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FREE “I Died Once” PDF

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idoFREE “I Died Once”

For all of you who would like a FREE PDF Copy of my Novella “I Died Once”

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The Sequel to “I Died Once” (Mady’s Storm) should be Self-Published

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My Novella “I Died Once”

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idoMy Novella “I Died Once”

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Purchase “I Died Once” And I Will Send A FREE PDF Copy To 5 People Of Your Choice…. Plus Second Book Will Be Edited And Available Soon

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idoPurchase “I Died Once” And I Will Send A FREE PDF Copy To 5 People Of Your Choice…. Plus Second Book Will Be Edited And Available Soon

“I Died Once” @ Amazon

Mady's Storm2COMING SOON!

Book Two “Mady’s Storm”


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I’m at an interesting point with writing right now

A bit of my writing history, for those of you that haven’t followed my blog since 2011 when I created it



First of all, my first dream was to be a Professional Baseball Player

A Pitcher to be more specific

I’ve mentioned this along the way

Gave that up because I lived with a single mom, in the middle of a remote canyon

And it just would have been tough to pull off


Then in 1977 I saw the Original Star Wars at the age of 8

And I wanted to be a Filmmaker from then on

A Director to be specific

Now at some point between the age of 11 and 13


I actually started to write a book called

One Knight

(Which I actually started again from scratch in 2011/2012)

And when I showed it to my dad (Who I didn’t live with, but was visiting) he told me I was a Writer

screenplayNow in say, 1995-96, being the person I was with told me they would leave me if I pursued Film Making

I suggested that I instead pursue Screenplay Writing

They would not agree to this either

Fortunately this relationship ended in 1998

And in 1999, I finally attempted to pursue Film Making

“The Realm” (2000)

Now this mainly began with some experimental stuff, like the footage above

Which was basically my brother and I and Action Figures

No Editing

Just rolling the camera with an Effect on that changed the way everything looked

And also helped to hide our hands, Lol

And the music is the Soundtrack from “Conan”

Being played out of a Music Box sitting near by

The reason the music sounds so good is that the Video Camera

Which I believe was a Sony…..

Had a very good Microphone built into it

“If Not Now…” (2002)

And then two years later, My First Short Film, “If Not Now…”

Now with this, there was Editing

But, I filmed it in an hour and a half due to my brothers’ time constraints

So some of it was kind of rough, because there weren’t enough takes to choose from

None the less, I got it into Film and Video Festival in New York

Which changed my life

Even so, after my Dad watched it with me (I invited him to go to New York with me)

He still continued to refer to me as a Writer

At the time, that kind of bothered me

Because I was a Filmmaker

But reflecting, I think there are two reasons for this

I do believe my Dad is actually an unrealized Writer

And thus that is his focus

And, I am in fact a Writer


In 2002, I also wrote my First Draft of my Screenplay “White Jade”

And a Play called “Stranger In The Dark”

And in 2003, I stepped away from Film Making

And began writing Screenplays

White Jade Cover Book 1(2006)

And in 2006, hired an Artist to convert the first few pages of “White Jade” into a Comic Book

written word(2011-Present)

But it wasn’t until 2011 that I finally decided to give Writing 100% of my focus

With the Creation of “The Written Word” Blog

Where you are now

And for a year and a half, I Wrote like crazy

Blog Series

Dark Rider – Season 1 (2011); The Dark Rider had set out that day to End His Own Life… But he did Not Succeed. Now with only the Company of a Mysterious White Owl, and an Elven Mercenary by the name of Largoth, he seeks out some Deeper Truth… In this First Season of Dark Rider.

