracks a noble heart. Good night, sweet prince,
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

(Horatio To Hamlet)


PICTURE CREDITS – ToxicStills , David Bowie

Bruce Lee

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The Deeper Meaning Behind The Films In My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post

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One of My Good Friends, Anna, recently Replied to My “Cool Film Fight Scenes” Post (She Liked the Post, though she doesn’t Watch these types of Films too often) , and My Reply was so Long, that I really thought that I should make a Post out of it, Lol

The Scenes I Chose were by no means a Random Selection

Here’s My Reply;

Ah, let me Splain about these Movies… Not to Justify, just to Splain.

First of all, I’m not one of those guys that just watches Action Flicks… No, far from it… Jean Claude Von Who?? And Steven Seagal, Arghhh The Worst Actor… Or at least one of them. He’s like an Italian Cook at a really low grade Italian Restaurant, who likes to put on a Clint Eastwood Accent ALL THE TIME!! And not a good one either.

That said, These Films.

1) Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – Don’t know if you’ve seen it, in fact I own it, but don’t watch it a lot, because it has a pretty sad ending… As many old “Chinese” Myth Films do. The Reasons I like this Film are plenty though. The Main Young Actress ( Ziyi Zhang) is Extraordinary, you should basically see her in anything she does. I think of her as a “dark” genius. In this film, she is very much like someone that needs “Lithium”… If you watch her performance, she just looks darkly conflicted, and just can’t quite pull herself out of it. The actress herself had studied many years of dance, which enabled her to do some Amazing things on the “Wires” that they use in the film. Also, when I wrote My Screenplay “White Jade”, she is the Actress I had in mind for the “Nyoko” Character. Nyoko is Japanese, and this actress is Chinese, but to a degree, Asians often play Characters from Countries they aren’t. And she ended up playing a Japanese in “The Last Geisha”. I didn’t care for that Film all that much, but there were some Amazing Actors in it. If you don’t see “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon” for anything else, see it for her Performance… Definitely. Oh, and you have to see it 1000% in Chinese with Subtitles… The English Dubbing Version is absolutely Wretched… I was fortunate enough to have seen it in Chinese first… I can’t even watch it the other way… I feel so bad it was that way in theaters I think? Not sure. Only then will you see her “Dark” inner struggle… With bad English Dubbing, it just comes of as Cheesy Melodrama, which it is not. This Film is a Blend of Old Chinese Sword Fighter Heroes Tales, which the Director (Ang Lee) had grown up with, and Romance… So to a degree, he was Creating his own thing. The Screenplay Writer/Co-Producer (James Schamus/Co-Writer/Executive Producer) is very much American, and has a Knack for Romance. The two make a cool team. Don’t even bother seeing it if it’s dubbed, but do see it. If you haven’t that is.

2) Matrix 2: Reloaded – I really Loved the First “Matrix”… At the time, I thought it was “Cool, Innovative” and fairly “Brilliant”. And I thought Keanu basically made the Film. Matrix 2: Reloaded I basically only watch, this Scene, Lol. The Film was, meh… It had a few cool moments, but I just Love This Scene. And Matrix 3 was Bollocks!! Lol A real Piece of @#$@, in my opinion. Truth be known, they should have never gone beyond the First… Except for this Fight Scene. (My Apologizes to those that Liked the Third Matrix, this is only my opinion, Lol)

3) Bruce Lee “Enter The Dragon” – Well, Bruce Lee is more of a Complicated thing for me… I’m more of a Bruce Lee Fan, than I am a Bruce Lee Film Fan. His Movies are ok, but he, to me, is Extraordinary. I’ve never seen anyone in my life move like him… No one. And so that, and his “Philosophy” about Life, are the reasons he’s one of my Greatest Heroes. Generally I can’t really sit through his movies, Lol But I do watch scenes from time to time, just to see him move.  I Actually did a Post about him a bit back “Bruce Lee – The Dragon” which gives a better insight as to what Bruce Lee means to me.

4) Hero – If you haven’t seen Hero, see it… The whole thing is like a Painting of Colors… The Fight Scenes are Pretty Amazing, but beyond that, the Use of Colors is Extraordinary, and there are some Really Good Actors in it, including the girl from “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon”. But her character isn’t a big part, it’s just okay. The Character that makes this Film worth watching, beyond the Visual Display of the Cinematographer and Director is, the Character called “Broken Sword”(Tony Leung Chiu Wai)… He is Extraordinary. One of the Coolest parts of the Film is Three People tell their version of what happened at different parts, and Each Version Told is done in a Different Color… Meaning, they’re either all wearing Red, all wearing White, or all Wearing Green, depending on whose telling their version. It’s Beautifully Epic Visually. Can’t remember if I saw it with Sub Titles or not. For me, Sub Titles disappear in my head pretty quickly, and I forget I’m reading… I prefer Film’s Native Language if I can help it. Less is lost.

