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7 x 7 Link Award

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Thank You to J.C.V. @ 365 Days 2b Published for this Award

The Rules are as Follows;

1. Thank the person who gave you the award.

2. Tell something about yourself that no one else knows, if you want to and if you feel like it.

3. Link to seven of your entries: Most Beautiful Piece, Most Helpful, Most Popular, Most Controversial, Most Surprisingly Successful, Most Underrated, and Most Pride Worthy. This may be challenging, so only do it if you feel like it.

4. Nominate as many other bloggers as you want to and notify them. That way the award is more meaningful, rather than just becoming an endless bloggy chain letter that eventually every single other blog in the whole entire internet will have.

  1. Check
  2. Something I haven’t told anyone…. Hmm… I’ll stick to something that I haven’t told anyone online, lol… When I was young, My Brother and I went to a Friend’s House… We went under his house, where his Dad kept his Hunting Arrows… I can’t really Explain Why what happened next happened, as it didn’t really fit my Character… But I threw one of the Arrows, and it hit My Friend’s Shoulder, leaving a Scar… I don’t recall being mad at him, perhaps I meant to get close… Either way, it was lame, lol… But I was probably like 11 or something.
  3. 7 Links

Most Beautiful Piece – Reader’s seemed to like this Piece I Walk Through Thee

Most Helpful – I don’t know if this one is Helpful, but I Wrote it to be Helpful Fear of Success

Most Popular – DarkJade – The Beatles… And Abbey Road

Most Controversial – This a bit tricky, as that isn’t really my Thing… So I’ll go ahead and throw this one out The Mind Chronicles – Target Practice… Although I suspect it’s only Mutants that might feel that this Piece is Controversial, ha

Most Surprisingly Successful – Video Games From Your Past. Surprisingly, people seem to Visit this one, though I Wrote it quite a ways back.

Most Underrated – Probably Lion’s Roar which was an Experimental Novel I started which I believe had 3 Total Posts before I let it go…. Here are the 3 Links for that Prologue, Chapter One and Chapter Two… Part of the Problem may have been, I was Writing so many Posts a Week at the time, like 16 or 17, lol… That I’m not sure people/readers could keep up, and some Pieces may have merely got lost… Or, it just never took

Most Pride Worthy – Probably My First Draft of My First Ever Novella, “I Died Once” (I.D.O.) (This Link is for all of the Chapters)… A Writing Project I began, and Completed, all within This Blog… It is a First Draft, so it hasn’t been Edited in the Least, and wasn’t Written for Print… For the Sake of Writing, Writing, Writing, I don’t take tons of time on Each Post… I return to the Pieces later that I am considering to Self Publish, and Edit them outside the Blog, which is what I will be doing soon with this Piece.

4. My Nominated Blogs… I’ll just do a few

  • Little Trot – I just love this Blog… You should Definitely Check it out
  • 1001 Scribbles – Also a Very Enjoyable Blog… One I’m actually just starting to Guest Author on every couple of weeks… But you should check out her stuff
  • Ma che bonta! – All I can say is wow… The site used to be in Italian, but I didn’t care, I Followed it just to see the Pictures of her food… Unbelievable… When she found out I was Following it even though I couldn’t read it, she literally Added English Text underneath the Italian… Just Awesome… Check it out
  • Mark Photoblog – This Guys Photo’s are just Amazing… He is actually a Photographer on my Dark Globe Site, and I just can’t Recommend his Actual Site enough… Check it out

That’s all I shall List… I shall Spare some of The Blogs that I Often Nominate, such as La Plume Noire, The Insanity Aquarium and Evolution of Insanity… I’m sure many of you are very aware of how Highly I hold their Blogs. As are they.

Thank You Once Again J.C.V. for the Award

I Truly Appreciate it


Lion’s Roar (Chapter Two) – The Brother’s

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“Lion’s Roar”



CHAPTER TWO – The Brother’s;

The next morning, Shade woke to the sharp ringing of the Breakfast Triangle being rang…

He must have slept right through Supper the night before, which meant he had slept for some twelve hours…

He looked down at his old Timex watch, which to his disbelief, said 5am.

Suddenly Martha stuck her head in the door… “Ah, good, you’re awake… Yah Slept right through Supper last night…”

As she spoke, Shade put on a cream sweater and his jeans, as it was a brisk morning.

“No matter… Would have just been you, me and Kate anyway… As “mysteriously”, none of the other boys showed neither” she explained.

As Shade approached the door a whiff of breakfast broke his senses.

“Wow… That smells really good” came out of his mouth, without thought.

“Yeah, well, get out there, I’m back to the kitchen…” and with this she shut the door.

As Shade navigated his way to the Large Breakfast Table, yes there was both a Breakfast Room, and a Supper Room.