Part One – Dark Rider

Part Two – Dark Rider – Return To Bas’adia

Part Three – Dark Rider – Dragon’s Claw Tavern

Part Four – Dark Rider – Corwick’s Wish

Part Five – Dark Rider – Ambush At Fallen Wood

Part Six – Dark Rider – Shores of Evalon

Part Seven – Dark Rider – Scarlet Bandit

Part Eight – Dark Rider – Enter the Drow (Dark Elves)

Part Nine – Dark Rider – Nownyhall

Part X – Dark Rider – Breached Alliance

Part XI – Dark Rider – Hunted

Part XII – Dark Rider – Certain Death

Part XIII – Dark Rider – Rumble at the Village of Mond

Part XIV – Dark Rider – Moving On… Rodomor

Part XV – Dark Rider – Heroes Calling

Part XVI – Dark Rider – Winter Come

Part XVII – Dark Rider – The Northern Realms

Part XVIII – Dark Rider – Fool of Thy Self

Part XIX – Dark Rider – Feeling The Heat

Part XX – Dark Rider – They Struck at Dawn

Part XXI – Dark Rider – Man Down

Dark Rider – Season 2 (2012); The Dark Rider has received a Near Fatal Blow at the Hand of Prouhl, The Dark Warrior of Heen… Will he survive… And if he does, will it be in time to Save His Friends!

Part One – Champion of Wogtay

Part Two – Seasons Change

Tales of The Dark Rider; It’s been two years since the defeat of Lord Embul, at the walls of the Kingdom of Wogtay…

The Dark Rider and his comrades have parted, and each gone their own way… But an enemy of The Dark Rider, has not forgotten him…

PHOTO CREDIT – Dark Assassin

Part One – The Captive

Part Two – Blood Shall Fall

Part Three – Kin

Part Four – It Ends Here

Part Five – Back Into The Dark

Part Six – Vengeance Rising

Part 7 – Dark Intent

Part 8 – Wounded Heart

Part 9 – Retribution

Part X – Head In A Box

Whisper Moon

26 Years of Mental Preparation… But For What… I think I’m About to Find Out

Episode I – In The Dark

Episode II – Flashback

Episode III – Sleep Now

Episode IV – The 27th Year

Episode V – A Man’s Castle? Is His Castle

Episode VI – Sanctuary

Episode VII – Back In Black

Episode VIII – Drug Lord

Episode IX – Decisions

Episode X – The Black Dragon

Episode XI – Snuffed Out

Episode XII – Quiet Times

Episode XIII – Calm Before The Storm

Episode XIV – Loyalty

Episode XV – One Step Back

Episode XVI – Changes

Episode XVII – Debt

Episode XVII – Oh No You Didn’t

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2;

The Mind has begun Taking Down the Mutant Population on his own, with the Humanitarians Close on his Heels… And the World Police Legions are doing their best to Change His Mind… Yeah Right, like that’s going to happen.

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume One – Feed Thy Enemies

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Two – The 4th Breed

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Three – Exile (Part 1)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Four – Exile (Part 2)

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Five – Mutant Siege

The Mind Chronicles – Season 2 – Volume Six – Population Decrease

The Mind Chronicles – Season 1;

The Year is 2075… There are but some 200,000 People left alive on Post Apocalyptic Earth, after the “Great Collision” of 2039…

And some 500,000 or more Mutants…

A Mysterious Man known only as “The Mind” has arrived in a Mechanical Machine, in a Flash of Light…

No one knows from where he’s come… But the real question is, From “When” He’s Come…

In Season One of The Mind Chronicles.

The Mind – Prologue

The Mind Chronicles – Volume One – The Mercenary

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Two – Nothing Stays The Same

The Mind Chronicles – Volume ThreeOld Blue Eyes

The Mind Chronicles – Volume FourRun

The Mind Chronicles – Volume FiveThe Greater Need

The Mind Chronicles – Volume SixFarahi

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Seven – Visitors

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Eight – Chillen With The Mind

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Nine – Onset

The Mind Chronicles – Volume Ten – Target Practice

PICTURE CREDITFantasy Blue Eye Glow



ill Conceived – (Nov-Dec, 2013)

Lights – (Nov-Dec, 2013)

Hope – Volume Thirteen (May-Nov, 2013)

Nine – Volume Twelve (March-April, 2013)

Beyond Truth – Volume Eleven (January-February, 2013)


Breathe Deep – Volume Ten (November-December, 2012)

Tranquil Light – Volume Nine (September-November, 2012)

Darkness – Volume Eight (July-September, 2012)

