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The Wounded Warrior – Rise

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by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two – The Basics

Part Three -10 Knights Of Or’Agos

Part Four -Standing Still

Part Five – Past Comes Calling

Part Six – Memory

Part Seven – Calm As Water

Part VIII – The Darkness

Part IX – Ariq-Cu

Part X – The Fallen

PART XI – Rise

“We’re Coming For You…”

Vulnerasti Bellator rises in a sweat.

“Whose coming for me?” he speaks under his breath.

“PROFUGUS! YOU AWAKE?” the voice of Leevish Clou suddenly comes from the otherside of Bellator’s Inn door.

He wipes the sleep from his eyes, “Yes… I’ll be right there.”

Moments later Bellator, wearing his full set of Knights of Or’Agos armour comes down the stairs.

“Lordy,” speaks Leevish inadvertently, whose sitting with Ordo and Barook.

“Give me a moment boys,” speaks Laveesh, as he rises and approaches Bellator.

“What’s all this? The Knights of Or’Agos? So you are a Knight, I knew it,” he spoke.

Bellator smiles, “Lets take this outside.”

Leevish signals to the the twin Fighters that he’s stepping outside with Bellator.

Once outside, and in a separate space from the general populous, Bellator speaks.

“You were right… Yes, I’m a Knight of the Or’Agos Order… Or at least I was,” he begins.

“Was? There is no ‘was’ in that Order…” questions Leevish.

“Here me out… I’ve committed a crime, and I’ve been running from it, and I can run no longer… I’m turning myself in,” explains Bellator.

“My name is Vulnerasti Bellator, not Profugus as I led you to believe,” he continues.

“Turn yourself in?? Are you mad…” replies Leevish.

“I thank you for your help–” Bellator begins, but Leevish cuts in.

“Now you listen to me Knight… If it’s one thing I know, it’s a good man… There’s no way that you’ve done anything that deserves you any type of punishment,” Leevish says fiercely.

“Perhaps… But none the less, I must come clean with my subordinates.”

“Maybe you could tell me what you did,” Leevish requests.

Bellator’s eyes well up a bit, something they probably hadn’t done since he was a boy, “I’m not sure I have the strength to discuss it… Just know, that you are a friend, and I appreciate all that you’ve done for me.”

With this Leevish seems speechless… A trait he is not known for.

Leevish Clou then takes Bellator to his newly purchased tan colored steed, where he mounts, and rides off.

Suddenly Ordo and Barook appear by Leevish’s side.

“Is Profugus alright?” speaks Ordo.

“No lads… I don’t think he is,” replies Leevish.


The Wounded Warrior – The Fallen

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven


Part IX

PART X – The Fallen

Within the NORTHERN TEMPLE OF TENEBRIS, the Dark Priest Sacerdos enters to speak to his master.

Sacerdos kneels before Tenebris, his palms faced up and open, within it the black crooked stone which he had given to him.

Tenebris takes the stone, and cracks it open…

…from within come the red glowing smoke spirits of the six fallen Knights of Or’Agos.

Tenebris glowing yellow eyes flare up within the blackness of his smoke like form…

“Greetings Servants…” Tenebris speaks in his surpant like tone.

The spirits seem confused… Unaware of their own demise.

“You there… Tell me of the night of your death,” 

One of the Knight spirits seems to begin to recollect, and speaks, “We were betrayed by one of our own, my Lord…”

“The Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator…” another continues.

“Was he one of the chosen six…” replies Tenebris.

“He joined us along the way to your Northern Temple…” one responds.

“He made seven…” replied another…

…with this Tenebris grasped one of the Knight spirits by the throat, raising him from the ground,“If he was not one of the chosen, why did you allow him to join your party…”

“We did not want to give away our mission… He was to be left in the dark, until the time came where we would vanquish him…” the Knight being held in the air replied.

“It was him…” with this the Knight pointed to one of the other Knights,”lost in drink, he divulged our goal to the Knight.”

With this Tenebris released the Knight, and gazed at the other.

“Bellator was our friend… I knew not that he would respond the way he did… I assumed he would remain loyal to the Order,” responded the desperate spirit.

Tenebris turned away, then gazed sideways at the Dark Priest…

…he then stretched out one of his black smoke arms and toar the Knight’s spirit into shreds…

…the Knight’s screams and howls filled the chamber, then died down.

“The rest of you will do one more bidding for me before I release you to your personal hell which awaits you…”

“Anything my Liege…” spoke one of the Knights who fell to one of his red smoke like knees.

“You will seek out this Knight in his dreams, and you will destroy him…”




The Wounded Warrior – Ariq’Cu

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven


PART IX – Ariq’Cu

Vulnerasti Ballator and Laveesh Clou road into the large town Ariq’Cu upon Laveesh’s now tired steed.