All of the kids appeared to have shown this time, as a great rumble of Ranch Chatter was well underway.

As soon as Shade entered, all went quiet, and none, save Toran, and Kate, gave any sort of eye contact.

Toran with an inadvertent nod, and Kate with a hesitant, one quarter smile.

“Morning” Shade spoke as he tried to eye the location where he was to sit.

None responded.

On the left side of the table, sat Toran, Billy, The Third as it were. Billy was a shaggy white blond twenty two year old, who seemed to be busting at the seams to keep on chattering.

And finally Mike. Mike was 19, with short brown hair, and appeared to be a quiet one.

On the right side of the table was Kate, Palmer, who Shade had seen riding when he arrived.

Kedrick, who was riding with Palmer, and then… There was Joseph.

Now Joseph, who was 25, and the eldest of Martha and Bill Senior’s Kids, sat one leg over the other. Reading the newspaper.

Joseph was a rugged, but handsome young man, with short black hair, and dark brown eyes.

He looked to be maybe 190lb’s, and about six foot tall.

Joseph was the only one wearing a cowboy hat at the table… A black one. The rest of the boys had hat’s on the back of their chairs.

The only two settings left were at either end of the table… One Shade assumed was Martha’s, probably the one next to Kate.Which meant he was going to be sitting right next to Joseph.

And so he made his way to the other End of the Table, and just as he reached for the chair, he noticed there was one more unset, setting directly across from Joseph… Piled up, as if someone was supposed to have set it up for him, but hadn’t.

“What do you think you are doing?!” proclaimed Joseph, who had finally lowered his paper.

“Well I just–” Shade tried to speak.

“Just goina sit in Father’s spot!!” Billy suddenly spat out.

With this Shade concluded that the unset up setting was indeed intended for him, and that they had continued to set up his late Father’s Setting.

Meanwhile Kate watched carefully to see how Shade would respond.

“My mistake…” with this Shade started to set his setting, and sat down.

Joseph and Kate never took their eyes off him, but the others started to chatter again.

That’s when Martha bursted into the room, with two other kitchen helpers bearing trays of eggs, potatoes, steak and hash.

It was an unimaginable feast.

Martha then sat.

“Joseph take off that hat, and say some Grace”.

Joseph reluctantly removed his hat, and did just that. Once he was finished, they all dove in.

All save Shade that is, who ate very slowly, apprehensively, as if it had been weeks since he had eaten…

Martha took note.

“Something wrong William??” she inquired.

“On no man…” Shade offered. “It’s just been a while since I’ve had a decent meal”.

This seemed to surprise all, but they carried on.

Save Kate, and Joseph who seemed to not be able to take their eyes off of Shade.

“The reading of Father’s last Will and Testament will be at noon, two days from today… I expect you all to show William around… Maybe he can be of some use as well…”.

With this, both Billy and Palmer started to laugh, but stopped themselves at the end of their Mother’s Glare.

“No problem Mother…” suddenly spoke Mike.

“I’ll show em around…”

Joseph did not look pleased about Mike’s words.

“Thank you Michael… Sad that the youngest appears to be the only one with any manners around here…”

“Nah, he just wants to get out of worken!!” proclaimed Billy.

“Ha Ha!!” he laughed mockingly.

“VOOMP!” “WHACK!!” “OWW!!” Billy yelled, as a warm biscuit suddenly smacked the side of his head… Joseph had thrown it.

“Watch yourself Billy!” sculled Joseph.

They all went onto finish breakfast, while Billy also rubbed his ear.



