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Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

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Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing

Ok so, My Kickstarter isn’t doing as well this time (Last Time it Hit the Goal) with Generating Funds for Paying My Editor and Cover Artist for My Book “Chess With Agatha

That’s alright, it’s Christmas Time, so maybe everyone’s holding onto their money… Who knows

But what I do know, is I want to make Editing as Easy as Possible for My Editor, especially if paying for it is going to be a Challenge.

Now the only way I can do this, is by starting to Implement the Grammar Etc. Changes that My Good Friend Beth has been doing on her Line Edit for it… Which, by the way, she’s almost done with…

Here it is on the Right… The Highlights are her Edits… I like to Print out a Copy when I’m inputting them, plus I want a copy by my side when I work with the Editor… Though if I implement them, I may not need them by my side.

With “I Died Once” I only Implemented a bit of it, and the rest the Editor and I referred to while we were doing the Final Editing.

Hopefully if I implement most of it, it will make The Final Editing a bit quicker.

But back to the Title of this Post…

Why “Hot Pastrami And Cheese Editing”?

Well, when I work on Editing Etc., like I’ve Posted before, I generally throw on some Trance Music… But today, it’s a nice Cool Day, and I thought I’d throw together a Hot Pastrami Sandwich to get me in the mood to Edit, Lol

It was Simple Really, I just did as follows’

  • Put Butter (Or Margarine, no matter) on a frying pan
  • Then I laid a Piece of Rye Bread in the Pan (Most Any Bread will Work)
  • Then I Laid Several Pieces of Pastrami on the Bread (As much as you like)
  • Then I Cut up some Cheddar Cheese (Cheddar is Great with Pastrami, Mozzarella is also good… But most any cheese will work)
  • Then I sat the Second Piece of Bread on Top
  • Then Throw a Lid on it, to help it Cook Evenly
  • Throw the Heat on like Medium (Or in my case, 6 out of 10)
  • Let it Cook for a bit, and just before it starts to burn on the bottom, Flip the Sandwich with a Spatula (And Cover it back up)
  • Then before it burns on the bottom of that side, take it out
  • Open up one side, and add mustard (Mustard is Great with Hot Pastrami, but if you don’t like Mustard, Skip it… With Hot Pastrami and Cheese you don’t really need Mayo, but if you want you can add it, and Lettuce too if you like… I just kept it Simple, Hot Pastrami, Melted Cheddar and Mustard)

Wola, now you have your Hot Pastrami Sandwich.

Next, for me anyway, I Poured a Glass of Super Cold Diet Root Beer (I’m always watching My Sugar Intake, that’s why the Diet)

Threw on My Pandora Christmas Music Station, and I’m Good To Go… Time to Start Implementing the Line Editing

Nuff Said

Have a Great Tuesday

Thanks for Listening/Reading


DarkJade – November 2012 Update

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DarkJade – November 2012 Update

Chess With Agatha;

At the Forefront of My November Focus, is of course “Chess With Agatha“… The first of a Trilogy of Fantasy Novels that I started working on in January, 2012.

I allowed myself the first 6 months of the year to slowly Write the First Draft of the First Book, and then I sat it aside while I focused on getting My Novella “I Died Once” Self Published.

I ended up Self Publishing “I Died Once” at the end of August, and spent all of September Marketing it via Twitter, Facebook and My Blogs. I also got it into the Local Bookstore where I also have My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder“.

During the month of October, I slowed up on the Writing of New Material, as I found I was building up a Backlog that I was not liable to ever catch up on, Lol

Cover Artist;

Also during October, I spent time Researching, and Contacting possible Artists for the Cover of “Chess With Agatha“… Most of which either didn’t reply to E-mails, or are too busy to take on new Projects.

But primarily I was waiting to receive Sample Sketch Drawings from a Possible Artist, and never did.

And so during the Month of November, I’m basically starting from Scratch in regards to a Cover Artist.

On a Positive Note, during the last couple days I Created a “Chess With Agatha” Facebook Page (Check it out if you’d like), and Used this Photo on the Left for the Image… The reason I chose this Photo, is there is a ‘Red and Blue’ Enchanted Forest in the Story, and besides I certainly couldn’t use my ‘Rough Concept Sketch” up above to the right here, Lol

On visiting this Site, my Cover Layout Co-Designer Kirsty asked me if the blue and read forest Image was going to be My Book Cover… And I said, sadly, I have no way of locating the actual Artist, so not likely.

But that got me thinking… As Kirsty is a Photographer, perhaps we could work with one of her Forest Pictures (Should she have any Forest Photos, or have access to a Forest so that she might take some), and Create Our own Blue and Red Enchanted Forest, and perhaps use it for the Cover?

This is a very Exciting Possibility, and one I wouldn’t have thought of, if she hadn’t asked me about this Photo… So thank you Kirsty.

Line Editing;

My good friend Beth is 2/3 finished with the Initial Line Editing of My First Draft, and will more than likely finish it up this month sometime.

Implementing Writing Changes;

Also in October (Or was it early November? Lol), I started to Implement some changes I made to the Story, that I had done during My ‘Clean Up’ of the Novel in October.