5) Dragon – Dragon is the “Bruce Lee Story” (The Actor Jason Scott Lee is Amazing in this… He had never done Martial Arts before this film)… If you want to know more about “Bruce Lee” the man, see this Film. I have to tell you, he’s one of the most Extraordinary Men to have ever walked the earth… In my mind that is. And the Martial Arts is only part of it. If you go on YouTube and watch some Interviews with him…. Phew… Man was he Cool… And Spiritual… And Intuitive.”

Phew! Nuff Said, Lol

Thank You Anna for Inspiring This Reply, and Post

And Thanks all for Reading/Listening


Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

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Comic Script Writing – If I Wrote The Hulk

An Interesting Thought/Feeling came over me just the other day… “I wish I was the Comic Script Writer For The Hulk…”.

Now keep in mind, I’ve never really been a Hulk Follower… No, in fact back in the Late 80’s, and Early 90’s, it was indeed “The Flash”, “Captain America”, “The Avengers”, “West Coast Avengers” and “Iron Man” that were my Comics of Choice.

And as a Very Young Child, “The Flash” and “Captain America” were Major Heroes for me, and I really enjoyed their Older Comic Books from the 60’s and 70’s.

Than why Write The Hulk? I’m not quite sure… I can tell you that in the midst of all of My Projects, some part of me Hungers for One Solid Project where I can Create on a Regular Basis, and Make a Living at it… While at the same time doing My Personal Additional Work on My Free Time.

But still, why the Hulk?

I will say this, I haven’t even seen the New Avengers Movie yet… Even though I very much look forward to it, and am a Huge Fan of “Robert Downey Jr.”, especially his Portrayal of Toni Stark, who I very much am familiar with from My 80’s/90’s days of Reading “Iron Man”, and “West Coast Avengers” (At that point he was in the West Coast Avengers, in fact I think he Lead them?).

And I never saw the Ed Norton Version of the Hulk, though I would like to see that as well, as I’m also a Huge “Ed Norton” Fan…





And though many Hulk Fans, and Critics alike, did not Care for Ang Lee’s Version of “The Hulk”… I actually felt that there were several parts about it that were Quite Brilliant…


Admittedly, Nick Nolte’s Performance/Portrayal as Bruce Banners’s Father, Basically Stole the Show…

But The “Hulk” Desert Scenes, were about as “Hulk” as it gets…


Leaping Hulk;

Beating Up On Tanks (The Desert Stuff Starts at the 2:20 Point);

But still, why the Sudden Want to Write The Hulk?

Perhaps because I feel it would be an “Extremely Challenging” Character to Write for… Lots of “Emotional” and “Psychological” Aspects to Delve into…

After all, you can’t spend the Whole Thing Writing about how He Smashed Ten Cars and Knocked down a Building… Right?

Thanks for Reading/Listening/Watching

In the next little bit I may Give a Go at Writing a Comic Script for The Hulk, and Post it on here just to see what you guys think… We shall see, I’ve got so much other stuff going on right now.



Chess With Agatha (Chapter XXII) – Into The Belly of The Beast

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Chess With Agatha…

And The Dark Fortress of Doom

A Novel by DarkJade

CHAPTER XXII – Into The Belly of The Beast




Inside the Left Tower of King Eterr’s Castle, Agatha’s Party all stand ready…

“What are we going to be dealing with here Hemmingbyrd…” Agatha plainly states, her Glowing Blue Eyes Full of Fire.

“The Archers Agatha and I slayed at The Path of The Forsaken’s bodies are gone…” Morr interjects.

“Which means we’re dealing with some sort of “Necromancer”…” replies The Blue Wizard Hemmingbyrd with a scratch of a chin.

“Or Shadow Wizards…” interjects Iliad.

Hemmingbyrd looks at Iliad “Hopefully not Shadow Wizards… But Iliad’s right, it could be Shadow Wizards… In which case, be extra careful”.

“Other than that… It is hard to say who King Eterr has summoned to do his bidding” Hemmingbyrd concludes.

“Enough Waiting!!” Growls Jodan in his Dark Wolf Man Form, and he starts to head down the spiral staircase.

“Right” replies Sir Elm who then begins down the stairs, followed closely by the 7 Knights of The Dark Fortress of Doom…

Agatha’s next, followed by Morr and Hemmingbyrd…

Iliad is now alone in the tower “Oh dear” he says to himself, and then starts down the stairs.


The Clawed steps of Jodan enter the now Empty Throne Room of King Eterr…

Though it is empty and dismal, The Great Green Orb of Da-tok hovers as it always does, before the throne…

Jodan starts to move slowly towards it, knowing that there is always a hidden exit behind the Throne, the only sound he can hear is that of his Claws, and his Deep Barreling Breath.