Lion’s Roar (Chapter One) – The Arrival

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“Lion’s Roar”
A Novel
by DarkJade
CHAPTER ONE – The Arrival;
The flight to Montana was long… Shade had left his cat Jerimiah with a young girl at a neighbors house… At least then he figured he’d get the love he deserved, and had grown accustomed to.
Supposedly one of his Half Brother’s, Toran, was going to pick Shade up outside the Airport Luggage Dock.
Right on time, in an old ran down red dodge truck.
The ride to the Ranch was awkward at best, as Toran didn’t say a word to Shade. Well… He did say “one” word.
“Yup” it wasn’t much, but Shade took what he could get.
When they finally reached the beginnings of what was his Father’s Ranch, Shade could hardly believe what he was seeing. Acres, upon acres, upon acres.
And the live stock was amazingly abundant.
All his Father’s.
Martha was right… Old Bill Jacob Wilcox Shade Senior had done quite well.
As they passed underneath the great “Shade Ranch” sign that hung over the old dirt road leading to the enormous Ranch, the stables all about them were full with the most beautiful horse’s one could ever imagine.
On horseback, glaring in the direction of the pick up as it arrives, were two more of Shade’s Half Brothers’s. 
First there was Palmer, a handsome young man of twenty four, yet rugged from his work. Palmer has medium length dirty blond hair, and blue eyes. He’s a bit of a cocky one.
With him was Kedrick. Kedrick didn’t pay the pick up much mind. He also has medium length hair, but his is brown, with brown eyes, with a medium build.
The truck arrives at the large Ranch House where Martha, a rugged looking woman, stands waiting.
As soon as the truck comes to a complete stop, Toran is quick to jump right out, and get back to work on the Ranch. 
“I’m sorry about the boys William… I couldn’t get any of them to be here to greet you…”
Shade simply nodded, and grabbed his army green sack that held the little clothes he had brought with.
Martha lead Shade into the house, and as  they stepped in, Kate, Shades Step Sister, came down the stairs. Unlike Martha’s Boys, Kate had a different Father, and so wasn’t blood related to Shade.
Kate’s hair is such a dark brown, that some say it looks of black. Her eyes are a bright, light green in color, and are simply stunning. Her skin is soft, fare and rosey, and her visage… Well, you get the point.
“Kate, this is your step brother, Shade…”. Kate simply sits there staring, in shock.
“Oh” she’s able to get out.
“Howdy…” Shade politely speaks as Martha leads him to his room downstairs, leaving Kate behind simply staring in disbelief.
“You’ll be staying in one of the downstairs rooms, I hope that’s alright…”
“Yes Mam… Sure is… Don’t go to too much trouble for me, i’ll be out of your hair in no time”. With this Martha turns, and looks at him.
“No rush…” she replies.
The two of them then enter a very comfortable guest room.
“Well I’ll leave you to it” speaks Martha as she turns to go, but stops right before him, and looks at him.
“My how you do have the look of your Father…”. She then moves again.
“Supper’s at 6, but you’ll hear the bell uh ringing for that…” and she’s gone.
Shade tosses his bag onto the bed, and then sits on it.
“Well… This oughta be interesting”.

The Dark Globe

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Hey guys, I just wanted to Officially let you know about my New Blog, “The Dark Globe“.

I Designed this Third Blog to be a place for Writer’s, Photographer’s etc. to come together, and Blend and Post Material.

I think of this Blog as more of a “News Paper” of a sort, in Theme that is.

There are a bunch of Sections/Page’s on the Site, and as people Write/Post things, I will also Put a Link to their Posts on/in the Appropriate Page.

So far I’ve Invited 7 Writer’s, and 2 Photographer’s to be involved in the Site, and so far I’ve heard back from 3 Writer’s and the 1 Photographer that would like to Post. The 2nd Photographer might do some Instructional Post’s at a later date, once her schedule is freed up. The other 4 Writer’s I haven’t heard from yet, I’m sure I will either way at some point.

The Current Sections are as Follow’s;

  1. Film, Book and Television Reviews – An Area that I simply haven’t had time for lately on The Written Word, and I hope to find some people  interested in Writing Reviews. I love Writing them myself, Film in my case, but I’ve just been too busy lately to get to them. I have a hand full on The Written Word, but hope to continue them on The Dark Globe, and attach the Links in my Section on this Site as well. I’ve never reviewed a Book, as I’m not much of a Reader, sadly. But would love for some Writer’s to Write some on The Dark Globe.
  2. Earthling’s Speak – Editorials – I have found that I love, love, love Writing Editorial’s as well as my Creative Writing. This Section gives me an Opportunity to Write Editorial’s, which I sometimes do on The Written Word.
  3. My World News – This Section/Topic gives Writer’s an Opportunity to Write about either their Personal Lives, or their Life being a Writer. I’m hoping many of the Site’s Writer’s, as well as myself, contributes to this Section, as I find it very enjoyable to Read that kind of Piece, as well as Writing a Piece like this. The Title “My World News” basically refers to the Writer’s Personal World. I haven’t decided if I want to keep that Title, and am completely open to suggestions for it.
  4. Music – Scene, Taste, Opinion – During my time here on WordPress, I have heard many Writer’s talk about their love of Music, or Specific Bands. Either in a Piece on their Blog, or in the Forums as it were. This Section is somewhere where Writer’s can Write about either Music they Like, or their Opinions about Certain Music, or The Music Scene, such as a Show They Saw. I’m really excited about this Section, and am hoping that some Writer’s Write some Piece’s for it.
  5. Technology – It’s Unavoidable – This is a Section that I doubt I will Contribute much to, mainly as I’m not really a “Techy”, even though I embrace, enjoy and comprehend it pretty well. I will need to find a, or several Writer’s to Post Piece’s for this Section.
  6. Short Story – Novel Tid Bits – This is an Area on the Blog for Writer’s to Write a Short Story, or Post One that they’ve Written/Posted somewhere else, or perhaps Post a Chapter, or a few Page’s of a Novel They’ve either Written, or are in the Process of Writing.
  7. Photo’s or Painting’s – Pretty Self Explanatory, somewhere for our Photographer’s, Painter’s etc. to have their stuff. Like I say, after a Writer or Photographer etc. Posts their Post, I will Link it in/on the Appropriate Page. Older Work is also Welcomed.
  8. Health or Diet – Self Explanatory.
  9. Writing – The Craft – Once again, during my time here on WordPress, I have come across many, many Article’s about The Craft of Writing. From Technique, to Opinion. I’m hoping to get some Interesting Stuff Written for this Section from our Writer’s.
  10. Finance – Economy – Self Explanatory. Doesn’t sound too interesting to some maybe, I think there’s a lot know, and learn here. Also, I’m curious how Countries Economy’s are Effecting people’s Personl Economy’s all around the World.
  11. Deep Impact – Friends, Lovers & More – This was Originally meant to be a Single Post I was Writing today, but then I realized very quickly, it took me 1,300 words just to cover One Person that has Impacted My Life. Thus, I’ve decided to make a Series out of it, and also Welcome any of our Writer’s to Partake in the Series.