Actual Editing;

I Contacted My “I Died Once” Editor yesterday, and asked her what her availability is during the next couple months, and whether she thinks she’d have time to Start the Actual Finishing Editing of the Book with me.

She’s going to let me know.

Kickstarter/Cover Artist/Editor Funding Project;

Back in the Month of June, I did a Kickstarter Project to Generate some Funds to Hire an Actual Editor for My Novella “I Died Once”…

I just needed $200, but you also need to Supply Rewards to the Contributors, so the Goal Amount was enough to cover both the $200, and the Money Needed to Cover the Rewards… Which Varied from PDF Copies of the Novella, to Actual Copies of the Novella, to Copies of My Poetry Book, and in a couple cases, actual Book Cover Posters.

To my Surprise, the Project went rather well, and succeeded.

For “Chess With Agatha”, I will need not only Funds for an Editor, but also Funds to Hire a Cover Artist (Whether it’s my Photographer Friend, or someone else Drawing something from scratch)…

And so I found myself Hesitant to doing a New Kickstarter Project, as I had done one for My Novella in June.

But after waiting a decent amount of time, Yesterday it just hit me, that it’s time to do a New Kickstarter Project.

This one comes 5 Months after My Last, so hopefully a enough time has passed.

I have absolutely no clue if it will be a success, as was the case last time… But at the moment, My Finances being what they are, I really can’t afford to come up with the money Myself.

So I Created the New Project, and I’m waiting for it to be Approved by Kickstarter.

I’ll be sure to get you guys the Link should you like to take a look, or be part of it.

The Rewards to Contributors will be Signed Copies of My Books Etc… It will all be listed on the Site.

Self Publishing “Chess With Agatha”

Beyond that, the goal is still to Self Publish “Chess With Agatha” during the Month of December some time… Though this may, or may not be possible, depending on My Editor’s Availability, Whether I Come up with, and Get The Cover Completed in time, and of course am able to Generate the Funds Needed to Pay the Editor and Cover Artist.

Yes, it’s true, in a certain respect, “Writing” is the easy part, Lol

But it did take the last year for me to develop Good Writing Habits (Namely an average of 1,000 words a day or so), which has positioned me to try and take this story to the next level so to speak.

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”;

Beyond “Chess With Agatha”, there is My First of a Series “Allure” Vampire Novella which I’ve Written the First Draft of, and will need to start the Self Publishing Process all over again with…

But not only am I Excited about this, it isn’t likely to be until maybe February, 2013 before I really start to tackle it.

New Material;

My Goal was to take care of Self Publishing both “Chess With Agatha”, and “Allure” prior to really starting to work on My Next Books…

But what I’m likely to do, is to Start (Continue, as I’ve written the first few Chapters) Writing my Second Agatha Book (Iliad) in January 2013, exactly one year from when I started writing the First Book… And perhaps Start my Second Allure Book in February…

Beyond those two Series, who knows what I might end up coming up with, and/or Writing… My Mind is definitely open for a Whole New Thing.

And as we’ve now entered into the Winter Months, I know for me at least as an Artist, New Projects tend to Come to Life, much like “I Died Once” last November.

So we shall see

That’s all for now

Thanks for Listening/Reading


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**Author’s Blog

Why Watch Football, When I Can Edit My Book?

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Why Watch Football, When I Can Edit My Book?

Not that I actually watch all that much Football anyway, but still… Yes, in truth, I don’t like to watch Sports Alone… Just don’t enjoy it much… Maybe for 10 or 15 minutes here or there, but other than that, I prefer to watch them with other people.

Besides, the World Series isn’t until 5ish PST, Lol

And who says I can’t continue to Root for the San Francisco Giants, even though I’m a New York Yankees Fan through and through… The truth is, I’m a Baseball fan, as well as a Yankees Fan… Besides, the SF Giants are my 2nd Favorite Team, mainly because I lived like 30 to 40 miles away from San Francisco for a year and a half… And, because I was so impressed with them in the 2010 run where they won the World Series…

But none of this has to do with Book Editing, which is actually what I’m intending to work on today… Well… Not exactly ‘Editing’, more like Implementing the Changes I’ve made to the Book when I went through and ‘Cleaned‘ it up two or three weeks ago.

Yes, when I do my own Changes Etc., I do it on a Printed Copy First… Why? Because I hate staring at a Computer Screen for one, Lol I know that probably sounds a bit crazy, as many Blogs as I have had over the last year or so…

But in Truth, I’ve reduced the time I spend in front of my Laptop by maybe 60% by picking up the Kindle Fire HD… No, it’s not as Cool and Fancy as the IPad… But, as usual, Price ends up leading me to something other than an Apple… And the Kindle HD 7″ is only $199… And it’s really all I needed…

But once again, this has nothing to do with Book Editing…

So as October comes to an End, and I’ve Complete Cleaning up My Book “Chess With Agatha”, and The Line Editing is in Process by my Friend Beth, and I have not had success Acquiring a Cover Artist… I figure, I need to get these Changes Implemented, because November is going to potentially be a Busy Month in regards to Preparing this Book for Self Publishing… Especially if I want to Self Publish it in December, which is the ‘Lofty’ Goal… But may, or may not, be possible, depending on whether I can Find a Cover Artist, and get the Work done… Andddd, acquire the Funds to Pay said Artist (Unless I want the Cover to look like the Sketch up above to the Right here, Lol), and also Pay for an Editor for this Book… Which will hopefully be My Sister once more.