Bereavement – Volume Seven (June-July, 2012)

ShadowsVolume Six (May-June, 2012)

Taken Heart – Volume Five (March-May, 2012)

Tales of Old – Volume Four (March-Present, 2012)

Rain Shall Shine (Capture the Night) – Volume Three (Jan-March, 2012)


Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Volume One (Sep-Oct, 2011)

Dream Shift – Volume Two (Oct-Dec, 2011)

idoAnd My Novella, “I Died Once

(Self-Published 2012)

A Font with SerifsFantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha”

(Written 2011-2012 Currently Being Rewritten)

vj-g-31 2And Vampire Novella “Allure”

(Written In 2012, Currently Awaiting Editing)

Mady's Storm2And Current Kickstarter Novella “Mady’s Storm”

(Written At The End Of 2012, And Awaiting Editing)


Some of you may know some of what I showed, and some may not

But I am in a very interesting spot right now

Determining What’s Next For Me

I Want To Edit And Self Publish My Written Books

But What’s Next?

Do I Focus On Material That I’ve Already Written

Like Marketing My Screenplay “White Jade”

Or Do I Work On Whole New Projects?

I Know That I Am Happy With What I’ve Written So Far

And Though I Had To Step Away From Film Making

I Am Happy With My Short Film “If Not Now…”

This Year Feels Very Different For Me

And I Don’t Have A Definite Answer

But Hopefully All Of You Will Continue

To Join Me On My Journey



“I Died Once” Book Trailer August, 2012

“White Jade” (Part 1) Comic Book Video October, 2012

“White Jade” (Part 2) Comic Book Video October, 2012

“Chess With Agatha” Book Trailer November, 2012

“Captain Fire 197″ Blog Series Promo Video March, 2014

“I Died Once” Is Now On gumroad

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gumroad“I Died Once” Is Now On gumroad

“I Died Once”

There Are 17 Days Left On My “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project

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Mady's Storm(Front & Back Cover)

There Are 17 Days Left On My “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project

I hope that some of you will join me in getting this book/novella off paper, and into print

I really do think that you will like it… Especially if you liked the first

If any of you are interested, check out the video on my Kickstarter Project

As well as the Rewards associated with contributions

Thanks for all of your support

23% there, hopefully we can do it


“I Died Once” – Chapters 9, 10 & The Conclusion

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Novella One “I Died Once” Concludes… Novella Two “Mady’s Storm” Kickstarter Project

Prologue, Chapter 1 & 2

Chapters 3, 4 & 5

Chapters 6, 7 & 8



The 13th Day

It was the thirteenth day after I had arrived in Africa. I remember it well, as I woke up screaming. “AHHHHHH! HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE! HE’S HERE!”

My father came crashing into my room and took me into his arms. I couldn’t control the tears. I didn’t even know a human body could cry that much. It was embarrassing, but I couldn’t seem to stop.

“It’s just a nightmare, Mady, I promise. No one is here,” he assured me. But I didn’t believe him, or rather, I couldn’t. “That’s it. No more sleeping out in this guest house. I’m moving you into one of the main house bedrooms,” he insisted.

“No, no. I’m okay,” I assured him. But I wasn’t. The truth was I had never been this shaken. It was like all the emotions of the last eight or so years of my life were all starting to flood to the surface.

“Come on,” he picked me up out of bed and carried me toward the house. It was pitch dark outside, but the sky was unbelievable. Ten million, zillion stars. By the time he got me in the house, the crying had switched to an occasional “Hhhhhehhh…. Hhhhehhh,” sniffling, shortness of breath thing. How humiliating.

He brought me to a beautiful room right next to his. “This is your room now. Tomorrow, you set it up however you like,” he told me.

“No, I couldn’t…” I tried to speak, but he interrupted.

“It’s yours. No more talking. Time to get some sleep.” With this he covered me up with a large, soft, white quilt. “I’m going to get you some water. I’ll be right back,” and he stepped out of the room.

I could hear thousands of crickets outside, or whatever they were. Africa was truly a beautiful place. I understood why he came here, but in truth, I never actually asked him why or how he ended up here.