Ballator looked around at the townsfolk with new eyes, as opposed to a noble Knight of the Or’Agos Order, he saw through the eyes of a Renegade fleeing for if not his life, than perhaps his dignity.

Laveesh pulled up at the large tavern, THE CRAW, and told Ballator that he was going to put the horse up for the night.

Ballator nodded, and made his way into the tavern.

It was a lively place, with perhaps 40 to 50 occupants.

He sat at the bar, and reached down to place his hand where his now broken bladed sword would be…

…but it wasn’t there… It was in his large sack, along with the rest of his Knight’s attire.

“What will yah have fellow!” spoke a lively Bartender.

“Ale…” replied Ballator simply.

He couldn’t help but slowly gaze around the place, knowing that his pursuers weren’t likely here as of yet…

…Non the less… He was slightly uneasy.

“How I Long To Be Away From All Of This… Civilization.”

“Did I Really Think It Would Be So…”

“No Rest For The Wicked I Suppose…”

“Though I Can’t Say I Feel All That Wicked… Though My Heart Beats With Great Remorse…”

“I see you found the bar alright…” spoke Leevish who appeared in the seat to his right.

“Indeed…” he replied.

“I was thinking of not only picking you up a horse… But also, considering picking up a couple friends to join us on wherever it is we head next…” continued Leevish.

Bellator looked at him curiously, “Friends?”

Suddenly two large warriors entered the tavern… Twins to be more specific.

“Leevish! How are you man…” one of them spoke loud, and jovially, giving Leevish a great hug.

“Well met Odo… And you too Barook,” replied Leevish as he hugged Barook as well.

“This is my new friend Profugus…” Leevish spoke, gesturing towards Bellator.

“Hello,” spoke Odo…

…”Hello,” spoke Barook.

Bellator nodded graciously, yet subtly.

“Well… Bellator, I suppose you’ll be wanting to be getting some rest… I will be down here getting sloggered with my friends here if you need me…” with this the large Warriors laughed as they all padded each other on their backs, and made their way to a largish table.

Bellator was extremely tired, and so figured they’d discuss his next move in the morning…

…He made his way upstairs to a room, went in, and fell face first onto his bed…

…He was out like a light.



The Wounded Warrior – The Darkness

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

Part Seven

PART VIII – The Darkness

“What do you mean the Knights have failed us…” Speaks the chilling voice of TENEBRIS, his black, smoke like form, lit only by the bright yellow orbs which are his eyes.

Bowing before him trembling is the Dark Priest, SACERDOS.

“They had the Priestess… They were nearly to your Temple to the North… But–” with this Tenebris brings his glowing eyes down before the terrified Priest…

“But…” he speaks with a ssss, like a serpant.

“–there was a Knight,” Sacerdos tries to continue.

“Riseeeee fool,” speaks Tenebris.

With this, Sacerdos stands and faces his Master.

“He struck them down…” finishes Sacerdos.

With this Tenebris turns away, and moves towards his alter, “One Knight…” he speaks without turning back.

“I know it sounds mad my Lord, but, this is what I’m told,” adds Sacerdos.

“Bring me the souls of these Fallen Knights…” whispers Tenebris.

“This… Will be difficult, my Lord…” replies the now growing pale Priest.

“Take this…” and with this, Tenebris tosses a crooked, black stone upon the floor before Sacerdos.

Sacerdos picks it up with a cloth, and places it in a small pouch, “Thank you my Lord.”

He turns, and goes.

“And a 7th Knight will come, and lo how the skies will rain with blood…”

With this Tenebris vanishes in a swirl of dark smoke like magic.

The Wounded Warrior – Calm As Water

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

Part Six

PART VII – Calm As Water

“It’s Not That I Don’t Want To Tell My Side Of The Story…”

“But Even I Find It Hard To Believe.”

“One Must, Or Will, Question…”

“Was There Another Way…”

The Renegade Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator, kneels on one knee before a great, motionless dark blue body of water…

“We’d best get going,” comes Leevish’s familiar voice from some fifteen feet behind him, as he kicks dirt over the remaining heated coals of their nights fire.

Bellator doesn’t seem to hear him as he gazes deeper… And deeper into the deep blue calmness of the water.

“Profugus,” is suddenly spoken to the Knight as Leevish kneels besides him, and places one hand upon his shoulder.

Bellator awakes, though he still does not respond immediately to the false name of Profugus.

“Oh…” Bellator stands,”Of course,” he grabs his gear, and moves towards Leevish’s horse.

Leevish stands, “Are you ever going to tell me your real name, Knight?”

Bellator reaches Leevish’s black steed, and turns to look back at him.

“Soon…” he replies.

With this Leevish smiles slyly, and makes his way to his mount as well.