That’s where ‘Kickstarter’ might come in… But I’m hesitant to do another Kickstarter Project so close to the last… Though it was in June, so by November it will have been 5 Months… And to my Surprise, I did achieve the Goal Amount to not only Supply Rewards to the Contributors (Copies of my Novella “I Died Once”, Copies of my Poetry Book “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, and in some cases ‘Book Cover Posters’ of “I Died Once”)… As well as the funds to pay for the Editing.

The truth is, I’d need twice as much for what I need to get done on this New Book…

But, work being what it is, and that is Scarce, I just can’t swing it at the moment.

Hmm, another Tangent…


Wish me Luck, and Have a Good Sunday

Nuff Said


DarkJade September 2012 Update

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DarkJade September 2012 Update

My Goals during the Month of September were as follows…

1) Self Publish My Novella “I Died Once” – Which I did towards the end of August, and Beginning of September

2) Market “I Died Once” – Which I have, via Posts, and Tweets

3) Get “I Died Once” Read and Reviewed by several people, which I did

4) Get a sample of “I Died Once” to my Local Bookstore, which also carries My Poetry Book, “Winter, Lust, And Wonder” – As it turns out, she told me that I didn’t need to get her a sample, and that they’d carry the book. This is awesome, because I really feel that I’ve developed a relationship with the Store, and Manager, which was my hope by putting My Poetry Book in there

* 5) Something that I had actually planned on doing in October, or November, was Make “I Died Once” into a Ebook… But I decided after marketing the Printed version for a Week or so, that Our Market so much Includes Ebooks, that I probably shouldn’t wait any longer. So it is now available For Your PC, or Kindle Reading Device now

6) Ship Copies of “I Died Once” out to the Kickstarter Contributors that helped to Fund My “Editor Funding” Project – I’m in the process of sending them out as we speak. I’m also sending copies to the Editors, Cover Artist, and Cover Layout Co-Designer

7) Get The First Draft of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha” Read, Reviewed, and Line Edited… Prior to actually Editing it, which will more than likely occur in November-December, 2012, depending – It’s been Read, and Reviewed… And I will be determining if I need to make some Changes in the Writing of it. The Line Editing is being done as we speak

8) Look for an Artist for the Book Cover of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha“, which I hope to Self Publish in Dec, 2012-Jan, 2013 – I’ve been looking, but most of the Artists are either too busy to be hired, and or don’t reply to E-mails, Lol So I have a long way to go still here.

Something that I’m still curious about, is turning My Blog Series “Dark Rider” and/or “Tales of The Dark Rider” into a Comic Book.

But I want to Find an Artist for this before I start dedicating time into Converting the Blog Posts, into actual “Comic Book Script”.

My Nephew, who I’d like to be the Artist for the Comic Book, was actually in town this weekend, and I gave him a Printed Copy of “Dark Rider“, and part of “Tales of The Dark Rider“… So I’m hoping that he takes the time to Read It, and maybe gets inspired enough to start Drawing some more Drawing Samples.

That’s all for now, Thanks for your Continued Support


Good News! “I Died Once” Is In A Bookstore

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Good News! “I Died Once” Is In A Bookstore

I called the Manager of the Bookstore that carries My Poetry Book, and let her know I was going to drop off a Sample of My New Book “I Died Once” (I had spoke to her a while ago, checking if that would be ok, and she said yes)…

She said they’re going to go ahead and carry it, without seeing it yet, and Wished Me Luck… So I’m dropping off 2 Books for her to Carry instead of just the 1 Sample.

I’m so stoked right now, the main reason I got My Poetry Book in there was to develop a Relationship with the Store, and the Manager… And it appears to have worked… She is just an Awesome Lady, and now My Novella will be put up in the Store…

So excited.

In other News, I Received My “First Draft Review” of My Fantasy Novel “Chess With Agatha“, which I Hope to Self Publish in December-ish This Year…

The Lady who Reviews My First Drafts, telling me what she likes, and would like more of in the Story, also does a “Pre-Edit” for me, which focuses mostly on Grammar Etc.

She’s going to start Working on the Pre-Edit now that she’s finished with the First Draft Review…

I was really Pleased with the First Draft Review, and I look forward to Incorporating some of the things into the Final Draft.

I still need to Find a Cover Artist for “Chess With Agatha”, which hasn’t gone so well so far… But I’m not worried, it can take time for these kind of things sometimes… But the good news is, My Editor of “Winter, Lust, And Wonder”, and “I Died Once”, is looking forward to our next project, which I only just a couple days ago started to tell her about.

In fact when I described the Story of “Chess With Agatha”, she came up with a Better Book Cover Concept than the one I had in mind… So I’m really excited about that as well.
That’s all for now, Thanks for all of your Continued Support Guys