He returned with the water in his hand and handed it to me. He then handed me a white pill. “Here, it will help you sleep.”

“NO!” I slapped it out of his hand. What am I nuts? He’s been nothing but nice to me.

He went and picked it up. “It’s not a drug, it’s an aspirin. I thought you might have a headache from all the crying.” He tossed it in the trash can and opened up the bottle he had in his pocket. He handed me another pill from the bottle. It said aspirin on it.

What a fool I am. I took it and started to apologize. “I’m so sorry, I…,” but he interrupted me again.

“They drugged the hell out of yah, didn’t they?”

I stared at him for a minute. “They tried. For the most part I was able to get rid of it, but on occasion they held me down.” This definitely upset him. He reached over and covered me with the blanket. “Is it okay if I stay up for a while? Watch the sun come up maybe?” I asked.

He smiled, “Of course. This place is enchanting. I’ll give you some space.” With this he stood up to leave.

“Father,” I spoke. This was the first time I had ever called him that. He turned back to me.

“What is it hun?”

“Uh, never mind.”

He smiled and left the room. I stared out the window. So many thoughts racing through my head. Too many, really. Fred would come for me. He’s surely figured out that I know he murdered my mother. I don’t want him to kill my father. I need to leave. I stood and went to the window, but I was in Africa. Where would I go?


A man in dark brown cowboy boots steps off the train. He drops a cigarette and stomps it out with his heel. His boots make their way to a man of information. “Sam Monroe?” his gravelly voice questions the man.

“Sam, a very good man, a very good man.”

“I need to know where he is. I’ve got money, lots of it”.

The man with information pauses for a bit. “How much if I take you to him?”

The man in the boots sits down a long case with the word ‘Colt’ on it. “Plenty.”



So, my father finally figured it was time that I saw a bit more of the country, which in an ‘American in Africa’ terms meant a safari. I thought perhaps we’d fly somewhere. As it turns out, I love to fly. Must be a family trait. But this would not be the case. Instead, we would be taking that old beast of a Jeep that he had originally brought me here in. So we got together a week or so worth of clothing and supplies and headed out.

I slept for the first few hours, as we left sometime after 3 a.m., and I’m definitely not a morning person. When I awoke, we were having some crazy African rains, the like I’ve never seen. Once the sky cleared, the colors were simply overwhelming. The sky had turned sort of a blood red and yellow blend. It was mind staggering. When you breathed in, the senses were simply amplified by the damp terrain. It was truly miraculous.

The lions, giraffes, and gazelles were amazing, as was all of the wildlife, but the most impressive thing about Africa was the vastness. The sheer magnitude of the space.



A stranger pays Sam’s estate a visit. “I’m looking for Sam Monroe. Can you tell me where to locate him?” he inquires.

“No Sir, I cannot,” replies the very nervous house man.

“Perhaps I can persuade you,” he says as he forces his way into the home.


On the fourth day my father took me to an amazing mass of water, and as the African sunset fell, the waters looked darker and darker. As my father made a camp fire, and set up the tent, I sat out by the water for what seemed to be hours as millions of stars filled the sky. The stars in turn reflected upon the water. It was then that my mind shifted to some sort of dream state.


I was back at my mother’s estate. I was maybe three years old. The kitchen lady at the time had poured me some breakfast cereal, and one of those little plastic toys fell out of the box. I remember reaching my little hands out for it, “Mine!” The woman smiled and opened it for me. It was red?… or… blue?

Anyway, as she handed it to me, Fred walked in the room and smacked it out of her hand. “She doesn’t need that,” he said, as he got himself some juice.

Tears started to well up in my little eyes and it was like he sensed it, as he turned to look right at me. “Don’t even think about it, little princess, or by God, I will smack you.”

It was just then that my mother walked in. “Fred, why must you be so cruel to little Mady?” With this, Fred suddenly back handed my mother across the face, knocking her clear off her feet and to the floor. THUNK! I can still remember the sound of her hitting the floor.

“Don’t you ever talk to me like that, woman! You understand!”