He mounts, then Bellator.

“We need a second mount… This one won’t last much longer carrying both of us…” speaks Bellator.

“Especially with all that Armour you keep in your sack,” replies Leevish with another smirk, and they’re off.



The Wounded Warrior – Memory

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

Part Five

PART SIX – Memory

The 10 Knights of Or’Argos camp several hours north of the small town Nordos.

The Knight Melm, having found the tracks of Leevish Clou.

The Priestess Nori, and Rorgon set at the campfire as several of the other Knights stand guard, and a few sleep.

“Won’t we fall behind them by camping this night?” speaks Nori.

“You need your rest,” replies Rorgon, “And besides, we’ll find him soon enough.”

Nori nods, and takes a drink of her warm brew.

“I need you to tell me about that night my lady…” speaks Rorgon.

Nori seems surprised.

“Obviously, it’s not exactly of Bellator’s character to kill 6 of his own Order, and wound a Priestess…” he continues.

“No… Of course,” she replies as she sits down her cup.

“All’s clear,” one of the other Knights speaks to Rorgon as he walks by.

Rorgon nods, and looks back at Nori, “Please my lady…”

“It was all very strange…” she begins.

“When I went to sleep, four of them were chatting with Bellator by the fire, and two were on guard…” she began.

“But I was woken by the sounds of blades clashing, and yelling… And when I opened my eyes, four of them were already struck down, and he was fighting the last two…” she continued.

Nori starts to sweat and breathe quickly as she describes it.

“Take your time my lady…” spoke Rorgon.

“I yelled at Bellator to stop… And then he quickly dispatched the last two…”

“He then made his way for his horse, two arrows sticking out of him… I ran towards the horse and tried to stop him, and like an animal, he struck me with his blade… I suspect he may have thought I was one of the ones he’d taken down…” she finished.

She looked perplexed.

“What is it my lady?” Rorgon inquired.

“When he realized he had struck me, his face looked… Distraught.”

With this Nori grasped her arm, and nearly passed out from the emotional flood of reliving it.

Rorgon jumped up, “Let me get you to your sleeping blankets,” he spoke.

Nori was quickly asleep as Rorgon sat alone by the fire.

“What happened Bellator… What lost you your mind.”




The Wounded Warrior – Past Comes Calling

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

PART FIVE – Past Comes Calling

When the 10 Knights of Or’Agos, and the wounded Priestess Nori, arrived in the small town of Nordos, most were asleep…

…save a few travelers who inhabited the local tavern, The Red Hawk Inn.

Rorgon, their leader apparent, entered the Inn by himself…

…glanced around, but saw none that resembled the Renegade Knight, Vulnerasti Bellator…

The tavern innkeeper approaches, “Something to drink my good sir?”

Rorgon gave the innkeeper a very slow glance, “Tell me… And let me say, I will know if you are lying instantly… Have you seen a man with dark brown hair, grey blue eyes with the build of someone who might be a Knight?”

The innkeeper did not reply right away… Noting that the Knight was slowly palming the handle of his blade.

“Yes… Yes I have…” the innkeeper replied.

Meanwhile, somewhere on the road heading north, Leevish Clou rides his black steed fairly quickly, the Knight Vulneasti Bellator, who said his name was Profugus, riding on the back.

“WE WILL RIDE FOR A DAY AND A HALF STRAIGHT!” yelled Leevish back to the Bellator…

“ALRIGHT!” Bellator replied.



The Wounded Warrior – Waiting For Death

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

PART FIVE – Waiting For Death

Vulneasti Bellator, Knight of Lord Or’Agos, stands upon the rocky hillside, looking back the way he had entered the small town of Nordos…

“Though I Long For Peace… I Know That Is Instead ‘Hell’ That Is Coming”

“Waiting for someone?” the voice of Leevish Clou came from behind Bellator.

“Still here…” replied Bellator.

“Yes, well, this small town suddenly became more interesting,” spoke Leevish who is now standing beside the Knight.

Bellator looked over at him, “There’s nothing for you, with me,” he spoke.

“I don’t want anything ‘from’ you, so to speak…” Leevish replied.

Bellator turned, and walked back towards the abandoned temple where he was staying, “What do you want Leevish…”

Leevish followed, “I only wish your company.”

With this Bellator glanced at him nearly irritated.

“You can’t stay here… All I’m saying is, I may be able to deliver you what you seek.”

Bellator stopped, “What I seek?”

“A new life…” replied Leevish…

…with this Leevish walked away, “Think about it, I leave at sunset.”

“What I Seek…”


The Wounded Warrior – Standing Still

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

PART FOUR – Standing Still

Bellator had cleaned himself up, and put on the clothing the old man had left him.

He sat now in the small towns tavern, THE RED HAWK INN.

