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Difficult Times

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These are difficult times in our country (U.S.A).

If nothing else, we are seriously divided.

In times like these, it’s easy to be angry… Easy to point fingers.

More difficult to find a common ground.

It’s a time to take pause… Or not. Some would say it’s a time to take action.

Life is precious… And, fragile.

No matter how resilient the human race seems to be.

Now is a time to be awake… To look around… To get, or be involved, in whatever capacity you’re able.

With peace in your heart… And hope up your sleeve. Be optimistic, if you can. Love each other, if you can.

And maybe, we’ll survive it.

Push Back The Light

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Push Back The Light

What if I told you I love you…

I appreciate

And want to be with you

I fall through this sea…

Running out of breath

Blues and greens

Shadows about…

I hang alone

Above by clouds

Sunbeams cast upon your golden shire…

Snow falls, burying us all


Brilliant beings

What if I told you I just don’t want to go…

Endless, poetic darkness

I prefer the light, as far as I can see


PICTURE CREDIT – Light and Dark



Wounded… But Beautiful

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Wounded… But Beautiful

You came to me like a light…

The black rain fell

Brought me to my knees…

Your love was distant white

Your eyes the deepest seas…

I tried to stay

It was so hard…

Taken down

Left afar…

That was so long ago

I love you still…

I found you on the other side

You ever will… 

PICTURE CREDIT – White Light Effect




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Time has the knack off making you want some things to last forever…

Ironic, as it is the Gatekeeper of Eternity.

Love, I’m sure of it, does in fact last forever…

…and memories… And the light within each and all living creatures.

The Term ‘Time Is A Thief’, has always struck me oddly… As Time is the greatest Blessing one could ever have, or has ever been given.


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Love isn’t just now…

It’s then

It’s not perfect or proud…

It bends

Remember those you’ve loved…

And those who’ve loved you

And if you’re loved now…

Value it to the end

If you’ve been loved before…

You may be loved again

Until then…




Shadows Of Beauty

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Shadows Of Beauty

I am Lucky for you…

Luck… Faith… Hope

I Try hard it’s true…

Broken be I

I haven’t given up hope…

Life is Beautiful

Even in solitude