Hissssss” when suddenly a harrowing Hisssss comes from somewhere in the shadows.


Sir Elm, Two Handed Great Sword Drawn, edges his way down the curved Hallway… Never knowing what might be waiting for him…

Just as he comes around a bend he hears something of the “Sound of Death”, and comes to a sudden halt…


Just as he does, Three Dark Arrows Strike the wall across from him, where his chest would have been…

Each dripping with a glowing green liquid poison.

“Good God” he says under his breath, and suddenly starts to run in the opposite direction…

CLANK CLANK! CLANK!!” makes the sound of his Armor as the “Sound of Death” can be heard some thirty feet behind him.


Morr has found his way out into the Center of the Castle, which is a Great Courtyard…

Within it are Many Large Carefully, and “Royally” Cut Bushes… Each in some Form that seems to take on a life of it’s own.

When he reaches the center of the Courtyard, there is a Huge Fountain, and by it’s side, one on the left, one on the right, are Two Great Metal Statues… One of a Female Warrior with a Great Spear, and the other a Warrior Man, with a Great Axe… Each standing maybe 15′ Tall.

“Ok… Suddenly I don’t feel as if I’m alone…” he says under his breath, and with this the Woman Warrior begins to move…




Chapter One – The Protector

Chapter Two – Another Life

Chapter 2.5 – Hemmingbyrd’s Dream

Chapter Three – Check

Chapter Four – Hunting for Unicorns

Chapter Five – The Coming of Agatha

Chapter 5.5  – A Fool’s Heart

Chapter Six – Table Manners

Chapter Seven – Elias

Chapter Eight – West Bound

Chapter Nine – Red And Blue Forest

Chapter X – Yokade Labyrinth

Chapter XI – Vanishing Sky

Chapter XII – The Curse

Chapter XIII – The Minotaur Orft

Chapter XIV – Queen Sorceress Olamna

Chapter XV – The Final Piece

Chapter XVI – Agatha Rising

Chapter XVII – The Dragon Truth

Chapter XVIII – The Grey Dragon Tu Masa

Chapter XIX – The Stand In King

Chapter XX – The Game

Chapter XXI – Infiltrate

Chapter XXIII – Blood Games

Chapter XXIV – Stone Cold

Chapter XXV – Behold The Golem

Chapter XXVI – Iliad

Chapter XXVII – Trials

Chapter XXVIII – Shadow Wizards

Chapter XXIX – Diligence

Chapter XXX – Checkmate

Chapter XXXI – Farewells – The Conclusion



Darker Times… New Blog Page

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Here’s a Look at My New “Darker Times Blog Page”

“Darker Times…” Is a New Blog Series that I hope to Turn Into a Comic Book down the Road… It’s based on a Concept that My Brother and I were Banging out… I’m Writing it, but he’s giving me a few Ideas Here and There.


“A Line Has Been Crossed…”

The Place is Mars… The Year, 2096.

Some Fifty Plus Years after The Mars Colonization, and The Ecological “Death” of The Planet Earth…

The Criminal Lord “John Swift“… Has it all.

Money… Power… Respect… And The Lead Position on the Mars Council, which has basically Raped all of Mankind in it’s Capitalistic, to the Point of Bordering on Slavery, ways…

Soon there would be no more Light in the “Human Race”… Just a Room full of Dark Men, doing Dark things… And John Swift is in the Middle, and some would say “The Top” of it all… As The Lord Of Crime, and Grand Master of Financial Conquest…

…until one day… When the Life of a Beautiful young girl was taken in the middle of the Council Chamber… Her Throat Slit, and the Blood of Her Innocence Staining the Council Floor… Basically for Slandering the Name of one of The Council Members… Which of course, was all true.

Something… Just… Snapped.

And suddenly, John Swift began having “Dreams” of the one memory of his long past Mother… And “Memories” of his Cruel Grandmother Telling him “Your Mother Saved Your Life”…

Yes, in the Year 2096, on the 1170 Colony of Mars, “A Line Was Crossed…”.

And suddenly, those who ruled had gone from “Criminal… To Evil”.

A Need Has Arisen… One that can only be met by A Group of “Unique” and “Gifted” Individuals Long Since Dead from Earth’s Past…

But What Matter is that Right? They’re Dead… There’ no way for them to help us now… “Is There?”.