The town of maybe 2 or 300 people had gathered for a town meeting, which the old man had invited Bellator to, but he declined.

His wounds were still fresh, so his strength had not fully returned.

He sat stirring a glass of wine with a stick, while at the same time rubbing his hand softly over one of two wounded areas where arrows had struck…

…this one near his stomach.

“How Is One To Sit Still And Just Be…”

“I Know Not.”

The old man’s daughter, who was not old enough to enter the Tavern, and so peered in once in a while through the window, giggling with a couple of her school friends…

…continued to blush about the Knight.

“Another wine for you?” the deep innkeeper’s voice suddenly appeared, as did he, standing next to Bellator.

The Knight hesitated, then looked up at the big mustached man, “I’m good… Thanks.”

Bellator noticed that the man did not leave upon his response, and so looked back at him.

“Was there something else?” Bellator asked.

The man looked like he wanted to say something to the Knight, a bit of angst dripping from his brow, but instead…

“No…” replied, and walked away.

“They all want to know what trouble you bring…” suddenly spoke a gravely voice from a dark corner.

Bellator didn’t need to look to the corner to know what kind of man it might be, “No money in it for you friend,” he replied.

Ha Ha Ha

Laughed the man, who then stood up…

…the man was fairly lean, wearing tight leather attire of black, brown and grey.

At first glance you might think he’s a Thief of some sort… But there was something different than that about him.

The man did carry with him a long ash bow, which Bellator noticed as the man slinked over, and sat in the other seat…

…placing his boots up on the table, and waving the Innkeeper over, “An ale good man.”

The Innkeeper huffed, then stepped away to fetch the man’s drink.

“Don’t mind if I join you, do yah,” spoke the man without actually asking.

Bellator’s dark blue grey eyes slowly raised from stirring his wine, and looked at the man, “I was just leaving.”

Bellator began to stand, but the man loosely grabbed one of his wrists, “Lets talk a bit first.”

Usually Bellator would have already broken the man’s wrist, and pinned him to the floor…

…but if he was to maintain the guise of ‘Profugus’ the wanderer, as opposed to Vulnerasti Bellator, the Renegade Knight of Lord Or’Agos, it was in his interest, to not.

Bellator sat back down, drank the last swig of his wine, and, “Alright, lets hear it.”

“Oh good, I’ll order some food as well,” the man spoke and waved the Innkeeper over once more, ordering a bit of this, and a bit of that, from the local menu.

Mainly meats, cheeses and bread.

The food arrived, each of them ate a bit, then the man finally breached conversation once more, “I am Leevish… Leevish Cloue.”

“Profugus…” replied Bellator simply.

“Yes… That’s what they say… But I say something different.”

Bellator stared blankly at the man.

“I think, you are a Knight,” Leevish continued.

Bellator’s eyes glimmered slightly at hearing the word that meant so much to him all these years… Knight.

“You see… Your attire says townsfolk… But your demeanor, though you try your best to hide it, is way too… Noble… And good,” Leevish said with a bad taste expression on his face…

…like he had eaten something that didn’t sit well with him.

“What do you want Leevish?” spoke the Knight.

“Oh nothing…” with this Leevish Cloue stood, and tossed a gold coin on the table, “Just some good company, and a good meal…”

Bellator was confused by this… At first he thought he was a Thief… Or a Hunter… But this Leevish Cloue was something else all together.

“Do take care,” Leevish bowed slightly, grabbed his bow, and slid slyly out of the tavern.

PICTURE CREDIT – Wounded Knight


The Wounded Warrior – 10 Knights Of Or’Agos

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The Wounded Warrior

by DarkJade

Part One

Part Two

PART THREE – 10 Knights Of Or’Agos

Ten KNIGHTS OF OR’AGOS sit upon their horses atop a slight mound of earth.

Before them, six Knights of their order lay bloodied and dead amongst the high grass.

“Who has done this…” the dark haired Knight Rorgon speaks barely audible.

Suddenly a woman’s moan can be heard, and an arm stretches upward over the high grass.

Rorgon and two others quickly dismount, and make there way to where lay the Priestess Nori.

Her other arm badly wounded, they quickly wrap it.

Rorgon motions for his other Knights to dismount, search for tracks, and make camp.

The Priestess sees Rorgon’s face only for a moment before she passes out.

When she wakes, four Knights sit around the fire, 5 others are on watch, and Rorgon is bringing her water.

She drinks it as best as she can, as she is very weak from the loss of blood.

She looks at Rorgon’s with her deep green eyes, “It was Bellator… Vulnerasti Bellator,” she passes out once more.

Rogon stands up straight in utter shock, “What!… Impossible.”

Suddenly his great archer Knight, Melm, approaches, “I’ve found tracks…”

PICTURE ART – Stonewall