My mother stayed down on the floor wiping blood off her mouth, and looked over to me. “Stay quiet now, Mady.”

And that’s what I did for the next twelve years, stayed quiet.


Suddenly, I was back in my body, in a full sweat, as my Father was putting a blanket over my shoulders. “Not hungry tonight, eh?”

I looked over at him. “He was a monster,” I said.

My father looked at me with a puzzled look on his face. “Who?” he asked.

“Fred,” was all I said.

“Oh, him. Yeah,” he replied, as he sat beside me.

“I always blamed mother for being with him…” I looked at him once more, “…but now I think, maybe she was afraid to leave.”

My father pondered this a bit. “Could be,” he replied.


Stranger Ends

When my father and I returned to his estate, we were both exhausted, emotionally and physically. All the bonding and revelations were becoming quite tiresome. And yet…

We each made our way to our individual bedrooms for further rest. Strangely, his dark skinned house man was not present when we arrived, and yet, it seemed to be his primary duty to greet my father and, or other visitors. Hmm.

Quickly my eyes grew heavy as I fell upon my bed. What an adventure this has all been. What a

life my father leads. I’ve started not to mind Africa so much. Not that I’ve had the presence of

mind to mind much of anything as of late. And so, I slept.


I woke up and a man in an all-white suit was standing in front of me holding a rifle. “It’s time for you to come home, Mady. Your father’s been very worried about you,” he said with a maniacal grin. I simply stopped breathing. I suppose passing out would be my only way out.

CLICK The sound of a gun cocking suddenly comes from the door. It was my father holding a revolver. “Step away from the girl,” he said softly.

“You don’t want to do this Mr. Monroe. I…” the stranger began, but was interrupted.

“Mady, step out,” my father told me, and

without a second thought, I jumped out of bed and did what my father told me. The stranger’s eyes followed me the whole way. When I reached the living room I heard my father call out to me, “FURTHER MADY!” and so I went out to the backyard and hid underneath my father’s plane.


“You’re going to regret this, Mr. Monroe. Do you know who I am?” said the stranger.



Two shots were all that I heard. Apparently, my father had found the house man tied up in his closet. This was all it took for him to realize someone had come for me. The man never stood a chance.


After that, my father and I lit a fire in the living room fireplace and sat before it. I curled up in a chair with a soft, white blanket, and he was on the couch, looking into the firelight. “What shall we do father? How will this ever end?” I asked softly.

“Oh, it will end,” he prodded at the fire with a metal poker as he spoke “It will surely end.” He went on to tell me that other men would come, but at some point Fred would stop sending hired guns and come himself. And on that day it would end.

Indeed, he was right. In the five weeks following that night, six attempts were made to take or kill me. Sometimes they’d come in sets of two, but none would prevail. My father killed them all, each time having me leave the house. I have no idea what he did with the bodies, I think he wanted it that way. Some sort of a desperate attempt to maintain any semblance of innocence inside me.

But I, like my father, knew what he was doing, and why it needed to be done. And so my soul was safe.

When the day finally came where my stepfather Fred at last stepped down on African soil, he never made it more than three miles from the train station. My father’s loyals made sure of that. My father preferred not to kill people he actually knew, as he was a hunter, not a killer. Besides, we were busy playing backgammon at home. Home, a word I had never known until now.

In three years, when my mother’s estate and all that entails becomes mine, I will simply sell it. That fine boy, Tommy Wilkens, and his family will receive a check in the amount of $200,000. Hopefully that will be enough to hold them over for a while, or perhaps get them a home of their own.

The rest of the money will merely sit in my savings, as I spend my days in Africa, with my father.

I miss my mother. I never thought I’d feel that way, but I do. It’s become quite clear to me why she loved my father. He is as steady as a mountain, as constant as the sunrise, and as loving as a winter storm, when there’s need for rain.

Let it rain I say…

Let it rain.

The End


Winter, Lust, And Wonder – Poetry (2012)

White Jade – Comic Book (2012)


The Written Word @

Legends Undying @

Dark’s Media Empire @

White Jade Comic @





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