Chapter I – The Wakening

Chapter II- The Ice Man Cometh

The Black King

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The Black King

In a Time of Need…

The Wide Eyed Boy Summons Forth

He Who Has No Name

And Has No Past…

And yet

Is Known by all

As The Black King…

The Great Gates Open Before Him…

Sword Down… He Steps Within

All Eyes Upon Him… He Knows No Fear

Black As Night…

He Moves

A Silver Army Lay Before Him…

Throned Before Him…

The Foolish Man King

In All His Gold and Glory

“You Dare Threaten Me” The Man King Stands and Inquires

“A Foolish Winged Boy”…

The Black King Does Not Answer

The Man King Angers

“Answer Me Boy Who Would Call Himself The Black King”

The Man King Demanded

The Winged Boy Raised His Sword

“I Am King By Actions… Not Decree”

The Armies Raised Their Bows…

And Waited for the Sign

The Winged King, Faced The Man King…

None Would Survive


PICTURE CREDIT – Dark Anime Pictures

More Poems/Scribblings by DarkJade



DarkJade’s – The Inner Circle

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The Inner Circle

Far Away on a Dark Mountain… Atop a High Cliff

Is a Tower…

At the Top of the Tower a room lit by torches, with a Large Black Circular Table in the Middle of it.

At this Table are 8 Individuals…

The First, a Well Known Mouse… By the name of Mickey.

As he Awaits the “Dark Haired Man”, he scribbles away on a piece of paper… Most contently, Hope Gleaming from his Eyes.

The Second, Thomas Jefferson… Trying to avoid getting a draft, as there is no heat in the room, and outside, a Cold Weather Front is Brewing…

Both Alec (Old Ben), and Young George have come… I do believe they came together…

Animated Bruce Lee has come, leaving his Real Body Behind, as he was not impressed with its Final Showing upon the Plane of Earth…

Darth Vader, of course…

Have to keep things Fair after all…

And “What is Light… Without… Darkness”.

Lastly, Captain America…

And who else, but Ferris Bueller… After all…

“Life Moves Pretty Fast… If you Don’t Stop and Look Around once in a while… You could miss it”.

When the “Dark Haired” man… In the “Long Black Trench Coat” finally entered the room… There Grew a hush.

First he looked at Mickey…

“Mickey… I don’t know what’s going on with your Movie Division… But you need to shape it up… Stop relying on Pixar to Save Your A$$!”…

“Uh… But Sir–” Mickey tried to speak in his all too familiar Squeaky Tone.

“I don’t wanta hear about it Mickey… If this “John Carter” thing has any actual Merit to it, My People will shoot off an Apologetic E-mail in your General Direction… Until then” the Dark Haired one finished.

And then he looked to Ferris “Ferris… Glad to see you’re back… Enjoyed the Honda Commercial… Keep it up” Ferris smiled slightly, hitting himself on his own shoulder to indicate how proud he is of himself.

He then starts to stand “May I leave then? I–” Ferris starts to say, but is interrupted.

“No Ferris…” The Dark Haired Man interrupts.

“But I–” he tries again.


Ferris settles back into his seat, and whips out his Black Berry.

The Dark Haired Man then looks at President Jefferson “Always nice to see you Sir… Thank you for coming… Just knowing you’re out there still… Within our People… The Very Fabric of Our Nation… Well… What else can I say but… Thank you Sir” The Dark Haired man conveys.

“No problem Son… Do you think perhaps you could light a fire or something” with this Old Ben waves his hand, and a Fire Lights within the Fireplace.

“George… Alec… Thank you so much for coming… George… 3D Star Wars? Really??” he speaks to George.

George just kinda shrugs.

“And Alec… What can I say… The more years that go by, the more I realize that you were indeed the other backbone of the Original Star Wars… Which in turn Created, and Instilled a whole New Sense of Myth and Wonderment into our Society… Well done sir” The Dark Haired man expressed.

He then looks to Bruce Lee.

“Bruce… First of all, let me tell you how sad I was when Brandon was taken from our world… He was a simply Amazing young man, and he is missed” with this Bruce simply nods back.

“You have Lit the Fire within me, and thousands more like me… You are the Epitome of Strength, and Perseverance… And I thank you” Bruce nods again.

The Dark Haired man then pulls out his Old Antique Stop watch, which is on a Silver Chain.

I’m afraid I don’t have much time… “Darth… Just keep on being yourself… People seem to like it…”.

“And Captain A, good to see you in what appears to be a couple Decent Film Productions… I suspect it would take an 8 year old kid to truly understand why you are one of my Heroes… But that’s alright… There’s always New 8 Year Old Kids about”.

“I really must go… But let me finish with this… You have all influenced who I am Greatly… Maybe partly due to not growing up with my Dad… Which is a good thing, as Mom and He weren’t all that well matched… But I appreciate the essenence of all of yah… Keep up the Good Work, and I will see you all again, if not aspects of all of you, Deeply intermingled Within the Mixings of my Future Creative Endeavors…with this the man was gone…

And the Tower Simply Turned into a Blue Glowing Light within the Darkness… And then Faded… Leaving only the Beginnings of a Cold Winter Storm.


Other Fiction by DarkJade