Once Again I’m not Advertising this Post in the Forum’s, I just wanted to let you my Readers/Subscribers, as well as any others that happen to Read it, about The Dark Globe. The only way that I see this impacting The Written Word really, is perhaps the Film Reviews, which will Originally be Posted on The Dark Globe now, but will still be Linked on my Movie Reviews – Favorite Films Section. Other than that, my Editorials may shift to The Dark Globe a bit, but there is more likely going to be even More Posts of New Creative Writing Here, such as my New Novel Project “Lion’s Roar”.

Thank you again for all of your Support, and I hope to see you over on The Dark Globe, as well as The Written Word. And of course those that have also checked out the One Knight Site. I thank you all.


Lion’s Roar

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A Novel

by DarkJade


“Within the heart of all of us, there is a Lion…”

“For each of us… A different Prey… For some it is a Love… For others… A Career… And for some, the will to Stay Alive…”

Jack Shade-

Billy Shade, or rather William Jacob Randolph Shade the Second, stands in the doorway of his ran down rental home in Ness City Kansas. He’s a rather thin young man of twenty six, weighing maybe 165lbs. at best. Which wouldn’t be that bad if he wasn’t also 6’2″ in height. His hair was short and spiky brown, but he’d always wanted to grow it out… And now maybe he would.

Billy, though his friends just call him “Shade”, is wearing some old blue jeans, and your standard one size too big white undershirt. In his hands he holds onto an also thin, cat by the name of Jeremiah. Jeremiah meows at Shade to put him down, but he does not listen… He just keeps stroking him and stroking him. Though don’t let old Jeremiah fool you, he’s also purring away, and is basically in kitty paradise.

Shade’s eyes are a dark steel blue, and he simply gazes outward into the warm Kansas Day, lost in thought.

On the kitchen table behind him is an open envelope, with a letter laid out, read, on it.


Dear William,

I’m sorry to have to tell you that your Father, Bill, has died… This is a difficult time for your six half brother’s and step sister as you might imagine. Old Red Horn and his two brother’s have come back to the Ranch early to manage things well your siblings try to deal with the grief. You don’t know old Red Horn, he is a Native American that helps us run cattle during the season. He and his two brothers have meant a great deal to the “Shade Ranch”. Anyway, I’m rambling a bit, I… I just don’t know what I’m going to do without Bill. And your Step Sister Kate is… Well, lets just say she isn’t herself. Now I know you have been estranged from your Father for a long time, some 22 years now, but that’s only because your Mother Marcy wanted it that way. Bill would have preferred both you and your Older Brother Nicholas to be more involved with the Ranch. Such is life. Now your Brother’s and Sister don’t know that I’m writing you this letter, but what they do know is that your Father left in his Will a note asking that we contact you upon his demise. Sadly there is no mention of Nicholas.

It is of the utmost importance that you make your way to Montana, and the Reading of your Father’s last Will and Testimate. I’m sure it’s nothing, he probably left you a bit of money or something, as the Ranch has done quite well, what with Bill, Red Horn and your Six Brother’s running things. My Oldest Joseph has been a great help to your Father, and is very angry now that he’s gone… Oh well, time will hopefully make it easier for him. Anyway, if you could come right away to Montana, I’ve included a round trip ticket for you, and some money.

Most sincerely, your Step Mom




Chapter One – Lion’s Roar – The Arrival

Other Novel’s in progress by DarkJade; “I Died Once” – Writing Project, “One Knight”.